Unnamed coach who wanted a crack at Sanchez gets it

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In late January, an unnamed coach told Brian Costello of the New York Post that, if/when the Jets cut Mark Sanchez, Sanchez would be welcome in the unnamed coach’s locker room.

We’d take Sanchez,” the unnamed coach said. “He’d be the starter as soon as he walked in the door for us.”

Now that Sanchez has been cut by the Jets, the unnamed coach has a chance to make good on his promise.

Of course, since the coach’s identity isn’t known, it’s impossible to know whether the coach was being honest.  It’s also possible that the coach’s team has acquired a better quarterback in the gap between the day the statement was made and the moment Sanchez was released.

Given the timing, the quote didn’t come from the Browns’ head coach; they didn’t have a head coach when the report surfaced on January 22.  But now that former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has been hired in Cleveland, it’s obvious that Sanchez would instantly be installed as the No. 1 quarterback for the Browns, by default.

Sure, Sanchez could be supplanted once Brian Hoyer becomes healthy or if/when a rookie is selected with the fourth overall pick.  Regardless, the Browns could be the first team to phone Sanchez, now that he’s available.

It would be fitting, given that the Browns sent to the Jets the draft pick that became Sanchez.  Five years later, the Browns can get him for a lot less.

Other teams that could be (could be, not will be) interested in Sanchez as a potential starter include the Texans, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans, and Vikings.

As backup gigs go, the Eagles may not be ready to hand the reins to Matt Barkley.  Likewise, the Rams need someone to run the offseason program while Sam Bradford continues to recover from a torn ACL, and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer worked fairly well with Sanchez in New York, at times.

There simply aren’t enough good quarterbacks to fill up 32 depth charts.  Sanchez will land somewhere, and there’s a chance he can get back to the promise he showed in the first two years of his career, before one so-so season prompted the Jets to upset the proverbial apple cart by bringing Tim Tebow to town.

142 responses to “Unnamed coach who wanted a crack at Sanchez gets it

  1. Obviously, this unnamed coach is intent on using Sanchez in order to secure the #1 pick in next year’s draft.

  2. As backup gigs go, the Eagles may not be ready to hand the reins to Matt Barkley.

    Let’s talk backup QBs for the Eagles right before the draft, not after captain headband’s release.

  3. As a Pats fan I hope he can succeed elsewhere. I kinda liked him coming out of USC but when NY picked him I couldn’t anymore. I hope he gets a fair shot.

  4. Congratulations to Raider fans for signing Matt Schaub. Granted, there’s no way of knowing if he’ll turn his career around, but…his signing dramatically reduces the chances you’ll sign Buttfumble.

    For that alone, he’s already a “win.”

  5. Sanchez is free now to determine what he wants to accomplish with the rest of his career. If he doesn’t have what it takes, then it’s on him to get the right people in his camp now that can help him show the Jets that they made a horrible mistake. A team that can take advantage of this opportunity would score a lot of those points that go towards the calculation that determines how long you keep that job that some people tend to be very overprotective about.

  6. Sanchez needs to get into Mike McCarthy’s QB school over in Green Bay.

    The sooner the better.

  7. Cleveland, please leave this guy out of our city. Farmer, you can’t possibly think Sanchez is a legitimate starter.

  8. Well, if you were paying attention, you’d know that Matt Schaub is the Raiders new QB, so no Sanchez there.
    It would have to be a near-perfect situation for Sanchez to have a chance at success again.

  9. Hate the Jets, but I still say Sanchez had the worst QB situation in the NFL. The worst OC in the league for years under Brian Schottenheimer, no offensive line, no RB for years, no one to throw the ball to. Absolutely no chance to succeed.

    Nobody would have succeeded under those circumstances. Sanchez may end up being bad, but you can’t crush him for what he did with the Jets, he had no chance.

  10. Jason Smith, Tyson Jackson, Aaron Curry, MARK SANCHEZ Darrius Heward-Bey…the list goes on.

    Top of the 2009 Draft easily one of the worst in recent memory.

  11. Why does nobody suggest Arizona? Carson Palmer is about done and is quite the INT machine. It’s the perfect place for Sanchez to lie low and get his game back.

  12. It will be interesting to see if the Browns bite. Pettine’s experience as Jets D coordinator certainly gives him a first-hand look. And if Pettine is interested, Sanchez’s best chance to start is with the Browns. With Hoyer only having four career starts and the Browns probably bringing in a rookie, Sanchez would have a serious shot as a starter. I can’t see anywhere else being as good a shot for him. But, will the Browns bite or say no thanks?

