Mark Davis says Raiders will think about signing Richie Incognito


Former Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito has said he would love to play for the Raiders. The Raiders aren’t totally opposed to the idea.

Raiders owner Mark Davis didn’t say the Raiders are definitely interested in signing Incognito, but he did say he would “have to think about” it.

That’s about as close as any NFL executive has come to saying Incognito would be welcome on his team. Incognito will have to undergo an evaluation before he’s allowed to play in the NFL again, and it’s possible that he’ll be suspended for bullying Jonathan Martin when they were teammates in Miami.

Davis’s dad, Al Davis, probably would have liked a player like Incognito. If Incognito plays in the NFL again, it may be in the Silver and Black.

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  1. The DeSean Jackson trade isn’t gonna happen. They want a 3rd round pick at Least! Reggie isn’t gonna give that up. The Pryor to Philly wont happen either sense they just signed Sanchez. Were fine at receiver. How about Loading up our D more. We have what two starting corners? One being DJ Hayden who is rusty/unexperienced. We only have Peyton,Rivers,Smith in our division that are pass happy so that might be important. Cant wait too watch C-Wood finally next too Tyvon Branch though, hopefully!

  2. i can never get over that haircut. he can afford a barber. supercuts doesn’t even do that bad of a job.

  3. What’s to think about? Guy wants to crack skulls and ballz hard. Sounds like a Raiduh — renegade franchise whoe motto is Just Win Baby.

    If I’m a Raider fan (and I’m not) — I’d scoop Incognito up … FAST.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: he’s pretty damned good.

  4. Go get him. Guy is a Pro Bowl guard, will come cheap, and knows he’s gotta chill with anything that might get him in trouble.

    Of course, it might actually feel like we’re the Raiders again, which would be a first since McKenzie came in.

  5. The Seahawks should sign Incognito so they can yet again one-up their little brothers in Santa Clara.

  6. Mark Davis makes me want to become a Raider fan. Straight bad@$$, he does not care what anyone thinks at all and he shouldn’t. Incognito would have been my first target in FA this year if I was a GM. Cheap, motivative, talented, tough, high motor player, and ready to prove everyone wrong.

  7. Sign him reggie….2 or 3 yr deal at 2 mil per,. Let him help develop Mady……Really with Penn Richie, Wiz, Boothe, and Howard……that is pretty solid. Next year pay wiz, or sign mack.

  8. Yeah, a unbelievable player, that one pro bowl he played in as an alternate really cemented his place in Canton!

    At best, he’s an average guard who’s “toughness” consists of cheap shots in games, starting fights at practice, and getting ugly tattoos.

  9. I guess when you have that much money you don’t give a rats butt about your looks, but damn you still have to look in the mirror. Maybe he had all the mirrors remove through out the land…

  10. Is it me or is the raiders signing anybody with a half of name I think schaub and woodley are okay they could have done much worse but I think the raiders are going all in for 2 years but what do that mean with a bunch of guys past there prime

  11. Well he should NOT be suspended because he was already punished, singled out and thrown under the bus by the Dolphins last year. You cant be judged and punished twice for the same crime.

    Just like Martin, he needed help, not to be humiliated and laugh at like he was.

    But would it not be ironic both guys end up in thé Bay Area…

  12. If he was woman beater,he demand 7 million salary bullying a 330 man he will get league min. Martin is a troubled young man that lost left starting job , and was close to being benched

  13. I thought he wasn’t subject to any further suspension because he was already suspended by the Dolphins organization, per NFLPA and CBA rules?

    He has to undergo a psych eval, though, and I’m sure The League will figure out a way to drag out his reinstatement if they can’t figure out a way to impose any further punishment.

    As long as those goalposts get raised another 5 feet, though. . .

    Because, you know, THAT’S important.

  14. Well, he’s a mighty strange guy and not particularly appealing, however, I have never felt as though depriving a person of a living should be done lightly. This kind of punishment should be reserved for absolutely HEINOUS behaviors, and I don’t think his transgressions qualify. As a matter of fact, over the years, there have been players who HAVE behaved horribly and received second chances. If he has enough talent an a team wants to sing him he should receive another chance.

