Bucs, Ravens work out a deal for Jeremy Zuttah

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The Ravens wanted to get bigger and more physical at center, and the Buccaneers wanted to make room for their new center they signed in free agency.

So with the league convening in Orlando, they might be able to do business.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens and Bucs are talking about a trade for Jeremy Zuttah, though nothing has been finalized.

Zuttah has started all but two games the last three seasons, but the Bucs signed former Packers center Evan Dietrich-Smith in free agency. With Zuttah slated to make $4.5 million in base salary, they could use the flexibility.

The 27-year-old Zuttah would be an upgrade in the middle for the Ravens, who struggled to their worst rushing attack in franchise history last year.

UPDATE 3:49 p.m. ET: The Ravens have announced the deal is done, for a 2015 draft pick. Zuttah has two years left on his current contract, and will likely get a new deal as part of the move.

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  1. With Zuttah having played his college ball at Rutgers , I would have thought he would have ended up in New England , so Bill Belichick can continue his quest for an NFL team made up entirely of ex-Rutgers players , other than Brady.

  2. He is much better at center than at guard. Not a powerful guy but definitely good as a pass blocker. Definitely needs the help in power running game

  3. Zuttah is versatile lineman who can play both guard spots and also center. He was making too much money and was part of last season’s disappointing Bucs offensive line, so it’s not a surprise to see him traded. Still, he’s a solid player (as evidenced by the fact that he was actually traded and not released) and will be useful in Baltimore with his ability to fill in all over the offensive line.

  4. hahahahahaha this is how bad ozzie is.. the bucs were gonna outright release zuttah! but yet they fleece the ratbirds for a draft pick in 2015! wow! that’s an awesome gm move…Colbert>newsome….#ozzieisajoke……..

  5. Love having Zuttah in Purple!!! Gino will be an excellent backup going forward with a ton of game experience and today the Ravens have solidified the offensive line!!! Of course they will still make 1 or two more moves on the line because they have time and cap space to do it…I love the way this ’14 team is shaping up this offseason. I thought for darn sure the Ravens were going to lose Monroe Pitta and Jacoby…any Ravens fan should be beaming with joy as to the way this has turned out thus far. Sure we lost Arthur Jones but the team was prepped for that and Ozzie is such a master he will probably get a 3rd round compensatory pick for that next year so he basically traded Arthur for a 2015 3rd rounder lol BRILLIANT MAN! BEST GM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOUT OUT TO ERIC DECOSTA!!!!!! NOT ENOUGH PRAISE DUE!!!!

  6. yeah he can play guard too, I’m surprised they didn’t just slide him over to guard like he played before

  7. Another head scratcher by the Bucs. Not overly impressed by the moves made by the new regime..

  8. It’s safe to say that Lovie Smith pretty much hated every single person on that offensive line except for Demar Dotson. I know new coaches generally bring in their own guys, but half of the Bucs roster is being absolutely gutted and cleansed of the Schiano/Raheem Morris era. I say good. Good riddance. Ready for this new start

  9. Ozzie stupid?? Really? No, ravens probably gave a late round pick for him. If they would had waited for the bucks to cut him then you have 31 other teams after him. So there fore if they wanted him why not give a late round pick for him instead of a over paid contract! Don’t call Ozzie dumb worry about the bucs!!!

  10. I think Alex Mack woulda done just peachy in the purple n’ black, big money = big results.

    It’s obvious his Mormon faith is causing teams to turn away their attention from him.

  11. Not here, but I love how a lot of media outlets are saying Zuttah was traded since he was a rutgers player and Schiano is gone now. Zuttah was on the bucs before Schiano was ever hired. The media wants to blame that guy for everything.

  12. A trade where the Ravens did not trade or sign for a 35 yr old on the down hill????? Miracle! Ozzie is a genius (sarcasm)

  13. Fantastic news. Honestly don’t know much about Zuttah, but I do know that Gradkowski is not a starter, and barely a serviceable depth player. As long as they get RT solidified this could be a very good, young line.

    Oz is knocking it out of the park this off season. Can’t wait for the draft.

  14. You are getting a very versatile guys that can play center or guard and is very reliable, best of luck Zuttah!

    PS – remember when Schiano had the pro version of Rutgers in Tampa and then Lovie unloaded all of the because they were 4-12?

  15. Good, solid, versatile lineman for a 2015 draft pick…I love it. This year’s draft is supposedly very deep and next year’s, not so much. Ozzie fills a hole that costs nothing short term and probably not very much long term. I bet Eric Winston, since he is a Kubiak guy, will be signed in the near future. If so, voila’, O-line completed.

