Now everyone says DeSean Jackson is on the way out of Philly


There’s no one left who thinks DeSean Jackson will play for the Eagles this season.

The latest report on Jackson’s looming departure comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which cites “three independent NFL sources” as saying that the Eagles have intensified their efforts to trade Jackson. The report says, “He’s as good as gone,” and puts the chances of Jackson playing for the Eagles in 2014 at less than 5 percent.

As interesting as the Inquirer report is the identity of the reporter: Jeff McLane, who had been adamant for the last two weeks that Jackson wasn’t going anywhere. Shortly after we first started hearing talk that Jackson would be gone, McLane wrote in no uncertain terms that such talk was bogus. McLane confirmed with “almost a dozen sources” that the Eagles aren’t interested in trading Jackson. McLane also wrote that it was “madness” to suggest that Jackson could be on the way out, and McLane wrote a week later that the Eagles “most certainly aren’t” considering trading Jackson. McLane has gone from saying there’s a 96.5 percent chance that Jackson will be an Eagle to saying there’s a greater than 95 percent chance that Jackson won’t be an Eagle.

If McLane thinks Jackson is on the way out, then it’s safe to say that everyone thinks Jackson is on the way out.

Then the question becomes, where does Jackson go? The 49ers, Patriots and Panthers have all been mentioned as teams that could have interest, but all three of those teams would have a hard time squeezing Jackson’s $10.25 million base salary under the cap. Two teams that do have enough space for Jackson and have been floated as potential destinations are the Jets and Raiders.

Will those teams be willing to give up a draft pick for Jackson? That could be a tall order, as interested teams might believe they can wait for the Eagles to cut him and then sign Jackson without having to give the Eagles anything for him. However, Jackson is such a unique playmaker that there’s probably some team willing to give up a late-round pick and take on his hefty salary.

The good news for the Eagles is that they can take their time. Some players have large offseason roster bonuses, or clauses in their contracts that make their salaries fully guaranteed if they are on the roster beyond a certain date. Jackson, however, doesn’t get his money until the season starts. That means the Eagles can wait until training camp or the preseason to decide whether to cut him, trade him or keep him.

But just because the Eagles can wait doesn’t mean they will. For starters, if they’re going to trade Jackson for a draft pick they’d presumably want to do it before the draft, so they can get a rookie who will help them this year. There’s also the risk that Jackson could suffer a serious injury during Organized Team Activities, which would force the Eagles to pay him his salary while he’s on injured reserve. And the Eagles might start to worry that all these Jackson stories are becoming a distraction. So there’s a good chance that the Eagles will move quickly.

A good time to move quickly would be next week’s league meetings, where all of the NFL’s top decision makers will congregate. Not only is Jackson likely to be out of Philadelphia before the season starts, there’s a good chance that he’ll be traded within the next week.

96 responses to “Now everyone says DeSean Jackson is on the way out of Philly

  1. The fella is an amazing athlete, but his focus isn’t always there, stuff like dropping the ball before walking into the end zone and showing up the defense, his attitude makes it hard for me to believe he is worth that money

  2. Good for Jackson. The article should read,”less than 5% chance he has to live in the worst city in America not named Detroit and continue to be the doormat for the Cowboys, Skins and Giants”.

  3. New England. Kelly and Belichick are very close, and Bill recommended Kelly for the job. Kelly feels obligated to him and he trades Jackson out of the conference. Jackson will restructure to play with Brady and a great chance to win.

  4. Such a bad move if we’re not getting fair compensation. After we trade DeSean we will be about $25mil under the salary cap. Why didn’t we make an offer to Revis? to Ware? Typical cheap Eagles front office.

  5. There is no way the Eagles would trade Jackson within the division to the Giants. The only way they’d wind up with him is if the Eagles simply cut him, which would result in a cap hit.

  6. Patriots are unlikely as their interest was prior to Edelman signing. they were probably covering their bases unless Edelman signed elsewhere.

    Only way they take DeSean is if they have a trade lined up for Amendola . they have LaFells, Dobson, Boyce, Thompkins and Slater and its doubtful that they cut any of them loose as they are high on all of them

    scratch Pats off the list its a pipe dream

  7. This has Raiders written all over it. Major splash player to bring in alongside James Jones, to go with Denarious, Schaub, Rashad and Streater.

    And when healthy, even McFadden can make some real noise. (Staying healthy hasn’t been easy — but DMF is dangerous on those rare occasions he’s good to go).

    I can see it. The Silver and Black opened up a lot of cap room, and it’s clear they’re trying to win … and win now.

  8. Jackson is a 1. Edelman is a slot receiver. Their interest in Jackson had nothing to do with whether or not Edelman returned.

