Ryan Grigson says Colts business as usual without Jim Irsay


With owner Jim Irsay in a treatment center after his arrest on DWI and drug charges, things can hardly be described as normal.

But Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson is trying to keep the focus on the football and not the sideshow.

Grigson told Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star that Irsay was helpful, but wasn’t so involved that he’ll be missed in terms of the day-to-day operations.

“I don’t know if many people really realize, but Jim is so experienced and so weathered in football experience, being around the game his whole life,” Grigson said. “But he’s never been a micromanager, never really meddled or anything like that. He really leaves football decisions up to myself and the head coach [Chuck Pagano] and really has been great in that respect.”

Asked specifically about his boss, Grigson said he had nothing but praise, adding “Everyone in the building loves the man and we’d all run through a brick wall for him. We just wish him a full and complete recovery. We’re all really pulling for him.”

Grigson emphasized the trust that Irsay put in him when he was hired gave him a solid base. And if you’re going to trust a man to help you move on from the Peyton Manning era, asking him to handle a draft while the boss is out of town doesn’t seem like an insurmountable task.


10 responses to “Ryan Grigson says Colts business as usual without Jim Irsay

  1. I would imagine that things are actually running a bit smoother without this constant distraction around them. Relapse is a part of almost every addicts story so I wish Irsay the best. No matter how harshly the NFL punishes him he will get off easy because he luckily did not hurt anybody when he got behind the wheel.

  2. I wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the best organizations in football. Say what you want about Irsay being given this or that but the fact is…he knows how to be a good owner to his players, coaches front office staff, and fans of the team. He is , by all accounts, a really genuine good person who has a terrible, debilitating addiction. I hope he can beat his demons for good and come back stronger than ever.

    BTW, for all the haters, show me one report where any other owner, player, or staff personnel has anything but high praise for Jim Irsay.

  3. Could this have worked out any better for Goodell? They can finally get rid of this disgraceful family and let a group of Manning’s buy the colts.

  4. Ravensbob I thought that the Raven lost all rights of complaining about the Irsay’s after you guys stole the Browns. There is nothing disgraceful about a man who has done as much as Jim Irsay has done for the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. Maybe if you understood everything that led him to his drug addiction maybe you wouldn’t be as judgmental. Keep your marching band and your Johnny Unitas statue. We are proud to call Jim Irsay a Hoosier!!!

  5. Oh No, moving vans just pulled up to Big Jim’s house. Lots of stuff coming out. Wait, it’s only the wife! Whew, for a second there………………….

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