Raiders give up a pick in the sixth for Mr. Pick Six


He’s a former Texan because of all the picks-six.

So it’s only right that the Texans get a pick in the sixth for Matt Schaub.

The Raiders announced that the trade was official Friday afternoon, and John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that the deal was for a sixth-round draft choice.

That’s the late-round pick which was being discussed earlier, and all the Texans needed to move away from the quarterback once viewed as their franchise.

Schaub bottomed out last year with 14 interceptions, four of which were returned for touchdowns in consecutive games, setting a record.

Now, the Texans have the first overall pick in the draft, and the ability to take whichever quarterback deemed next in that role.

The Raiders give him a shot to start with no competition, something that might not have been readily available elsewhere. The Browns had some interest, but didn’t appear willing to part with anything to get him.

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  1. I’m not as convinced that this means the Texans will take a QB for sure. Let’s see if they acquire anybody else prior to the draft, they could have a target up their sleeves.

  2. Hoping he gets it together. When he was good, he was good. When he was bad … 6th rounder and to the black hole.

  3. Why do you keep citing McClain, is he on your payroll? Mark Berman always breaks Texans news first.

  4. Mr. Pick Six? Every veteran QB in the league has thrown a pick six at some point in their career.

    That’s a little heavy handed, don’t you think, Mr. Hack Journalist?

  5. Keep Mcgloin as a backup. Pryor moves great in open space, make him a receiver. You’ll always have a number 3 qb on the roster too.
    If Watkins is gone in the draft, take linebacker Mack.
    Rebuilding takes years but it’s headed in the right direction

  6. Schaub bottomed out last year with 14 interceptions, four of which were returned for interceptions in consecutive games, setting a record.

    Pick six by PFT. They were returned for touchdowns not interceptions lol.

  7. 6th rounder and a shirtload of money.

    “Schaub has a $10 million base salary plus $1 million in per-game roster bonuses due in 2014.”

    Didn’t they learn their lesson with Palmer and Flynn?

  8. Why can’t the Texans never pull a good trade? – another team could have gotten a 4th, or even a 3rd , for a starting QB. They either trade players for nothing or release them…

  9. I remember a few years back when I saw the headline “Vikings trade for Texans QB.” I was crossing my fingers hoping it was Schaub, but no. It had to be Rosenfels. A Raiders fan today is possibly feeling today the same way I did then.

  10. How do you know your NFL career is over? You get traded to the Raiders, Bills, Vikings or Browns.

  11. Raiders making lots of moves in FA…….Remains to be seen if they can improve as they are playing a very tough schedule this year……..My guess is they will be a much improved team that isn’t reflected in their record……

  12. Raiders give up a pick in the sixth for Mr. Pick Six

    “That’s GOLD Jerry, gold!”

  13. Wow. One bad year and they unload their former franchise for a 6th rounder with no lock for franchise QB at the top of this draft.

    Sounds like something I’d expect to come from the Vikings, but not Houston. And this is coming from a Vikings fan.

    I still think it’s way to early to bail on Schaub, but apparently the decision has been made to cut bait.

  14. better than anyone in the draft, he is a good qb who had a bad year. career qb rating of just under 90, 65% career completion, philip rivers had a bad year and came back last year with a pro bowl season, schaub could do the same. at least it allows the raiders to get other needs in the 1st rd and wait for a qb til the later rd’s.

  15. Clever, extremely clever! Pick 6 , pick is in the 6th round. Too bad the rest of the article blows. The Raiders are not handing him the starting job, just like they didnt allow Veldheer and Houston to leave. They are gonna draft a Qb somewhere in the first 3 rds. The rookie will compete with Schaub and Mcgloin, if he is worthy he will start.

  16. It’s so funny, reading comments on previous articles, how people are acting like Schaub is the worst QB in the history of the world.

    Before last season, half the teams in the league would have taken him over their starters.

    Mr. Pick Six? He had four last year. You know who had four pick-sixes in previous three seasons to 2013?: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford. Any of those guys available for a 6th round draft pick?

    He had 14 total ints last year. Eli Manning had 27. Eli available for a 6th?

    He had a bad year on a team that was crumbling around him. Before that, he had a career 64% completion percentage with 120 tds and 70 ints.

