Report: Eagles could release DeSean Jackson


Amid increasing sentiment that the Eagles are determined to move on without DeSean Jackson comes a report the club would even consider releasing him if needed.

In a story published Saturday, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News quoted an unnamed source as saying that the Eagles are “trading him or cutting [Jackson]. That’s a fact. They don’t want him.”

The 27-year-old Jackson caught 82 passes for 1,332 passes and nine TDs in 2013 and earned a trip to the Pro Bowl. However, there has been no shortage of speculation that his time in Philadelphia is nearing a close.

Perhaps with that in mind, Jackson, as pointed out, took to Instagram on Friday to post several videos of highlights with new Jets quarterback Michael Vick. Jackson also posted a picture of then-USC coach Pete Carroll on a recruiting visit. Carroll, of course, is now the coach of the Seahawks. Jackson also shared a photo of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton from the Pro Bowl, and he also posted a picture with Raiders fullback Marcel Reece.

69 responses to “Report: Eagles could release DeSean Jackson

  1. We would be stupid to release D-Jax. How do they expect Cooper to get open without Desean stretching the field? This dude is a Pro Bowl WR. Why on Earth would we release him?

  2. That would be worse than signing Vick, T.O., and nearly on par with releasing Dawkins. It would be a monumentally bad decision.

  3. If you get released San Fran will welcome you with open arms. However, don’t expect much money. We are strapped and need the room for the rooks.

  4. 49ers need a burner to stretch the field and they could keep djax under control. That would also save them a draft pick in early rounds.

  5. If they straight-up release him, Chip and Howie should be made to announce it at a packed Linc. This is getting worse every day.

  6. IMO it should not be allowed to state that an ‘unnamed source’ claims that the Eagles don’t want DJax. That almost amounts to defamation of character, and the source should have to be revealed.

  7. If the eagles release djax,the raiders have enough cap space to sign him to a big contract and would be that impact player the raiders are in dire need of.

  8. There has got to be more to this than his cap figure. What the heck happened in that locker room? Is he even more “me” than we thought?

  9. Not a Philly fan, but to just release him would be ludicrous. Find a willing trading partner maybe at a reduced salary for ease and get some picks for gods sake! I can see him in a Jets, Panthers, or even the Raiders.

  10. this team is being shady with D Jax why don’t they just let him move on and quit giving him the run around what a classless football team

  11. Suh should restructure so we can sign Jackson to stretch the field and Tate could play slot and Calvin……well can be CALVIN!! Then u have Bush n Bell! That’s a pretty scary offense!


    THEY CAN EASILY GET A DRAFT PICK FOR HIM…on another note, thanks Philly for saving us a couple of early draft picks and allowing us to avoid a salary cap disaster…signed Trent Baalke

  13. This entire offseason is becoming worse by the day. For the Eagles to be willing to go so far as to cut Jackson or trade him for nothing is not a spur of the moment thing. I believe they knew they would move on from Jackson before free agency started and they waited cause the fans would be really pissed to know you have extra 4 million this year and over 10 next year and still plan to sign the fourth best safety in free agency. Another band aid at the position. Jenkins was considered to be ok cause you needed to have money for next year and most likely would of got a defensive player in draft. Not now!! Now by the time eagles draft there going to have to take a WR. That means no defensive player and more then enough money to have gone out and fixed your safety problem!!! Eagles are going to get rid of best wr on the team, a field stretcher!!!! For what? Eagles are in trouble. This defense sucks. Really sucks, offense is less dynamic without desean. If you want to trade him you have to come away with atleast a first or I don’t trade him

  14. Stupidity has moved up the east coast from Washington to Philly. He might be a head case and a premadonna, but he is nasty and will burn your butt with speed and good hands. His price tag is high, but he is a game changer and constant deep threat. Teams do have to game plan to try to stop him. Philly knew all of the issues before they signed him and now they are ready to bail out because they don’t want to keep their end of the deal.

  15. I hope I’m wrong but teams giving up on a 27 year old (soon to be 28) disgruntled player like this usually ends badly. They want nothing to do with their leading wide out? What the heck is really going on?

  16. Desean jackson isn’t your conventional number 1 receiver and they are not gonna pay him like one. He is an amazing talent but teams want a calvin johnson type guy to pay 10 mil a year. He fits in the slot more often and thats not where your number 1 receiver should play. Isn’t their top 2 receivers under 6 ft? I bet they pick a big tall receiver in the draft and try and mold him into being their star receiver. It pretty much sucks that desean jackson is so good and he needs a big contract when it just isn’t in the cards for the eagles. Who knows maybe its something else..

