Jim Harbaugh: Extension for Colin Kaepernick a “high priority”

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Even though his own contractual future is not clear, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wants his quarterback situation to be well-defined.

Harbaugh told Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com that an extension for Colin Kaepernick was a “high priority.”

“The priority is Colin Kaepernick is a San Francisco 49er for however long we can have him be a San Francisco 49er. It’s definitely a high priority,” Harbaugh said. “Amazing individual. Amazing player. He shows up and works all the time. There’s really nobody to compete with him in a workout situation. He will bury everybody. And then when somebody tries to compete with him, he just ramps his competitiveness up and somebody’s over there on a knee throwing up.”

Kaepernick is entering the final year of his rookie contract, which will pay him $1.073 million, or about half his backup Blaine Gabbert’s $2.011 million this year.

But with the dollars it will take to achieve that extension and Harbaugh’s uncertain future with the club, it’s hard to tell if the decision-makers there have assigned the same importance to a deal now.

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  1. Should of never traded Alex Smith; he would of been a much better cap number and he can actually sit in the pocket and make reads.

  2. Make Kaepernick the back up to Gore, sign him at RB salary… Make Gabbert the starting QB.

    problem solved…

  3. Hey Jim, how about a promise and a hearty handshake? That should do it, don’t you think?

  4. I still don’t get the big deal about this guy. If it wasn’t for his legs he would be average at best. Can’t read defenses, has troubles getting past first progression, had a streak of 7 games where he didn’t throw for 200 yards. If Russell Wilson ever did that, it’d be considered a huge slump. Kaep should have zero excuses for that. But it never seems to be a big deal. He’s got a great O line and a pretty solid WR core when Crabtree is playing. Even without him he still has Boldin and Davis. And Gore to take even more attention off the WRs. It seems like he has everything he needs to make that offense elite, but it’s not even close. So why pay him the huge money?

  5. “Extension for Kaepernick is a high priority…we just have to teach him to play quarterback first”.

  6. Great for you, Kap.

    You are a workout God in which nobody can compete. Keep it up.

    I am sure your fans wish you would spend some time in the film trying to learn how to read a defense but the rest of the NFC West thanks you for your big biceps.

    You da man you da man you da man.


  7. I love how everyone comes on and bashes Kaep. Is he goofy? Yes. Does he make bad reads? Yes. Is he difficult to like? Yes. All that aside, he has went back to back nfc championship games in not even 2 full seasons. He will only get better, and he is dangerous with his feet. Every qb goes through a growing pain..im just glad that when my qb is going through the growing pains, he still helps up get to the nfc championship game twice. Keep on hating on Kaep, but he is here to stay.

  8. Oh god, enough with the Harbaugh leaving nonsense. He just stated with the NFL network that he isn’t going anywhere. No organization would trade him, he has resurrected a storied franchise into a perennial contender again.

    As for Kaepernick, he has monster potential and the ability to get better based on his freakish atheltic skills. People saying Lil’ Russ is better because he has a ring means squat. He rode his teams defense to the big game, wait until they let key players go due to cap space then get back to the talk about anointing him as the second coming of Tom Brady.

  9. Why so much hate!? There are so many other average quarterbacks in the league that no one ever talks about. Only two options why this guy enrages so many people… 1) You don’t like his appearance, which make you shallow or 2) This “average” qb has, at one time, beat out your team and you hate him for it. Because, let’s be honest, he’s beaten most teams in the NFL while being soooo “mediocre.” So what does that say about your team? Get over it people!

  10. Like Sanchez, he has benefitted from a solid defense and running game. Like Sanchez, those 2 NFCGs will over inflate his value. The only thing remain to be seen is when the 49ers reach that inevitable cap hell that comes from amassing a large amount of talent and have to make cuts, will Kap be one of them. Like Sanchez.

  11. Kaep was light’s out when he first got thrust into the starter role, playing in 7 games on the way to the Superbowl. His second year and first full season as a starter? Sure, i’ll go ahead and use some of the other posters’ words, mediocre. However, most NFL players go through some growing pains in their second year. Prime example here is Cam Newton. He was “gimmicky” his first year and played well, then was only so-so his second year, only to play really well last year.

