Report: Titans’ Adewale Ojomo busted for soliciting a prostitute

Getty Images

Titans defensive end Adewale Ojomo has been jailed and accused of soliciting a prostitute.

The Miami Herald reports that Ojomo was booked into jail this morning in Miami, where he played his college football for the Hurricanes.

According to the arrest report, Ojomo approached a female undercover officer during a sting and offered $100 for sex. He also reportedly said to the officer, “You got condoms? I need to get some.”

Ojomo entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the Giants in 2012 and has bounced around the league with the Seahawks and Bills. He was signed to the Titans’ practice squad late in 2013. Ojomo remains on the Titans’ offseason roster, although this is the kind of incident that could get him cut. Starters can get arrested for soliciting a prostitute and keep their jobs, but when a practice squad scrub gets arrested, teams often decide he’s more trouble than he’s worth.