  9. I know its not going to happen, but coming to the colts would be a win win for both parties. Jackson would be able to come in and play along side 87. Reggie would keep his attitude in check and teach him how to be a TEAM guy. Once 87 hangs it up Jackson would be a great replacement. We’ve only got nicks for the year and in the next few years the only proven guy would be t.y. Plus desean would be great in kick returns.

  10. Re-sign the racist guy and trade the productive guy who makes more money than we want to pay a wide receiver because, you know, we gave him that contract, lol. Have to love the NFL.

  11. The Jets missed out on a lot of good free agents the best Izdik can do is get us DeSean, & all his sins would be forgiven lol. To say the least the Jets need playmakers that’s why they weren’t able to make the playoffs & take the next step last season cause they lacked playmakers they had great defense but no type of offense. With that being said we added Vick & Decker two play makers and with DeSean in the scene we would be a playoff contender. Let’s make it happen but I feel like the Panthers would be the most aggressive since they need a receiver it would be a perfect fit but don’t forget Jets have the cap space 12 draft picks & Jackson and Vick are very close friends

  12. Why is no one asking WHY the Eagles or so motivated to get rid of this guy. He fits the system and had the best year of his career last season. Plus his cap hits start decreasing after this season. So again, why are the Eagles so desperate to drop a guy that just had his best year and isn’t putting them into financial trouble?

  13. Talented but inconsistent and worse yet, a punk. Phili finally tired of him. Probably end up in Jacksonville as they are desperate.

  14. Even more than that, I can’t stand the people calling him a punk. For what? I’d love to hear legitimate reasons.

  15. everyone is talking about cooper and maclin. eagles have other WRs in the fold — 6′ 7″ ifeanyi, jeff maehl, brad smith, damaris johnson etc. plus they probably draft a big physical beast WR.

    jackson is good in that he is very fast and stretches the field. defenses have to respect him which frees up other WRs. but for yrs he has vanished in big gms. gets hurt and leaves the gm. doesn’t get open. doesn’t get thrown to and then disengages from gm.

    he isn’t a gamer. a bit of a risk to s**tcan him, i guess kelly thinks the time is now.

  16. As a Redskins fan I love this. This is the definition of “cutting your nose off to spite your face.” The Eagle are greatly underestimating what Jackson does for that team. Maclin and Cooper are going to get all the attention without the threat of Jackson taking the top off.

  17. What makes it even sweeter is that the Birds are going to have a real tough time trading that contract. My money is on them being forced to just straight cut him. Awesome!

  18. That was without a doubt one of the greatest speculative artictles ever written,well done Mr.Snith..Release him?..Jackson hasn’t heard it from Kelly and neither has The Green Nation!

  19. He is talented, but he’s a punk. He’s afraid to go over the middle, won’t bust up an interception, and only plays when he feels like it.

  20. I have no idea what is going on in this league.

    If the Eagles trade, or worse yet simply dump Jackson, it will be the final indication that we have indeed gotten to the point where the only thing a team sees when they look at a player is a cap number.

    Don’t tell me what a pain in the butt he is. He’s been a pain in the butt his whole career and it hasn’t stopped him from putting up great numbers.

    Good luck replacing 1,300 yards and 9 tds. With what? A rookie? Something left on the FA scrap heap?

    If Kelly thinks his system is so great that it doesn’t need great athletes to succeed, then I think we’ve found his fatal flaw.

    Seriously, have fun with “Ifeanyi, jeff maehl, brad smith, damaris johnson” and the “big physical beast” you magically find in the draft.

    All to avoid paying fair market value to one of the most exciting wide recievers in the NFL.


  21. I understand the desire to trade the guy, but now it’s getting ridiculous. As if the Eagles will trade him for bits of string. He demands as much in value as Percy Harvin did.

  22. There’s more going on behind the scenes than they’re telling us (which is par for the course). We trusted Chip last season and it worked out. We have to trust in him again, but if this blows up in his face, he’ll be run out of town faster than Rich Kotite.

  23. Jets should makes this move if it can be done for less than a three. I know this jets bashing Main Street but it’s a young, improving team with a great D that has gotten better this offseason even if there are still holes that need to be filled. They will be. Adding Jackson would round a pretty formidable offense now especially when you consider Geno’s struggles cost them a handful of games last yr and that won’t happen this yr bc he will either get better or lose his job.

  24. Guys, a 3rd round pick makes 1-2 million in base salary and plenty of 3rd round picks have been stars. So the question is should a team lose that valuable cheap roster spot for an expensive immature receiver (most WR are) that makes superstar plays…..really is a tough decision

  25. If the Panthers don’t make an offer, they’re insane.

    Draft a WR or OL in the 1st and you’d at least have shown an effort to fix this awful offseason.