    For a SIXTH round pick? Yeah, you’re right. Terrible move.

  17. Easily the best QB move of the offseason so far. I’m tired of seeing him shred the Titans year after year and am glad he’s out of our division.

  18. I bet the texans squeezed the 6th round pick outta the raiders instead of a 7th cause they knew how bad the raiders wanted him. The raiders should not have expressed how bad they wanted him and they would have only lost a 7th. I still think matt schaub can be a solid starter in this league, hopefully he fell on the right team.

  19. I’m not a Schaub fan, but he’s better than what the Raiders have on their roster. Pryor can only throw on the run to his right, and McGloin is a limited grinder type. All Schaub needs to do is play average to be an upgrade.

  20. Welcome to Oakland, Schaub. I for one think you have potential. And just so you know, we have more class here in the Bay Area than those Who-ston fans. Besides the weather sucks there. Way too hot. Boring city too. Only a low class fanbase would go to a players private residence and harass him because they were upset losing. Thats a black mark that sticks with a fanbase for a long time.

  21. Being a fan of UVA, this trade makes me happy, as I wanted the raiders to draft him out of college. my happiness is not without reservation though. Can the new revamped offensive line protect him, and can he get back to his 2012 form? The main question being the former, as it won’t matter how well he can play if he’s laid out on his back every other play.

    That said, this trade has me all in on Reggie drafting Sammie Watkins at five if he doesn’t decide to trade down.

  22. I don’t think Schaub is done. There were many factors that brought the Texans down…I hope he does well in Oakland

  23. LMAO, Darin Gantt, once again. Keep these backhanded articles coming.

    Extremely hilarious.



  24. Classic Raiders.

    In the decision between a young/cheap and mediocre QB, or an old/expensive/poor QB, only the Raiders confidently take the poorest option.

    Well done, fellas….

  25. I dont like the Raiders but I actually think they got a great deal for a QB who can be really good, just had a bad year last year. Good pickup either way, at least Mcgloin has a vet to learn from and get better.

  26. You’re probably a better quarterback than Schaub or McElroy so it makes perfect sense that you’ve been making some real catty, unprofessional remarks about them today.

  27. We shall see which Schaub shows up in 2014….hopefully the fresh start will help….either way RAIDER NATION ALL THE WAY!!!

  28. Schaub was bad last yr, no doubt about it…but prior to LY he had a 91.9 QBRTG and a 1.7 TD/INT ratio (120/70). For a barometer – Eli Manning has a career 81.6 QBRTG and 1.2 TD/INT ratio. I’d gladly give up a 6th rd pick (who statistically has a very small chance to ever even play) for someone with those kind of numbers. Too many of you worry about the win/loss column when judging an INDIVIDUALS talent – it’s ridiculous and flat out stupid. He had VERY little control of that column’s outcome. It’s all about what’s around you. Granted, he won’t win much with Oakland b/c their talent level is pretty much crap but it’ll be better than last year. Draft picks are valued far too highly.

  29. Good pick up by the Raiders.

    Yes, Schaub had a terrible year last season.

    Context though folks.

    Schaub is tied with Mr. Joe Montana and Peyton Manning for the 15th best (lowest) career INT%.

    All 3 men have thrown INT’s on 2.6% of their career passes.

    That includes Schuab’s terrible last season. How bad was Schaub last yr?

    Schaub through an INT on 3.9% of his passes last season.

    Eli Manning threw an INT on 4.9% of his passes last season.

    Schaub has the 9th HIGHEST all time career completion percentage in the history of the game at 64%.

    His 61% last yr wasn’t terrible.

    Schaub has the 13th HIGHEST all time career QB rating in the history of the league.

    Now, could Schaub be done? Yes, he could.

    But we are talking about a team that won 4 games last year… and 4 games the year before that… and about a team that hasn’t been relevant in a decade or more…

    The Brady’s, Peyton’s and Rodgers are NOT available.

