Roddy White tries to get out of March Madness season-ticket bet

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Falcons receiver Roddy White plans only to partially pay off a March Madness bet he made with a fan on Twitter.

After White tweeted that he thought Duke would win the NCAA Championship, he heard from a fan on Twitter named Dylan Hoyt who said that Mercer (located 90 miles south of Atlanta) would beat Duke in the first round. White told Hoyt that wasn’t happening, and White said he was so confident that he’d buy Hoyt season tickets if it really happened.


But Mercer did beat Duke, and White began to reconsider the “bet” he had made. White instead said he would buy Hoyt tickets to one game, against the Bears, saying that Hoyt is a Bears fan.


There are two problems with that: First, it’s not what White promised. He said he’d buy Hoyt season tickets, not tickets to the Bears game. Secondly, Hoyt is an Atlanta Falcons fan, not a Chicago Bears fan. (White didn’t seem to realize that when Hoyt was tweeting “Go Bears,” he was referring to the Mercer Bears, the team that upset Duke to get this whole thing started, and not the Chicago Bears.)

White heard it from fans on Twitter who said he should pay what he originally promised to pay, but he called that “crazy.”


White is right that Hoyt had nothing riding on the bet, but so what? White said he would give the fan season tickets, and he should give the fan season tickets. White has made tens of millions of dollars in his NFL career, so it’s not like he can’t afford it. White should do the right thing. And next time, he should watch what he tweets.

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  1. Calling BS in white. Best thing to do is a 1 game experience going to the locker room, great seats and a nice meal before/after the game.

  2. It’s a drop in the bucket for Roddy to own up. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. And other such expressions to say Roddy short changed the man.

  3. Straight out of contracts 101: No consideration provided = no valid contract. Not the classiest of moves by Roddy, but he’s legally correct!

  4. He should also invest in spelling lessons, starting at the 5th grade level.

    Tired of this fool running his mouth. What has he actually done besides disappear in big games?

    It’s time to #RiseUp, AND #PayUp Roddy.

  5. Roddy will be a fan hero if he honors his bet….and a pathetic no-good bum if he doesn’t. No middle ground.

  6. Second time Roddy White made a fool of himself via Twitter. Step away from the social media.

  7. WOW! What a sore loser. Too much mouth … too little brain. Glad he’s not my teammate. Sorry dude you have there, Atlanta.

  8. It wasn’t a “bet”. It was a GUARANTEE. White never asked Hoyt what he was going to “bet” in return. He simply said ” if mercer beat duke I will give you season tickets 50 yard line first row”. Again, he wasn’t asking Hoyt to make a bet.

  9. Oh for Heavens sake! What happened to just mouthing off comments like “I’ll eat my hat if…”

    White doesn’t owe the fan anything at all, apart from maybe recognition that he was right and White was wrong.

    If White wants to give the fan something for nothing, then the offer of tickets for a game is more than adequate.

    I’m not a White fan, he’s just another player to me, but getting on his back over this is ridiculous in my opinion.

  10. Moron. Social media in the hands of a fool is a dangerous weapon indeed. Pay up, it’s not like you don’t have the money.

  11. What’s next? Is he gonna pull the oldest truck in the book ” well, we didn’t shake on it!” And FYI who cares if he can’t spell he can buy you

  12. White should have asked what he would get if Duke won if he was so concerned. You tweet it, you own it! Fact of the matter is those tickets would cost Roddy under $2K if you go by what’s available on the Falcons website. If you want to compare apples to apples, that’s a $36 bet to a person who earns $100K annually. (Roddy makes $5.5M x .000366=approx $2K)

  13. Arthur Blank should step up with some tickets and say that even if one of his players doesn’t have any class, he does.

    Problem is that there are only a few “50 yard line front row” seats in the Georgia Dome (or any stadium). I don’t know who has those tickets, but I’d guess they have long since been claimed for the next few seasons by people who have no intentions of giving them up.

  14. To everyone saying “no contract” and “no consideration”. Congratulations on your legal expertise, you marvelous barristers, you!

    This has nothing to do with “the law” and everything to do with a public figure running his mouth, getting called on it and then choosing to look like a jackass about it.

  15. If there are any true Falcons out there maybe one of them will step up and help the financially challenged Roddy White pay off his obligation by donating his or her season tickets on the 50 yard line.

    Oh wait, did I say financially challenged?…

  16. Roddy needs to pay up AND learn to shut his mouth. Idiots spouting off on social media. Learn your lesson and do the right thing. He can turn this into a positive story, grab ESPN coverage and all the positive PR that comes with it by going above and beyond what he offered. Buy the tickets, let the fan come to the locker room after one of the games. Give him a signed jersey etc. Roddy has a chance to get some great PR but he doesn’t even realize it.

