Raiders ready to bet on Schaub’s 2013 being an aberration


When it comes to the stunning, weekly-pick-six decline of quarterback Matt Schaub last season, two explanations exist:  (1) he has lost his fastball; or (2) it was a fluke.

The Raiders are prepared to bet — possibly as much as $11 million — on the latter.

They’ve got the cap space, so they can afford to pay Schaub the full value of a contract that seemed to be destined to be scrapped.  Absent evidence that Schaub took significantly less to make the expected trade happen, it means that Schaub definitely will commence the season as the starter, and it also means that the fifth overall pick in the draft won’t be used on a quarterback.

Of course, the ultimate question for Schaub isn’t whether he’s capable of playing at the same level that took him to a pair of Pro Bowls.  It’s whether he’s better than Oakland’s other options.  Terrelle Pryor, the final draft pick made by Al Davis, appears to be on the outs.  Matt McGloin, undrafted in 2013, has a long way to go.  Mike Vick, as we understand it, has zero interest in joining the Raiders.

So the choices are to hope that Schaub can do once again what he’s previously done, or to hope that a first-round draft pick can do something he’s never done:  Thrive at the NFL level.

With coach Dennis Allen and G.M. Reggie McKenzie likely not having the luxury of finding out whether a first-round pick can blossom into a great quarterback, the smart move is to get the guy more likely to help the team make a move now in a division with three other teams that went to the playoffs last year.

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  1. 2013 Matt Schaub:

    All-Pro Arian Foster = 8 games

    Pro Bowl Owen Daniels = 5 games

    #2 wr veteran Kevin Walter = 0 games (released)

  2. Pizza places in Oakland can now offer the Matt Schaub Special: Pick six toppings and pay dearly for it.

  3. As a Titans fan who’s watched Schaub burn our team for years, I have no doubt last year was a fluke. … I’ll be extremely grateful to see him out of our division. I’m also grateful to see our erratic backup QB (Fitzpatrick) become a Texan.

  4. This all sounds terrible for Oakland. They need to figure out something better than bailing Houston out of their problem. Gosh I wish I knew what the Raiders would have paid to trade for Stafford at some point.

  5. Raiders gave up a pick for Pryor, but won’t give him any weapons. Raiders owe 2 5th round picks for Flynn and cut him. They mortgaged their future with the Palmer trade only to see him excel in Az, after being traded.

    Try drafting receivers and stud back first. The qb carousel doesn’t work. This is the circle of failure! It’s not a pattern, it’s the norm.

  6. 2013 Matt Schaub:

    All-Pro Arian Foster = 8 games

    Pro Bowl Owen Daniels = 5 games

    #2 wr veteran Kevin Walter = 0 games (released)

    That is a great point. The team was terrible all around. Not just 1 guy. But he didn’t do anything to help himself.

  7. 2013 Matt Schaub:

    73 QB rating

    61% completions

    6.5 yards gained per pass attempt
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    2013 joe flacco:

    73 QB rating

    59% completions

    6.4 yards gained per pass attempt

  8. Raiders have nothing to lose. Schaub can still play… the Texans were riddled with injuries all year last season. And if Schaub flops they could always draft Jameis Winston next season (if he comes out) or Mariota.

  9. The Raiders could strike gold on this. IF last year was a fluke, they get a steal in this trade. And, they have a very strong chance of taking Watkins or Clowney at 5 now. Or, the could trade down and pick up some extra picks. Or, Schaub could suck a big one and the Raiders could pick their latest first round bust. Time will tell.

  10. Better to take a flyer on Schaub then to roll the dice on any of the QBs in this draft. If it doesn’t work, they can at least move on quickly without getting in a scenario like “let’s just draft Johhny Manziel some more weapons to work with and continue the experiment another two years”.

