Steelers land Lance Moore with two-year deal

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The Steelers lost a valuable role player when Jerricho Cotchery chose a Panthers offer.

They found a similar version Friday.

The Steelers signed former Saints wideout Lance Moore to a two-year deal.

Moore was released by the Saints after a 37-catch season, but he had averaged 61 catches a year the previous three years.

The 30-year-old Moore didn’t get much interest in the market, as the Steelers were his only visit. Now, he’ll have a chance to work out of the slot the way Cotchery did, which worked for 10 touchdowns last season.

78 responses to “Steelers land Lance Moore with two-year deal

  1. Sweet! Pretty bummed about losing Cotchery still but it’s too late now. As long as we draft WR in the 3rd-4th too I’ll be pretty happy since Wheaton should be taking that next step.

  2. Great choice for Moore. After Pitt extends and restructures him 5 times, he’ll hang on the roster til he’s 40. Another Colbert special. Rest of the division is loving the steeler’s offseason.

  3. Very good pick-up by the Steelers. Because it addresses the need for a veteran WR in case Wheaton does not make it (although I strongly think he will). It also takes less pressure on the need for a WR in the early rounds of the draft.

  4. Best of luck to you, Lance. Ben will appreciate the “safety valve” option you’ll give him.

  5. Somebody needs to tell the Rooneys that a company in Pontiac, Michigan has some slightly used urinals that they can have for cheap.

  6. Kinda getting up there in age for a WR but a fun guy to watch and a very clutch 3rd down guy too. As a Saints fan I hope he does well.

  7. I’ll miss Moore’s touchdown dances in New Orleans. It will be interesting to see how good he is in the cold as he wasn’t great when the weather got chilly.

  8. Great choice for Moore. After Pitt extends and restructures him 5 times, he’ll hang on the roster til he’s 40. Another Colbert special. Rest of the division is loving the steeler’s offseason.

    Funny how some ones handle tells you their comments will prove their ignorance.

    Good move to replace cotchery.

  9. “Land” is a little strong. You don’t land Lance Moore, you sign him. You “land” a big time free agent.

  10. When you have the least cap space in the league its all about bargain basement shopping!!!

    So Brees throws the ball more then anyone and this guy can only muster 30 balls…speaks volumes. Im sure going from the comforts of dome life to the cold outdoor scenes of Pittsburgh will bolster those numbers HAHAHAHA!!!!


  11. He will have a great year in Pittsburgh.

    A Brown will draw all the attention, and Moore will be the 2nd option like Cotchery was and catch 10 touchdowns this year

  12. Lance Moore did a fantastic job with the Saints and will be a valuable asset to the Steelers. He has Velcro hands and drops very few passes. Big Ben will love him. I’m happy for Lance.

    The Saints should have kept him, but unfortunately, Brees eats up too much of the salary cap and they have to let half of the team go to satisfy him. Because of that, it appears we just might be headed back to middle of the pack. It was good while it lasted.

    These CRAZY QB contracts will create even more parity because teams won’t be able to keep solid players who need to be paid also. Therefore, they’ll all be mediocre to satisfy one player.

  13. Ugh.
    A dome player in Steeltown. Interesting if someone looked at Moore’s numbers in a dome versus outside in inclimate weather … we all know the NO team struggles. I bet Moore is S O F T.
    Go Wheaton.

  14. Good for him! Glad he got picked up by a quality organization, as he is a top-notch guy who brings it every single time. Pittsburgh will enjoy him, because he entertains just as much as he works. A lot!

  15. Even with a tight cap position, Steelers still sign impact, championship players. As opposed to a team with plenty of cap signing the underwhelming Darian Martha Stewart.

  16. GREAT MOVE. Replacing a productive receiver with another productive receiver. A nice slot-man that knows his way around the field. Be careful what you wish for, AFC NORTH fans. You’ll be seeing his victory dance in your endzone. Oh yeah, and he’s younger than Cotchery. HERE WE GO STEELERS!!!

  17. solid pickup, guy wasn’t brung in to be a starter but to be a solid #3 and that’s exactly what he’ll be, a solid possession receiver and safety valve for Big Ben, and all you people talking about the steelers age, get with the program, the steelers are now one of the youngest teams in the league especially on defense!

  18. -71.2 completion percentage (6th best in the league)
    -19.2% of his passes were 20 yards or more downfield
    -One drop in deep passes, had none in 2012
    -Career 47 deep balls for 1511 yards and 13 TDs

    The deep threat Emmanuel Sanders DREAMED of being. Nice job, Steelers!

  19. You have the ravens who sign a 35 yr old steve smith and the knock on us for signing a 30 yr old lance Moore. This old now young team finshed 2nd in the afc north you must forget who was 3rd thats right coach and all the ratbirds. Enjoy having a washed up upper cut ray rice and a 28 million cap hit nxt year of your avg qb.

  20. Coach John Harbaugh says:
    Mar 21, 2014 3:54 PM

    we laugh at you, pittsburgh

    not one other team was interested in him

    That means that the Stealers were able to overpay him without any outside interference!

  21. Sweet! This guy alone is better then any of the ravenless receivers. Nice move to pick up Lance Moore. I guess cotchery was to busy worried about picking up more money then collecting a championship. Moore will fit in nicely in his place. The steelers march on!!!!!

  22. ubepunkedagain says:
    Mar 21, 2014 4:41 PM

    He goes to the retirement community. It was between retiring and joining the old fogies.

    The “retirement community” has more Superbowl rings than your team does. Who’s laughing now?

  23. Ben helps WR earn big $$$.

    Nate Washington
    Hines Ward
    Randle El
    A. Brown
    Mike Wallace etc.