  13. There’s a difference between late January and late March.

    I doubt that this coach, whoever he is, waited two months to find out if Sanchez was going to be available.

  14. Jerry Jones jumped the gun on signing Weedon. If he’d just waited a couple of days he could of gotten another useless back up in Sanchez.

  15. Well the Jets actually try to actually Domark a favor by testing the trade waters he had no takers or at least from the Jets perspective nothing that was going to be good enough for them to receive in return I don’t know who to believe on that one as to why Sanchez was not traded

  16. I would pay to see Mark walk in to Winter Park and email Prairie Minnesota and compete with Matt Cassel the former back up USC quarterback competing to start for the Vikings with Mark Sanchez ponder may be the odd man out here

  17. There is no way Mark ends up in Cleveland Mark and Brian Hoyer are basically the same version of one enough with the same exact skill sets at quarterback

  18. As bad as Sanchez is, he’s still would be the best qb in the Viking’s locker room.

    Trouble is Spielman is terrible at picking Qb’s his whole career so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if its the Vikings who sign him.

  19. No one wants him. No one ever wanted him. No one ever thought he improved from one year to the next. No one would have him as their starting QB in the NFL….except Rex.

  20. As a Browns fan I would take Sanchez. Hoyer is the number one if healthy, we draft a QB (I predict Carr) and have Sanchez as a BACKUP veteran. Hell we carried Hoyer, Weeden and Campbell last year. Sanchez is a decent backup that has been humbled and might show something because of it. Definitely an upgrade over Weeden.

  21. In his first two years people were disillusioned to believe that Sanchez was good when in reality the Jets defense was the reason they were winning. It’s no surprise that as the defense fell apart Sanchez looked worse and worse. Anyone who is still foolish enough to believe he’s good is the reason they shouldn’t have a job in the NFL.

  22. Wait…promise in first two seasons? He was, is, and has always been a pick-6 throwing disaster. From day one he was bad, not just ‘rookie QB bad’ but looking completely over his head in the league type bad.

  23. The two most likely landing spots as far as I’m concerned are the Raiders & the Rams. I would say the Raiders are the favorites. Sanchez is a California kid & played his ball at USC. While Oakland isn’t exactly LA, it has a large Mexican-American population & the Raiders have a significant following amongst Mexican-Americans. As a Mexican-American himself, Sanchez could immediately become a fan favorite & that would do wonders for his confidence. Sanchez is not a mentally strong person & I believe that had a lot to do with his struggles with the Jets the past couple years. More so than just about any player I know of, Sanchez cared very much what the public thought about him & he openly spoke about negative stories & comments made about him in the NY print media & NY Sports Talk Radio scene. The fans in Oakland would probably welcome him with open arms for what he is, not necessarily based upon his résumé as a QB. This would allow him to be the QB he is & not try to be something he is not & never will be, an elite QB. Additionally, Oakland would give Sanchez the best opportunity to play. St. Louis has Bradford & even though Bradford isn’t great, he is much better than Sanchez. The only way he would play with the Rams would be if Bradford isn’t ready to go to start the season as he’s recovering from ACL surgery. In Oakland, the incumbent starter is Tyrelle Pryor. Sorry Raiders fans, Pryor sucks. ESPN loves him, and we all know why, but Pryor cannot move the ball down the field with his arm. He can break a run for 60 yards on any given play, but he’s no a RB. Pryor is a situational player that the Raiders can use to run the spread option every once in a while. The real competition is going to be with Matt Schaub. I really don’t know which QB is better. Neither guy is great & neither guy is more than a game manager, but it is hard to tell who is better. Sanchez reached back to back AFC Championship Games, but the Jets got there on the backs of their defense & in spite of Sanchez. Sanchez had a couple good moments in the second run – especially the game-winning TD pass to Holmes in NE – but he wasn’t great. Schaub had some success in the regular season, winning a couple division titles, but when the games counted in the playoffs, Schaub took steps back & was a liability (when he was healthy). If you look at their head to head stats, Schaub has the edge, but Schaub was clearly playing with better players than was Sanchez. Santonio Holmes is an okay WR, but Andre Johnson was a top 5 NFL WR when playing with Schaub. Schaub also had a solid TE in Owen Daniels while Sanchez had Jeff Friggen Cumberland. Finally, Schaub was able to hand the ball off to Arian Foster & Ben Tate. Sanchez’ best year came when the Jets had one of the best running attacks in the game with Thomas Jones & Shonn Greene. Since then he has had Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, a washed-up Ladanian Tomlinson, and Bilal Powell; not a single one of them matches up to Ben Tate, let alone Arian Foster. The bottom line is that although Schaub had better statistics, he definitely had much better offensive talent around him than did Sanchez, allowing him to put up the numbers he did.

