Mike Brown: A.J. Green’s option buys time to make Andy Dalton call

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Bengals owner Mike Brown knows he’s going to have to spend some money soon.

But he admitted Sunday he’s going to take his time doing a long-term deal with A.J. Green, while he focuses on a possible-but-not-certain new contract for quarterback Andy Dalton.

Brown told Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer that the team planned to use the fifth-year option on wide receiver A.J. Green, which will lock him in through the 2015 season at the level of the transition tag ($10.176 million for wide receivers).

A.J. has one difference, you can tender him,” Brown said. “That takes a big chunk of money. He’d probably get it anyway. It keeps him on the reservation, he’s not going to be leaving. He’s going to be here for not one more year but two more years. Even though we haven’t tendered him yet our intention is to do that and put ourselves in position to turn to others such as Dalton and we would like to turn to a couple more as well.

“We would like to get something long term but at least we know with A.J. we have two years. With some of the others we have one year.”

Dalton’s the first of the others, as the quarterback’s contract expires after this season, and they don’t have the reasonable option year device to sit on him. Brown admitted the team’s going to have to make hard choices as it pertains to the quarterback deal.

“We are going to try to get something done but I don’t know if we are going to be able to or not,” Brown said of Dalton. “At some point we are going to have to do something more than just let everyone else leave waiting to get something done with that situation. We held back this year trying to put ourselves in a position to get him done. If it turns out it can’t be made to work we will do something elsewhere. I don’t think we plan to go another year the way we did this year.”

The Bengals weren’t able to keep former franchise player Michael Johnson this offseason, and overcommitting to Dalton will keep them from hanging onto other parts of a young core.

Deciding whether he’s worth it or not is another call Brown’s going to have to make, and unlike Green, he doesn’t have the luxury of two years to make it.

34 responses to “Mike Brown: A.J. Green’s option buys time to make Andy Dalton call

  1. Andy Dalton isn’t Cincinatti’s problem.

    Their head coach is.

    If they would have fired him and promoted Mike Zimmer to head coach, they could have won a Super Bowl.

    Now the torch has been passed to the Vikings.

    Who have more talent anyways.

  2. It’s called cutting your losses and step one is admitting you have a problem.

    Andy Dalton is a problem.

  3. As a bengals fan , I love what Andy has brought in terms of helping right the ship into relevance. 3 straight years to the playoffs in your first 3 years in the NFL, none the less with a young team who was I a dark place right before getting there is no easy feat. That said, it’s time to prove he can take it to the next level. I truly believe he can, and hope he proves it this year. If he doesn’t though, the NFL is a business and it may be time to part ways.

    The bigger problem here which no one seems to want to address is Marvin Lewis. Right guy to get us out of the basement doesn’t mean he’s the right guy to take us into the elite status of the league.

    Looking forward to next season already. Go Bengals.

  4. I think he needs to make a shrewd decision about what he is doing long-term at the GM and HC positions first. Get those people locked down and in place and go from there.

  5. Click on the link to the interview.

    The link provides a more accurate account of what mike brown is doing and plans on doing with Andy Dalton.

    The interview says that the Bengals have been working on a deal with Andy Dalton.

  6. Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league already. It is well established that he has the best arm in the NFL, and he is quickly becoming the smartest. If only Mike Brown would surround him with some competent teammates. Nevertheless, Andy will put the team on his shoulders like he always does.

  7. January 6, 1990.

    That was the last playoff victory for the Cincinnati Bengals. That is more than 24 years.

    Since then, the Browns moved to Baltimore, and won 2 Super Bowls.
    The Steelers have been to 4 Super Bowls, and have won two.
    The Browns returned to the NFL.

    Talk to us when you win a game that ACTUALLY counts.

  8. Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league already. It is well established that he has the best arm in the NFL….. Ba ha ha ha ha ha Thanks Red Rifle funniest thing I’ve seen all day

  9. Bengals should let dalton walk he’s not a franchise quarter back, heck they could trade him to the jets since they don’t have one either

  10. Greenbay is not 0-3 in the playoffs the last 4-5 years. I recall winning the Super Bowl in 2010 and beating the Vikings in the playoffs. Be smart for once Viking fans. Signed, every Packer fan

  11. andy is a good QB in the regular season but he is underwhelming vs elite competition when he has everything a QB needs to be great; a elite WR and several young good receivers , a stable and good oline and a good RB but he has three years in a row played terrible in the playoffs with everyone a QB could want i think you trade him to the browns for a 1st maybe more than get a kid who can develop and will prob give you the same as andy in that system but could develop in more than a noodle armed game manager.

  12. Dalton may or may not be the guy I guess that depends on who you ask or how long and how much you put around him. But so far with a great WR a pretty decent reciever and 2 TEs and a good running game he still hasnt been able to win one playoff game. Which in itself is saying allot but I think theyd be best served by taking a mid round pick to develop if hes not up to the task and sign a guy like Sanchez or Freeman to immediately push him because Dalton isn’t playing as good as he should be considering how good the other pieces are on the Bengals team. Great defense good running game, a great receiver with two great TEs hell this type of roster is what QBs dream of… in Philly Mcnabb for most his career was throwing to receivers like Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell those were guys who couldn’t get roster spots on other teams! Soif I were Brown I might wanna not sign Dalton to an extension just yet.

  13. Whoever thinks Dalton sucks, is a moron.

    As a Chargers and Rivers fan, there are few QB’s in the league that impress me as much as Dalton.

    Give him time, I can see a championship on the horizon for him and the Bengals.

  14. I so think ginge will benefit from not having jay around. He brought him this far but he was always too careless when it counts. Hue will be on his rear end so he will get a good deal because of jay leaving.

  15. Finding a good quarterback is not easy. Don’t let go unless you have something solid backing it up. The Texans are gonna learn that this year. Giving up Dalton would be a big mistake for the Bengals

  16. Dear Mike Brown,

    Please give all of the money you were thinking about using on Andy Dalton to A.J. already and lock him up for 6 more years. After this, perhaps you would consider trading said mediocre QB to Jay Gruden, who loved him enough to convince you to draft him, as a backup for the ever injured RGIII.

  17. Nofoolnodrool says:Mar 23, 2014 6:18 PM

    Be careful the Ravens are still looking for a QB
    SB47 MVP Joe Flacco
    Google search it sometime.

  18. What happened to patience with young quarterbacks entering the nfl? There’s only been a select few who’ve own playoff games in the first three years of their career.

  19. Funny how people blame Andy’s issues on the coaches. While I agree, Marvin should have been gone long ago, he (or Jay Gruden) weren’t the ones out there throwing the interceptions and making the bad decisions. Gruden may have been calling terrible plays, but Andy needs to know when to get rid of the ball and where to throw it in order to not cause an interception. 3 years in and he has choked in the playoffs every year and still can’t learn to make better decisions. I sure hope they don’t sign him for big money bc he’s not worth it.

  20. Trivia Question….What Year did the Bengals last win a playoff game? Answer 1990 season. LOL

  21. The Red Rifle says:
    Mar 23, 2014 6:52 PM
    Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league already. It is well established that he has the best arm in the NFL, and he is quickly becoming the smartest?

    What have you been watching? Have you already forgot about the picks and “walk off safety” on Halloween night in Miami. Smart, pfft…

  22. @hehateme2– it baffles me that you dont recognize the obvious sarcasm and trolling being done by RedRifle. THat’s the kind of response he wants.

    Well done, red rifle. Well done.

  23. So now we have our reason the Bengals have not pursued free agency this year, especially compared to the two past years, where they were slightly active in free agency.

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