Snyder forms aid organization, remains committed to Redskins name

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In a letter to fans Monday night, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder announced he had established an organization dedicated to providing aid and assistance to Native Americans.

The Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation aims to “provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for Tribal communities,” Snyder wrote.

“With open arms and determined minds, we will work as partners to begin to tackle the troubling realities facing so many tribes across our country,” Snyder said of the organization, which will be unveiled on Tuesday.

In the letter, Snyder said he visited 26 tribal reservations in a four-month period.

“The more I heard, the more I’ve learned, and the more I saw, the more resolved I became about helping to address the challenges that plague the Native American community,” Snyder said. “In speaking face-to-face with Native American leaders and community members, it’s plain to see they need action, not words.”

The organization distributed more than 3,000 coats this winter, Snyder said. More than 40 other projects are in the works, he said.

Of his trip to visit the tribes, Snyder wrote: “I wanted and needed to hear firsthand what Native Americans truly thought of our name, our logo, and whether we were, in fact, upholding the principle of respect in regard to the Native American community.”

In the letter, he referenced a discussion he had with Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuila Indians Chairwoman Mary L. Resvaloso, who told him that “(there) are Native Americans everywhere that 100 percent support the name.”

With regard to the Redskins’ name, Snyder said he “(believes) even more firmly now” that it should remain unchanged. The name “captures the best of who we are and who we can be,” Snyder wrote.

“I’ve been encouraged by the thousands of fans across the country who support keeping the Redskins tradition alive. Most — by overwhelming majorities — find our name to be rooted in pride for our shared heritage and values,” Snyder said in his letter Monday.

On Monday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about opposition to the name, which doesn’t figure to fade away even as Snyder digs in on the issue.

“We have, I think, done a very thorough job of making sure that we understand all perspectives on this and we will continue to do that,” Goodell said.

There have numerous public calls for the Redskins to change their name, with pressure even coming from multiple members of Congress.

90 responses to “Snyder forms aid organization, remains committed to Redskins name

  1. Hail to the Redskins !

    While the others talk, the Redskins are actually doing something real and meaningful to help American Indians and the struggles they face.

    Some in the media will put their cynical spin on this of course, but this gives them less ground to stand on. Good move by the Redskins.

  2. This feels kinda historic.

    Like this could truly be the most uppity use of the “I’m not racist! Look, I hang out with black people sometimes!” excuse.


  3. Want to change the Redskins team name? Give Daniel Snyder an offer he can’t refuse, buy the team and make it happen…otherwise, put it to bed people! Obama may have a phone & a pen in Washington D.C. but Mr. Snyder owns the Washington Redskins!

  4. It appears as if the name is not going away anytime soon. and it appears Snyder is willing to push limits for support, including helping native-american tribes for support.

    Whether you or not you agree with the name, or agree with Snyder trying to gain Native-American support via fundraisers and donations, at the very least the talks over a silly name have spurred at least some relief to someone in need. That’s more than I expected.

  5. I never liked Snyder much, but this seems pretty black and white on the surface.

    The man is doing good, and for his effort, the voices to change the name should pipe down a bit.

  6. Well, the so-called tribal leaders haven’t done much for the regular people on the reservations for the last 150 years. All those lucrative casinos have not produced a thriving, educated native American culture. A few are very rich, most still live in hopeless poverty.

    As forged into our country’s fabric by LBJ’s Great Society, something for nothing propels a culture into a downward spiral. When you reward irresponsibility, you get more irresponsibility. Dependency on government crushes motivation and prevents achievement and upward mobility.

    The socialists/progressives do not want citizens to have the chance to have success from their own efforts, they want to create legions of uneducated slaves who perpetually vote them into office for fear of losing their government check.

  7. Its bizarre that the Redskin name is insulting. This day of political correctness causes more problems than solutions. In my 48 years / 40 years of watching football I never considered that Redskins name was derogatory. Chiefs, Braves, Indians, Redskins only promote the prowess of the Indians that have been around from the day all others showed up in these states. Wipe out the logos and wipe out respect they have earned, Warriors which is another name of respect. I hate the Washington football team but not the Redskins. Snyder has spent a small fortune playing the game for the minority of Indian activists, most others would be happy with more casinos and a better quality of life, like the west coast has. I am from Cali and we all respect each other.

  8. Change the name already Snyder you slimy rat. My entire family and I are full-blooded First Nations peoples (unlike these frauds in the article who claim Native heritage based on their grandmother being 1/16th Cherokee and other nonsense) and we’ve protested the Racial Slurs name since the 1960s, only for our indignation to fall upon deaf ears.