    If the Raiders sign Sanchez, it is going to be a very interesting battle for the starting job during training camp. I have never been a Jets fan & I am guilty of being a relentless Sanchez basher. I did that because as a Giants fan, I know that Jets fans suffer from neglected younger sibling syndrome, especially when it comes to their QBs; I was pushing buttons. However, I am pretty sure that Sanchez can do better than what he has done the past couple seasons he played in NY (2011 & 2012). I honestly believe that he was pressing because he was trying to be something that he isn’t & never will be. He allowed the fans & media rent space in his head & he tried to become an elite QB. Sanchez is a game manager who can make some plays with a solid running game to play action off of & with a talented WR or two. If the Raiders are content with going into the season with either Schaub or Sanchez as their starter, they can spend their first round pick on Sammy Watkins, giving one of them a true threat at WR. All of this hypothetical because Sanchez hasn’t signed yet. However, if he does, I think he is their guy & he very well could rekindle his career in the Black Hole.

  24. My guess is it’s somebody that’s coached him in the past. Anybody on a QB needy team have a past connection to the Jets or USC?

  25. The Eagles are in big big trouble if they have to rely on Matt Barkley as their backup QB. I’m sure that somewhere, A.J. Feeley is still available for a 3rd go around with the Eagles. Laugh if you will, but he’d still be a better option than Barkley.

  26. He may be the starter when he walks in the door,. Of course he would just walk in the door and directly into one of the linemen and lose the position.

  27. Why is everyone saying Jim Harbaugh? According to the unnamed coach’s quote: “He’d be the starter as soon as he walked in the door for us.” Doesn’t that imply it came from a team that sucks without a QB? I’m no fan of Kaepernick, but i’m quite sure most people would consider him better than Sanchez is.

    – The Wise Owl of Truth

  28. My guess is Greg Shiano said this. What other coach would be idiotic and desperate enough to put Sanchez as the starter of his team the second he walks through the door.

    Answer: A coach who deserves to be fired.

    In this case he already is.

  29. I’ve always thought the Jets could not have mismanaged this guy any worse. There are plays he executes well, and plays he does not…

    That given, I remember an interview with Bill Walsh one time talking about Joe Montana. Walsh said after two years, they looked at all of Montana’s plays. The plays he did not do good with, or threw pics, they simply eliminated those plays from the playbook. The plays Montana did well, they kept those in. It’s not brain surgery.

    Obviously, the Jets are not led by Bill Walsh type coaching quality….

  30. Promise..? For the first two years he played he had more picks then touchdowns. A blind man could have gotten to the playoffs with the defense the Jets had those two years… come to think of it… a blind man did.

  31. Belichick will have him in for a visit b/c he loves to mess with the Jets. He either ends up in STL w/ Shotty or Seattle with Pete. Overdue move by the Jets, he sucks.

  32. I thought the Browns had been waiting patiently for Sanchez’ release all along. Every team should sign as many quarterbacks as they possibly can. Sooner or later, one will work out.

  33. Let’s narrow down who said that:

    Definitely not:
    Bill Belichick
    Pete Carroll
    Tom Coughlin
    John Fox
    Jason Garrett
    Chip Kelly
    Mike Mccarthy
    Mike Tomlin
    Chuck Pagano
    Sean Payton
    Rex Ryan
    Mike Smith

    Probably not:
    Bruce Arians
    Jim Caldwell
    Jeff Fisher
    Jay Gruden
    John & Jim Harbaugh
    Marvin Lewis
    Doug Marrone
    Mike McCoy
    Joe Philbin
    Marc Trestman
    Andy Reid
    Ron Rivera

    Dennis Allen
    Gus Bradley
    Bill O’Brien
    Lovie Smith
    Ken Whisenhunt
    Mike Zimmer

  34. How could the raiders be interested in Sanchez as the starter just after trading for Schaub?

    Well of course they COULD be interested just as ANY team could be interested in him or in Tebow, or Campbell or the Hefty Lefty…for a lot of teams it just doesn’t make any sense.