  11. Yeah, why can’t we trade a 6th or 7th rounder for Aaron Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning? I mean, C’MON RAIDERS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Make these trades happen now!
    Listen bewbs, it’s a 6th ror 7th round pick for a veteran QB to provide a stop-gap option until we can figure out where we’re going to get our long-term answer. Chill the Eff out

  12. You would think the Raiders would have learned their lesson by now of having a qb named “Matt” on their roster.

  13. I think this is a smart move, a gamble yes, but one worth taking. Schaub has played some damn fine ball in the NFL, I would think odds favor a player of his caliber being able to get back on track. Only time will tell.

  14. These guys are making worse decisions than Al Davis did at the end, but he had the excuse of being senile.

  15. This has the feel of being a make or break year for McKenzie. Easy to see why he’s not going to bank on starting a rookie or somebody else really green.

  16. mdobrasz said: “Yeah, why can’t we trade a 6th or 7th rounder for Aaron Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning? I mean, C’MON RAIDERS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Make these trades happen now!
    Listen bewbs, it’s a 6th ror 7th round pick for a veteran QB to provide a stop-gap option until we can figure out where we’re going to get our long-term answer. Chill the Eff out”

    I think you may be the only poster here who has actually watched football.

  17. @ doctorrustbelt

    Exactly what does Joe Flacco’s 2013 stats have to do with the Raiders acquiring Matt Schaub?

    Then again, he has 9 more playoff wins than your Bengals, including a Super Bowl championship and a Super Bowl MVP.

  18. Upon hearing the news, the Raiders’ WR corp said they were excited to catch 7 yd dink and dunk passes from Schlaub. Denarious Moore was quoted as saying, “I can’t wait to be wide open and have to slow down to catch Matt’s underthrown passes”.

  19. I hope all 11 guys on Oakland’s offense are good at chasing the defenders going to other way.

  20. Palmer didn’t want to be with the Raiders. He also was not RM or Allen’s choice.. It was HueJack who blew that, and that’s why he isn’t there.
    He brings up Flacco to illustrate how overblown the “Schuab sucks” rhetoric is. Half his team was on IR. He had a horrible year, but he is a way better option than Vick. Vick is a cancer, always has been.
    Bring him in, build up his confidence and you have a QB to bridge the gap while you build the rest of the team.
    People need to stop projecting the Al Davis latter years to the new organization.

  21. I wish I knew why the Raiders always want to give up pick (s) for a QB. I thought he was going to be released? To me, if a player is going to be released, you wait and pick him up then. Stop wasting draft picks!

  22. Hate on haters! Best option available behind a newly put together beast of an o line. Like to see Blount added to go with DMC and give Philly a 3rd rd pick for D Jack to go with James Jones and the young WRs and we really got something!


  23. Looking at all these negative comments coming thru tells me one thing. The vast majority of you on here aren’t true Raiders fans. I don’t know if any of you watched Mcgloin or Pryor last season, but neither is the answer. Reggie is willing to trade a late round pick for a qb who has been a proven winner throughout his career, with by the way one bad season to his resume. The Great Peyton has a bad season to his name, be it his rookie season, but he does have the one. I believe Shaub will be just fine, because he’s not weak ass Carson Palmer. Return to glory, RAIDERNATION4LIFE!!!!!!

  24. I’m a big McGloin fan since his days at PSU. The kid has the talent and attitude to succeed. It’s too bad he’s stuck with the Raiders (for now). My hope is he’s traded for Schaub. We already know O’Brien loves the kid. Let’s see what he can do under a real coaching staff.

  25. With the cap room, what looks like an improved O-line, and an established receiver in Jones, why not take a shot that Schaub bounces back?

    I hope the contract is reworked, but if not, they have the room.

    This guy is better than anyone on the roster and means the number 5 pick doesn’t have to be spent reaching on a rookie QB. Best case, Schaub gets them to 7 or 8 wins and brings back some hope. Worst case, he plays like he did last season and they pick top 5 next year when better QBs will be in the draft and they cut him. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  26. McKenzie signing of Schaub is an act of desperation.
    2-14 Raiders next year .The rest of the AFC west laughing at the Raiders.