  17. What a cheap, welching weasel. Season tickets on his salary is CHUMP CHANGE…like he is.

  18. Its something in the water in Atlanta. The House Wives of Atlanta lie to each other’s face all show, every show.

  19. Maybe Warren Buffet will buy the guy tickets… Or maybe the guy can win the billion dollars, buy the Falcons, and cut Roddy White…

  20. ghostface, you must have failed Business Law 1. To enter into a contract there must be an offer and acceptance, which is what we have here. It is amazing how many prominent individuals post crazy stuff on social media, get busted, and then expect a hall pass to get out of it…

  21. IMO ,, mr white should pay up ,, they don’t have to be on the 50 yd line but somewhere else ,, it’s the right thing to do !!

  22. Should be easy to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ when you’re a millionaire athlete.

  23. “ghostfacenoah says: Mar 23, 2014 7:42 AM

    Straight out of contracts 101: No consideration provided = no valid contract. Not the classiest of moves by Roddy, but he’s legally correct!”

    This is why we don’t need more lawyers. It’s called a bet moron.

  24. What exactly does White have to lose? Money? God forbid should he lose any money. The man is outrageously fortunate to be playing in the NFL and he can’t cough up a $1530 (according to the Falcons website)? Talk about a cheap skate. If this goes on any longer and White does live up to his end of the bet. I think the guy should sell them on principle. Not sure about anyone else but I wouldn’t want to watch a guy play football who had to be publicly belittled into owning up to his bet.

  25. Would Goodell suspend White for Gambling ??? … lolol …I am sure the Falcons will bail out this Loser and do the right thing …

  26. Anybody who thinks he owes is just a fool looking for any handout they can get. I can’t believe this is even up for debate. Silly rabbits twitter is for kids.

  27. Twitter — the perfect trap.

    False bravado meets hubris.

    Roddy’s true character is revealed.

    Hey Mr. Big Time Atlanta Falcon — next time engage brain before thumbs.

  28. Legally he doesn’t have to pay up, but in the court of public opinion he needs to put his money where is mouth is. Roddy, if you reading this, save face and pay the man.

  29. Remember when somebody’s word meant something? Probably only if you are at least 50. Just another example of how somebody’s word means nothing unless it is printed on a contract. I’m guessing there would be a lot of guys in Vegas who would love to get their money back they lost.

  30. In a Court of Law, this “wager” would not be enforceable. I suspect one reason would be lack of consideration – since there was really nothing for White to gain if Duke won.

    However, in the (hypothetical) Court of Doing the Right Thing – RW should just man up, honor his word and learn a life lesson about one’s mouth writing checks he can’t (or won’t) cash.

    I think if White humbly and readily paid, he would have been viewed very positively by millions of people for being a man of his word. A high profile person sticking by one’s word in a situation like this where it benefits the little guy — could have even led to an endorsement deal or two.

    But White blew it. This has a bad look.

  31. Reminds me of golf course betting. If you are not going to pay up don’t join the game. If you make a bet and lose you pay. Period. It’s the code you need to follow. You made your own bed white.

    The way the NFL smashes us on tickets pay up some of thT millions you took last year in your 50 yard line seat old sore legs.

  32. While Shoddy White is a clown and once again getting in over his head due to his mouth, any first year law student can even tell you that without consideration (money) there is no mutual assent to be bound.

    Legally, he doesn’t owe.

    Ethically, he DOES.

  33. The Falcons are NOT responsible for the actions of Roddy White. Roddy White is RESPONSIBLE. Therefore if anyone is sued, it MUST be Roddy White.

    The NFL, nor the Falcons have any LEGAL compulsion here to cover the debts that Roddy White has incurred.
    Also, if ppl think that Mr. Blank and the Falcons should just “pay up” for White so that they do not suffer bad publicity, then I contend that White’s actions have legally caused injury to the Falcons and the Falcons can and should void White’s contract forthwith with no qualifiers.

    White is RESPONSIBLE for his own actions, either he pays up or he suffers the consequences.

  34. I’d hate it — based upon these comments for the most part — if this were one of you guys who were in Hoyt’s shoes, you would be terribly disappointed if you tried to take this to court ha.

  35. To all of you who say he should pay. Look at his tweet. He didn’t say the tickets were for the Falcons or anything specific. White could get the guy season tickets to some high school team in Alaska and be true to his word. Word.

