John Mara doubts any changes are coming to the extra point


Don’t get your hopes up about the extra point becoming anything more than a bathroom break any time soon.

One of the NFL’s most influential owners, John Mara of the Giants, says that most of the NFL’s owners aren’t interested in changing the extra point.

Mara, who is a member of the NFL’s competition committee, told that there is little momentum to do anything to alter extra points. The proposal to move the spot of extra points back to the 25-yard line is just about a sure thing to get voted down, and Mara said he doubts the owners will even vote for a one-week experiment with longer extra points in the preseason.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has spoken out against the extra point as a wasted play because it has become all but automatic, and the Patriots are the team that proposed the new rule moving extra points back. But it doesn’t sound like too many other teams are going to join them in voting for it.

Eventually, the NFL might decide that extra points are too boring to continue as they are. But that day isn’t coming any time soon.

29 responses to “John Mara doubts any changes are coming to the extra point

  1. And if you do suggest changes to the extra point, maybe he’ll dock you $18M on your salary cap for the next two years?

  2. Since Johnny Boy had his “Broken Offensive” presser, Gilbride got fired, the front office are busy beavers, so yeah, he knows, really!
    HA, loL

  3. GOOD. An owner who understands the concept of “leaving well-enough alone.”

  4. Eliminate the extra point and replace it with the 2 point conversion where you must run or pass it to score. This brings excitment to the play!

  5. At least an experimental during Pre-Season games would have been good, for evaluative purposes. However, if your an owner who is adamantly opposed to change, then why even do that…….?

  6. Of course not, belichick is smarter than mara and the other owners. Why would anyone listen to him?

  7. Its fine the way it is now. There are already too many games effected by bad officiating, let’s not add games where teams lose a game by 1 point because of a STUPID idea to move the extra point back to the 25.

  8. I think we’re starting to get to the point where we need to leave well enough alone for a while . . . the owners are in kind of a ‘mad scientist’ mode right now , sort of a , “If a little bit of change is good , then maybe we should change a lot more things . . .” kind of mindset.
    I just don’t think we should be discussing wholesale changes to the rule book every single offseason.

  9. . . . and if anybody can run to the bathroom and take a whiz in the amount of time it takes to line up and kick an extra point , then you’re a better man than I.

  10. Moving from the one to the 25 is the issue. If you want to add excitement but don’t want to completely change the game, move the extra point back to the 10 or 15. This adds a little bit of drama but keeps the integrity since this too is an almost automatic distance for todays kickers

  11. Extra points ARE a wasted play. Who even watches an extra point? You’re either changing the channel or going to get another beer.

    Moving the line back is not a stupid idea at all. Who are you to argue with the greatest coach in the history of the game?

  12. Just make the touchdown worth 7 points and eliminate the extra point all together

  13. Opposing coach after six elects 40 yard FG try for extra point or makes team try for 2.

  14. A better idea is to move the extra point to the 1 yard line. I believe this would get more teams going for 2 points.

  15. let’s be clear. the giants “owners” John Mara and Mike Tisch are not really “owners.” It’s their mothers who inherited the ownership from their husbands.

  16. Pro football is supposed to be hard. The extra point is too easily made. I want to see teams go for two or have the kicker make a more difficult kick.

  17. But he will do what he can to make sure it penalizes a division rival in some manner…fiscally if possible.

  18. It’s simple do what rugby does. move the ball back to the five or 10 but put the entire yard line in play. If you score a TD to the far right of the end zone your kicker has to kick from the same spot but on the 5/10. creates more drama games will hinge on the xp

  19. Make it easier for defenses to block or interfere with the kick by easing or eliminating what the refs can flag or penalize. If someone wants to climb up on the back of a teammate to get some extra height, for example, so be it!

  20. We never hear Ralph Wilson or the Glazers or Paul Allen or the Fords or Stephen Ross or Ziggy Wilf or other owners speak to us about proposed future changes to the game, why do we hear from John Mara?
    I get the impression that Belichick proposes a series of rule changes, on behalf of the Krafts, but the conservative old guard of the NFL is still effectively controlled by Mara and the Rooneys. Goodell is strongly supported by all of the owners because of the profits generated but his major backers are the conservative old guard of owners.

  21. Kraft had much more influence than the giants owners, so they NFL should not make Mara as it’s spokesperson.

  22. Obvious that thegronk is still butthurt from us beating lord brady and the emperor not once but twice.

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