Report: Vick wants No. 7 in New York

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That three-ring circus in New York could become a seven-ring fiasco, if a report from TMZ regarding quarterback Mike Vick is true.

Per TMZ, via, Vick wants to wear No. 7 if he signs with the Jets.  But that number already has been assigned to quarterback Geno Smith.

While not a deal-breaker, it reportedly will be a “big issue” for Vick.  If so, that’s more than a little silly, from Vick’s perspective.  With precious few opportunities to win an NFL starting job, he shouldn’t care whether he wears 7, 5, 9, 99, or 24601.

Vick has worn No. 7 throughout his NFL and college career.  And while an easy solution could be for Smith to switch to his own college jersey, he wore No. 12 at West Virginia.  The Jets have retired that number, for Joe Namath.

If there’s anything to this, it’s likely a ploy by Vick to get a better offer from the Jets.  Surely, he doesn’t want to walk through the door as the guy who took Smith’s jersey and then embarked on taking his job.  Vick, at this stage of his career, surely would be content to simply take Smith’s job.

UPDATE 2:29 p.m. ET:  In response to the TMZ report, a source close to Vick says that wearing No. 7 is the “last thing on his mind.”

50 responses to “Report: Vick wants No. 7 in New York

  1. 7. The number of pre-season and regular games Vick will appear in before he’s out for the year. 7. The average yardage he’s sacked behind the line, 25 times over. 7. The number of completions he’ll have between INT’s. 7. The most games the Jets can possibly win with Vick at QB. 7. Sounds lucky — give it to him!

  2. Reminds me of when Cam Newton asked Jimmy Clausen for number 2 in Carolina and Clausen refused.

    Where is Jimmy now? Cam took #1

    You make the number, stop caring what you wear and just worry bout being a damn QB.

  3. I doubt this is a ploy – and think Vick really wants the number 7.

    Why would he need a claim to a jersey number to work a better offer from the Jets? I fail to see how that creates any real leverage for Vick.

  4. I just can’t believe no matter who they hire or what they do, the Jets find a way to be a joke in this town.

    It just never ends…

  5. They could just trade Geno to the Raiders before they finalize the paperwork on that Schaub deal. Not sure why you want to bring Vick in if you already have QBs you like that you expect to achieve stardom. If not then why are those QBs here in the first place? Sort it out, find the ones you want, and let them have the numbers and the power and the opportunity. Cash in everybody else so that they aren’t a distraction if they don’t like it.

    So who is the QB, Smith or Sanchez or Simms or Vick? Choose your fate and emancipate.

  6. Namath wouldn’t notice if someone was wearing his jersey, he’s hammered 90% of the time. Hope Vick does sign with the jets, he would not be a good fit in the Dawg Pound. Go Browns!

  7. Glad to see that Vick has his priorities in order.

    I have a good feeling that he’s going to be one of these T.O./Chad Johnson guys who won’t be able to process that the game has moved on without him. It’s getting really close to that point already. Wear # .5 if they want you to, Mikey.

  8. So a guy NY hasn’t even signed yet would like to keep his number for whatever reason & it’s a big deal? Of course, because it’s the Jets, unbelievable! How’s Jim Irsay doing in rehab by the way?

  9. Why don’t they both wear #7?
    They’ll be a 7&7 – which is what the fan’s’ll be drinking to wash down their woes with those two running around like squirrels.

  10. Well naturally you want the leader of your team to argue for something as important as the number he wears. Especially when it means to step on the toes of the person you’re looking to ripoff.

    Only in New York….


  11. You’d think Vick would be more concerned about getting a team to sign him at all than worry about what number he’d wear if the Jets were to sign them.

  12. From what I saw of Smith last year, he should have been happy to have on ANY numbered Jets uniform.
    Because he was HORRIBLE last year.
    With a CAPITAL H.
    Vick is not the same and probably has lost a step with the beatings that he has taken, but he should still have little difficulty taking out Smith in training camp……if he can stay healthy…….AND, if the position of Jets QB this season is based on competition and not just the Jets brass handing the position to Smith again.

  13. If a player’s desire for a specific uniform number gives them leverage, the Jets need to fire their entire front office.

    Regardless, the Jets should probably fire their entire front office.

  14. What is it with the number 7? Remember how Ken O’Brian found out he was let go by the Jets? Boomer Esiason was holding up the #7 jersey with Esiason on the back in the media conference the Jets called up to intoduce Esion as their new QB!! Lol!

  15. At this point in her career, Vick should be less worried about the number he wears on his jersey and more about the quality of his play! Doesn’t appear “7” has been all that lucky!!!

  16. micknangold says: “The Jets aren’t a circus anymore. Sorry to disappoint the haters.”

    What are they then, a Carnival!?!?!?!?!?

  17. Well people this is not about Vick. Every NFL player has done this when they sign with a new team. What will happen is Vick will buy the number from Geno. It will not just simply be given to him if Geno is still on the team. The veteran usually offers a certain amount and its a deal. You all that no nothing about football (TMZ) will make it an issue cause it’s Vick and the Jets. This is really a non issue and non story. We need writers with some actual sports experience to be able to write accurate stories.

  18. This will provide reporting fodder for NFL AM (which seems to spend 90 of its time reporting on teams n the AFC and NFC East) for months…….. a big reason I quit watching it.

  19. Here’s how it’s going to go. Vick will buy the number from Smith and start the season for NY at number 7. Smith takes # 8. Vick will continue to start the first 9 or 10 games. By then his turnover numbers will be so high, that they’ll start platooning him with Smith. Smith will win a couple of games, and the pundits will be declaring that NY should have been letting Smith develop all along. Smith will then lose about four in a row, bringing Vick back in. Vick gets injured, and Smith finishes the season with a loss that keeps NY out of the playoffs. Vick is released in the off season, and the Jets bring in Matt Schaub, released by Oakland for the following year. Schaub says he wants # 8 as part of the deal.

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