  9. In a goodwill gesture to those in need, Snyder donated boxes and boxes of Redskins NFL branded merchandise, to show his support and deep commitment to keeping his brand and business interests intact.

    Now, about that lawsuit…….

  10. So Congress is telling the Redskins to change their name, yet the Redskins are doing more to help improve Native Americans’ communities than Congress. This is why Congress is no moral authority.

  11. In honor of Snyder’s new foundation why not call the team “The Washington Americans.” Bear with me here. It would honor the Capital of the country which is the representation of ALL Americans, by keeping the logo it would honor the “Original Americans”, it is a name everyone could get behind and every time someone says “American” just like “Nationals” or “Capitals” you would think of the team. Instant free publicity. But most of all, it would show respect to individuals who were treated less than fairly and continue to be. Remember you heard it here first.

  12. I have worked for several Indian casinos here in Southern California. I can say that almost all of them that I have met are not only accepting of the name, but true fans of the team. The media are truly the only people offended.

  13. Great move Dan, nice to see the Skins will be helping the Native American communities but i’m sure the Skins haters will find say this is just a PR stunt because they can’t ever say anything positive about the Skins.

  14. Call me ignorant, but I still don’t see the redskins name ugly like others do. When I see the name if that football team I only see the football team, not a particular group of people it was named after.


    A Philadelphia Eagles Fan

  15. So, the only one actually helping the Native American population by deed instead “helping” by word is Dan Snyder. Weird.

  16. A Richmond Times Dispatch reporter who opposes the Redskins name did the same and visited tribes in Virginia. Every single tribe he visited supported the Redskins name. I give him credit for being man enough to still run the article.

  17. You kinda left out that these 26 Tribes were in 20 States. A better sampling than you get from the “Casino rich tribes” that are spending money on buying Congressmen.

  18. I don’t doubt for a moment that Snyder found many supporters among the Natives he visited. Here in AZ, I’ve repeatedly encountered Navajo, Pima, and Apache individuals who are Redskins fans – I’ve never met a Native that found the Redskins name and logo to be offensive. This country has a little too much time on its hands, with whites getting offended on the behalf of Natives they’ve never met. A sports team’s logo matters not to those that are struggling in poverty on the rez, and Snyder’s smartly going to the real problem, and not the media-contrived issue of imaginary hurt feelings.

  19. He obviously paid a PR staff to instruct him on doing something he thought would look good. When has he done anything similar when he wasnt under scrutiny for having an offensive team name?

  20. Sounds like snyder is doing his homework. Dont look for this comment or mainstream media to allow this to stand. Ive been deleted everytime ive commented on this board. Free speech, or free opinion does not match this political agenda sports website.

    Look for more pressure from congress and less print of snyders research results to be published.

  21. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Good going Dan, classy move. Mr. Snyder is putting his money where his mouth is… He is truly doing something to actually help Native Americans and not just stirring up fake outrage like some people (which is easy to do and doesn’t even help my people). A name change won’t do anything to help them, what Mr. Snyder is doing actually will and it actually takes hard work and money to accomplish. Stirring up fake outrage is easy and meaningless and helps no one. Mr. Snyder and The Washington Redskins organization will continue to honor and respect the Native American people like they always have. I hope the Redskins will really help those people in need and improve their way of living. I hope the Redskins can further gain our respect, help uplift us and gain a few more fans in the process. I feel very Honored as a Native man to be a proud Redskins fan. So proud of my team. Redskins for life… HTTR! #DanRespectsNativeAmericans

  22. I just became an even BIGGER Redskins fan and I didn’t think that was possible! Soooo Proud Of My Team!

  23. Translation: *Bribes Native Americans*

    We know he’s good at throwing money away on FAs, I guess he hasn’t figured out how much he’d make by changing the name, while earning some needed goodwill at the same time.

  24. “Using racial slurs and reinforcing stereotypes captures the best of who we are and what we can be” – said wealthy Caucasion male, Dan Snyder

    As far as meeting Native Americans that aren’t offended by the name, so what? There were black people that didn’t have a problem with slavery. A lot of abused spouses stand by the abusers. That doesn’t make the situation right or just.

    “Native Americans 100% support…” BULL CRAP. No people have ever 100% agreed on anything ever.

  25. I don’t like Snyder, but this is a good move. Even if it was prompted by the media-concocted “controversy” over the Redskins’ name, the real plight of Native Americans today aligns most heavily with issues of poverty and health. Hopefully Snyder’s intentions are truly in the right place. It’s clear (as it’s always been) that the team’s name isn’t the big deal some want it to be.