    I have faith in Kaepernick making great strides in the future, but the 49ers have the luxury of not having to extend his contract until the end of the upcoming season, and I hope they don’t break the bank for the guy until he demonstrates some consistency. I’d hate to see the 9ers have their entire salary cap tied up into a few guys like the Saints and Ravens do, it sure makes it difficult to field an all-around good team that way. All that being said, if the guy comes out and blows it up this year, pay da man…

  12. Does anyone who says Kaepernick rides on the 49ers defense not remember how the 49ers defense utterly collapsed at the end of the 2012 season (3rd quarter of the Patriots game to be precise) and that Kaepernick basically carried the team all the way to the Super Bowl?

  13. I’m probably gonna get a ton of thumbs down for this comment since everyone hates Colin Kaepernick and would rather continue hating him and ignore facts. You people are on here calling him terrible and only good at running when he is coming into his 2nd full year as a starter and he already has a better PASSER rating than Tom Brady and Drew Brees did in their first 3 years. Passer rating not total QBR. Don’t believe me? Look it up. And yes, he does have a tendency to lock down on one receiver, but if any of you actually watched all the Niners games this year you would see that a good majority of the time he threw to anyone else it would be dropped no matter how good the throw. Look up the pass he threw to Vance Mcdonald in their loss to the Panthers. It was a perfectly thrown ball that would have put us in field goal range for the win. But of course, Vance dropped it and Kaep took all the blame and I saw that happen many times throughout the season. Regardless of what anyone says, it helps any qb alot to have a good group of receivers and Crab being out for so long really did hurt the offense. Do you all really think Manning would have had his record breaking season with Tom Brady’s receivers this year? Just as Brady probably would’ve had alot better year statistically had he not been playing with a bunch of rookies. Oh and we see meatcarroll’s same stupid comment on every Kaep article. Come up with something new.

  14. The 49ers should trade Kap to the Browns or some other team that’s dumb enough to actually trade a 1st round pick for him. Great athlete, mediocre QB.

  15. Um Russel Wilson averaged a whopping 10 yds more a game and was pretty mediocre over the last 6 weeks of the season. He also had 10 more career starts under his belt…. He really isn’t the god Hawks fans like to pretend he is.

  16. Funny how 49er fans just”can’t believe” all the Kap hate. Yet if it was towards Russell Wilson they would totally understand. I think mature Seahawks and 49er fans would tell you both QB’s have a long way to go. Russell needs to be more consistent while in the pocket but he does make plays from there. Kap actually makes play in the pocket when the first guy is open and I would argue sees those open receivers quicker than Wilson. They both are unmatched outside the pocket though. I would take Wilson because both he and his coach know he needs work and there is no denying that’s happening. Kap and Harbaugh have proven to be a little arrogant. Kaps had some questionable comments especially about the Seahawks before the Seahawks dismantling of Peyton manning. He said that manning was going to pick the Seahawks apart. A little arrogance there and if he think he knows the Seahawks defense he’s in for at least 2 bad games next year. Maybe get in the film room knowing you have a lot to learn. As for Harbaugh we all now what he thinks about some Jim Harbaugh. The niners are destined to stay what they have been. Pretty good but not great. The Seahawks have been a little better than pretty good. They’ve been good enough to be champions. Now they’re trying to be great.

  17. Lets see. Wasn’t Vince Young ROTY and went to the Pro Bowl? He runs a steakhouse in Austin now. I’d say see how Kaep does in the next two seasons before wasting your cap space.

  18. This isn’t about Kap, it’s about the Harbaugh-Balke relationship, which just got worse. Pretty easy to visualize steam coming out of Balke’s ears right now. Harbaugh’s comments won’t make it easier to get Kap extended at a cap friendly number.

  19. Niners fans should have picked up that he isn’t a QB when he spent the off-season working on improving his running instead of learning the ropes as a QB.

  20. So Harbaugh is proud of Kaepernick’s amazing work ethic that compels anyone trying to compete with Kaep to throw up.

    Who throws up from watching game video?

