Geno Smith: Awesome, Michael Vick’s my guy


If Geno Smith is concerned that he’ll be pushed out as the Jets’ starting quarterback by new arrival Michael Vick, he’s doing a good job of hiding it.

Smith told the Associated Press that he’s thrilled to have Vick as a teammate.

“Awesome, man. Vick’s my guy,” Smith said. “We needed to find a guy that was legitimately a guy that could come in and play. I think that’s what we did. Mission accomplished.”

Smith says he realizes that Vick wants to play and won’t be content as a backup.

“That’s every quarterback,” Smith said. “I understand where Mike’s coming from. No one wants to sit the bench. I don’t know a player that does.”

For the next five months, Smith and Vick will compete, a competition Smith says he’s ready for.

“It’s just good to have a guy to compete with like Mike,” Smith said. “We’re going to compete. We’re not going to say, ‘Hey, you’re the starter.’ And we’ll leave it at that. We want to get better. I love it. It’s really making everyone work harder and keep you right on your toes because you don’t have a moment to be satisfied or just say ‘I’ve arrived.’ You’ve got to continue to work at it.”

Smith will have to work hard to keep Vick from taking his job.

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  1. Wow. Very Mature and well spoken statement by Geno.

    I am very intrigued by this guys development this year, he put up video game numbers in college and I hope he can tap into that potential, especially if we acquire D-jax.

    Hey Nawrocki can I see your scouting report again?

  2. If i was Geno i wouldnt sweat it. Vick will be hurt within the 1st couple games.

    As a Jets fan though, if somehow/someway Vick stays healthy and lays it all out for one last year, GOOD! Let Geno work and season himself a bit more. BC he didnt look that good last year

  3. Frankly the best thing for Smith’s long term viability would be to back up Vick for one or two years. He could use the training and education and he might still get in a lot of work as Vick’s style suggests he may not ever play in 16 + games.

    Either way I am pulling for Vick.

  4. when did geno say all these positive things?

    was it after rex called & told geno how much better his toes looked on the phone as smith was leaving town?

  5. Someone coached him on the “right” answer to be sure

    Still, it’s better that he’s got the “right” answer this time and isn’t trying to blame his agent!

    He’s right though – for the Jets, any QB on the roster better have the drive to be a starter, because they need one, whoever it is

  6. This guy has consistently said the right thing since I’ve started to watch him play in college, anyone expecting him to say something outlandish over this Vick situation shouldn’t hold their breathe. Dude sounds ready to (re-earn) his starting job all over again.

  7. Great professional way to look at this situation,
    Geno may fulfill the anticipations that fans had when he was drafted

  8. Never understood the hype for Vick, i mean really look back. He was never really good. average at best as a QB, had ONE GREAT game a few years ago but thats it.

  9. What’s with this “coached” to say the right answer crap? That’s some borderline racist crap right there. Hard to believe an African American QB actually has his head straight & is mature?

  10. This would be more interesting if the team was relevant to any sort of playoff race….

  11. Geno threw some of the worst passes I’ve seen in 40 years of watching football. I remember one play where a receiver had torched the coverage, Geno saw him…and threw the ball 10 yards out of bounds.

    Michael Vick is the shadow of the QB he was early in his career, as flawed as that QB was to begin with…but he’s still head-and-shoulders better than Geno Smith.

    At least Geno appears to understand his future is as a backup…if he works hard and continues to improve. Right now…he’s not even that…

  12. Geno Smith will hold the clipboard this year. Be used as draft picks next year and will be a Sportscaster for a Fort Lauderdale news station in 2016.

  13. geno knows he’s going to play one way or another this year… might even be better for him to come in after vick gets hurt/not performing .. especially if he can keep a positive attitude the whole time

  14. Shocking, a 2 year QB welcomes the competition and the mentoring he will get from a well seasoned veteran.

    But, he’s supposed to say and do something stupid. Hard to understand why Geno doesn’t follow the well written stereotype that makes so many feel comfortable.

    Was what he said some kind of cryptic gang threat? C’mon, there’s gotta be something we can use. A mature statement is unacceptable.

  15. If Vick takes Geno’s job it will set the franchise back 10 more years. Letting Vick try to pad his horrible stats is not worth taking Geno’s sophmore year away, especially considering they are not contending for anything other than last place. Lets all watch Vick destroy yet another team with his arrogance. Jets Jets Jets

  16. If you believe Geno’s remarks are true, then I want to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

  17. hartdaddy says: What’s with this “coached” to say the right answer crap? That’s some borderline racist crap right there. Hard to believe an African American QB actually has his head straight & is mature?


    Yeah – I mean it’s not like we’re talking about the same guy stupid enough to blame (and change) his agent after dropping to the 2nd round

    Oh, no wait, we are!