  27. what does it say about your team when Mike Vick doesn’t want to come there and who apparently would rather sink to the depths of playing for Da’ Jets instead of the

  28. The Raiders have traded a late round pick to get Matt Schaub. It is an interesting trade and one that may sound bad but actually good considering many factors:

    – Lifetime QB Rating = 89.8 or #13 All Time QB Rating
    – Excluding the 2013 season his QB rating is 94.16 over the past 5 years with the Texans.

    Explaining the Poor 2013 Season
    – QB Rating = 73
    – All Pro Arian Foster = Played 8 Games
    – Pro Bowler Owen Daniels = Played 5 Games
    – #2 WR Kevin Walter = Played 0 Games

    Matt Schaub vs. Joe Flaco 2013 Stats:
    – 73 QB Rating = Both
    – 61% Completion = Schaub
    – 59% Completion = Flaco
    – 6.5 yds per attempt = Schaub
    – 6.4 yds per attempt = Flaco

    The bigger issue is that there are no quality proven QB’s on the market at all anytime soon until Schaub’s contract is up that won’t get resigned by their team or tagged:

    2015 FA QB’s
    – Cam Newton
    – Kapernick
    – Carson Palmer
    – Alex Smith

    2016 FA QB’s
    – Eli Manning
    – Rothlesburger
    – Rivers
    – Bradford
    – Luck
    – RGIII
    – Tennehill
    – Wilson

    2017 FA QB’s
    – Peyton
    – Brees
    – Schaub
    – Sanchez

    Schaubs cap hit ranked against other QB’s without any negotiations:
    2014 = #13
    2015 = #10
    2016 = #7

    The Raiders can draft a QB this or next year and have him ride the pine to learn the “Pro Game” behind a vet.

    The overall cost for all of the QB’s on the Raiders roster is VERY low. The other two QB’s are getting a combined $1.5 million (Pryor and McGloin).

    Get Schaub Sammy Watkins and a few solid RB’s and he could tear it up.

    Also, remember that the Raiders will still have $15 to $20 million to spend after this deal.
    That can get you these types of players:

    – Adrian Peterson = $14,900,000
    – Calvin Johnson = $13,058,000
    – LeSean McCoy = $9,700,000
    – Brandon Marshall = $9,300,000
    – Larry Fitzgerald = $8,600,000
    – Arian Foster = $8,500,000
    – Matt Forte = $7,900,000
    – Roddy White = $6,325,000
    – Steve Smith = $6,000,000

    Hate all you want but the team had to do a fire sale to clear up the very bad deals that Al Davis and Hugh Jackson made. It is a very different team.

  29. I love the schaub is garbage post after one bad year and Vick is great after really only one good year Iwould take Sanchez over vick this isn’t Madden 04 dog killer turns it over 3 times a game and people don’t realize he’s a backup at best even in new York id take geno over Vick Mike is complete garbage

  30. 2013 Matt Schaub:

    All-Pro Arian Foster = 8 games

    Pro Bowl Owen Daniels = 5 games

    #2 wr veteran Kevin Walter = 0 games (released)

    As a Texans fan, this is such a poor argument as to why Matt Schaub struggled. Foster was being outplayed by Tate last year, Daniels’ performance was equaled by Graham, and Deandre Hopkins had a better rookie season than any season Walter ever produced.

    The whole team under performed, which IMO can mainly be attributed to Kubiak and his lack of adaptation. With a fresh start in OAK, Schaub can definitely bounce back. He may not be elite but he’s definitely above average and certainly better than Carson Palmer, who just pads stats in blowout losses.

  31. Hopefully, they add Shaub in free agency or restructure to his contract to a one year 4-6 million dollar deal. And then go and get Josh Freeman in free agency.

    Matt Shaub, Josh Freeman and Matt Mcgloin would be a competitive group at least.

    Better than Pryor and Mcgloin….

  32. I’ll wait to see what they give up for him, but here are his stats with last year removed:

    1816 for 2823, 64% comp. percentage
    120 tds, 70 ints

    For a sixth or seventh round draft pick? Why not?

