Report: Seahawks have displayed “interest” in DeSean Jackson

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The defending Super Bowl champions are reportedly among the clubs who may be intrigued by Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS, the Seahawks have expressed “interest” in the 27-year-old Jackson, who has been at the center of increasing trade speculation.

La Canfora also reported that the 49ers — who have already been linked to Jackson — are also among the teams who have considered the Eagles’ star wide receiver.

The Seahawks added dynamic playmaking wide receiver Percy Harvin last offseason. Were Jackson to join the fold, the Seahawks would boast field-stretching ability few other teams possess. Likewise, Jackson would bolster the 49ers’ passing game, which has three top targets in tight end Vernon Davis and wideouts Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin.

These are fun scenarios to ponder. However, unanswered is why there is so much trade chatter about such a skilled player. There is also the matter of working out a deal for Jackson, who is due $10.5 million in salary in 2014, per Rotoworld data.

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  1. Seahawks have too many big contracts coming up to sign him long term..

    Short term however is a possibility.

  2. If he’s picking among teams in the N. West, he better go with the Hawks because if not, Sherman will put him on lockdown at least twice per year.

  3. Hmmm…

    Jackson motioning PI to the refs before the play is over and Harvin on the sidelines in sweats. Sounds like a good combo.

    All this for only $18 mil a year too.

  4. With Golden Tate no longer on the team, Desean Jackson going to Seattle would be a nice fit. He can help in special teams too like Tate did.

  5. All I know is that I am glad I am not the guy who has to deal with the Salary cap in Seattle and SF over the next couple of years.

    These teams are going to be in bad shape when some contracts come up and force them to cut or trade half the team. It happens though. Some teams have been in those situations before and they weren’t even playoff contenders.

    Here is the thing, teams can stack up for a push and maybe do it over a couple eyars, or they can build for the long haul. Building for long term success is a far better way to go, because you have to make the playoffs to get to the SB. SF and Seattle will be right back where they were a few years ago in a couple years.

  6. how they would make that work would be beyond me. With 15 mill of room left on the cap and still needing to re-sign Baldwin, and give Earl an extension plus sign our draft picks That would all be pretty difficult to do with another close to 10 mill with Jackson

  7. Another high price prospect? Hahaha… Go for it. Unless Paul Allen pays his players under the table, The Hawks will have cap nightmare in the coming years. A NFL network documentary soon coming out “The rise and fall of the Hawks…”

  8. If the Eagles were to trade DJax, I doubt they would trade him within the NFC. The Jets make a lot of sense considering Vick and Mornhinweg know him and they have the cap space.

  9. I would love to see Jackson in Seattle but not with his current price tag. Schneider has been so good at seeing talent where no one else sees any value that he doesn’t need to spend that much on just another wr. On the other hand, if the eagles actually release him then i hope he goes after him. I think Jackson deserves a respectable contract but 10.5 is too much. I say go for Britt. A bit if a pariah but extremely talented & Carroll can get the most out of any player. Britt’s price tag would be right too.

  10. That would be $21m for your top 2 receivers, that’s pushing it given their future obligations at other positions, let alone their interest in signing Jared Allen.

  11. Not sure how my ‘Hawks could make this work with the cap; maybe just feigning interest to drive up his price for the ‘9ers. If they can make it work though, both sides of the ball would be a ton of fun to watch.

  12. if he goes to a team like the seahawks, that get three extra possessions in the 4th quarter of the NFC title game, unlimited holding allowed for Okung vs. Aldon Smith and flags that just won’t fly every single play on the defensive PI…..he has a real shot of getting a tainted championship like last year’s team. Heck even Denver’s only score in the SB came on a catch made AFTER the receiver was tackled in the endzone. So Desean and Jared and anyone else that wants to load up on steroids and play for the Microsoft/NFL should sign right away!

