Steelers re-sign tight end Michael Palmer


The Steelers have retained some veteran depth at tight end.

Michael Palmer, who played 16 games for the Steelers as a reserve in 2013, has re-signed with Pittsburgh for one season, the club said Friday.

Palmer (6-5, 252) played three seasons with the Falcons (2010-2012) before joining the Steelers. He has hauled in 22 passes for 131 yards and three TDs in his NFL career.

The 26-year-old Palmer played 49 snaps for Pittsburgh in 2013, according to Pro Football Focus. He will compete for a backup role behind Heath Miller on offense, and he could also vie for some special teams coverage work.

24 responses to “Steelers re-sign tight end Michael Palmer

  1. It’s sad when you have to make announcements about re-signing a player who contributed 3 snaps per game.

  2. Look at the picture, the guy looks like a reject guard from the Arena League..

    The best thing Tomlin does is stay out of LeBeau’s office

  3. Palmer provides some depth, but not much else than that from what I’ve seen.

    With Heath Miller getting closer to the end of his career, now might be a good time for the Steelers to look for his replacement in the draft. Outside of Ebron, there don’t appear to be any true studs in this class, but somebody like CJ Fiedorowicz in the 3rd or 4th round might be a decent value.

  4. Why… makes no sense. Sign players that can play. Colbert must have been with Irsay Sunday night. Is anybody minding the Steeler offices? Enough is enough.

  5. This guy is nothing but depth, it’s not like he’s going to have a significant roll in the offense. The fact thats it is news, is because we are the Steelers. One of the proudest, most decorated franchises in sports.

  6. Why bother telling anyone this? Then I realize they’ll probably move him to receiver since he’s one of only a few guys left to catch a pass.

  7. Tomlin is the down fall of the Steelers. His decision making has some serious flaws. We thank him for making the rest of teams in the division more competitive.

  8. Colbert hits another home run! Haha!

    Colbert is the greatest thing to happen to the Ravens!

    It’s funny how raven trolls talk trash in the off season only to hide when they start losing in the regular season. Funny how you idolize a guy like Ozzie going 8-8 and third in the conference, but feel Colbert is a failure…you can heal stupid.

  9. melikefootbal

    Yep, the Browns have definitely gotten better. lol and the Ravens finishing third behind the Steelers fresh off their Superbowl win.

    The Bengals, split with the Steelers and got walloped at home. Id be real happy too.

  10. Ozzie Newsome is batting a goose egg the last two offseasons. 36 year old Steve Smith?

    The Steelers bench olineman are better than 4 of your starters.

    Whimper > RT, LG, C
    Mike Adams > RT (no one there, big hole in your lineup)
    Cody Wallace > RT, C, LG, LT

  11. Palmer will most likely not even be their 3rd TE…that will more than likely be David Paulson. Not a big signing, for sure…but you need depth, and he’s a veteran who’s a good blocker, and actually can catch a pass.
    Certain outlets possibly connect the Steelers with ND TE Troy Niklas…another of the Mathews clan.

  12. Whats the big deal, He’s just signed for depth purposes. Michael Palmer can still burn the starting defense of the Ratbirds and Bungles with their slow linebackers.

  13. I would say batting a goose egg is bringing in guys for visits but failing to sign anyone of significance while fighting through the off season 2nd worse in cap space.

  14. Heath Miller is the starting TE, and a pretty good one at that! Palmer is a backup TE and a Special Teams guy. Both things the Steelers need.

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