  26. I’m sorry, but am I the only Philadelphian who is absolutely devastated by this? And to think we’d only get a third round pick? All because we signed an over performing possession receiver, a guy coming off an ACL tear, and traded for a 31-year-old pass-catching RB. This is awful.

  27. That dude is not even close to a number one wr! He is getting paid as one! The thing to remember is how many plays philly runs a game. That production last season had more to do with number of attempts and the scheme than anything.

    A true number one wr would not have been shut out in the playoffs. He did not make a catch until Lewis went down late in the game. Number ones alway find a way to get open.

  28. If the Eagles trade him for a late round pick, there’s going to be a lot of deserved fan backlash. I don’t care what his salary is or how much of a pain in the butt he can be, that is not enough compensati on for someone with his kind of production. There’s no one else in the league that does what he does.

  29. The shelf-life of small, fast receivers who are afraid of contact is not very long. This guy’s best days are behind him. What we have seen are the highlight plays from this guy, some of them spectacular. What we don’t always see is what he’s doing on the other plays.

  30. Talent wise he may be valued even more than Harvin, but you forget tha, seattle got to have a say in the contract they were about to give.

    Jackson all ready has his a big contract so the Eagles are getting a pick and opening some cap space. That’s part of the reason they can’t get Harvin like value.

  31. I get he’s talented but he’ll be 28 this year & wants 10 million a year? Some fans see names & go nuts! A 3rd pick is way too valuable to give up for a guy who could be done in a year or two. But why would Philly even acknowledge they’re willing to cut him, look at the bigger picture people.

  32. I trust whatever Chip and Howie do. I love Desean, because as an Eagles fan how can’t you, but I absolutely see the benefit of potentially moving him. If somebody offers a Harvin like deal, I can see pulling the trigger. They won’t lose value for him, not for pennies on the dollar no way. He’ll either be an Eagle or the Eagles will get a solid, acceptable return. Win win.

  33. JETS. With that defense, become instant contender with Decker, Jackson and the AFC’s 2nd ranked rushing attack.

  34. The only way the Eagles should trade Jackson is to send him to the AFC, minimizing the chances that they’ll have to face him on a regular basis. They don’t have any defensive back who can even come close to covering him.

  35. Bottom Line? Desean is a much better receiver and threat than Percy Harvin. The compensation should be relatively close. Late first and a conditional 2015 pick (2nd-3rd depending on performance).

    Losing Desean would hurt the Eagles offense without a doubt. The only thing the kid doesn’t have is size. He is the type of player who must be game planned against. Having him will open up targets for other members on any offense. He doesn’t drop passes often and has proved time and time again he can be clutch.

    Best trade scenario? I don’t see how Big Red and the Chiefs aren’t interested. The Patriots would welcome him but will not trade for equal value. The Jets? Show me a first. The Colts would be very intriguing with Wayne and Nicks in the fold – after the trade for Trent Richardson, this is a possibility.

    My guess? Detroit coughs up their first and he teams with Johnson – as Johnson has pleaded for help time and time again.

  36. He would definitely improved the Jets WR situation, and with Vick’s recent endorsement of him it reduces any concerns the Jets front office may have that he’s not a team player.

  37. I just dont see the eagles trading this guy for a 2nd or 3rd day draft pick.. if they cant get what they want they are not going to just release him.. he will play and they will try again next yr when his cap is lower

  38. No thanks, as strong as the Niners locker room leaders are, I wouldn’t touch this guy. Give me Brandin Cooks from Oregon State in the 1st round over him.

  39. Late first or second for Jackson? Please put the crack pipe down. Try 4th or 5th round pick with that kind of salary and age. If you doubt me, just take a look at the amount of veterans with high salaries that have been dumped that are far better than Jackson. First? Thanks for the laugh today.

  40. Looks like Coach Kelly is adjusting the culture of his locker room. He has already made the Eagles a winning team with only one free agency and one draft under his belt. Looks like he’s continuing the remodeling this year, too for the Eagles to be a force in the NFC East.

  41. Being a Panther’s fan I can’t see where money for Jackson would come from. The only appreciable money to be had is Charles Godfrey’s 7 million contract. Cutting him would save 5 million, but you still have to sign draft picks. The Marty Hurney era chickens are coming home to roost.

  42. If the Raiders can get D JAX and the draft WR Sammy Watkins it will be Bombs away in Oak town. Then the Raiders will be a .500+ team for sure and get back on National TV more often . Schaub will throw for 4000+ yds again if he can stay healthy . Schaub needs a big time running game to succeed consistently . 100% for sure if the Raiders are able to make these moves no one will laugh at them again. Raiders should hire Jerry Rice as WR coach and move Terrelle Pryor to WR , have Rice coach him and mentor him to become the next Randy Moss.

  43. Jeff McLane is well known in the Philly media to be “the Eagles guy”. No, the name doesn’t mean he’s the expert on the Eagles. It means he’s the media guy that the front office uses like a bitch to get their messages out.