  17. Are you serious?!? So the pats get Revis for nothing, after the Bucs gave up two high picks for him. Now they can potentially get D-Jax without a pick too? Why even play the regular season? Just skip to the Broncos Pats AFC Championship

  18. If he gets released he’s going to NY to play with Vick.

    Also, has Manish ever quoted a source with a name? (No)

  19. I’m an Eagles fan so I’d rather not see him go unless we get fair compensation.

    That being said, of the teams mentioned (SF, NE, NYJ, OAK, CAR), I believe that he fits the Panthers best.

    If he went to the Jets the first thing he says will divide the locker room (Vick should start over Geno).

  20. 49ers fans who think they are going to get more superstars on their team need to wake up and smell the coffee. You are strapped for cash with Kapp making rookie money. You will only lose players from here on out. Not gain. Keep dreaming. Your 3 year window went without a SuperBowl.

  21. Starting to respect what Chip is doing in Philadelphia. He understands that DeSean is too expensive for a one-trick pony, he is demonstrative for the team, and if everything is not going his way, he is a cancer. Also, contract terms means nothing to him – he will become a problem child if he thought he deserved a raise and didn’t get it and/or sit out pouting.

    Chip is starting to set the foundation for his TEAM. No player is above the team and he is willing to get rid of one of the top guys to prove it…great move if it happens.

  22. If I’m the Eagles and I want to spice up my bidding war for my star receiver, I might want to leak a story about releasing him so I can get the teams who think they have a lesser shot at winning that game to bid higher with draft picks to avoid that situation, or potentially stop him from going to a rival who may not have the picks to pull off the trade.

  23. I understand Jacksons silliness is probably getting old in Philly, but I say it all the time, when you let someone go. You need to have one better replace them with, I think Jackson helped Foles quite a bit in that system, but also if Jackson is gone who will be the #1 WR?

    Even though there are better WRs out there. I don’t think there is one on the Eagles roster. If Philly miss handles this situation. Foles may take a step back this upcoming season, because the WRs aren’t as talented around him.

  24. There has to be something really festering in Philly for this to be true…….Eagles have 16M cap space with him on the roster and before the 5M spent on Vick……

    If it ain’t the cap space and we know it ain’t the performance…….personalities?

  25. Perfect spot NY the town of the Divas. I would be worried about his off field adventures being in the big city, bright lights. The Jets are a team for Divas, look at the current and past players and coaches. NYG would never sign him because they have a winning stable culture whereas the Jets seek the limelight.

  26. I’d hate to see him land in frisco. With Kaep’s rocket launcher for an arm, Jackson could open that offense up for Boldin and Crabtree. You might see Colin’s numbers skyrocket and give him a chance to win it all. Scary thought.

  27. People understand something no one guy is irreplaceable hasn’t anyone heard Beyonce?? Lol… But really Maclin is just as good as Desean and more dynamic too, yes yes hes coming off an ACL injury but thag doesnt change the fact that hes better all around than Desean… After stretching the field what other traits does he hold?? In every playoff game hes been in Desean was not a factor whatsoever so to talk more money based off a season nd not playoff production is besides the point… Megatron, Fitz, B Marshall all get paid big bucks nd their teams are trash yes, but they are the only silver lining on their respective teams… The Eagles have talent and dont desperately need Desean, Chip Kelly has an eye for college players at least now and in believe he sees a prospect he can use like Desean plus in other scenarios… The contract is one problem, the diva mentality, the over opinionated mindset, and being the highest paid player and still in press conferences with THE MEDIA talking contract whether directly or indirectly isnt something that’ll get you ahead in the NFL… I love Desean but i will not act like i havent watched his actions over the last 7 years… He comes up short in playoff games amd often disappears in the season but he’s amazing when hes clicking, hes making exactly what hes worth 10.5 million dollars…. Now just shut up and play football for a full year be a class act…

  28. I really don’t get why Philly is so hot to get rid of Jackson, unless there’s some crazy behind the scenes nonsense going on with him. This makes no sense at all.

  29. Cleveland should pull the trigger and trade one of their 2 3rd round picks to get D Jax! Could you imagine D Jax and J Gordon on the outside and Hawk in the slot with Cameron at TE. Pretty scary if you ask me…even without a definite qb

  30. This DJax news is shocking given he had the best year of his career in 2013. Cooper had a nice year, but Jackson was the guy who opened things up for him, safeties shifted his way, the top corner was matched up on him… it would seem odd Jackson would not have trade value, even at his cap number. I could see it a few years back when Jackson was loafing on plays upset that he hadn’t bee paid.