  13. They have interest t about $3 mil/per year. It would be potentially explosive on O, but don;t count on it. Pete and John in for long term success and have a strong young nucleus and last year’s draft class was redshirted and have had a year to learn and develop.

  14. For everyone clamoring about paying these guys, according to Spotrac, and assuming the cap stays flat, at this moment, the Hawks will have $40 million in cap space next offseason. That’s without the cap going up or rolling over. The only starters or major players due to be FAs then are Cliff Avril, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Malcolm Smith, Byron Maxwell, Doug Baldwin, and Jermaine Kearse. Any signing would mean Baldwin or Kearse likely to leave, and either Wright or Smith will find a new team. Add in that Mebane could be cut to free up $5 mil, and the very outside shot that Beast Mode is sent packing (depends on Christine Michael), and the Hawks have plenty of money to keep the important guys around.

  15. Please no! Hawks fan in philly I’ve seen way too much of this guys attitude, if they cut him and you can get him for 2/yr maybe but this guy really brings his team down!

  16. To the guy who thinks the Niners and hawks cant manage the cap,have you paid attention to the offseason?

  17. Balke: Excuse me Miss, were you a Cheerleader for the SeaHawks last year?

    Young Lady: Why yes. Yes I was!

    Balke: Then sign here! 3 years 18 million!

  18. As of right now the Hawks have roughly $15M in available cap space for the 2014 season. The 49ers have $4.5M available, LOL. The total cap number jumped +$10M this year from last, and is expected to do roughly the same in 2015, and about +$3-5M in 2016 because of the new NFL/TV deals. The Hawks could easily trade for Jackson, and take the cap hit this year. Jackson is due no more guaranteed money in the next two years, so it would be wise for him to renegotiate a long term deal. This lowering the cap hit from this year alone. With the cap rising the next few years we will also be able to extend Okung, Sherman, Wilson, and Thomas.

  19. No going to happen. No way this guy can play second fiddle to Percy who is by far a better overall receiver. Dude is a too much of an egomaniac to not be the best receiver on a team.

  20. No way in hell are the Niners really that interested. They keep getting linked to this guy and that when in reality it’s nothing more than contact to see if they can get the player on the cheap to fill a specific/reduced role that most are not willing to accept.

    Niners have their starters for the 2014 season in place, except maybe for 1 CB spot.

  21. I wanted Seattle to draft this guy the year he came out! Forget that washed up DE from minny, Jackson is in his prime still and would give Wilson some sick choices downfield to throw to. Harvin/Jackson/Baldwin/Kearse would be crazy. Better get some O-line help for Wilson in the draft though…it wasn’t like they were giving him a world of time in the pocket last season.

    And if they don’t get him, but drive up the asking price on frisco…all the better.

  22. Interesting how the no-class haters are always ready to throw Pete and John- arguably the most talented HC/GM tandem in the league- under the bus, vis-à-vis our cap space. Its as if the critics really believe that these two don’t have a total grasp of any and all situations affecting the Hawks franchise. What all of you don’t seem to know is, that Pete is not only the Head Coach of the team, he is also Executive Vice President of Football Operations, and answers directly to Paul Allen. In other words, he is John’s boss. So if you don’t think that our “dynamic duo” have got the smarts to know what they’re doing, dream on.

  23. Wilson’s noodle arm? Please. He’s only the top qb in the league throwing 20 yds or farther downfield. And as far as salary cap problems go, Jackson’s guaranteed money is paid out. Seattle could release him next season with no cap hit whatsoever. The intelligence of some of you haters is, to put in Golden Tate’s words…laughable.

  24. This probably isn’t going to happen but it would be crazy for the Seahawks to have Harvin returning kickoffs and Jackson returning punts. Plus stretching the field on offense. Wilson is a great leader which would help with Desean’s attitude.

  25. Getting around the cap, a question. Could an NFL owner offer a player say a $10M nonfootball personal services contract and then sign him to a $200K football contract so only the $200K counts toward the cap? Sounds like something like that would be forbidden, but just wondered.

