Marshall Newhouse willing to play multiple positions for Bengals

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The Bengals added a tackle with plenty of game experience on Friday with the signing of Marshall Newhouse, a 31-game starter in four seasons with Green Bay.

However, the ex-Packer could find it tough to crack the starting lineup at tackle with Cincinnati, which has capable starters on the left side (Andrew Whitworth) and right side (Andre Smith).

In an interview with Geoff Hobson of, Newhouse said he intended on competing for a regular role and was open to working other spots on the line, too.

“I’m coming in trying to win a spot. If they want me to play a couple of different spots, I’ll go where they want me,” Newhouse said, according to “I can play a little inside (at guard), too. They’re talking about the flexibility of the offensive line and I think I can help there.”

The more the 25-year-old Newhouse can do, the better. For one, an ability to play multiple positions gives him a better chance to be active on game day. Also, displaying positional versatility — and skill at those spots — could increase his value the next time he tries free agency.

21 responses to “Marshall Newhouse willing to play multiple positions for Bengals

  1. Guys should be flocking to Cincy to be a backup lineman. Anthony Collins got 30 million for starting half a season after a career as a backup lol

  2. He can’t play left tackle, he can’t play right tackle, and he can’t play on the interior. He was a turnstile in GB, and all the fans are glad he is gone. Just saying!!

  3. Maybe Greenbay needs better line coaches that knows how to teach blocking. Collins getting 30 mill proves Cinncy does this well.

  4. So the Packers are relying on Bulaga, Bhaktari and Sherrod? Planning all their hopes on an injury riddled lot aren’t they?

    I believe it is time for another Ted Thompson UDFA to compete at Tackle at keeping a 20 million dollar QB alive…

  5. When Newhouse went into a game last season at Guard against the Lions I just closed my eyes and listened to the announcers describe the sack by Suh I knew was immediately coming. The only position he plays well is Bench.
    And no deflated, GB also has starter Don Barclay at the OT position. But thanks for your concern. I can remember before the start of last year when Mini fans were giggling at how Bakhtiari was going to be eaten alive by Jared Allen. Now he has a year of starting experience, and Allen is gone from the Vikes, and Mini fans are still giggling. Strange fanbase.

  6. Newhouse is not that talented but he did the best he could at a time when the Packers were depleted and needed him. I wish him the best and will not kick him when he’s down. What do you think this is….Minnesota?

  7. His best play is watching the guy he is supposed to be guarding sacking the qb behind him. His second best play is standing around while they asses a false start penalty on him. With Newhouse gone things should be looking up for the pack.

  8. He can play center, Guard, and tackle.
    He’ll sit at the center of the bench, guard the water cooler, and tackle anyone who gets near it.

    Yes I know it’s cliche, but as bad as Newhouse is I don’t believe his play deserved the brain power from anyone to create a new insult.


  9. If I were a coach I would take the illegal formation for not enough men on the field penalty before Newhouse played a down.

    losing 5 yards is better than losing 10 from a sack and a QB for the year from injury.

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