Goodell on Irsay: We’ll wait for the facts, but he’s subject to discipline


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was noncommittal today when asked about Colts owner Jim Irsay’s potential discipline after his arrest for driving while intoxicated and felony drug possession.

“We obviously will want to understand the facts before we take any steps as it relates to any potential discipline,” Goodell said. “But obviously any policies, or any laws that are broken, whether you’re commissioner, owner, player or coach, those are subject to discipline.”

Goodell said he believes Irsay, who had previously disclosed that he has struggled with an addiction to painkillers, took the right step by going directly from jail to a treatment center. He also said Irsay’s daughters are capable of running the team in his absence.

“He is seeking help and he has done that voluntarily. That’s, I think, the most important step, at least initially,” Goodell said.

A future step will almost certainly include some type of suspension that forces Irsay to take more time away from the Colts. But Goodell isn’t ready to commit to that just yet.

49 responses to “Goodell on Irsay: We’ll wait for the facts, but he’s subject to discipline

  1. How does a suspension in which he will just have his daughter run the team, impact Irsay? The truth is that the only way to really “punish” Irsay would be to hurt the team by taking away draft picks. I am not sure that penalizing the entire team is fair.

  2. As punishment the Colts can spend 2014 as 2nd practice squad for the world champion Seahawks. We’ll use them as practice bodies, and promote a player to the Seahawks when there’s an injury. (Though our practice squad probably has better players than the Colts starters.)

  3. From my perspective, Terrelle Pryor showed flashes of being a capable starter last season. If you watched the chargers game, he showed poise in the pocket in accuracy and destroyed a playoff team.

    If he actually went to a good system and a coaching staff that could develop him – unlike the raiders.

    I believe he could be a starter in the NFL – and he would be a better QB than Colin Kaepernick if he played for the Niners under Harbaughs coaching.

  4. A lot of people want the Commish to come down extremely hard on Irsay, but my take is recognize he’s good guy with an addiction problem. Slam him with a wake-up call, but consider all the factors — good and bad.

    My big issue with Irsay is not having someone drive him when he’s on a bender. There’s really no excuse for that — when you’re worth over a bil.

  5. colts have been in a bad place since dungy left…manning hurt, team loses badly, HC fired, terrible playoff TICKET sales! the owner has serious additction issues…not good vibes for colts ..hopefully they recover..

  6. I don’t see how disciplining a team for what a drug addict did helps anyone here. I.e the guy is sick. He needs help. Taking a draft pick or hurting the players in any way would be unnecessary.

  7. Huh, that’s funny. He didn’t wait for the facts on Bountygate, he simply proceeded ahead with the assumption that everyone was guilty.

  8. How can you discipline him though? He owns the team. You can’t really suspend him from his own team. If anything he can leave the league.

  9. The league only waits for details to come out if it’s an owner not a player because an owner isn’t in the publics eye like a player. Don’t expect it to be more than a drop in the checkbook. Don’t think Goodell will remove someone from a job that supplies a product to make him more money for that long of any period of time.

  10. We seem to have a very strong dislike for successful people these days , and that’s a bad , bad sign for our future as a society.

  11. Why should he have any kind of special treatment when the rest of us would lose our jobs, be hung out to dry by the local media, and be looked at like losers the rest of our lives. I understand this man has a drug problem but he will be fine. As an owner of an NFL team he should be held and a higher standard and his team should suffer.

  12. If he gets into a 12 Step recovery program, the odds are great that he’ll make amends for his actions. Treatment programs are a wonderful way to separate from the alcohol/drugs for 28 days. Then when you get out you’re faced with what you left 28 days ago.

    That’s what the 12 steps are for. I hope he levels his pride and gets help after treatment.

  13. Actually, Goodell doesn’t punish anybody for driving under the influence. But let an owner or a player wear the wrong color socks or apply too much physical pressure when slapping their colleagues on the back and, have no doubt, the hammer will fall.

  14. Seeking help voluntarily? So I assume he was on his way from home to the treatment center when the cops pulled him over for dui and 4 counts of felony drug possession?