  36. I would also go a step further than White’s obvious stupidity. Like it or not, he’s a role model to some extent. (I know there’s a lot of debate there). Think about it. Here is a guy that is being paid a lot of money to be a competitor. The team, the league and the fans have an expectation that players will play the game and conduct their personal lives in a manner that reflects well on the game of football and all of the sportsmanship it entails…….and we have one of it’s star players displaying poor losership to the entire world on his Twitter feed by welching on a bet and his word as a sportsman. If he were an endorser for my company, I would be reconsidering the value of having a poor sport and a welcher plugging my sporting goods. As a consumer, perhaps I might reconsider purchasing anything from a company who has the poor taste to use a douche like White as a marketing tool. I guess at least they would be 50% correct….he’s definitely a tool.

  37. He absolutely should not pay. Give me a break – it’s twitter bravado. It’s no wonder so many in this country live on govt handouts with the attitudes I see on this board.

  38. 100 % character. If a Steelers player said this, he’d man up and own it. That’s the difference between the Steelers and many other teams. The a steelers draft character as well. Yes even James Harrison would’ve owned you fools!

  39. Listen this clown is a joke …..Hasen’t he promised a superbowl ? oh yeah and he always says he’s gonna beat the SAINTS………. long on promise >>>>short on delivery

  40. he could have easily bet a pepsi…. he decided to be the big man, then he decided to be the little man.
    yes this will not hold up in a court but its just weak

  41. He’s saving the fab the misery of having to attend another Falcons losing season. He’s just looking out for the guy!

  42. Now Roddy says it is illegal to gamble in NFL. I guess he is asking to be suspended?

  43. Look at him blaming others for what his mouth said.

    Pay up and become a man, if not I hope you drop many and numerous passes this season all as a conscious reminder to you. 🙂

  44. Roddy’s real problem is that he bet something not even he can get. Those front row seats on the 50 yard line aren’t something even he can just get.

    He should man up and get the closest thing to it that he can, though. And chalk up the cost to a lesson learned.

  45. No, he can’t make good on his promise by buying Hoyt season tickets to a high school football team or to Mercer College basketball. That’s still being a weasel.

  46. Since there was no timetable Roddy should do what I did when I was a kid if I lost a bet to one of my bothers “I’ll pay out when I’m 80”

  47. A man is only as good as his word…don’t say something you’re not willing to back up. If he wasn’t going to follow-through with his proposal (this wasn’t a bet), then why even mention it in the first place?

  48. A man so blessed can’t fulfill a promise, that stinks.
    Rodney pay up and keep your dignity, as the old saying goes, “what goes around comes around”. It’s came around to you and nows the time to put up the jack. O yeah, I could use a couple of those tickets myself, Rodney. Lol

  49. What is equally appalling to me is that he whines, “….want me to man up and pay a bet….”. Its as if he is telling the world, “I will NOT man up.” So what’s the alternative, Roddy? What will it say about you, the human being? What will it say about your family? That you can run your mouth, make promises, and then renege on them if a price must be paid? Is that the moral standard that you will teach your children. To cheat whenever they can benefit from it?

    Remember Roddy, what goes around, comes around. Do unto others, and eventually it’ll come home to bite you in the keester.

  50. Wow. What a dummy. Anyone woul realize they need to pay up season tix of some kind for the guy. Great PR move for what amounts to chump change for a multi millionair Tickets to the Bears game because he’s a Bears fan? Lmao!

  51. all the money he has made/makes and he has a great chance to look like a stand up guy to the Atlanta fans.

    instead he chooses to look like a total D-bag, typical money grubbing sports star who really shows his true colors about not caring one bit about the fans.

    show me the money right roddy?

  52. Everybody always hating on the rich guy…. If the shoe were on the other foot…….

    Then again, Roddy’s mouth caused the whole thing. But he’s right in that the other guy had nothing riding on the bet…. I dunno, I’d welch out too-I ain’t never gonna run into this fool again!!

  53. You know the saying “A man is only as good as his word.” Roddy White let the whole know that he is not that man.

  54. C’mon, people. This is really simple…

    he knows it’s the Mercer Bears (he watched the game). But by just buying a ticket to the (Chicago) Bears game, he saves some face and some money without showing his cards.

    He really is that greedy and nefarious. Have a hard time believing it?

  55. The gm’s are making bets by signing you to a contract believing you will help sale tickets or contribute in making a run to Super Bowl; should they get partially of that signing bonus since you were injured half of the season? Like Deion say ” pay da man” WATCH WHAT YOU SAY BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND!!

  56. I wonder what Peter King’s opinion is here – he’s a notorious welcher as well on public declarations.

    A man’s word is his bond… the whole entire premise of making a public declaration is to follow through on it.