  35. Any team that hands the reins to Sanchez is in for one nasty ride. Yeah, maybe with Mr Pick 6 fumble buttfumble they could manage another 4-12 year. Well worth putting up with the primma donna entitled worst qb of last 5 years freak.

    You see, there may be a shortage of good qb’s in the nfl… There always is. The problem is, Mark Sanchez is NOT an NFL QB.

  36. Hey, unnamed coach, be careful what you wish for, Sanchez will end up getting you fired, if you’re dumb enough to sign him.

  37. It’s funny when a QB fails on a crappy team and then goes to a new team only to do better with a good coach and some weapons.
    Remember all the Palmer jokes after Reggie got rid of him … who got the last laugh.
    Raiders 4-12 or Cardinals 10-6.
    How much money and picks did Reggie use up already on trying to acquire a QB. Let’s see 2 for Flynn … one for Wilson now one for Schaub.

  38. the fact that bradford suffered an acl injury that was not his dominatnt throwing ofot helps him…but to not take on sanchez insane unless the price is over 6 mill per year.

  39. The Jaguars?!? Not a chance. Do you people pay any attention at all at what’s going on with this team? They aren’t making the foolish decisions made in the past 10+ years. While their record was on par with the worst in the league last year, they weren’t the worst team when all was said and done. They bought in to the new and much improved environment set by our great new owner, GM and arguably the best motivator in the game in head coach Gus Bradley. They were easily the least talented team in the league in ’13 and were considered possibly the worst team in the history of the NFL at one point and then it clicked and they won 4 of their final 8 games. Being the least talented, obviously they were getting those wins against more talented teams. They bought in. Gus Bradley’s charisma has been called by many if not all the players as infectious. He’s that guy you just have to like…never seen anything like that guy. The team bought in and didn’t need the star power to do it. They did it as a TEAM. Impressive stuff considering. It’s the start of something special here. Chad Henne was just resigned to be the starter and be a bridge to a young DRAFTED QB. Laugh all you want about Henne, hell I wasn’t a believer and he did throw a couple games away late…but he kept us in those games. The guy has heart, is always looking to improve and has accepted his role with grace even when losing the starting job to Gabbert in the preseason. GABBERT! (Who I hope the best for in SF, the guy has all the tools, just thrown into the wrong situation and too soon at that) I, as well as the team apparently, feel good about him starting next season. You can’t ask for a better QB on your roster (not necessarily in skill, but as one that will accept his role, even if it’s holding a clipboard) He’s a VERY serviceable QB…I’ve seen much worse (ie: Sanchez) drafted high that don’t have half the tools, heart, smarts Henne has. The talent on the roster on both sides of the ball will be much improved than last year. A lot of defense picked up in FA as well as a couple offensive pieces. This draft is almost certainly going to focus on offense, including at least one QB to groom, which again, Henne will be completely level headed about. I’ve never cared for Henne as our backup much less as a starter until he got his chance to and made the most of it. He’s the ideal player to have in the locker room, and if he could pull out 4 wins on last years roster, and with another season in the system under his belt…watch for this guy to surprise, even impress those around league with an improved o-line, the likely return of Blackmon our freakishly talented but troubled WR, a fresh set of legs and mauler in the backfield in Gerhart as well as our lesser known but still talented backup RB’s and WR’s (Shorts and Ace Sanders) and whatever other offensive weapons drafted (Don’t be surprised to see Watkins at #3 unless Clowney is still there). Blackmon, Watkins (maybe), Shorts and Sanders…and don’t forget the beast Marcedes Lewis?!?! Is there a better receiving corps in the league?!? I can’t think of one, correct me if I’m wrong or overlooking anyone. Henne will be practically guaranteed to have a breakout season barring injury(s)….or more suspensions (speaking to you Blackmon…get it together. Too much talent for your mind to be more on the partying than being the stud on the field you’ve shown you can be). Again, people will balk at the idea, but Henne is the man this season until whatever drafted QB is ready to be passed the torch…and there’s nobody better for the job available, or that I’d even want to be honest. Never ever thought I’d be saying that about the guy, but he’s earned the respect. So why in the world would this team even consider “Dirty Sanchez” aka “Mr Butt Fumble”?? We just shipped off one underperforming QB…I’m sure they’re not looking at replacing him with another, esp when that roster spot appears to be reserved for a drafted QB to groom and grow into the position the right way…like Gabbert should have been. Henne is our guy…the organization has made that clear. Laugh all you want, but if you followed the Jags at all…you’d have seen why that was absolutely the best decision. I went from Henne hater to Henne supporter just watching the guy and how he handled all the adversity last season….gotta believe that’s what sold the staff on him too. No offense to other fans of their respective teams, but a Sanchez signing is going to be by either one of those teams still in dysfunction like Cleveland or Oakland (though they just made their foolish QB move with Schaub) OR to a team he has connections. Who’s Seattle got for a backup? Pete Carrol may want a reunion. I’m sure there’s other teams that had some sort of coaching connection with him…or more dysfunctional franchises I may have overlooked, just not the Jags. Not THESE Jags. They may have more work to do…can’t fix it all in one or two off-seasons, but they are well on their way and it’s all thanks to GM Caldwell’s plan and execution of that plan. I guarantee, Sanchez does not fit into Caldwell’s vision whatsoever.