    He’s the guy who will get the “exclusive” interviews when critical situations come up. The fact that he waffled so much on this only means the Eagles front office has waffled on what story they want out in the public domain.

  44. A couple people have wondered why the Eagles would let it out there that they may just cut him, costing them any leverage. I think getting that out there can give them some leverage.
    If he’s released than he signs wherever he wants. If you’re a team that feels he won’t voluntarily sign with you, you may pony up a late round pick to get him so he can’t hit the open market and sign with someone else, especially a competitor.
    Who knows? Just my 2 cents on why the team might “leak” that info.

  45. The problem with trading for him is that he is unhappy with his contract for some reason. He is worth a pick even with that contract, but not sure he’s worth much more than a sixth or seventh since his new team is going to have to wonder if he’ll even show up for camp. Fun to see what happens though, these divas can liven up theoffseason.

  46. Compare Percy Harvin’s stats to Desean’s. Desean has proved over the past 6 years he is much better than Percy. It’s a joke to even compare them. However, if Percy can nab the #25 pick in the draft after an 667 yard/ 3TD campaign, there should be no question Desean’s 1332, 9TD campaign can be receive similar compensation.

    Desean is just 27 and in his prime. He hasn’t lost a step and is no where as injury plagued as Harvin was.

  47. overrated. don’t like the mini WRs..other than Santana Moss & Steve Smith, what’s the shelf-life of these guys?

    a 4th rounder at best.

  48. There are less expensive options with good talent and no diva attitudes. Besides, if/when your team earns a SB berth, it’s all on the qb to throw those passes accurately to a rookie or to a star, so we all know where he SHOULDN’T bother going, not if the qb can’t get past the first 12 seconds…

  49. Lurie can move the team to LA now because I’m done. Season tickets are on stubhub. This is the last straw. The only way I forgive this is if Jackson spends most next season suspended or in prison. If we trade Jackson for a mid round pick we better get sued by the team or penalized by the league. There better be some Hernandez level reasons behind these rumors.

  50. Amazing Athelete – A Raging Cancer to the team.
    He hangs with street trash, why do you think he was robbed ?? It was his Bro’s, an inside job.
    If he could only grow up. Common sense doesn’t have a price. Whoever gets him, Beware what you ask for !!!!! This cat could tear your locker room to shreds.

  51. I meant to say cutting Godfrey would only save 2 million. The Panthers have re-done about every player’s contract that can be re-done. I didn’t like the way Steve Smith was handled, but make them prove they are worth the money “Yankee Dave”!

  52. Patriots no longer interested in Jackson because they signed Julian Edelman ?????just signedt’s nonsense…

    That’s basically like saying we aren’t interested in Larry Fitzgerald because we just signed Brandon LaFell.

  53. The Eagles organization is filled with a bunch of narcissists. They believe that they are the smartest guys in the league, and it will always be there down fall. Every time this organization finally gets a top flight receiver they trade him. Owens and Jackson have never been involved in any off the field the issues. Nevertheless they are being traded for whatever silly reason. Brace yourselves Eagles fans because this organization will not win a super bowl for the next 10-15 years. Blame on the front office, they acquire marginal players, and think that will be adequate enough to win. There is not intentions from the front office of ever winning a super bowl. They just like to barely make it to the playoffs; because it builds the suspense of the fans. Welcome to the propaganda of trying to act like they are committed, but they are just trying to sell seats and merchandise.

  54. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come to Oakland…. for about $4 mil/yr. Not at his current contract price.
    He’s just not worth that much.
    But, really I could take him or leave him. You can probably find a quick, undersized receiver in the later rounds of the draft for much less. Without the constant drama.

  55. Why in the HALIBUT would the Eagles trade/release this guy?! Lights up the field, is a nightmare for defenses, gets open, blocks well, returns, motion, a great distractor for a #2- this guy is a #1 for sure! What receiver isn’t a diva? Pain to deal with? Wahhhhh! Scores and makes defenses pay. Bring him to the Jaguars! Gus will get him to buy in, and he’ll be a captain!!!!

    No chance, though, Panthers on line 1…..

  56. WR deep draft. Replace a large veteran contract for a streamlined rookie contract. Also a team building mode – setting a tone and culture in the locker room. I suspect there are other issues we may not be privy too.

  57. If you know anything about the Eagles organization if you are gonna gripe about money and they feel that you are already getting paid a reasonable amount.Then next you are a becoming a big problem in the locker room. You will find the door and it will hit your backside on the way out.Ask ex Eagle and future hall of famer Terrell Owens who was a better receiver Desean Jackson.However just like T.O.;Desean Jackson has out played his contract but has to understand the organization he is with and be happy in getting the $10.25 million.

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