  26. Every team should be interested since he is such a game changer and can help a team win. The issue with any player is trade compensation and/or salary. Anybody dogging the Hawks is crazy, wouldn’t you want your team to always leave no stone unturned for the sake of always trying to get better? Some player additions work out and others don’t but you can’t fault a team for trying.

  27. Worst part of all these comments is the total disregard that the Seahawks are considered the best talent and player developers in the league right now . You act like the Seahawks became one of or the most overall talented team in 2-3 years by having a first rd picks .

    The Seahawks will absolutely lose some players who were key contributors or good players overall . They know who they absolutley need to keep like Thomas III ,Wilson , and Sherman . Players such as beast mode all pro C Unger along with other like Avril will be gone bc they’ll draw larger deals than the current team can pay responsibly . But then what happens .. All these damn draft picks the Seahawks have and players they find and develop with be ready to go and will become the new “mebane ,Unger or new free agents ” it’s like the Seahawks will never have another draft after losing a player .

    The key to Seattles success is player development and scouting . Firing players into your specific system and putting them in situations they will likely excel . Also make them earn it and still beat out incoming rookies and free agents (hawks cut 4th rd wr last year for a free a couple rookie agents who were undrafted )

    Please don’t adding the sky is falling to my team bc your team is playing checkers while John and Pete are playing chess . Y’all can’t seem to catch up sounds like a YOU PROBLEM..

    Go Hawks. And no I don’t want D JAC He’s in the same mold as the guys we’ve got is rather get a big wr redone target like most hawks fans would agree we need !

  28. I think Philly would be dumb to trade him to a team they will have to compete for playoff positioning with and also who they will see next season.

    Also for the person pointing out the 49ers cap situation. They may have 4.5 million in space but they also haven’t tried to restructure Gore, they could also re-do a few deals to fit in DJax now. Also don’t forget it is 4.5 now and that isn’t factoring in Carlos Rogers who counts against the cap until June 1st when his release is official. That will clear up an extra 6.5 mil.

    Again I think Philly trades him outside of the division to a team who doesn’t value draft picks as highly.

    Next season both the 9ers and Seahawks will have to pony up at QB and at least one defensive playmaker(Aldon and Sherman are currently eligable for deal re-works).

  29. holeinone09 says:
    Mar 22, 2014 4:50 PM
    Getting around the cap, a question. Could an NFL owner offer a player say a $10M nonfootball personal services contract and then sign him to a $200K football contract so only the $200K counts toward the cap

    Ive always wondered that to be honest. If a rich owner wanted to create, lets say a clothing line, shoe company, etc and just paid his guys money to be Reps and advertising for the company what would stop them. Basically like if Phil Night bought a team and Nike sponsored the players.
    That independent company should in theory be able to sponsor whomever they want

  30. The cap will probably be $160 million by 2016. The Seahawks will have no problem retaining all their star players.

    Keep hoping though….

  31. Driving up the price for San Fran. Neither are a logically landing spot based on their current roster. Boldin and Baldwin have secured the slot for each respectively. IF he is willing to take less to win then they each have a shot…but that would require a guy who is all about the money to all of a sudden change course.

    Raiders…book it.

  32. A few of my thoughts on this subject:

    1. Adding him would open up the running game a bit by moving a safety back off the box. So that would be good.
    2. I don’t have specific examples but there are rumors Bout him being a diva. So that would be bad. But dangeruss would just snap his fingers and djack would fall in line.
    3. Seattle doesn’t sign fee agent wideouts from anywhere except Minnesota so he’ll have to sign there first.
    4. Tate made some good possession plays last year and one or two really big scoring plays. But the hawks will miss his presence on punt returns. Djack could be almost an upgrade at that except his ability to maintain posession is not as good as golden was/is -hands like a vice grip.

    I say lets pass, let’s add Allen for some passing downs and lets keep the LOB together and not make djack into yoko Ono.

