Report: Raiders likely to deal late-round selection for Matt Schaub


The Raiders are reportedly poised to trade for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Raiders are “expected” to deal a late-round selection in May’s draft to Houston for Schaub, the Texans’ starting quarterback for most of the last seven seasons.

The 32-year-old Schaub struggled in 2013, throwing more interceptions (14) than touchdowns (10). However, he would likely have a strong chance of starting for the Raiders this season.

The Texans have long been assumed to be looking for Schaub’s replacement in the draft. They added ex-Titans passer Ryan Fitzpatrick on Thursday, which further signaled Schaub wasn’t long for Houston.

According to Schefter, the Browns also “expressed some interest” in Schaub. The Browns, like the Raiders, are in need of help at quarterback, and Schaub would have been a nice short-term starting option for Cleveland, which is expected to draft a passer.

Per Rotoworld salary data, Schaub is slated to make $10 million in salary in 2014, with another $1 million potentially earned in regular-season roster bonuses.

60 responses to “Report: Raiders likely to deal late-round selection for Matt Schaub

  1. The Raiders’ best hope in the Schaub deal is that the draft pick traded will be returned for a touchdown.

  2. Heres to hoping Schaub gets his head out of his arse this year. I hated the Matt Flynn fiasco last seaon. Just embarrasing what happened last year.

  3. Well now I need to change my username…. 😦

    Radier fans… you’re getting a guy who has been to the pro bowl multiple times and won a passing title.

    He has plenty of game if he can just get his confidence back.

  4. He could be a decent placeholder QB, but he probably needs to rework his contract. Yeah, this is sounding ok — No one has much faith in the current QBs and the draft doesn’t look too promising for that position. Someone has to do the job. Would you rather have him or Josh Freeman?

  5. I still believe Pryor deserves his shot…

    Look at the oline he was working with and the non-existent running game (besides him running for his life here an there for 20+ yards)

    Mcgloins success was the product of a healthy oline and determined hard running by Jennings

    If Pryor had that he would of been more successful instead of feeling everything was on his shoulders.

    His accuracy and decision making was at a surprisingly high level, yes he had an awful game at Kansas City but he was playing well until his knee started to go on him by the time the Giants game rolled around..

    Only thing im not happy about with this trade is the price, 11 million this year for a declining Schaub has me worried i was hoping hed get released and we’d sign him to like a 2 year 10 million deal..

  6. Honestly, it would be a better fit for him in Cleveland. Strong defense, Tate and Gordon are all good pieces to have. On the other hand if he plays like he did last year it will not matter what team he goes to.

  7. I think if he comes cheap, this is a great trade. The Raiders should know they can’t draft a rookie QB and throw him under the bus. Same goes with Pryor and Mcgloin, they’re not ready either. They need time to develop and learn from an experienced QB like Schaub. The change of scenery will help, and Schaub will give us stability until our future QB is found out. This also opens the Raiders to potentially wait for a Derek Carr in round two, instead of burning a round one on a QB.

    Go Raiders!

  8. 8to80texansblog says:

    He has plenty of game if he can just get his confidence back.

    With the Raiders?

  9. Lol big deal if we take his cap hit this year we still have tons of cap space. If it doesn’t work out we’ll cut him that simple. And really a 6th rounder isn’t much at all, he gives us the best chance to win. Plus now we don’t have to risk drafting a QB at 5, hopefully we draft watkins and give schaub another weapon. Or I wouldn’t mind at all trading a 3rd for desean jackson he is only 27..

  10. This just betters the chance that the Vikings can scoop up johnny football with pick number 8. Hopefully the browns pass on a qb as well. Man I really want johnny manziel. He is the next drew bress but with an extra weapon HIS LEGS! I can see him now running up and down the field in purple and gold. C’mon Rick Spielman, make it happen!

  11. LOL.

    And this, folks, is why the Raiders havent had a winning season since Bush’s first term.

  12. I don’t know about this choice. In many respects, Schaub’s meltdown and loss of confidence mirror that of another formerly good QB, Jake Delhomme.

    Jake took the Panthers to the SuperBowl and came mighty close to bringing back a ring, but then he later melted down in a playoff game against Arizona and was never a confident QB again.

    I get the sense for some reason that the same thing has happened to Schaub. Both nice guys… both suffering from major loss of confidence. In the pressure-filled NFL, I don’t know that many men can regain the required superior confidence once it’s initially lost.

  13. every one says he needs to come cheap. Why the bottom line is the raiders need to spend some cap money this year just to get to the league minimium. His salary will eat up some cap which they need. Now draft Mccarron later in the draft and groom him. I think he has the potential to be the best QB in the draft.

  14. Are Pryor faith fulls still out in full force that it was every other position that was a problem other then Pryor. McGloin actually had a worse line to play behind. Other then the last 3 weeks JV played and he put up 30+ points a game. Pryor never put up more then 14. With Pryor it doesnt matter what OLine you have out there, he doesnt follow a script, nobody knows where he is going and he gets players hurt cause of it.
    We have two 6th round picks I believe, We will get Schaub for 1 and deal Pryor to either Carolina or the Eagles to regain that pick.

