Vick sends mixed message in his first comments with the Jets


Mike Vick already has addressed his decision to join the Jets.  Not via a press conference, but in an interview with the team’s official website.  (At least they didn’t call it an “exclusive,” like way too many team websites do when interviewing employees of the team.)

Right out of the gates, it’s unclear whether Vick is there to support starting quarterback Geno Smith or to try to send Geno to the bench.

“I have an opportunity to come in and compete,” Vick said.  “Push Geno, help him.  Be there for him.  And just try to help this team win some games in whatever way I can, and that’s going to be my contribution.”

It’s a delicate balance for Vick.  He’ll never come out and say that he wants to be the quarterback who is taking the snaps while Geno is holding a clipboard, but that desire will never be too far beneath the surface.

“My role is going to be to get in and win football games whenever it’s required,” Vick said.  “You know, whenever my number is called.  Whenever I’m asked to go out there and play quarterback for this football team, my role is to get out there and win.  As far as from a day-to-day standpoint, to be the best leader I can be, to help all the quarterbacks become the best they can be.”

But, yeah, Vick wants to be the quarterback who’s actually playing.  Which surely will cause some friction with the guy who currently holds that job.  Which will make it hard for Vick to really help Geno.

“Well I think just us working every day,” Vick said when asked how specifically he’ll help Smith.  “We’ll build our relationship, we’ll help one another.  We’ll build our football skills.  He’ll learn from me just like I’ll learn from him.  So, you know, I can’t really say now what I can help him do.  We have to be on the field.  I’ll feed off him, he’ll feed off me.”

Asked what the Jets are getting in Vick, he didn’t hesitate.

“They’re getting a great football player and a great person,” Vick said.  “I think at the end of the day, regardless of what happened in the past, I’m here to do one thing.  And that’s play football.  And I think that will be embraced, it’s already been embraced in the building.”

It may not be embraced by Geno Smith, who so far has had nothing to say about the courtship of Vick, and the eventual consummation.

Even if this weren’t playing out in New York, the looming Vick-Smith competition will loom over the team indefinitely.  And even if the Jets declare that Smith is still the starter (something they were reluctant to do even before pursuing Vick), all eyes will be on Smith for any sign of slippage that would open the door for Vick to take over the job.

It’s almost better to just make Vick the starter from the get go.  He’s clearly the better quarterback, and he’s destined to send Smith — who was shaky without someone breathing down his neck — to the sidelines.  It’s better to just make the move and focus on getting Smith ready to play in the inevitable event that Vick suffers an injury that knocks him out of action for a week or two.

77 responses to “Vick sends mixed message in his first comments with the Jets

  1. Idzick is the man…….he turned Revis into Richardson, drafted Geno, signed vick, signed decker, signed rex……all without mortgaging the future of the team! well played sir

  2. “They’re getting a great football player and a great person,” Vick said.

    What a POS, they’re getting a true psychopath, someone that couldn’t care about anyone or anything else, even if they wanted to.

  3. This is no different from 31 other situations around the league. Backup wants to start but realizes it’s in his best interest to support starter in every way if he doesn’t. Players who don’t have that mindset work themselves out of the league fairly quickly.

  4. How is Vick “clearly” the better quarterback? He turns the ball over constantly, can’t read defenses, can’t read blitzes, is inaccurate, and makes one read before deciding to run.

    I’d say Rex is desperate but Idzik is the one making the signings here. Is he already giving up on his second round quarterback?

  5. Whenever my number is called, whenever it’s required… what’s mixed about that? That is the law for backups in every sport since forever!

  6. Jets sign best free agent wide receiver and qb at bargain prices and many will bash them for it. Bunch of intelligent football fans in here.

  7. Good luck Vick. I know there are still haters out there but you’ve been in Philly. Wish u the best. The jets just got better bc geno is definitely not ready, if he’ll ever be ready!

  8. I’ve read this twice and I still don’t see any mixed signals and I certainly can’t find a single flaw in anything he said. I don’t think he’ll be a big success, but he said all of the right things in my opinion.