    And the Raiders are NOT the Seahawks or another team with an OPEN window right NOW for the Super Bowl…

    Based on where the Raiders are at and with Schaubs history in the league… it’s a good fit for both of them…

  30. Honestly, this is the biggest win for the Raiders. Schaub may or may not pan out, but the Raiders can sure as heck shore up their roster with talent in the draft if they play their cards right. That #5 pick just became the spot the second best Non-QB player will be taken. If I was Oakland, Id be listening to all offers for that pick. What would even help them more is if one of the other teams in front of them pass on a signal caller, outside of St. Louis of course, then you will have teams like the Vikings, Titans, and Bucs eyeballing that pick for the last of the “Big 3″ QB’s. Look at what Atlanta did with Clevland for Julio Jones, it could be the same scenario for Oakland. You want a ‘Dark Horse” team for that pick? It’s out there, but Clevland. They have the Colts 26th pick, they may not find the Offensive play maker they want that late after (more than likely) selecting a QB at #4. Package up a deal with their 2nd, and possibly 3rd pick and maybe a 1st rounder in 2015, or some combination of that, and move back up to take Sammy Watkins. My logic on this is that Clevlands Defense is solid, they need offensive play makers, they also need to put a winning product on the field. What better way to sell to your fans that you truly are ready to compete than to Draft your Franchise QB and pair him with a Dynamic play maker he can grow with. It sounds crazy, and I may be off on how Clevland actually does it, but in theory, it could happen. Either way, Oakland holds a huge bargaining chip, I just really hope they don’t flush it away, it’s time for the black hole to return to the NFL.

  31. sorry, forgot to inlcude…

    Schaub’s career completion percentage is higher than Tom Brady’s.

    NOT that Schaub is better than Brady mind you…

    Just pointing out that except for last yrs terrible season, the man has played the QB position pretty well…

    Well enough at least for the Raiders to take a chance on him… as it’s not like the Raiders are knocking on a Super Bowl this season…

  32. What a great move by Reggie McKenzie! Awesome. The Texans were horrible due to no OL, RB, TE and #2 WR and the inability of Kubiak to make up for it. Raiders just made a huge score. Could be the signing of the year.

  33. i like it…i’m not running up and down the streets but i think with a couple more pieces (never thought i would say this but incognito would help in the line too) but it might be something. we’re not going to win the division but i would be happy watching a COMPETITIVE team that isn’t the laughing stock of the league.

  34. All the supposedly QB-needy teams are signing up vets. Doesn’t speak well for this draft class. Bortles to Cleveland and the Cowboys take Manziel. Bridgewater drops to the middle of the round….

  35. Im kinda sad no one else noticed the typo on this….

    “Schaub bottomed out last year with 14 interceptions, four of which were returned for interceptions in consecutive games, setting a record.”

    4 interceptions returned for interceptions..interesting..

    sorry angry people had to have a little fun on friday 🙂

  36. ok Duhwin Grant, it could be worse, all the raider fans could settle to be second class panthers fans….go ahead and hate, we love it.

  37. Schaub throws 14picks and he’s done, but Joe whacko throws 20 and its because they’re rebuilding. Riiiggghhttt. #RAIDERNATION!

  38. Mar 21, 2014 5:13 PM
    6th rounder and a shirtload of money.

    “Schaub has a $10 million base salary plus $1 million in per-game roster bonuses due in 2014.”

    Didn’t they learn their lesson with Palmer and Flynn?
    first off, its about $262k per game and about a million overall for the year. $11m for Schaub for the year when you can afford it and its an upgrade is a fantastic deal considering the upside. If you know anything about teh Raiders and Texans, huge + for the Raiders.

  39. The Oakland Raiders have acquired QB Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans in exchange for a draft pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, General Manager Reggie McKenzie announced Friday.
    Entering his 11th season, Schaub joins the Raiders after seven seasons with the Texans and three with the Atlanta Falcons. For his career, he has appeared in 128 games with 90 starts, throwing for 24,254 yards on 2,035-of-3,181 passing (64.0 percent) with 130 touchdowns, 84 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 89.8. One of the league’s most accurate passers, Schaub’s 64.0 percent career completion percentage ranks ninth in NFL history. He is the Texans’ franchise leader in every major passing category.
    The 6-foot-5, 235-pounder is a two-time Pro Bowler, having earned the honors in 2009 and 2012. In 2009, Schaub set career highs in completions (396), attempts (583), yards (4,770), completion percentage (67.9 percent), touchdowns (29) and quarterback rating (98.6). His 4,770 yards led the NFL that season, making him the first Texans quarterback to accomplish the feat. He was also named the Pro Bowl MVP that year.
    In 2011 and 2012, Schaub helped Houston to back-to-back AFC South titles, the franchise’s first and second division crowns. In 2012, he led the Texans to a franchise-best 12-4 record and an AFC Wild Card victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.
    The West Chester, Pa. native was originally drafted by the Falcons in the third round (90th overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft out of the University of Virginia. Schaub holds school career records for completions (716), attempts (1,069), passing yards (7,502) and touchdowns (56). He was also named the 2002 ACC Player of the Year.====================================================================