  31. Theres something going on that we don’t know. Remember when Jackson’s house got broke into and like 100,000 dollars got stolen? Why does anybody have that much cash laying around?

  32. DJax will never go to NE. he needs a QB (Geno 2nd in the NFL in completions over 20 yds) that can throw it more than 10 yards!

  33. Eagles could release DeSean Jackson

    Whats tomorrows headline ?
    Eagles give their 1st round pick and DJax for a 2015 7th round pick ?

    Chip / Howie are likely reeling-in you guys.

    If he isn’t traded during the meetings, there will be so much back-peddling by these media-bloggers,they may actually hurt themselves.

    All of them will be blaming each other.

    This is a great April FOOLS Joke, by Chip.
    Give em all enough rope , , to hang themselves.


  34. He will not be released. To even suggest he will be released is very poor uneducated reporting. That would be a super bone head move by any team. He would be the best receiver on over half of the teams in the league. If he’s not in Philly, he will be traded for at least a 1st round pick likely to the AFC. No way any team gives away a top 10-15 receiver for nothing in the prime of this career coming off almost 1400 yards. I don’t care how much of an egomaniac this guy is, he will not be released.

  35. As a Eagles fan, I hate to see them let Jackson go. I am not in the locker room so Chip knows a lot better than me what goes on. If they really want rid of him they will work a trade. I also think that Brandon Graham and Bryce Brown will be dealt for picks. Then they will take a couple of picks and move up. Chip is a offensive minded guy and wants a big receiver, and I think he wants Mike Evans. Rest of draft spent on defense. I sell pipe for a living, so what do I know.

  36. Subtlety is not D-Jax’s strong suit, evidently. Which tells me that with him, its all about the greenbacks, not which green uni he’ll be wearing. Buyer beware.

  37. Ay Redskins fans, remember all the Eagles fans trolling our threads with this banter about them winning the NFC East again this upcoming season? Sike! Let’s see, this missed out on Orakpo who they said isn’t worth us franchising, they missed out on D-Ware from the Cowboys, they signed an old Sproles even though McCoy is an every down RB, and for all that garbage about Daniel Snyder wasting money in Free Agency mind you over 4 years ago & beyond, have you all seen the money they wasted 2 years straight on Free Agent busts? Dream Team? LOL. Vince Young, Michael Vick, Nnamdi, DRC, Babin, Jenkins, etc.

  38. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

  39. Hey, but keep calling the players “greedy” and “punks.” when the front offices readily hand out these fake contracts for a year and then dump the players 2 or 3 years in just because. This one doesn’t even have a thing to do with performance. SMH.

  40. I am curious to hear who this unnamed source is. Probably some coward New York Giants fan.

    In all seriousness, Chip Kelly has NEVER said he didn’t want Jackson on the team. Howie Roseman has never said he didn’t want DeSean Jackson on the team. Jeffrey Lurie never said he didn’t want DeSean Jackson on the team. Until one or all are saying this, then I will believe it.

    But hey, nice try media, maybe your efforts will get DeSean released, or traded, or yeah, released/traded. If not, I will be laughing. Hey what ever happened to that 3rd round pick the Eagles got for Nick Foles? That never happened either? Surprises me NAWT!

  41. Chip’s taking out the trash.

    Flushing the toilet.

    I can’t believe so many Eagle fans don’t understand this. It’ll work out in the long run.

  42. well, an unnamed source told me Manish Mehta is a complete hack. Per a person familiar with reading newspapers, Mehta simply makes up stories and they finds some random, low level person with no real info to cite as a source. Every story he has is an “unnamed source” or ” a person familiar with the team’s thinking.”

  43. Wow another article full of rampant speculation and “unnamed sources”. Notice how the media has blown this situation completely out of proportion. .. With not one official statement from either the Eagles or Jackson. Con now guys… why are we buying this bull?

  44. I would say Chip thinks that his system can survive without Jackson. I think the Eagles believe they can get rid of a malcontent and pick up a very good receiver who can be all that Jackson is in the draft.

  45. I think I’d rather have Kenny Britt with the Panthers than Jackson. Britt just couldn’t stay out of trouble off the field. Jackson seems overly-concerned with being the highest-paid player and screaming his own praises from the rooftops. If we still had Steve Smith, I’d gladly take Jackson because Smith would keep Jackson in check. Not sure we have anyone that could keep Jackson in check at the moment.

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