  26. Snyder is getting a whole lot of bad publicity because he insists on carrying on with a racist nickname for his team. To give it up would be to give up a lot of revenue generated through use of Redskin merchandise, etc. It would require that he get past that and do the right thing and replace the name. But he can’t. He keeps insisting that most Native Americans support the name, and uses that as justification for continuing this farce. I am Native American, am educated, and am not stupid enough to actually believe that any race could support the continued use of a name that perpetuates the stereotype of a bunch of red-skinned savages wreaking havoc.

  27. Maybe the Indians should get rid of their reservation high school football teams that are named “Redskins” too.

    This whole thing is drawn out so much and the liberal media just won’t let it go because it’s low-hanging fruit.

  28. If I could speak to Dan Snyder, I’d tell him to stand fast in your convictions and thank you for taking the time to verify your impact on the alleged offended community.

    Thank you also for making an effort to help and give validity to the real meaning of the name. What many have meant to be crippling to you will wind up blessing you and the people that they claimed were offended.

    It is odd that the alleged offended party, publicly uses the name in the same manner that you still do, but are not offended in their own use.

    Perhaps the real controversy is not in the name, but in what was done to the American Indian and remains unchanged unto this day.

    American politicians have still not addressed the evils of the past or the present and the name is a constant reminder of denigrated nation of resilient people who have been left on the Reservations with token accommodations from the people whose ancestors put them there.

  29. Wow! Dan Snyder offers up the ultimate insult. He thinks throwing money at Native Americans will get them to accept his racial slur. All NFL fans need to slap Dan Snyder out of his spoiled brat trust fund world and teach him this is socially unacceptable. Moreover, how can Roger Goodell not see the hypocrisy of penalizing players for using the N-word, yet supporting Washington’s team name?

  30. Dan Snyder taking real measures to help Native Americans. Putting HIS OWN MONEY where his mouth is. That’s going to help those people for real ( as opposed to making hay over the team name while not actually doing anything)….. Putting up your money is real help. Pontificating about sticking up for their dignity while you sip fine wine & eat lobster at media & political meetings is not.

  31. we, as a country have become one huge bunch of wussies. “I’m offended by that!” freedom of speech means that you have the right to be offended…and to get over it. You know what happens when someone spits at you? You get wet.

  32. Looks like this little divide-and-conquer social engineering plan is failing, doesn’t it?

    The fact is the term redskin evokes the fierce Native American warrior. It was never meant as a racial slur. This is true and can be verified by simple research.

    Attempts to force change a meaning of a word in order to advance a political agenda is a sign of a society in decay. We need some fierce redskin pride back in our hearts now.

  33. “The name “captures the best of who we are and who we can be,” Snyder wrote.”

    That sure was spoon-fed to a junior press assistant, wasn’t it?

    “Don’t ask question me, kid, just print it. Or you’re fired”

  34. Put his money where his mouth is and is providing real life support, for real life problems, to the populace he has been claiming to honor. You know, actually doing something for Native Americans while his detractors just stand on their soapboxes and do nothing to help in any pragmatic way.

    Well played, Mr. Snyder. Very well played.

  35. Snyder thinks he’s invincible, from chopping down trees that obscured sight lines from his home (the way he did it was not sanctioned) to adding stadium seats where ticket buyers couldn’t see the whole field, to generally and completely mismanaging a reputable NFL franchise. And now he’s offering tokens for two purposes: to retain the team nickname and continue to make money hand over fist with a losing team. His most recent offer to original Americans is a token of his familiar strategy: he relies on greed to guard his domain. The Washington NFL franchise will never win as long as Snyder owns it.

  36. There is a simple solution that will speed up the demise of the Redskin nickname. If the media is so hot and bothered about an NFL team using a recognized racial slur as the team’s name, then simply don’t use it anymore.

    PFT can lead the way. Just make the announcement that PFT will no longer abet the Washington NFL team’s continued use of a racial slur as a nickname. From this point on, PFT will not use the term “Redskins” any longer. From now on, it will just refer to the team as the Washington DC franchise, or simply Washington.

    If the media actually had the balls to “do the right thing” maybe then the team or the league itself would find it easier to put pressure on the team to get rid of it. Best of all, its easy. If the name is offensive, just don’t use it.

  37. Wow. It’s one thing to be defiant. It’s another thing to pretend to care by setting up an organization with the perceived slur IN the name of it. It’s not even necessary to be that much of a douche. This guy is unbelievable and also why I’m no longer a fan of the team. He’s the worst owner in sports. He’s the NFL’s James Dolan, except worse.

