Eagles’ interest in Sanchez is real, but they’ll be cautious

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The Eagles are definitely interested in former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. But right now, they’re more interested in taking a thorough look at him than in actually signing him.

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to PFT that the Eagles have real interest in Sanchez, as Chris Mortensen reported. But that interest is tempered by a desire to take a close look at Sanchez physically.

The Jets cut Sanchez with a “failed physical” designation, which means that right now he wouldn’t be healthy enough to play. Sanchez missed the entire 2013 season with a shoulder injury suffered in the preseason. The Eagles want their medical staff to examine where Sanchez stands in his recovery before committing to him.

If Sanchez is healthy, he’d come to Philadelphia with the opportunity to compete with Matt Barkley (who succeeded him as the starting quarterback at USC) for the job of backing up Nick Foles.

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  1. Sanchez will be a disaster in Philly. Not adept enough as a ball handler and will dizzy himself right into another buttfumble on one of those movement plays the Eagles run. His best bet is the Raiders is they cut Pryor or McGloin, as competence is optional for the Silver and Black.

  2. “The Jets cut Sanchez with a “failed physical” designation, which means that right now he wouldn’t be healthy enough to play.”

    …because they purposefully suited him up late in a meaningless preseason game and let him eat sacks behind a 3rd string OL. Oh, but the Patriots fake their injury reports, or whatever.

  3. He’d be a backup, which makes this a low-risk move if the Eagles can bring him in at a low salary.

    The thing that concerns me is that both Sanchez and Barkley would be recovering from shoulder surgery. Would either backup QB have adequate arm strength to run the team’s offense should Foles get hurt?

  4. If Foles is injured for an extended period. The fanbase in Philly is second to none but if Sanchez signs there and actually gets some playing time, he will think of New York as “the good ol’ days”.

  5. Dear Howie and Chip,

    Please Stop it right now! The only thing worse then this guys is his arrogance of how good he thinks he is a quarterback in the NFL. This would be all time turnover bad if something were to happen to Foles. How is trading or releasing DJax and signing The buttfumble a good idea at all? How? I feel we took 5 steps forward this year and figured we would take 3 steps back for no reason at all.

  6. This guy sucks, he played behind the greatest defense of all time to get to those AFCCG.

    Geno Smith and Mike Vick will lead this team to the promise land and many championships. Rex Ryan is the best coach in the league and he will prove it the next four years with quadruple championships.

  7. Eagles presumably have the better O-line, better coaches and better receivers…at the moment, that would lead me to believe Sanchez could potentially be successful in a chip Kelly offense if Foles was to go down.

    On another note, what happened to all the pundits saying CK wants a mobile QB? I think that theory gets nixed if they sign Sanchez. He’s not all about a mobile QB for his offense, this much is clear.

  8. I’m sure his shoulder is fine. The injury thing was just more nonsense from the Jets to cut the guy. With the QBs in the league now he should be able to cash some nice checks as a backup.

  9. Philadelphia would have to be crazy. Sanchez sucks. Last year was a step forward for the Eagles. Sanchez brings nothing to the table to help them continue on that path.

  10. At this point Sanchez may want to wait this out. Unless the Bills come calling with the promise of an open competition. The Rams make the most sense right now.

  11. I don’t think this is a good fit, at all. Not an Eagles fan or a Sanchez fan (though I think he’s better than people give him credit for), but this just doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t fit this offense.

  12. He will follow the money and the system. St. Louis is where he will go and maybe have a chance to start when Sam gets hurt again. They haven’t committed anything to Bradford for the future and they have everything Sanchez needs to manage the game.

  13. The rest of the NFC East(including the Redskins) just cheered a collective “yes, we’re going to the playoffs!”

  14. I see some discussion of whether Sanchez is a fit for this offense or not, but before we get to that question:

    What, exactly does Sanchez do well? He’s not that big, he’s not fast, he doesn’t have a particularly strong arm, he’s not accurate, and he doesn’t make good decisions. He’s also a fumbler. What is the skill that could be better utilized in a different scheme?

    Sanchez is pretty much the same bad player as Matt Barkley, but at least Barkely is healthy. Hard to see what the point is.

  15. Where ever he goes (team) he’ll be a back up. This guys days of being a starter are long gone.

  16. I’d be ok with him coming to take hopefully zero snaps this year as Foles goes for a monster year… If his shoulder is OK.

    He did decent things not too long ago.

  17. Sanchez has probably showed only a little more that he cant be an NFL qb than he showed that he can. There’s something going on there. Maybe he mentally checked out.

    No one in NY was complaining when he was a rookie and 2nd yr starter in the AFC title game, so there is some intervening cause of his bafoonery that wasn’t present in 09 and 10

  18. There are worse backups to have. At least Sanchez has experience and has had SOME success. Its not his fault his OC’s were terrible and never cared about the passing game. Or that his head coach really could give 2 rips about the offense of a team. Or that he never really had a decent stable of receivers other than Dustin Keller.

  19. The Eagles should be aware that although his shoulder will heal, his sucking is a permanent condition.

  20. If Sanchez signs with Philly he really has no interest in being a starter…….he is simply admitting he wants to be in the league for the next 10 years as a back-up….not bad money with little to no pressure, he can work on endorsements, movies etc.

    Not a bad strategy…….unless your are a highly competitive athlete……but life is Good!

  21. Eagles are using the media to turn up the screws on the Raiders in the trade for Desean. Raiders were hoping Pryor and a 5th-7th for Desean (and a renegotiated contract). Implied Sanchez interest puts pressure on Raiders.

  22. I didn’t see how Geno Smith was an upgrade from Sanchez last year. Aside from 2012 (which that whole team stunk),Sanchez improved from his rookie year until. Explains that contract. Geno Smith was flashy like a poor man’s Vick and will probably get the same career results. With a competent offensive mind like CK,Sanchez should improve,even as a backup.

  23. Why are the GM’s for the Eagles and Phillies trolling their fan bases?? ‘Oh you thought our offense was great? Well wait till I trade our 2nd best skill player for a bag of kicker balls!… Wait till you see who I’m going to get as a backup: an injured Mark Sanchez… Psshhh, and you guys thought i was going to upgrade our horrific pass defense.’

  24. idk what is wrong with this,my favorite, team. They have cap space but sign a second rate safety, a midget running back on the bad side of 30, talking about 86ing their rec. that stretches the field so other things open up. they make the postseason and then this. like McNabb getting a true #1 wide out in Owens and going to the super bowl then he’s gone. now they are looking at dirty sanchez . I’m really put out.

  25. Eagles fans, This is what you are in for if Foles gets hurt and Sanchez goes in for him. ” Snap to Sanchez, He drops back, Has a man open on the left, Sanchez throws, Intercepted for a pick 6.

  26. Still think that Sanchez would be a better fit, and have a better chance at some success in St Louis, where the OC that he played his best under resides; and where the starting QB may or may not be the long-term starter there, and has had some injury concerns.

  27. Not an Eagles fan but live in the Philly area so I follow the team to an extent. Watch most of their games. With Vick gone I have to ask Eagles fans if they watched Matt Barkley play at all last year? Right now that is what is waiting one play away for your team. Nobody is saying Sanchez is awesome, but he is definitely a better option for the Eagles then Matt Barkley. That’s all Eagles fans should care about. And be happy that Barkley would not be your go to option if Foles does get hurt. You have ZERO chance of winning a game with Barkley. You at least have a chance with Sanchez.

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