    Go hawks.

  33. “The 9′ers are interested in anybody the Hawks are interested in”???

    Pete Carroll revitalized his career as Niners D-coordinator in 95-96 after getting fired from the Jets, and who built the Hawks roster to SB winner?
    It’s Ex-Niners McClouglan

  34. im a little iffy on this whole DJax thing! for 2 reasons:
    1. I would have to buy another Jersey
    2. It could bite us bad as no one is faster on this team than he is.

  35. I will take another Super Bowl even if it means salary cap hell in a year. Put these guys on one and two year deals. We will reload after we re-sign Wilson, Sherman and ET.

  36. Seahawks fans bragging about having $40 million next year aren’t really thinking this through, sign Wilson, now they have about $23 million in space, sign Sherman, now you’re down to $10 million, and that will go to Thomas, I’m sure there cap numbers will be different (I aimed low giving Wilson $17 million per year) but most of that $40 million will be given to those 3 players. Tough decisions will be made and you’ll lose players, but they have good depth currently so they should be able to replace those players, the key will be then finding new depth players who can fill the bottom of the roster.

  37. The only thing I wonder is if Philly tries to trade him before a draft loaded with WR talent or waits til closer to TC when a team might be more desperate and thus will compensate much better than they would now?

  38. I personally believe that this is all smoke and mirrors. San Francisco nor Seattle has the finances under the salary cap to pay for a player making $10.5 million per year and a roster, not to mention he is due a lofty roster bonus soon. San Francisco is probably in a better position to afford Jackson, although they are in the middle of negotiations with Colin Kaepernick and locking him up to a multiyear deal to a contract that will be somewhere in the $18 million-$20 million range. Seattle already has a $67 million contract with Percy Harvin, and just lost Golden Tate because they didn’t want to pay him more than about $3 million a year. Sure, there are reasons other than financial that the Seahawks didn’t want to pay Golden Tate, but I fail to see why the Seahawks would require such a player with an upcoming draft that has a bevy of big receivers will cost very little to the NFL’s rookie pay scale even for high draft picks. Seattle is all about getting young and staying young, which makes me believe that they are looking forward to the draft to fill a couple of small holes in their roster that will make the favorites to win another Lombardi trophy in 2014. I don’t think anyone is set up as well as Seattle is to repeat in the last 10 years or so. I just don’t think this is going to happen for Seattle or San Francisco. Those writers love to throw the story out and watch are many people take the bait. I’m not biting on that hook, but boy with the Seahawks be good on offense putting Percy Harvin at the flanker position, Jackson at the split end and Doug Baldwin in the slot. With Zach Miller coming back on a reduction contract,, Luke Willson coming on strong improving his blocking and a big 6’6″ 265 lb. tight end who can fly and 4.5 speed. Marshawn Lynch and Christine Michael running the ball and Russell Wilson frustrating the hell out of defensive pass rushers. Think of the dominance that Seattle could have on both sides of the football, they would be unstoppable, and probably will be anyway after they pick Brandon Cooks, the big wide receiver out of Oregon state in the draft.

  39. gudy2shoes says: Mar 22, 2014 4:07 PM

    The 9′ers are interested in anybody the Hawks are interested in. Including the ball boy and Cheer Leaders,


    Hey guy, the Niners said they interest in him like a week ago.

  40. Its fun to consider, but my gut tells me it won’t happen for either the Hawks or 49ers. Though its more likely for the Hawks than 49ers. Jackson has a big cap hit this year, but could be released after this year with no dead money. JS/PC might consider it another “luxury pickup”, ala Harvin, to boost their chances of repeating. If the Seahawks win the SB next year, I think JS/PC (and most Seahawks fans) would consider it worth the cost of a 5-6th round pick.

  41. Anybody who follows the Seahawks knows this is just standard operating procedure. They investigate ALL opportunities to acquire talent.

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