    Joe Flacco will doom your career if you stay there long enough. Six years in the league and none of his WR’s is making any big money. NONE!

  24. Noooooooooooooooo! This guy was one of my favorite non-Ravens because of his three pump celebration. I’m saddened that he chose the dark side.

  25. For those concerned about him going from dome to outdoors, he played his college ball in Ohio and did just fine in freezing weather.
    Speaking of which, this move reunites him with his college QB, Bruce Gradkowski. I hate this as a Browns fan, but as a fellow Toledo graduate I’m happy to see them both still in the league.

  26. The Steelers sign a 30 year old instead of the 32 year old Cotchery and the same numbskull Steelers haters spend all their time on Steelers stories bashing the black and gold.

    All of a sudden 30 years old is “old.” How many 30 year old players do your teams have?

    How many woman-in-the-elevator beaters does your team have? How many limousine murderers did your team have? How much is your QB being paid to be mediocre player with a strong arm?

    Go back to your Ratbird roster and study your personnel moves and losses.

  27. you’re having a great offseason, pittsburgh

    rest of AFCN

    I guess having the best record in the conference makes you jealous. We have a good offense but need to rework our defense….we have Ben and not JumpBallJoe so we are good to go. Try to say something intelligent like your name sake.

  28. Kudos Steelers you replaced:

    113 receptions, 1342 yards, 16 TDs with
    37 receptions, 457 yards, 2 TDs

    from a guy no one else was interested in who had Drew Brees throwing to him in a dome most of the time.

    This will work out well.

  29. To all u Steeler haters until your team has 6 rings stop being Incognito and grow up
    u all jealous 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  30. The Steelers will find that they got a bargain with Lance. He’s a veteran but he’s not “old” for what he does, he was never a speedster. He runs great routes and has great hands, just throw the ball near him, and he’ll more than likely catch it. The Steelers are to be congratulated, as well as Lance Moore.

  31. Another trade at the old folks home. Still the same amount of seats on the short bus.

    To know the occupancy of the bus you would have to be on it…..right?ssshhh trolls need to be under the bridge by 400 pm on Friday.

  32. Not sure how this post gets 200 messages. Too many jealous haters out there I guess. More interested in the Steelers than your own team no doubt.

    Moore is a function of the system that he played in which will keep him from being a true number 2. Not a bad number 3 though which is what Cotchery is at this stage of the game without a $3.5 MM cap hit this year.

    Its an OK value signing. Ben will make him produce just as he has the other guys that went on to bigger pay days.

    And the Steelers aren’t getting older morons. They’ve dropped almost 5 years off of their average.

    Stay on your own board.

  33. As a ravens fan I will admit that this is a good signing. If we hadn’t gotten Steve Smith Sr. I would have been all for signing Moore. Hoping you guys don’t sign MJD

  34. SmashMouthFootball says:
    Mar 21, 2014 6:02 PM
    Kudos Steelers you replaced:

    113 receptions, 1342 yards, 16 TDs with
    37 receptions, 457 yards, 2 TDs

    from a guy no one else was interested in who had Drew Brees throwing to him in a dome most of the time.

    This will work out well.
    Idiot. Another stat meathead that doesn’t understand stats.

    If you think comparing multiple players to one player is a function of value you need to stay in your parent’s basement and hookup the Madden 95.

    You think Cotchery is going to get 10 TDs this year?

    Not likely. It was the perfect storm for him (Miller out, Sanders non-existent).

    So a good deal would have been to give Cotchery $3.5 MM in 2014 for the best season he has ever had in his long career? YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  35. “Ben helps WR earn big $$$.”


    You say Joe hasn’t made any receivers money what about Boldin and Pitta?

    Ok with the signing it was probably cheap enough.

  36. Another fantastic move by the Steelers. They once again prove that they are the best team in the NFL. Moore will be a key contributor as the Steelers capture their 7th Super Bowl.

  37. Meh not a bad signing but shouldn’t the Steelers sign someone like Kenny Britt first? Oh well I guess it gives Big Ben a guy with decent hands when he gets out of the pocket.

  38. What a shame steve smith already got pulled over by the police and blamed race for it. O well theres another biggot cry baby raven he will do fine in Baltimore already started making excuses. Next ray rice will say she said she was a steeler fan and thats why he upper cutted her.

  39. One way to tell which posters are haters that don’t really follow football, much less Steelers football, is which ones post that the Steelers are old. They are not old. Go actually look at their roster before flapping your keyboard.

  40. petehimself2112, Boldin was a beast before joining the Ravens and Pitta is not a dominate TE, rookie season 1 catch for 1 yard in 11 games, 2011 16 games 40 catches for 405 yards, 2012 16 games 61 catches for 669 yards and last year I won’t count due to his freaky injury. 11 TDs in 4 seasons.

    Coachbeck, how is A. Brown not a #1? Over 100 receptions, at least 5 per game, and was second or third in the league in yards and 8 TDs while drawing most if the attention.

  41. I’m not a Steelers fan but LOL at the Ravens fans calling Lance Moore old he is only 30 years old. Steve Smith is going to be 35 years old in May.

  42. The knock on the Steelers in the past has been “defense is old and slow” The Steelers has did a very good job at getting younger by replacing Ryan Clark with a much younger player and Woodley and Foote. I take my hat off to a job well done. All we need now is a very strong draft that we need to hit bullseye on every pick. I am a little concerned with Defensive End though.

  43. I hope it’s not too late to say that Pittsburgh scooped a still great, hard-working, contributor. Old? Please! Just watch how marvelous this signing will turn out to be!

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