    Yeah, he sucks…. losers. he had no RB, no TE, no OL and his #2 WR was gone. WTF do you expect him to do?

  40. Man, I feel sorry for the Raider apologists.

    Every year they say the same thing. Their GM spends picks, money on old washed up loser QB’s.

    And every year the same apologists dig through the trash for meaningless stats that they use to try and make themselves feel better.

    And every year these has-been QB’s who couldn’t succeed while playing for ACTUAL franchises, bottom out and go down in flames.



  41. last i looked Mr Cannt….your beloved Cam Newton threw 13 interceptions last year…..



  44. Poor laughable Raider fans..Where’s Joetoronto?? Even Mr. clueless knows this is a head scratcher..Paint this a rosie as you want Raider fans, it’s not the draft pick you gave up that’s funny, its the contact your getting with the guy..You could of had this guy for half the contract number come June 1st..LOL


  45. babygaga19 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 5:36 PM
    Sixth round pick being paid $11m/year………………………………………only in Oakland!

    I hate to break it to you, but Tom Brady was a 6th round pick and he is making a lot more than $11M/year.

  46. The Raiders haven’t had a decent QB since Gannon went down. Schaub has been an above average pro bowl caliber QB for most of he time in Texas not including last years meltdown. He’s a stable veteran that could change things around for the Silver & Black. Plunkett & Gannon were both headed out of the league before the Raiders gave them life again and that ended up with 3 SuperBowl appearances and 2 SuperBowl wins. If the offensive line holds up, we may witness another epic comeback by a historic franchise and a down and all but out QB.

  47. highspirits1 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 5:44 PM
    6th round pick for Schaub? Does that mean Schaub and Gabbert are the same? Scary.

    Actually the niners ALSO gave up a conditional 2015 pick. Who would you rather have of those two?

  48. Fitz over Schaub?? Must be a contract issue. Don’t get me wrong, Fitz is probably the best backup QB in the league, but this move is perplexing.

  49. DrSteveBrule says:
    Mar 21, 2014 5:13 PM
    “6th rounder and a shirtload of money.

    “Schaub has a $10 million base salary plus $1 million in per-game roster bonuses due in 2014.”

    Didn’t they learn their lesson with Palmer and Flynn?”

    fallguy2006 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 5:44 PM
    “Gave up a lot of cash as well.”

    You act like they weren’t gonna need to pay for a QB anyway. They didn’t “give up” cash…they are getting the services of a player for them. Your statement makes it sound as if they included cash as part of the trade, which isn’t true. If Oakland can get the production Houston got from Schaub on average over the last 3 years (no player is as good as their best or as bad as their worst year on average) then its a steal.

    We also don’t know that Schaub didn’t restructure. No way to tell, yet. I hope he did, but even if he didn’t $10-11M for a mid-tier QB isn’t the worst deal ever made in the NFL.

  50. kaepernickisthekingofqbs says:
    Mar 21, 2014 6:33 PM
    Man, I feel sorry for the Raider apologists.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    it’s ok raiders fans feel sorry for lonely 49ers fans who obsess with raiders business, and go onto raiders blog, to spew their jealousy, while no raider fan will waste their time on a niner page, with a bunch of whiners.

  51. How about MegaHead throwing pick sixes in the biggest game? You won’t mention that about your beloved, now will you?

  52. Raiders love to trade for pick 6 qb’s

    They also love giving up picks for qb’s in general. Pretty much equals no confidence in your scouting department

  53. Oh man, this is going to be great when Schaub has a breakout year and makes all you hater eat crow.

  54. Anyone that thinks last years 14 game losing streak was all Schaub’s fault doesn’t know sh$t about football.

    They couldn’t hold a lead and the defense was entirely over rated.

