NFL may expand to four London games in 2015

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The NFL isn’t done playing American football in London.

In fact, not only is the NFL putting three games in London in 2014, but the London package may grow to four games in London in 2015. According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, that’s one of the subjects that will be discussed — although not formally voted on — at this week’s league meeting.

The NFL’s owners believe there’s plenty of room for growing the game overseas, and so far they’ve been pleased with the results in London. So the 2015 package of games could increase, and the league may put a game in a venue other than Wembley Stadium, which has hosted all of the NFL’s London games so far.

In the future, the NFL may consider moving a franchise to London. Another potentially lucrative option for the NFL would be using London to create a package of games that will air on Sunday morning in the United States and be sold separately to the league’s TV partners.

Whatever the owners discuss this week, there’s little doubt that they see the potential to make a lot of money by attracting fans in Europe. And where the NFL thinks it can make money, the NFL goes.

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  1. Quote mark Cuban here. Seriously what the fudge nfl. Start up nfl Europe again, or a minor league and have a few teams over there. We already deal with the referees that aren’t too great and now you want to take an American game overseas. How about you think about the people who make you all the money… PLAYERS AND FANS.

  2. No More London Games!!!!!

    if there was one thing Obama should intervene with, its keeping JOBS in America

    No more outsourcing games to foreign countries and taking jobs away from the USA

  3. Are the British so enamored with our football? I don’t think so. This does nothing for the teams but cause scheduling problems. Play an exhibition game in preseason over there and that’s it.

  4. But then why are they not there now, or as soon as possible? So there’s only money to be made abroad exactly at the moment the NFL gets there, and not 1 second sooner was it available? The NFL doesn’t go a lot of places, physical and conceptual, that generate money. They are moving pokey slow to maximize their revenue streams and don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to get more money.

    They just are not very aggressive at all, and they SHOULD be.

  5. I’d like to see the actual numbers for these games in London. It’s hard to believe that with all the logistics and travel, the final outcome is a positive number. What is the REAL reason/point of playing these games over there?

  6. Please tell me we aren’t headed for the day where there will be a game in London every week of the NFL season (or at least as many weeks as byes can accommodate the teams having to travel back after playing overseas).

    The players union can’t do much to stop this, can they?

  7. Sure, why not. Maybe have 12 games a year in London, with goalposts 400 feet high, where you can’t tackle a WR unless he sees you coming and gives you a thumbs up. My god, it’s almost enough to make you watch hockey.

  8. Cuban was right about the NFL getting too greedy, but it’s not about being on TV too much. I love watching NFL football on Thursday. Playing games in London and all the rule changes are what is and will drive fans away.


    No one wants this. You are disgracing the fans who have supported this game over the years. The cities need their home games, and you are spitting in the face of the employees who depend on these games to make a living. It may not seem like much, being paid 30 mil/year, but there are real people who are affected by this in the USA, while the brits couldn’t care less about “football”! Stop taking jobs away from Americans.

  10. tvjules says:

    I would think players would be more upset about these games because of jetlag, and exhaustion versus playing on Thursdays.

    You do realize these guys all fly 1st class on a private jet right ?

    I’ve been to Europe many times and the effect of jet lag is very limited, and that’s flying usually in a crappy economy class set. When I’ve flown business class I had no problems at all making the adjustment.

    This whole fear of jet lag is so overblown. And funny that the other “futbol” that many Americans make fun of manages to fly teams all over the world for games and tournaments and they never complain or have problems with that.

  11. I should make my son stop playing football and focus on soccer, since that’s clearly the demographic the nfl is after. Can’t wait until the NFL breaks out yellow and red cards next year too.

  12. Sigh, this is a joke.

    I almost wish they’d put a team over there full-time to watch it fail spectacularly and have to tuck their tails between their legs as they retreat that franchise back to the US

  13. I am a foreigner who lives in the US. While the NFL is motivated to invade European Football (soccer)’s turf to increase revenue, they don’t understand that they will fail.
    Soccer will always dominate that market. Ramping up to 4 games a year in London is just a step away from having a London based team. Aside from the logistical difficulties, this will be a complete and certain failure.
    Just a money grab by very greedy billionaires. The English won’t suddenly drop their soccer team to become a fan of the London Jaguars/Rams/Bills.

