Sanchez’s release comes 26 months after Rex’s vow

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The curious, confounding career of Mark Sanchez has ended in New York, less than five years after it began.

The decision to cut Sanchez comes only two years and four months after coach Rex Ryan made a clear and unequivocal vow regarding Sanchez’s tenure with the team.

“He’s going to be our quarterback for as long as I am here, which I hope is a long, long time,” Ryan said in November 2011.  “We know we got the right guy.”

They still believed that after the 2011 season, signing Sanchez to a contract extension with so much guaranteed money over the first two years that there was no way out of the deal after a disastrous 2012, which included the infamous, nationally-televised “butt fumble” on Thanksgiving night.  That same year, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, an experiment that failed as badly as an experiment ever has failed since the day Peter Brady showed off his volcano to Marcia and her snooty friends.

Last year, Geno Smith became the de facto replacement for Sanchez via round two of the draft.  But for a preseason shoulder injury during garbage time of the annual exhibition game against the Giants that Ryan seems to think actually matters, Sanchez would have played at some point in the season.  He possibly would have been the opening-day starter.

Lost in the last three seasons is the fact that Sanchez won four postseason road games during his first two NFL seasons, beating Carson Palmer in Cincinnati, Philip Rivers in San Diego, Peyton Manning in Indianapolis (his final game there as a member of the Colts), and Tom Brady in Foxborough.

His exit allows the Jets to avoid $11 million in non-guaranteed compensation, making the 2009 top-five pick a free agent.  And unless Mike Vick opts to wear Sanchez’s No. 6, it means that Ryan will have to alter a tattoo that’s nearly as notorious as Sanchez’s signature blunder into the backside of Brandon Moore.

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  1. This is why you should never, ever, get anyone’s name tattoo’d on you except your mom or dad or maybe a dead pet. But otherwise it’s almost destined to bite you.

  2. The ball hit Brandon Moore’s back. The term “butt fumble” is extremely idiotic.
    Someone said it and now all the sheep repeat it even though his butt had absolutely nothing to do with it. Watch the video on youtube right now and you’ll see that I’m right.

  3. The decision to cut Sanchez comes only two years and four months after coach Rex Ryan made a clear and unequivocal vow regarding Sanchez’s tenure with the team.

    26 Months is 2 years and 2 months

  4. Rex never says what’s real. He just says what he wants to hear come out of his mouth. He’s a laughingstock.

  5. For five years, he was a bust draft pick carried by his defense on this website. Now he’s the QB who defeated a list of elite QBs in the playoffs.

    Such a self-serving, look at me post but not the least bit surprising considering the source.

    Take a poll of the other 31 GMs and see how many would rather Sanchez as starting QB than anyone on the current roster. This “article” was beyond a waste of time.

  6. Getting a tattoo of either your significant other, your teen heart throb or even your local NFL Quarterback will always come back to haunt you. I believe by the laws of tattooing you must split from one another after said tattoo is applied, by no more than two years.

  7. Even if Sanchez never plays another down, he is still sitting on more money that we will ever see in our lives. It is no surprise that he got cut, but still hard to feel sorry for him.

  8. He also said jets were going to be better than giants for next ten years before 2011. Giants beat jets on Xmas eve that year and won the SB. Jets have been a mess ever since.

  9. The sad thing is Reggie McKenzie probably would love to have Sanchez as the Raider QB. Mr. McKenzie has the same achilles heal as Al Davis, THE QUARTERBACK.

  10. Pre-season 2011, Rex proclaims the Jets the new Big Brother of football in New York, and promises a Super Bowl.

    November 2011, Rex makes this promise about

    Christmas Eve 2011, Victor Cruz drops a 99 on the Jets, and they’ve never recovered.

  11. Sanchez will have the last laugh here, he had 2 decent years with the other years under horrible OC’s, I would take Sanchez anyday over the 2 meatballs we have now…..Way to go Idzik, that defense is looking like a real force to be reckon with….. who do they think they are gonna stop with these DB’s?? I actually feel sorry for Rex now….Cue the circus music, its coming back to town…

  12. Oh, yeah, Ryan…Sanchez was so MUCH better than Tebow, right? It’s hard to maintain a lie.

  13. To Cleveland we will go….to Cleveland we will go…hi ho, the merrio, to Cleveland we will go. The mistake by the lake….home of some big draft busts.

  14. I was skeptical of Sanchez from the beginning. He only made 16 starts in college. A college qb should make at least 24 or 26 starts before the pros become first round interested. Sanchez was too easily rattled in New York.

  15. Bucs and Jets – let the QB copycat begin. They both drafted five years ago in the first round – Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman. Neither made it past five seasons with their first franchise. Both were cut the same end point (one during season 5, one after).

    Both were replaced initially by a second round (Geno Smith) and third round (Mike Glennon) QB drafted last year. While Mike Glennon had a few good games, so did Geno Smith. Neither had a great year (Glennon scored 75 or lower in his QB score his last four starts when opposing teams figured out how to beat him).

    Now both the Jets and Bucs picked up cast offs from other teams. Michael Vick is from Philidelphia, Josh McCown the Bears. For some reason, I don’t think either team is done yet – they both may be drafting yet again this year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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