  15. Would be a good signing, you want your guards to be nut jobs. Remember Kevin Gogan? Ritchies perfect

  16. Ugliest team owner and ugliest fans in the league.

    No surprise a classless loser player wants to play for a classless loser organization.

  17. Nice to see the tradition of bringing the klassiest guys to Oakland continues. No wonder the Raiders are well into their second decade of irrelevance.

  18. Dorks with your old 1995 Raider jokes…lol….imbeciles….Raiders will be better than you think…and our superbowls are 30 yrs old…and some of you still havent caught up!

  19. Mark is tearing a page out of his great Dads book..signing cagey veterans with a chip on there shoulder..Plunkett Alzado Matuzak Haynes. Dwayne Osteen Burgess Owens Greg Pruitt were all rejections and they came together for the Raiders and won 2 super bowls..” Al was ahead of his time during his prime and I see it coming around again for the Nation “

  20. Why not sign Icognito? Bring some badazz back to the team..

    I really do think that Davis and McKenzie use the same hair coloring…

  21. Nothing wrong with a “bad boy” becoming a Raider. Bring back some memories; bring back that Raider mystique!!!

  22. Funny how everyone has a comment about the Raiders and don’t even say who their team is!! I bet the Raiders have a winning record vs everyone of these peoples teams.

  23. Everyone jokes the Raiders about how bad we are. Cowboys have one playoff win since 95!! One!! Redskins haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 91! Eagles never won! Chiefs 1960? Chargers 94? Do I need to go on?

  24. I honestly don’t want to see either incognito or jackson on the team. Reggie has done a good job getting good locker room guys in. Both these guys are talented but is it worth it. A diva and a bully could destroy the locker room.

  25. And when his NFL playing days are over, Incognito can play Spanky in the remake of the Our Gang comedies.

  26. Something tells me that if Al Davis was still running things, we would be shipping out this year’s #1 for Deshown Jackson, and we would have signed Incognito for $10 million a year. Thank God Reggie has shown some restraint. I get the impression that he is just waiting for alot of these free agents to come free to start spending again. Can you say NT Vince Wilfork? Relax Silver and Black, Incognito will be a Raider after that point.

  27. We need more defensive guys on the team that can last more than a half. We were probably the best first half team in the league last year and couldn’t hold on to leads as defense ran out of gas not to mention sitting on the ball on offense praying time would run out so we could win. Four times crossing your fingers after 16 games played does not seem like good odds sitting on a lead.

  28. If the Black Hole hires Ritchie I bet some time this year we will see a photo of Ritchie and martin in a strip club laughing about how Martin screw the Dolphins, and Momma out in the Cadillac counting the money and with one eye on her baby boy. Bill

  29. Like I said before if he sticks to bullying the defense then Raiders should pick him up…

    P.S. Mark Davis is a Reptilian ShapeShifter LOL…

  30. I’m a lifelong Browns fan but, after finishing my military career at the DLI in Monterey, Ca. I became a fan of the Bay Area sports teams, to include “da Raiders.”

    I’d like to see Incognito on either the Browns or the Raiders. With the Browns maybe he could “man up” our O-line. With the Raiders it just seems like a natural fit.

    However, I’d rather see DE Clowney, or LB Mack with the Raiders. They just seem like bad-ass Raiders. Meanwhile, I’m hoping my Browns pick up WR Watkins out of the draft to team up with WR Gordon.

    Oh, and for the haters, I always had good times at the Raider games, with my wife and 3 daughters. I think the private box seats ruined a nice baseball park but, not once, did I ever fear for our safety….not any more than I did with any other professional team sports. We wore our respective home team jerseys and rooted for our home teams. We received some ribbing but rolled with it and even gave some back. It was all in good fun, too. Go Raiders until you lose to the Browns!

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