Browns bring Paul McQuistan back for one year


The Browns don’t know at the moment who their quarterback might be, but they know they’ll have to protect him.

Toward that end, they’ve signed former Seahawks offensive lineman Paul McQuistan to a one-year deal, per ESPN’s John Clayton.

The Browns lost Oneil Cousins and Shawn Lauvao in free agency, after using their transition tag to hang onto center Alex Mack.

McQuistan started 14 games for the Seahawks last year, and 40 games for them the last three seasons. The 30-year-old has also had a previous stint with the Browns (a month in 2010) along with the Jaguars and Raiders.

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  1. Well, Haslam promised this was the year they were all in. Looking forward to seeing what they will do with the remaining $32MM they haven’t spent.

  2. If it took Seattle 40 starts (out of a possible 48) over three years to figure it out, maybe he`s not such a bad player after all. Didn`t O-line coach Cable call him ` the glue that held the line together`? Occasionally players are let go to make room for a younger player to develop and/or salary considerations.

  3. For the Hawks, McQuistan was adequate. Not a particular standout, but a large body who functioned well in the positions that he was asked to play. Yet, in all of the interviews that I saw him in, I never got the feeling that he “got it”, that the Seahawks were “his team”. Hope he does well for Cleveland.

  4. Watched this guy’s whole career, beginning at Weber State. He’s a massive road grader who’s great in a power blocking scheme. Not athletic enough to succeed in a zone scheme – won’t be out in front pulling either. He was another victim of Greg Knapp’s crappy system, along with McFadden.

  5. I was wondering when we’d get some depth on the O line. He seems like one of those guys who’s almost good enough to be a starter but not quite. Would’ve like to at least gotten a 2 year deal for him but we’ll see how he does this year. Guess he wanted a shorter deal because he’ll soon be old enough to play for the Steelers.

  6. As a Hawk’s fan that has watched the team transform under Pete Carroll, McQ is one of my favorite Seahawks. His versatility and reliability have been remarkable. He is basically a journeyman lineman who came in and wasn’t even a starter, but the first year he was here he started almost every game due to injuries to the starters, played every line position but center and even did a good job subbing for Okung at left tackle when he was hurt that year. When he had to play left tackle this year, he was definitely overmatched and out of his depth, but I will always respect the job he did for us and heart he showed.


  7. Any change that produces better protection of and gives more time to the QB is a huge step forward, especially for the Browns.

    Consider, would the Browns have won 3 to 4 more games last season if Hoyer stayed healthy?

    And Hoyer? According to self-anointed QB guru Ken Whisenhunt now of the Titans, Hoyer was not good enough to keep playing for him and the Cards during his last season there.

  8. Cousins and Lauvao were not “lost.” They were shoved out the door, and the deadbolt was thrown.

    Poor quarterback play wasn’t the only problem with the Browns…

  9. He makes up for his lack of athleticism by having the ability to put opposing players in a trance when they look into his eyes.

    He’s the modern day Medusa, with a bright red mullet.

  10. He was playing very well at the end of his stint with the Seahawks and will do well there for the year.

  11. I liked McQuistan and he will be missed in Seattle. Now it’s time for the depth chart to how deep the talent is alien Seattle 🙂

    #gohawks 🙂

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