  15. even the commish is not immune. so if Rog gets busted for DUI, he’ll suspend himself without pay

  16. This is far from figuring how to harm Irsay or his team, unless that’s what all the other owners want. Goodell isn’t goin to be imposing some punishment that “he” thought up, ffs.

    This is how they are handling the PR on this, that’s all. Move along.

  17. The guy needs help, I don’t think a suspension really helps. On the flip side, Goodell threw Johnny Jolly in the penalty box for 3 years for his issues with codeine addiction and possession.

  18. Go ahead Goodell. That will be the first step toward you losing your job. You work for him, not vice versa.

  19. The commisioner should let viking fans discipline him because they are so smart. Then they could take him to the mall of America, then ice fishing! Skol.

  20. Irsay won’t do any time, he will lose his license for a year, fines, he’s already doing the rehab, and possible probation although not likely. That is the exact same punishment anybody would get for those charges on a first time offense. He also may get the possession charges dismissed if that state has a first offenders program. As far as the NFL goes, I think a heavy fine and some community service would be an appropriate sentence. I understand people wanting to take draft picks, but I think that’s a little harsh as far as punishing the team, that’s a punishment better suited to coaches and GMs. I wish some of you guys would keep in mind that the man is in his 50-60s and this is his first transgression with the law. Put your hate aside, and put yourself in his shoes.

  21. I love the token NFL statement for everything in terms of criminal legalities. “We are continuing to gather facts.” Like it’s such a long laborious process when it’s pretty cut n dry. Seriously, do they have a “Fact Gathering” department?

  22. Irsay’s not so smart anymore, is he. Funny, I spent $60 on cab rides this weekend and I’m pretty sure I don’t own an NFL team. The punishment from the courts and the league should set a real precedent.

  23. Since when has Goodell waited for the facts?

    If it was the owner of the Jets or 49ers, they’d just sweep it under the rug by now! The Steelers, and most other teams would be punished. But here? Just an empty statement.

  24. Really simple here. Ban him from the team’s day to day activities, team facilities and stadium for 8 games. It’s what he loves the most and will get his attention.

  25. both goodell and irsay were all over limbaughs bid to be a Part owner for the very same thing. what a pair of liberal do as i say not as i do jerks. irsay will get a slap on the wrist cause he went to REHAB. what a joke.

  26. Goodell will have to dread lightly, his $35mm 2013 salary didn’t come from the fans it came from the owners.

  27. All their compensatory picks this year will be taken away from them. Slap on the wrist.

  28. This guy is a longtime abuser. This is not “the first time.” He has lived a life of privilege and has never really had to work for anything. With that comes a sense of entitlement. Any of us facing these charges, at a minimum, would be suspended or fired from our jobs. As a doc, my career would be over or in deep jeopardy. There really is no adequate way to punish a billionaire. You have to hit him where he loves, which means hurting his team. But is that really fair to the team or it’s fans? I have zero love for Indy and zero respect for Irsay, but honestly have no clue what would be really fair. I do know that if it happened to us on this board, our lives would be devastated.

  29. He did serve normal jail time as anyone else would have. All you mouth breathers that are so good at life and have to criticize someone who was born into money like it was his fault are about as smart as a wet fart. While yes he made a bad decision to drive and could have hurt someone, let’s be glad he didn’t and hope he gets help. To the other terds using the twitter insults, it wasn’t funny the first time let alone the 2,423rd either. How original

  30. horsepedlr says:
    Mar 24, 2014 11:35 PM
    both goodell and irsay were all over limbaughs bid to be a Part owner for the very same thing. what a pair of liberal do as i say not as i do jerks. irsay will get a slap on the wrist cause he went to REHAB. what a joke.
    Goodell is hardly a liberal. He is married to Jane Skinner, a former Fox News anchor. On the other hand Irsay is a liberal.

  31. They already said here that it is very unlikely that he will see any jail time. Being a first time offender he will get probation, loss of licenses for at least 6 months. He already checked into rehab so he will already meet the requirements of that portion of his punishment. Also he might get community service but that has yet to be heard. He’s got one of the best lawyers in the state. Probably why he is already in rehab, due to the advice of his attorney.

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