    Best thing that could happen for all parties. Lets face it….its only by luck that the Texans didn’t go 0-16.

  55. The guy is a great game manager – it was when fans/the media wanted him to be more than that, that was when he started forcing passes, trying to be a play maker.

    Cam Newton for example piled up a lot of stats, but was a turnover machine til last year.

  56. Unfortunately, the Raiders new GM has one thing in common with AL Davis, he doesn’t know quarterbacks. Which means the best we can hope for now is an injury to the incompetent Matt Schaub.

    The last time the Raider fans got a Superbowl victory was due only to an injury to Dan Pasterini and the fans went wild. So, it’s back to those days again, praying for an injury to the idiot QB Reggie thinks is good, but everyone else knows is worthless.

  57. “thos222 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 8:32 PM
    Unfortunately, the Raiders new GM has one thing in common with AL Davis, he doesn’t know quarterbacks. Which means the best we can hope for now is an injury to the incompetent Matt Schaub.

    The last time the Raider fans got a Superbowl victory was due only to an injury to Dan Pasterini and the fans went wild. So, it’s back to those days again, praying for an injury to the idiot QB Reggie thinks is good, but everyone else knows is worthless.”

    You mean like how the Patriots picked Tom Brady over Bledsoe? Oh wait…the only reason Brady got the call was an injury to Bledsoe. The last time the Raiders got a SB victory was with a solidly entrenched Plunkett who had taken over for an injured PastOrini a few years earlier.

  58. So, when he was with Houston he is a bum. But now that he plays for Oakland…he’s considered a savior. What happened? If he’s as good as Oakland fans think…the Texans are making a huge mistake.

  59. I’ve never been a Schaub fan, but it’s clear that he was made a scapegoat for their poor season. They failed at just about every position last year. Schaub for a 6th rounder? Heck ya, I’ll take him for that. He’s just a band-aid until something better surfaces. If could be worse, Cassel could be our starter.

  60. I am not happy but am willing to live with it. Didn’t realize Schaub has 9th highest overall rating as a qb and also have to admit that he throws a great long ball. Daryl Lamonica was the same type caliber player as well as Jim Plunkett so its time to go back to the mad bomber and get back into playing Raider football. 11 losing or non winning seasons has been enough for me. We had better records when we only had a 12 or 14 game schedule. I think we should still keep pryor with the possibility of using wild cat at better key moments than were used last year.


    Sound familiar?

  62. Niners gave up a 6th rounder for Blaine Gabbert. And a 7th rounder for Jonathon Martin. Are Santa Clara fans really on here bashing this trade lol?

  63. This is the kind of garbage that Reggie McKenzie is bringing to the Raiders to improve the team? This season had better be good or Reggie McKenzie and Denise Allen had better be fired. So far they’ve done nothing but make the Raiders losers.

  64. Everyone is talking about Schaub’s great statistics are failing to see the big picture. Some of his numbers may be similar and/or better than Brady, Brees, and Montana. But there is one HUGE difference between those ELITE quarterbacks and Schaub…. they are clutch players. The bigger the stage, the brighter they shine. But Schaub is the opposite. He usually throws an interception during key moments of the game. He is extremely prone to disappearing during big games. Can he be a good QB? Sure. Will he ever be a great QB? Doubtful. If he hasn’t taken the next step by now, he probably never will. Last season was horrible for Schaub. Granted, the Texans had more problems than their QB imploding. When Kubiak got the ax, the writing was on the wall for Schaub. The next head coach decided to clean house and start off with a clean slate. I wish Schaub well. He’s a good guy who was actively involved in our community. And it doesn’t matter how poorly he played, Schaub didn’t deserve the treatment he received from so-called fans. They embarrassed all of us who are REAL fans. I think a new start will be good for him.

  65. Matt McGloin will proove himself in the preseason to be a much better QB than Schauby ! The Raiders O-line last year was HORRIBLE and as a rookie Matt McGloin was the clear starter over Terrell Pryor.

    I smell a Quarterback controversy in Oakland….

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