  40. Oh please, Brownies, do NOT sign this clown. I’d rather have Tebow, I really would. The Butt fumble is forever etched in my mind.

  41. Is his psyche so fragile that by bringing Tebow to town it upset it? If so, he’ll languish on the sidelines for another few years before being let go.

  42. Hopefully Jags make a run…Sanchez was a good QB before the Jets became an insane asylum. He has proven he can take a team to and deep into the playoffs.

  43. I would rather see Rex Grossman in Cleveland to back up Hoyer…I don’t think they’re interested in any of the “top” qb’s at 4…at least I hope not.

  44. I’d like to see what Sanchez can do behind a decent offensive line and actual NFL caliber receivers. The supporting cast in NY was absolutely abysmal although they made good strides by acquiring decker this year. Decker is far and away the best receiver to be on the jets in the last 5 years.

  45. Ummm, the Browns draft fourth, not fifth.

    And let’s face it, the Browns have WAY better receivers/tight ends than the Jets had last year when Sanchez, and eventually, Geno Smith imploded and took their season down with them.

    I actually think Hoyer is better than Sanchez, but we need a veteran QB to challenge Hoyer and mentor whomever gets drafted. I like the idea.

  46. What promise? Based on his play or the team’s play? In his first year he threw for less than 200 yards in 11 of the 15 games he played in and was reined in during the first two games as they snuck by Cincy and SD. In his next season, they opened up the reins but he still put up only a 75 rating because the guy can’t complete enough passes.

    His so-called so-so season was actually his best statistically.

    This guy has always been so-so. Two playoff runs was indicative of the team’s success. Not his.

    Before Sanchez got there, the offence was ranked 9th with Favre at the helm and the defence was 18th. The next season? How about the 17th ranked offence and best defence in the league. The next season was the offences’ best under Sanchez – 13th in the league. The defence was 6th. The next season saw another 13th ranked offence but the defence fell to 20th. This is the so-called “so-so season” for Sanchez. His final season at the helm was the true disaster as the offence was 28th and the defence was 20th.

    Defence was the difference in Sanchez’s first two seasons. When people start to understand that they will get that he never showed promise. His inconsistent play was covered up by great team play.

  47. He will not be coming to the Vikings. He isn’t better than Cassel or Ponder and they’re both under contract. Besides, the last QB opening will be filled in the draft.

  48. All Qb’s can have success in the right situation, Under the right tutelage its not an overnight project. Sanchez is a broken, humbled shell of himself he’s been trampled on overlooked, Bypassed. He could find success under the right set of surcumstances!!!

  49. If Shaun Hill leaves Detroit maybe Sanchez can be a backup. I just hope Stafford don’t get hurt because I don’t want him on the field. However he could show Kellen Moore what not to do, til he gets good enough to backup

  50. Do like real fans and tailgate to your rivals stadium. oh wait you will fly a plane over our stadium with a banner and put cops in seattle jerseys, while we invade the 12th man. #realfootballfans #12thmanissoft

    PS you also let your nba team get took by OKC. You should file a complaint crybabies

  51. Sanchez would be perfect to go to a team with a longer tenured QB already in place as a starter. That way he can continue to learn and to get the Rex Ryan out of him.

  52. Life is unfair. This guy was a huge bust, had the #1 play on the Not Top 10 list for months, led the league in turnovers in 2012, and he made more money than any of us will ever make in a lifetime and he’s gone out with Kate Upton and Eva Longoria.

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