    Oh wait, I get it now. And it explains a lot.

    Have fun with that extension.

  21. No no no no no, don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate Kaepernick………..

    I just understand that he is not ever going to blossom into any type of quality pocket passer. Unfortunately for him, as soon as the legs begin to go, so will the wins……and the support…….and the promotions……and soon after that and in part due to a lofty contract obligation, his job in SF.
    Meanwhile, just up I-5 a lil bit…..Russell Wilson and his team first attitude will be leading the way for what will surely be his 4th super bowl charge, while being paid well. Not 18 million well, but Russell gets the bigger picture, so he’ll make some dough, and also see to it that it gets spread around in the name of success. Go Hawks!

  22. You ppl are hilarious of course Kaps MEDICORE he only started a year and half of football. If you y’all think RW, Wilson, Cam and Foles are not gonna ask for 15-20 mill please pass what y’all are smoking.

    Flacco and Stafford ruined it for everyone as far as QB salaries are concerned . But to all Hawks fans can y’all please stop it with the Dynasty talk. How we ended up with 4 playoffs teams in the first 7 gms and the Hawks with 3 is how they got there SB. I don’t see them beating the Panthers when they lost only one gm in last 2 months of the season if they would have got them later rather than the first gm of the season. But I give the Hawks credit for there SB.

    To all Kap haters he lost 4 of his 5 receivers from the yr before but y’all FORGET to ever bring that up. Two gms we lost this yr Vernon didn’t even play so it not hard to stop are passing gm with just Boldin. Judge him with a FULL deck of receivers . I don’t agree with paying all these young guys all this money before there proven but if he plays well this yr then pay him.

  23. “Um Russel Wilson averaged a whopping 10 yds more a game and was pretty mediocre over the last 6 weeks of the season”…

    I’d love to see what type of numbers Wilson would have put up with offensive weapons like Boldin, Davis and Crabtree. 10 more average yards per game throwing at your #2, 3 and 4 receivers playing top 10 D’s the last half of the season sounds pretty impressive to me. Not to mention the 6-8 weeks the Hawks were missing half of their O line. Oh, but it was all the refs fault that Kaep turned the ball over on 3 straight possessions in the NFCCG right?

  24. Oh, and remember Mark Sanchez? He “took his team” to the AFCCG 2 years in a row. Now he is out begging for a back up spot somewhere.

    Sanchez rode the D just like Kaepernick does. Neither can do it all themselves.

  25. Seattle fans don’t hate Kaepernick, we LOVE him! He and Drew Brees are favorites here in Seattle. When we see those guys on the schedule, it’s like an automatic win and you know it’s going to be entertaining.

    But yeah, 49er fans, keep telling yourselves that we’re scared of your mediocre QB and his 2 NFCCG appearances. I really do hope he gets $18m/yr from the 49ers and will be the first to raise a glass and toast the fine city of San Francisco for such a great move (for the Seahawks).

    Heck, we’ll even invite all you guys up to Seattle to celebrate and see what a 21st Century Lombardi looks like.


  26. Coach has publicly stated he’s wanted to keep everyone who plays for the team. Obviously he doesn’t control the purse. Not in love with Kap, he’s young and has a way to go. I don’t think he’s top five or anything but he is better right now then a lot of other starters around the league. He’s gonna get a lot of money 16 to 18 mil it appears and I could care less as it effects my life very little. Why so many do care is beyond me, if any of you were “experts” at cap management Im sure someone would be employing you in that fashion.

  27. Personally, I think the 49er’s got rid of the wrong QB. Kap still displays allot of immaturity. He can’t handle criticism well and still feels the need to engage with people on Twitter. I watched him go through the interviews, during Super Bowl week, and he started out quite well, and handeled his composure. By the end of the day, he lost it! Kap can’t handle adversity or anything that he perceives as being critical of him, and he was obviously unable to continue to talk about the Seahawks, without becomming totally defensive. If he can’t deal with the adversity, he will never become a consistent QB and one who can be counted on to show up in some big games. I’m still not sold on him.

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