Report: Raiders believe Matt McGloin is a capable backup

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The Raiders’ pending acquisition of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub seemingly pushes Matt McGloin to a reserve spot on the depth chart.

And the Raiders are said to be quite comfortable with that.

According to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders “like Matt McGloin a lot” as a reserve. However, the club judged prospective QB additions on whether they were better than the 24-year-old McGloin, who threw for 1,547 yards with eight TDs and eight interceptions in seven games (six starts) in 2013.

With Schaub expected to join the Raiders and McGloin reportedly well-liked as a reserve, the matter of Terrelle Pryor’s future with Oakland would seem to be the next unresolved issue at quarterback. Pryor began 2013 as the starter but lost the role to McGloin.

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  1. If (when) Pryor gets cut, Washington should look at bringing him in to backup RG3. They’d be able to trade off Cousins for some value and run basically the same offense should Griffin get hurt.

  2. This is news? I thought it was pretty obvious that Mcgloin showed a lot of promise last year, especially considering he was an undrafted rookie. He might even surprise some people as a starter again if Schaub struggles.

  3. If they are willing to trade for Schaub and that salary then anything can go. Comparatively to a high priced QB, a new young prospect that doesn’t make very much money at all is always going to look attractive until you find out that they aren’t any good.

  4. I agree. He is a good backup. He didn’t embarrass himself in his starts, he played well. A couple of times he played real well. Hard working type that fits the new regime.

  5. I like Mcgloin a lot release or trade Pryor draft a qb mid round and go from there i can deal with schaub he had a turnover year and played horrific but compared to what’s out there vick and Sanchez guys who have had turnover plagued careers i think he was the best option

  6. I honestly think that the Raiders found a diamond in the rough with Matt Mcgloin, last season with a bad offensive line he kept us in games, if it weren’t for the bad defense, the Raiders would of won more games. Mcgloin reminds me somewhat of brett farve as gun slinger throwing into tight windows, rod streater came up because of him.

  7. Matt McGloin reminds you of Brett Favre? Yeah, and Terrelle Pryor reminds me of Steve Young.

  8. i love all the haters…nobody wants to play for the raiders……..except for guys with names like Woodson, Tuck, Woodley, Smith, Boothe, Jones, Howard, McFadden, Penn, Sheets, etc…… Richie, and DeSean want to come here as well…..also funny how haters said coaches don’t want to be here as well……tell that to Sparano, Tarver, Saunders etc…….well we all know one thing haters are always going to be jealous of the “only” nation…..all other nations are just wannabees raider nation!

  9. It doesn’t seem that Pryor is interested in a possible position change, and he really doesn’t fit well as a backup to Shaub and McGloin.
    Also, one of the things that is difficult if not impossible to improve upon is a QB’s accuracy, and Pryor has never been particularly accurate with his throws…

  10. Mckenzie spent the money on a bunch of scrubs from other teams. Raiders are the island of the misfits. Shaub had a great running back and receiver and was horrible. Just wait till the turnstile offensive line gets Schaub killed. 2-14 Go Raiders.

  11. Pryor was a good player last year even with that horrendous O-line but since he was in the raiders he didn’t get much credit for it, I’m sure he’d shine in another team with better coaching and players around him.

  12. Que all Raider Haters who will now say Their team should get Pryor. The same bafoons saying he was garbage. We love our Haters!


  13. Pryor to Wash or Seattle, can fit in well if the starters go down. Sure, he cannot be nearly as accurate a passer, but can function with similar skillsets.

  14. you just listed a bunch of over the hill, or flat out mediocre players who were overpaid to help the Raiders spend enough money to hit the cap floor.

    I think its a shame what the Raiders have done. a real shame. I would have rather seem a team that just created 70 mil in cap space, overspend on younger talent that hit their 2nd contract. not 32 year old pass rushers and a QB coming off a massive collapse that hinted at a mental collapse more than physical.

    I really question this especially when Denver has the division, San Diego and Kansas City are 8-8 teams that could do better than that, and yet you think you will compete now just because you signed a bunch of declining vets who have never played together?

  15. mcgloin has all the intangibles and he had very little to work with. anyone who watched the raiders (which limits us to raiders fans and the fans of our opponents that week) would see that he really did play well given the circumstances. reminds me of bruce gradkowski but mcgloin doesn’t throw ducks

  16. Trade Pryor for same round pick using for Schaub.. McKenzie finally did something right. He learned after losing Palmer, can run offense without a QB

  17. Good for him. Like this kid a lot. Hope he makes it as a starter FT in the next few years. Although, getting paid good money and not getting hurt isn’t so bad either…

  18. Matt Schaub is too slow and showed that even when a tightly covered screen pass was not the right throw, he threw it anyway and only was it intercepted and run back for touch downs he would use the same play again in the same game with the same result. That is not a good qb. In my opinion, they take Vick and keep Pryor and McGloin and lead the whole damn league in rushing like we did even when Rich Gannon was playing. This makes the defense play the run, thus leaving us to also lead the league again in pass plays over 20 yards because receivers will be wide open and both Vick and Pryor have the ability to escape and hit the open man. Even McFadden can get in the act and will have the three headed monsters in the backfield.

  19. I would hope McGloin would develop and become the starter, he does have the arm but his decision-making needs to improve.

  20. All this talk of Schaub, McGloin and Pryor, but no talk of Trent Edwards?? …………… EXACTLY!!

    Not sure what the urgency was to sign Edwards who will be nothing more than a camp arm. Couldve gotten an undrafted rookie QB for that… Reggie has a long way to go to show us that he really knows what he’s doing!!

  21. afcdomination says: Mar 21, 2014 2:07 PM

    you just listed a bunch of over the hill, or flat out mediocre players who were overpaid to help the Raiders spend enough money to hit the cap floor.
    The cap floor is a four year rolling average from 2013 to 2016. They don’t have to spend 89% this year. Or next year. Even if they don’t comply with the four year average, the penalty is weak. All they have to do is make up the difference to get to that 89% mark.

  22. Ya think? The kid can and should win as the starter over Schaub.

    In fact I fully expect it.

    Let’s see who they’ve endorsed up to this point: Flynn, Wilson…Leinart?…uh…?????


    A Raiders fan

  23. jdcush31 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 12:38 PM
    This is news? I thought it was pretty obvious that Mcgloin showed a lot of promise last year, especially considering he was an undrafted rookie. He might even surprise some people as a starter again if Schaub struggles.


    Well said and Amen!

  24. “Mike Vick, as we understand it, has zero interest in joining the Raiders.”

    What was the point in adding this to your article, Florio? It’s an unconfirmed assumption and doesn’t

    add anything to the topic at all. Not only that, the Raiders never had any interest in Vick

    what-so-ever, and Vick was never in any position to turn any team willing to consider him down.

    Now as for McGloin, he’ll get better with each passing season and hopefully become the QB of the future.

    He’s still a bit raw, so getting Schaub was a logical step in giving McGloin time to develop.

  25. We should still take Carr. QB’s don’t grow on trees, and especially in the East Bay since Gannon days. If Schaub plays well, that’s great. We need 2 prepare 4 a fallout. McGloin can & should improve but I think Carr in a season or 2 will b ready 4 prime time. I want that 2 b with us & not chasing our tails again 4 a qb in 2-3 yrs. Carr has that “thing” about him, not 2 mention a missle of a right arm.

  26. Sounds good to me. McGloin could possibly be the next starting QB. I thought for a rookie thrown into the fire he played great. He put points on the board , he showed he could make drive to put them ahead in games. If the D played better wed have won a few games and they’d have been in the conversation about being the future. I like McGloin a lot.

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