Eagles G.M. won’t talk about DeSean, loves the receivers in the draft


Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman declined to talk to the media today at the league meeting about wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who is expected to be cut or traded. But he did hint that the Eagles could find a replacement for Jackson in the NFL draft.

He’s still under contract for us,” was all Roseman would say about Jackson, via CSNPhilly.com. “Until there’s anything to report on our players, that’s where we are right now.”

Roseman did say, however, that the Eagles love this year’s class of draft-eligible wide receivers. Roseman said he thinks there will be good receivers available from the top of the first round to the bottom of the seventh and everywhere between.

“No question,” Roseman said. “It’s the best group at any position in the draft, in our opinion. . . . When you look at the draft and just look at the position groups, I think it’d be hard to argue that it’s not the best position group.”

Roseman sounds like a man who’s ready to draft a wide receiver who can contribute to the Eagles this year. After he cuts or trades the top receiver on the team from last year.

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  1. does Roseman hold out the microphone and then just drop it?

    you all expect him to tell you inside information..?

    now, go pick up that microphone and smack your head with it repeatedly until you actually have something to report…

  2. Not a move I would make on the trade unless I’m getting a 1 or 2 2s or 3 3s, but def a move I would make on the wr selection. Let’s see djax be a professional with a rookie and maclin pushing him.

    I think that telling him he is in and the team wants him, then adding a great college wr will be the perfect situation to either bring out djax’s best or make him show his true colors. And it will give the team options. And yards. And TDs. And W’s

  3. Yeah I’m sure Jackson who has been a pain in the Eagles behind for the past whatever years he has been there is gonna light a fire under him. He would be the worst person to try to push a rookie to his potential.

    If they have been trying to get rid of him for a month then there is a lot more going on behind the scenes then we know about.

  4. If Chip, doesn’t throw a bucket of ice-water on this fire tomorrow , , I think it may be over for DeSean Jackson .

    Since nobody will talk .. it smells of:

    DeSean Jackson / fired agent Drew Rosenhaus / current agent Joel Segal.

    I’ll name . . names.

  5. There has to be something that happened behind the scenes that destroyed the relationship between Jackson and the Eagles. The odds of drafting a receiver that turns into a player like Jackson are so slim that for a team to suggest this as a good scenario is borderline delusional.

  6. I still have yet to see one person who writes “desean jackson will be traded or cut” say it’s a good decision. Or even an OK move. When has a player this young coming off a good season ever been cut or traded for nothing much in return for seemingly no good reason?

    Makes you wonder why they went so cheap and didn’t even consider signing Jairus Byrd, or any other safety who doesn’t lead the NFL in missed tackles, when they have $17 million in cap room right now and were going to get rid of Jackson’s contract… What is it they’re saving so much money for?!?! Maybe Roseman heard the saying in baseball “trying to buy a championship” and thinks you can actually purchase a championship.

  7. I bet this decision made right after the mysterious break in at his house. I’m sure the GM figures if Riley Cooper can perform in Chip Kelley’s offense they can find better talent without all the drama and at a lower cost.

  8. A rookie would be cheaper than what they would pay DeSean. It makes financial sense to draft a WR and send the little man packing. Dump him off to a dumb team that’s willing to part with their second round pick. Oh look! An extra pick! Let’s draft a WR.

  9. I don’t recall a class of receivers this good ever. A couple of them are ready to take over Deseans position right now. Getting rid of a cancer is always a good management decision.

  10. Chip has a better chance of throwing a can of gas in the fire. For whatever reason and obviously talent not being one Kelly does not want Jackson on the team.

  11. Harvin and Jackson are similar, but not matching. Percy hurts himself by intensity of play. Jackson doesn’t have the same mentality on the field. Both small… both quick, elusive, and can make YAC. One is hurt ALL the time. BOTH a pain in the a$$.

  12. He sounds like a man that wants to scare or open Desean’s eyes to the facts. Good tactic to get deshiggity to take a pay cut with the eagles or a sign and trade so he can get some value for him.