    No respect.. especially for a dude who made a bet because it’s pennies to him

  57. You don’t Welch, homey. Aaron Rodgers welched on paying his personal assistant, but that was an, ahem, complicated relationship.

  58. “if mercer beat duke I will give you season tickets 50 yard line first row”…that’s NOT a bet. That is a statement of something you intend to do, NOW DO IT!!

  59. White is the same guy who, after the George Zimmerman acquittal, tweeted that all of the jurors should go home and kill themselves. Sure, he retracted that tweet and apologized profusely, (probably with a poke in the ribs from the Falcon’s PR folks), but the damage was done.
    So now he is once again a “victim’ of his own inability to just shut up. Yeah, the Court of Public Opinion has found him guilty of being a classless fool, and he’s officially sentenced to public ridicule. By the way, no one placed a bet at all….White did, however, state he would give the fan something pretty specific if Duke lost to Mercer. My money is on White being a jerk.

  60. From what I see – it said “season tickets”

    Not understanding where there is any debate here.
    And for the people that want to site contract law – hello. Doesn’t really apply as there was never an OFFER on the other part – one said that a team would beat the other – and then the bet was made WITHOUT a qualifier (it’s amazing how people will try to site law – and have ZERO idea). It was MADE as a one sided bet – one person said a team will beat the other – and the other said if they do, I’ll give you season tickets.
    It’s simple.
    Better pony up those season tickets. There is NO way out – you LOST the bet. PERIOD.

  61. That mouth of his and twitter, always gettin’ him in to trouble. He needs to keep that mouth shut and stay the hell off twitter. The Mouth Of The NFC South!!!!!

  62. draconian, it is not enforceable because there was no offer and there was no mutual assent to be bound. Only from a moral/ethical standpoint is this an issue, and if he wants to Welsh, then so be it.

    Otherwise, if you are going to come in attempting to condescend, at least be correct.

  63. He didn’t ask the follower to put up anything. Dumb on his part, and dumb on his part saying he would put up something big…he did this because he was sooooo confident. Idiot. Pay up. Don’t get on twitter and pound your chest like you’re the man because Hoyt isn’t a famous NFL receiver and you tried to bully him with you’re “all in” bet. You lost, pay up. Legally I get that White is required to do nothing, but a man of his word, he WILL NEVER be mistaken for. I hope no one anywhere, let’s him forget it.

  64. “Man up” are the operative words.

    In essence, Roddy, you’re admitting you’re not a “man,” by reneging on the bet.

    And, a bet does not require both parties to offer a reward dependent on the outcome. You made the offer and did not assume or require a counter.

    You sound like someone who “ain’t had no proper home trainin’.” Your word should be your bond, whether it’s on the ridiculous Twitter, face-to-face, or in a contract…. Oh, wait — i forgot. You’re a football player, where contracts don’t mean much. “Y’all” regularly expect to renegotiate them…..

  65. This was not a “wager” or “bet”. It was a “contest” – similar to Warren Buffet offering $1Bn to anyone getting a perfect bracket. Consideration doesn’t have to be monetary. In that case, the consideration was signing up on the website of a business he is an investor in. In this case it is hard to see what the consideration is…but it isn’t hard to think that this will cost more in legal fees and PR than the few thousand dollars it would cost to make good. If 100 people decide to buy Julio Jones jerseys or Matt Ryan jerseys instead of Roddy White jerseys it will be more expensive than paying that man his money. I can imagine Falcons PR people or even the owner leaning on White to make good on the promise.

  66. I am totally shocked. By not paying 4 grand or whatever for a couple of season tickets; Roddy White is probably losing millions on his brand. It makes no financial sense and plus , he probably would have gained brand points by buying the tix right away.

  67. For those arguing about this holding up in a court of law, you’re right that it won’t. But the court of public opinion can be just as punishing.

    This is the equivalent of a buddy who bets a case of beer that nobody can hit a hole in one at the local municipal course during a weekend round with three buddies. I think that example is quite accurate considering the salary-to-bet ratio mentioned above and seeing Mercer beat Duke during March Madness happens about as often as a hole in one. Next thing you know, one guy drops a hole in one of a 200 yard 5 iron shot and that guy is saying “no, I was kidding. I didn’t think he’d hit it.”

    Congrats Fraudy White. You may have saved yourself about $2k but you’ve made yourself a punchline on twitter and among NFL fans. I think the ultimate irony would be when his next contract is negotiated, at least one owner says “Y’all people are crazy on twitter you want me to man up and pay a contract to a person that had nothing to lose during negotiations”

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