  9. Grasping at straws here. And I hate the Jets so I’d be enjoying this if you weren’t.

  10. mark sanchez has a higher winning percentage in the playoffs than peyton manning…jets made a mistake letting him go they now have two of the top 3 turnover prone players in the nfl the other is eli manning incase u were wondering….lol

  11. $5MM is not “you’re the clear backup” money. It’s fringe starter/competing for the job money. 2nd string QBs get cut “for salary reasons” for being scheduled to earn $3-4MM, even veterans with starting experience and good reviews for their mentoring of injury prone young 1st rounders. Like Cassell, and even some guys making a little less, this money means either “temporary starter” or likely starter. There are clear backups on the street who could be had for minimum or vets that would jump at $2MM to hold the clipboard.

  12. Reading between the lines this article makes it seem like Smith hates Vick just because Vick has previously said he wants to start. The author writes of “friction” between the two as if he already knows this to be the case. He paints Smith as being entitled to the starting job and upset about having to compete.

  13. Fireman Ed would be rolling over in his grave if he was dead. At least we don’t have to see that loud mouth NY clown on TV anymore since he gave up on the Jets.

  14. Amazing how everyone these days just expects a rookie to come in and put up 10 wins and minimal turnovers. Benching Smith for Vick would be the biggest mistake for his development and from what I’ve seen of the guys coming out this yr, Geno is still better than any of those bums. Get a clue Florio. There’s a reason you are a writer and not a coach. Guess Idzik is just supposed to basically admit he made a mistake by drafting Geno and they give him 1 yr to prove himself in an offense that was totally new to him??? What the hell has happened to Americans and their expectations??? I get it, let’s set the rebuild of this franchise back a couple more years!!!! I am so tired of the moronic thinking of the vast majority of so called experts and fans. Good bye Rex, you were loved by many and one of the best to ever coach here. John Idzik, you failed in the worst way and let this be your signature for your own demise. This franchise needs a new owner with a complete overhaul of the front office. This is the first time I have ever uttered those words in over 20 plus years!!!

  15. Vick playing in a trashy place like philly is understandable. their fans are true trash.

    the jets are barely any better at this point. they’ve always been considered low class compared to the giants and this pretty much confirms it.

  16. Reach much? I think he pretty much said what any backup says. He’s there to compete in the QB room, and then he mentions supporting Smith and the team in any way to win, lol. Yea, that sounds like he’s coming in to sabotage him. You can say whatever you want about Vick for many other things, but he’s never been described as a locker room cancer when he’s backing a guy up. After he got hurt last year, you didn’t hear a peep out of him. Same thing in 2010 and 2011 until he was finally named the starter despite grossly outplaying Kolb for a while.

  17. Who will he throw to? Some of the time he could throw to Geno, and Geno could throw some to him in the new Dual-QB Option scheme. You guys meant it like for real when you said you were going to support each other fully and truly right? Cool, this is going to be a fun blast!

  18. Disappointing move. Sanchez at a reduced cost was a better option. Vick will play well for 4 weeks. The he will hit his throwing hand on a dlinemans helmet and proceed to stink. This will crescendo into week 13 when he gets hurt, and misses the rest of the year.

  19. Let the fun begin. Geno and Vick equals interceptions for everyone. Get your popcorn ready.

  20. Who.the jets fan up there that.said Decker is a top WR, cause nobody but the jets threw top dollars at him, hes overated

  21. I don’t care were Vick goes. I won’t be happy until he’s out of the NFL for good. That’s what I want to see.

  22. There is no mixed messages we know he WILL be the starter because he is MILES better( and btw where is Geno smith PRO BOWLS .. i thought so)..Vick is just being diplomatic. Do you want him to STORM in and start with everything ending with ME.Man i tell you some athletes just can’t win regardless on how they go about things ..*sigh*

  23. Well some of you Jets fans that are bailing out are just now realizing what I realized 32 years ago when they fired Walt Michaels after the AFC Championship game, on the plane ride home! Life is too short to put up with all the BS that orbits around this franchise. It took me 7 years after I moved away to break the bonds formed in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but it all became too much. I made a change and adopted my new home town team, and while it was not all sunshine and puppy dog kisses it eventually worked out pretty damn well.