    Can the racist accusations – he was coached. At least he was smart enough to say what they told him.

  18. Sanchez will have the best year. He’ll wind up back with Pete Carroll as a backup with the Seahawks but will be ready if injury promotes him.

  19. I think this is good for Smith. He can learn a lot from Vick, plus he has all the mechanics just needs the wisdom. Vick can elevate his play. I’m sure smith wears 7 cuz of Vick.. Not a jets fan but I like this pick up

  20. Lets all watch Vick destroy yet another team with his arrogance.

    Wait, what? The last thing Michael Vick has been during his time in Philly is arrogant. You can’t just make stuff up because you don’t like the man, you know.

  21. “We needed to find a guy that was legitimately a guy that could come in and play. I think that’s what we did. Mission accomplished.”

    And Geno throws Mark Sanchez under the bus…

  22. Only a jets fan would fail to see the sarcasm in that statement. He acted like a baby when he didn’t get picked in the first rd, he’ll act like a baby when he is no longer first on the depth chart.

  23. “It’s really making everyone work harder and keep you right on your toes”

    He signed 2 days ago, how is that possibly making anyone work harder already? It’s the offseason. What a stupid quote.

  24. It’s really making everyone work harder

    Really, why? Don’t you do that to the max anyway?

  25. Geno steps it up this year. There’s no question he has the ability. Now, he understand defenses and has a chance to know his offense before the season starts. The Jets will really expand the playbook this year.

  26. wow, thats all you football fans have to say. I gave up the NFL fifteen years ago. smartest personal decision I ever made. atleast the idiot mudhead made a wv joke. loved it. How about giving the jets credit for pairing there quarterbacks better. Sanchez-geno was a contrast. Not that Vick -Geno is a perfect fit. But there’s less adjustment between qbs. Should be easier for the coaches and the line.

  27. greensbirds says: Mar 22, 2014 8:25 PM

    Take djax too we’ll take ur 2nd

    Try conditional 3rd next year….

  28. Get out of here with the lame Geno is immature because he fired his agent. Agents get fired all the time! Most are scum anyways and deserve to be fired. Secondly his agent did jack squat when his name was being dragged through the mud by that loser Nawrocki which probably had something to do with his dropping down in the draft. If his agent is supposed to rep Geno and the agent was Mia when Smith needed him he should have been fired. But most of these morons on here thinks it is a sign of a lack of maturity if you fire an agent that you no longer trust! the fact is that His agent sucked and he did the right thing by showing him the door!

  29. It was pretty well documented how well Mike Vick and Nick Foles were able to work together. That alone could put a guy like Geno at ease. Vick obviously isn’t a franchise QB to build around but he still has 2 or 3 good years left.

  30. With Vick you can’t teach and old dog new tricks so you go to .500 at best with him and with Geno you have hope but nothing more than .500 again. Rex will get the D going cause thats him but without a qb they won’t score enough to finish any better than 8-8 if they are lucky.

  31. Geno, glad to hear he’s your guy, because you’ll be playing behind him, get used to it.

  32. Geno has a lot of ability. Throws a beautiful ball. Lacks poise in the pocket under pressure but when comfortable he can really throw the ball. Geno can learn a great deal from Vick about football and life. Vick is very resilient. It can be a win win for both of them.

  33. Kind of sounds like Sanchez last year. Don’t know why anyone is so excited about either of those QB’s, one is just as bad as the other. Both throw a ton of interceptions. I do think its funny tho that a 2d year rookie is calling a veteran QB “his guy”. Bye Bye Geno.!!

  34. One thing Vick can’t and the coaches can’t do is teach Geno’s mind to ready moving defenses. He is still confused by it aka Travaris Jackson. Jackson could throw a decent ball, run if needed, he had all the tools to be great except one. Defenses moving around drove him crazy and he coughed up the ball early and often.
    He ran when there was nothing because he did not know who he could throw the ball to. I see a lot of that in Geno baby.

  35. It’s interesting to watch teams try to justify a reach in a QB they’ve drafted. It happens every year.
    Of the dozens of college QBs who enter the draft every year, there are maybe 4 that will go on and have a career in the NFL as a starter or back-up. The difference in speed from college to the NFL is so pronounced at the position. Not many are able to take the next step.
    It seems apparent that Smith is one of the players who was awesome in college, but can’t assimilate the speed of play in the NFL. The game is just too fast for him. There was never a time last year when he looked like a guy who was clearly starting material.
    He’ll get a few years by virtue of his draft position, but will fade away when his rookie deal is over.

  36. “Awesome, man. Vick’s my guy,” Smith said. “We needed to find a guy that was legitimately a guy that could come in and play. I think that’s what we did. Mission accomplished.” So what he is saying is that himself & Sanchez legitimately can’t play and Vick can?

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