  38. Snyder is a terrible human being, but at least he’s actually doing something for the native people instead of worrying about their feelings.

  39. I must say the “numerous public calls” I’ve heard have not come from Native Americans but rather from social engineering busy body types.

  40. Daniel Snyder, Nice to see someone stand up to the PC idiots. Some people have to have something to bitch about. The Redskins are part of NFL history,dont back down.

  41. As much as I dislike Snyder, he’s at least trying to something here. I’m guessing if you polled Native American’s on their 5 top issues facing them in 2014, the name of sports teams doesn’t rank compared to health, education, jobs, environment, etc.

    I’m a Skins fan who accepts that one day the name will probably change. But for Snyder and D.C. fans, it will come from the NFL level or higher. He’s going to oppose any change all the way through the end. The NFL will have to play the heavy and be the bad guy in the name change story. Not the owner of the team.

    Either way… matter what people think of his motives. If this helps people in need. That’s a good thing.

  42. Obviously Dan Snyder has been moved by what he has discovered. Naysayers can say what they want, and continue to push political agenda’s, but I buy into the heartfelt comments from Snyder in this article. If anything this whole name change debate has given Snyder the opportunity to use some of his money to help others. That is a really good thing. Say what you want, keep your political stand but real good is coming out of this debate. It’s never been about a name, it’s been about people in need. Watch Dan make a real difference now.

  43. It seems like white liberals are the ones that are most offended by the name. I’m surprised they haven’t attacked Boeing yet for slapping the name “Apache” on their most destructive helicopter.

  44. Long overdue that the team share the wealth in this way. I still think Snyder should go even further and make minority owners of a consortium of tribes.

    And for those who have been saying, “I’d like to see if Dan Snyder has the guts to go to a reservation and ask people to their faces what they think of the Redskins name,” here you go.

  45. NFL must not be as strong as the NCAA when it comes to telling them what they can and can not do with their team names

  46. Dan Snyder just discovered the plight of native Indians and now he will be the white man who fixes it because he wants to keep making money off them. Does that sound like reality? Or the plot for the Lone Ranger 2?

  47. “In the letter, he referenced a discussion he had with Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuila Indians Chairwoman Mary L. Resvaloso, who told him that “(there) are Native Americans everywhere that 100 percent support the name.”

    In similar news, North Korea recently announced that leader Kim Jong-un was re-elected by 100% of the vote.

    Everything Little Danny does is 100% marketing based.


  48. This is a good step for Snyder, providing assistance where it is needed.

    Sharing some of the value from the name.

  49. While this project of Daniel Snyder’s is all well and good and should be commended, I cant help but wonder if while he was visiting those 26 tribal reservation he ever called someone a “Redskin”. Somehow, I doubt it.

  50. Just change the name to the Washington Natives and call it a day. Can keep the same color scheme, helmet, tradition, etc. and it will not be offensive anymore.

  51. Snyder 1
    Liberal Media 0

    Say what you want, he is now making substantial change and you all are whining about a name that will accomplish nothing.

  52. “The more I heard, the more I’ve learned, and the more I saw, the more resolved I became about helping to address the challenges that plague the Native American community,”

    Why didn’t you call it the “Redskin” community if it’s not offensive? Just change the name to the Washington Warriors and move on. People will get over it.

    The name “captures the best of who we are and who we can be,” Snyder wrote.

    Now that is just about the dumbest thing I have read in a while…you mean the best of us are Redskins, and those who aspire to be Redskins…hilarious.

  53. I have never been a fan of Dan Snyder………but today, might just be the first day in a long line of many where I have a changed mind. This move he executed, in effort to thwart all the morons who are trying to blow the whistle on him, was absolutely pure genius. He went ahead and completed some serious reconnaissance work, and finally got notable reassurance that he is 100% right in the pursuit to keep his team name intact. Still not a redskin team fan. they play crappy football. But I’m a Snyder fan now……yea baby!

  54. Look at all the fools who thought they had Snyder painted into a corner getting pissy now. They know they just lost the war.

  55. From 2006

    Luckily, there are other people besides the Lakota themselves who want to see the language preserved. Meya explains that support for the group’s effort has come from a number of less common sources such as German nonprofit organizations like the Tatanka Oyate Verein. “We have had to be creative to garner support for our efforts. It’s very important that we succeed,” Meya says. He also cites several other unique donors to the Lakota language, including the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Sioux Tools. Meya notes that the sports franchise, in particular, “is committed to helping the Lakota language and is a very proud supporter of our cause.”

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