    I just had a weird thought….

    Can you imagine if Tom Brady was drafted by the Jets? He could have been….. Just thinking about that has to be ultra painful for Jets fans. It even strikes an old chord in me, buried deep deep deep down inside somewhere….. Oh the pain, the pain…

  24. It’s fourth and 7 in game 16…….. make the first down, kill the clock, and you’re in the playoffs…… miss and go home. Who do you want behind center? Vick or Smith? I’d take Vick.

  25. Forgive me, but I fail to see the mixed signals in his comments? Sounds like he’s committed to helping Geno and playing when his number is called. Pretty clear cut to me.

  26. Y’know, someone has to say this loud-and-clear at some point, so it might as well be me.

    To everyone who says “he’s a cancer in the locker room,” it means you’ve never had cancer. You don’t have the foggiest clue what cancer means. And I hope you never find out, because if you do, you’ll realize that your statement is one of the dumbest, most hurtful, and most pathetic cliches in all of sports.

  27. I will say Vick is good at one thing–canned, insincere responses. Maybe he envisions himself a politician after football? His cowardice and self serving ways would seem he is pre-destined for DC city council.

  28. Pretty bad when you add Vick and that’s considered a significant upgrade. Still the 3rd best qb in the east, but Smith was the 6th best in the east so it is an upgrade.

  29. Vick. Geno. Tebow. Simms. McElroy. O’Connell. Sanchez. Brad Smith (wildcat). It is amazing Rex has won as many games as he has given the instability at QB and the lack of a passing offense.

  30. Jets just got better. With that young D you’re looking at 11 wins this year. Get used to it trolls. Pats know they were lucky to get one. (40-40 total score)
    NE looking at a tough year with no run stoppers.

  31. If it’s a competition and why shouldn’t it be. Vick will win hands down, he already knows this offense better than Smith. He’s a much better athlete with a better arm and with a ton more experience. If your best player at any position isn’t the starter the person making that decision, needs to be addressed.

  32. HAHAHA…this team is unreal..why in the world would you introduce a QB controversy in MARCH….hahaha…thank you Rex…don’t ever stop being you..

  33. Vick doesn’t need to come out and say I’m after Geno’s job. The fact that he chose to go to The Jets as a free agent tells you he thinks he can beat out Geno! It would be different if they drafted someone else, that tells you the front office doesn’t believe in you!

  34. Nothing wrong with bringing in a vet qb. Just let Vick start from the get go and let Geno hang back for a while, this will not hamper his “development.”

    Once Vick goes down, and he will, or throw a bunch of picks put Geno in and pray to god he has learned a thing or two so that he can truly take over as your franchise qb.

  35. You have to be one hell of a guy to make nfl fans switch allegience to another team or stop pulling for their team all together. Vick is a p.o.s. , sorry jet fans I feel for you. I’m just stoked the Bucs had enough morals not to sign this excuse for a human being. I would have hated to support another franchise.

  36. Stop with that whole “Vick is inaccurate” and “can’t read defenses” and other malarkey. Last year, he was one of the most accurate passers in the NFL before he got hurt. He simply didn’t make an interception for a games and games (I think he was the last starter to throw an interception last year.)

    So just stop that old line about Vick and his performance. Performance isn’t the issue with Vick. It’s his health- can he stay on the field for 16 games?

    But to say that he has some sort of performance issue clearly shows that you didn’t actually watch the games; but when you see the name ‘Vick’, you just write down those same rehearsed lines. And that’s because you think others didn’t actually see him too.

  37. Who could have thought this was a good idea? Geno will be constantly looking over his shoulder, which will destroy his confidence. And Vick will constantly be pushing to be the #1 guy. And the NY tabloids will have a field day with this ongoing QB competition. The only winners in all of this are the NY Post and the NY Daily News. Losers: Jets fans. As a Pats fan, I’m loving every minute.

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