  33. It’s one thing to look like Gomer Pyle and another to play like him..maybe a Bad Toupee or Hair Piece would give him more confidence…I have always thought he was an Arrogant Jerk and would ultimately get what he deserved…a one way ticket to the East Bay…prove me wrong .


  35. Adequate QBs don’t come along very often. Nobody is predicting Schaub to be an All-Pro. But for $10m he could be a worthwhile performer. You have the cap space, which you have to use anyway; why not take a chance, as long as it doesn’t cost much? I remember when SF drafted George Mira when Brodie had a horrible year. Brodie came back like gangbusters and Mira never got a chance. Brodie had like 5 more good years. The Jets picked up Testeverde off waivers and he went to the Pro Bowl.

  36. Thanks, Michael Vick, for not wanting to stoop to the depths of playing for the Raiders. Because you’re better than that. You’re an A #1 class act. Best of Luck in your future endeavors.

  37. No one realizes that the residents have to spend money, and the texans were plagued with injury, they were predicted to be a playoff if not a Super Bowl team… Last year they lost all their star players, when their line started to collapse because he had no targets he couldn’t scramble and make plays with his feet like his back up. Schaub is still a phenomenal quarterback and I can’t wait to see everyone hop on Mackenzie’s dick when the raiders turn things around next year… Then everyone is gonna get back on the band wagon lol

  38. Give Schaub some good players around him and he can rebound. The money the Raiders have or had was unreal. I think the moves so far are band-aide fixes and not building for the future. They should, unless they feel this years QB class is weak, select a QB anyway in 1-3 rounds and have Schaub mentor him for the future. The GM, so far ranks with the Jets GM as two of the most struggling GMs in the NFL. If they can’t change the losing ways of this organization soon both the GM and HC are gone.

  39. Schaub had good players around him and sucked in Texas. Sure he had better seasons, but he was always underachieving for what he had.

    Because like it or not, last year Schaub sucked and had Arians and Andre Johnson. He also had Owen Daniels/Garret Graham.

    Who the hell do the Raiders have that can replace those guys? They can’t. Not even close.

    Maybe he does do better this year. It’s possible, even if highly unlikely.

    But let’s realize the Raiders are asking him to make a massive turnaround, while he goes from having some of the best pieces in the NFL around him, to some of the worst.

    Draft a QB round 1, you’ll need him this season.

  40. I personally feel that Matt Schaub is only worthy of going to therapy this season because he is broken. However he is better than Mark Sanchez.

    Mike Florio would take Mark Sanchez even though Mark Sanchez is way worse with an incomplete team than Schaub could ever be?

    Sanchez had a loaded team in first two seasons. Once his team tore it’s roster apart in his third and fourth year he did not do well.

    in 2013 Houston did not really have a talented team.

    How can the D do well when the outside linebackers stink, inside linebacker was out for the year, and the safety is the aging Ed Reed.

    How was the offense complete from 2010 till 2012 when there was just one good wide receiver one okay tight end and one good running back?

    Even Pittsburgh had three good wide receivers in 2013 and one good running back too.

  41. “Mike Vick, as we understand it, has zero interest in joining the Raiders.”

    What was the point in adding this to your article, Florio? It’s an unconfirmed assumption and doesn’t add anything to the topic at all. Not only that, the Raiders never had any interest in Vick what-so-ever, and Vick was never in any position to turn any team willing to consider him down.

    Now as for McGloin, he’ll get better with each passing season and hopefully become the QB of the future. He’s still a bit raw, so getting Schaub was a logical step in giving McGloin time to develop.

  42. The Texans were expected to be in the postseason last year. That was a team issue, and fortunately Schaub is being reunited with Greg Olsen. The offense should run as efficiently as it did when both were in Houston together. Low risk high reward type of move. Nicely done so far this off-season Reggie!

  43. slick50ks says: Mar 21, 2014 11:08 AM

    I just heard it perfectly phrased on TV.

    “A dead end QB going to a dead end franchise”.
    Are the Chokes going to draft a decent receiver this year? Rod Streater was better than Bowe last season, with the likes of Pryor and McGloin throwing to him.

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