  15. I wonder if missing Arian Foster (missed 8 games), Owen Daniels (missed 11 games), and Kevin Walter (released – missed every game) had anything to do with Matt Schaub’s decline?!?

    Oakland will get Schaub cheap… but… they don’t have much receiving depth… SOOOO… at least you can blame it all on Schaub…. AGAIN.

  16. I think Schaub would be a better fit in Cleveland with his old offensive coordinator and a running back that he’s worked with.

    I could see the Raiders grabbing Sanchez on a one year deal when he’s cut by the Jets and using the draft to bring in complimentary talent. If there is no definitive franchise QB available, why roll the dice when your roster is so full of holes that you will destroy even a “can’t miss” QB prospect?

  17. Reggie tends to move at the pace of asnail which has cost us players. Just make the move now before Cleveland steps in.
    So what about losing a late round. Well worth it. Sooner in building better for team. Screwed up with Palmer don’t repeat the past.

  18. jmblosser82 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 9:20 AM
    Honestly, it would be a better fit for him in Cleveland. Strong defense, Tate and Gordon are all good pieces to have. On the other hand if he plays like he did last year it will not matter what team he goes to.


    Your right..he would have been a better fit in Cleveland. And Schaub was heading straight for Cleveland if released. That’s why the Raiders traded for him so Cleveland wouldn’t get him. No QB with an once of credibility is going to Oakland. So they did what they had to do to get one.

  19. Cleveland already has a “short-term starting option.” His name is Brian Hoyer.

    And Derek Carr will be gone before Oakland is on the clock…

  20. This is why the Raiders are who they are. Why would you trade a high draft pick for a 32 QB? on top of that his last season wasn’t good at all. Advice to the raiders front office Build through Draft and sign young free agents that fit your system. #GETITRIGHT

  21. I love how Raider fans keep mentioning “if he comes cheap.” He’s not coming cheap, you are paying him at least 10 million. That’s why the Browns would not trade for him, that contract is ridiculous.

  22. Surprised the Texans aren’t giving Schaub a chance to work with O’Brien, and take the hits while they develop a rookie.

  23. People don’t realize the main reason that Schaub struggled last year was because of that predictable offense that he and Kubs have been running for past 8 years. A change of scenery and offenses will rejuvenate him. We get Schaub in his prime like we got Gannon in his prime.

  24. Not a terrible move to bring him in but I don’t know about giving a draft pick for a player another team was going to cut. The Raiders need help and depth across the board. Even a late round pick is too valuable to give away for someone they could’ve picked up as a FA in a week.

  25. I’m thinking for the chance to start again, Schaub might restructure that $10 million contract.

  26. Maann, like some, I wanted to see what Pryor could do with a decent Oline. He hasn’t had multiple chances, he’s had like 7games lol. we were 2-3 to start last season with him under center, then he got hurt. Everyone fell in love with mcgloin after some qb kept throwing the ball to our d..who was it again?? Oh yeah Matt schaub!! Lol..all in all schaub is an above average qb last year was a fluke, finally some stability at the qb position. #RAIDERNATION

  27. …so they’re taking on Matt Schaub’s $10 million salary? Why not spend a 2nd round pick on Ryan Mallett ($500k salary) and build around him?

  28. Draft Jake Matthews, or trade back for an extra round 2 pick and pick up one of the other top rated tackles.

    Just give Schaub time and make sure he’s protected.

  29. Raiders: Where all people past their prime go to die. Because I despise them and their fans SO much i’m thankful for this trend and glad it continues.

  30. Hopefully Schaub can bounce back wherever he lands because throwing touchdowns to the opposing defenses doesn’t cut it in ANY league.

  31. If its a sixth round pick who cares? We have two of them. Money wise, we have cap to burn. On draft day Pryor will probably be dealt for a pick anyways. With the 5th pick they should draft Khalil Mack (regarded as the best player in the draft) and deal a 3rd for DJax. Sign Owen Daniles. Boom, Schuab now has DJax, James Jones, and Owen Daniels to throw to. Schuab will thrive.

  32. All good, I think that is a solid decision by Reggie. With that said of all the UFA deals, I would front load his contract. We have plenty of cap space and would do a 3 to 4 yr deal that decreases with club option on yr 3, and yr 4.

    With that said if we get Schaub, I would bypass on a QB with the #5 pick. Next years QB class is much better and deeper. Go with Schuab, Pryor, and McGloin this year.

  33. Schaub was thrown under the bus last year over a couple of bad games/decisions and McNairs desire to join the 49er/Seahawk/Panther/Redskins offensive revolution… so he forced Kubiak to start Keenum who can’t spell pro football. Then it all went to hell when Kubiak replaced Keenum with Schaub at Jacksonville and got FIRED!!!! Now McNair is replacing Clevelands “Mistake by the Lake” with the “Goof by the Gulf”

  34. With less than a 41% winning percentage in their 12 years why are they so hyped all of the time?????

    They never would have been AFC South champions if Manning had stayed healthy!!!

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