  13. I don’t believe it’s been mentioned but I wonder if his humming about a contract renewal with (I think) 3 years left on it still.

    I can’t believe that the Eagles are really ready to bet on Maclin – I love the guy, but he really underperformed 2012 season, especially towards end of season.. unfortunate about his injury, I was expecting the opposite of Hakeem Nicks contract year out of him.

    That offense needs 3 solid starters at wr, and having someone like Avant manning it won’t allow it to flourish to it’s potential.

    Hope they can get DJax to reduce his contract a bit into a Tom Brady type bonus cut ‘for the team’

  14. Brandin cooks will probably still be on the board. 4.3 40 time. 5’11” 190. That dude could easily take Djax spot as a field stretcher plus he can run more routes than Djax. They definitely need to get rid of him now bc he’ll be a cancer all year.

  15. I don’t understand the sense in getting rid of Jackson to draft a WR. You could just keep him and use that pick to help the defense that got run over by Pierre Thomas (of all people) in the playoffs. Or you could draft another WR anyway to replace Maclin when he inevitably doesn’t make it past Week 4 without an injury. They saved 5 mil in cap room by letting Vick go, and saved a good amount by buying cheap on Jenkins instead of shelling out the big bucks for Byrd. We all know they’re well under the cap so paying DeSean the 10.5 mil shouldn’t be an issue. Not to mention the Eagles are the ones who wrote the contract themselves, not DeSean. If they didn’t want to pay him that much they shouldn’t have given him that deal in the first place. If it’s off the field issues they’re worried about, one thing is certain and it’s that the guy hasn’t done anything criminal to be in legal trouble, and if they’re just not getting along with him at practice or whatever they need to learn from the Owens saga and just suck it up and work together. Nobody has to be friends, just do your job. Talented football players win games for you in this league (see DeSean Jackson punt return vs Giants) and they can’t possibly upgrade from Jackson with a Rookie. Trading him or releasing him is a step backwards for a team that should have all systems going forward heading into the 2014 season

  16. Why can’t anyone understand that D Jack is clearly a crip? He won’t use and K’s in his record label (JACCpot Records) and a few other things. Crips won’t use K or CK since it means Crip Killer.. His house was recently broken into and he had 15-30 guns and 300K “stolen”. He knows who did it and won’t work with the cops. After the whole Aaron Hernandez ordeal teams need to be more skeptical. Apparently there are other issues that may arise soon regarding gang activity and D Jack. While he’s great on the field, well at times, his gang activity is something that the Eagles organization will not deal with. It’s comical how little knowledge the common fan has of this situation. He may be out of the league in years. I personally love the guy but understand the Eagles motives, unlike 95% of the common fan. I could go into greater detail but won’t… Everyone can do 5 minutes of their own research to learn about D Jack’s non football life. It’s very Aaron Hernandez-ish….

  17. Seems a little counter productive to say the class of WRs is the best for some time. It’s like saying “Don’t trade a pick to us for DJax, use it to get your own from this rich WR crop”.

  18. This just don’t make any sense to get rid of Jackson because his deep speed and play making ability is what takes the top off of the defense to open everything else up underneath.

  19. I can’t lie I kno deshawn is getting paid alot but he is the best deep threat in the league he is just flashy, WRs have never been model citizens everybody is not Jerry rice but I think chip will look at B. Crooks M. Lee and D. Thomas who reminds me of D. Mccluster but none of them will have deshawn impact right away

  20. Whats funny to me is Jackson is still “wondering” whats going on, ummm they dont want you and you have a high salary. SO doesnt this guy tell his agent to get him somewhere thats needs him and wants him!

  21. I’m starting to think that this whole thing is a play by the Eagles to scare Jackson straight. He’s a well-known diva, and has had issues before. He took a year off during his contract year, and now wants an even bigger deal (he said so publicly). I’m wondering if the Eagles themselves planted this to scare him s***less and keep his mouth shut. It would explain the total lack of hard evidence a trade is coming, and the illogical notion of trading or cutting him at all.

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