  16. Zuttah was very dependable. I don’t believe he missed a game in several years. Very versatile to play guard or center. The Bucs had 3 different running backs gain over 100 yards last year mainly because of their talent. Not so much the offensive line. I’m like most of the Bucs fans here…we wish Jeremy Zuttah the best of luck as we move on. That’s the NFL…Not For Long!!

  17. I just read that Zuttah has not surrendered a sack in the past two seasons. Zero sacks! Small wonder Ozzie went after this guy. The Wizard strikes again!

  18. Goodbye Zuttah. Appreciate the effort you put in all of your years in Tampa Bay but you weren’t a great player with us.
    Love what the new regime is doing for us. Lets get rid of all the people that haven’t gotten it done! Next to go please let it be Mike Williams!

  19. And Zuttah was Not a good run blocker at all! And who ever is saying he hasn’t gave up a sack in two years, that’s a joke! He is no where near elite.

  20. Bucs resigned him to a 4-year deal after his rookie contract so they must have liked him for awhile. I think the Ravens will get more out of him, he’s a Rutgers guy, him and Ray Rice will have that going for them.

  21. Thanks to the buc fans for the info. Sounds like a big upgrade for us at a fair price. Much as I like Mack, he isn’t worth 10 million a year. A few million for a solid center who doesn’t miss games is fair. You have to decide where your money goes in the NFL. This is a solid pickup for Ozzie.

  22. Alex Mack? Can’t happen when you pay your QB 20 million… Maybe you’ll break 3.0 yards a carry this year as an offense…

  23. Another desperate move by the Ratbirds and their “brain trust.”

    When are they going to talk to their franchise QB who, can’t carry Tom Brady’s jockstrap, yet he’s paid way more than Tommy and TB took a pay cut so his team could sign other quality players.

    We’re off to see the lizard, the wonderful lizard named Ozz-ie.

  24. For the people complaining about how bad a GM we have, I will remind you rage no new team in the modern era of the NFL has come close to the success of the Ravens. 2 championships and 4 AFC title games in 18 years and numerous playoff games. I’m sure there are other teams in the NFL. Even our best Rival, while having multiple SB’s doesn’t come close to our average in terms of SB’s per year of existence. I’m sure many cities would happily trade records including the 2 ohio teams in our division.

  25. Flacco may not be able to “carry Tom Brady’s jockstrap,” but he sure can beat him in the playoffs.

    Another solid move for the Ravens. All we need now is a FS, and the roster is pretty sound heading into the draft. And with four comp picks coming our way, we can draft the players we want instead of having to reach for needs.

  26. taosravenfan your bragging about how your ravens won 2 superbowls in their 18 years of existence like you were some awesome expansion team but in reality you were just the loser browns that traded their dump of a city for a worse one and s crap looking uniform for an arena league style but underneath it all your still the Browns

  27. Whenever Oz makes these moves for young guys it’s generally because he had them graded high coming out of college and for some reason they have under-achieved – bad teams, trouble off the field, etc: M. Huff, Fabian Washington, Monroe, etc. Sometimes they stick – sometimes they’re just adequate. This guy will be serviceable in Kubiac’s Offense at best. But it means they can address other needs at the top of the draft and still know they got better at center. Raven’s fans – this is not a team-altering deal – but it is an upgrade.

  28. Too bad the Sqeelers can’t make moves like this. I guess they content to see Rosethisburg run for his life behind that swiss cheese O-line. Good luck fighting the Browns for the AFC north basement.

  29. Matt Stover and Rob Burnett were the only leftovers from the old Cleveland team. And unlike the new iteration of the Browns we got no selections from other teams or other draft picks. So in a sense you are correct. We we WORSE off than expansion team. As far as the steelers, when was the last time they made the playoffs and what QB beat them? Seems to me he isn’t even playing anymore.

  30. Given the Ravens penchant to overpay, I’m sure the trade is for a 1st round pick. Which means it’ll end up being the first overall pick in the 2015 draft. Hope this guy’s really good for Oz’s sake.

  31. Long time Bucs fan here: Zuttah is the real deal. He will make any O Line much better. I don’t know why we are letting him go. $4.5 million seems like chump change these days. I think Lovie is trying to get anyone reminding him of Schiano as far out of Tampa as possible.

  32. It seems like a good move by the Ravens. I do not hold any ill will against my ex Browns. I also hope Ray Farmer will do as good of a job as Ozzie has done. Things may be looking up here. At least I am hoping so. To the guy that mentioned his religious faith. Are you serious? I am sure no one cares about that if you can play ball!!!!

  33. The Ravens are not the “ex Browns”. The Browns are still in Cleveland. According to the NFL, they never left.

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