  14. I have lost 4 games to London as a Jags season ticket holder. We were sold a bill of goods that it makes the franchise more viable in Jax – greedy owners just want more money. Yet again the Jags are one of the teams with the most cap space available. Spend some money on quality players, build a team more people want to watch and focus on the local market. For all the Jags to LA/London talk there have been only a few teams in the NFL that sold more tickets than when the Jags were a winning team – the stadium was packed the first few years.

    London is a short term money grab that will hurt the local fan base of any team in the long run. After awhile you would think the owners and the commissioner would listen to its customers – the fans. I USED to watch hockey and attend games – got too expensive. Movies same thing.

    Killing the golden goose.

  15. Mark Cuban is right. I’ve been saying the same thing myself for a few years now ut for different reasons. Yet it’s still the same thing. The NFL is heading for a disastous fall because of Hubris. The NFL really is ancient Rome.

  16. I am starting to pull for soccer’s MAJOR Premier League arrival in the United States since the NFL chooses to water down their AMERICAN PRODUCT in favor of attempting to shore up the imminently disappearing fanbase caused by concerned parents and the growing mass education of the public about the dangers of repeated head shots .

  17. Mark Cuban is right — the owners are hogs. I hope the NFLPA steps in and stops that foolishness in its next contract negotiation. No one else will.

  18. Many teams line up to play there, fans line up to go to games there, and nobody suffers any serious negative consequences.

    So, naturally, all the genius fans complain to no end about it.

  19. I like the idea of bringing back NFL Europe. I actually used to watch their games and it would be a good place to farm out players that were just at the edge of being good enough for the pro game. It would also be a place that college players like Clowney could go and play inside of that three year gap to start making money, even if it wasn’t full-fledged NFL money.

    Leave the NFL games in their host cities. If you want to expand the brand to the point that you can support an NFL franchise overseas, do it with farm teams.

  20. I don’t get the wild anger in the comments.

    You can still watch the games on TV in the US. Unless you are a season ticket holder for the “home” team and you are annoyed at losing a home game that you would attend in person, why would anyone care?

    If a game is played in Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Oakland, London, Mexico City or anywhere else, it doesn’t matter to me if I can watch it on TV. If it’s a game I’m interested in, I’ll watch it. Otherwise I’ll skip it.

    Mark Cuban may be right. Maybe the NFL will overexpose itself. Then again, Cuban owns an NBA franchise, and he specifically mentioned the NFL’s competition with the NBA for viewers, so Cuban understandably has an interest in the NFL not expanding its exposure and schedule. It’s not as if Cuban is commenting out of the goodness of his heart. There’s nothing wrong with Cuban speaking out, he’s not doing anything illegal or in violation of a contract he signed, but it’s not as if simply because one man with a financial interest says something that anyone else has to agree with him.

    I still don’t get why so many people here are angry. If you don’t want to watch a game played in London, then don’t go in person and don’t watch it on TV.

  21. Now take a poll as to what percentage of people who voted on this first poll are actually “overseas NFL fans” and who are fans from the US and see how different the results are. Give us some games in Britain so we don’t have to pay thousands to see one game of a team we support just as much as the locals fans do

  22. As I have been saying for the past four or five years…. the Browning of America, brain injuries, concerned parents, and watering down of an American product into an inferior international product (SEE: Levis) will guarantee the decline of the NFL.

  23. I hate scheduling any games overseas or in any other country besides the U.S.
    The NFL is America’s game and it should stay that way. If Europe wants NFL teams, let them start their own league and down the road let their winner challenge the NFL winner to a championship game.
    But this Commissioner and the owners have proven time and again all they care about is squeezing every last penny out of their product, so I have no doubt that they will do this.
    They are liars when they say they care about the fans. All they care about is money, just like the players.

  24. Mark Cuban may very well be right about the NFL’s greed working against it. 71.17% (1237) say no overseas games, but yet and still the NFL continues to do just that. They don’t care what we life-ling die-hard fans want as they are going out cheating on us trying to find new fans, even if they are fair-weather fly-by-night fans. If they wanted American Football overseas then NFL Europe would not have failed/ended.

    When you consider other ways that the greedy NFL has begun to turn fans away. The cost of tickets/parking/food for a family of 4 is somewhere between $450 and $600 or more and rising. Every year teams raise ticket prices and soon the average fan will think twice about spending $600 and just stay home and watch it from there. I have already done it and I am a huge NFL fan but I just can’t afford it anymore. At my home food is cheaper, parking is free and my 55″ Samsung can give me the games in 3D! His judgment cometh…and that right soon

  25. what they need to do is take the guys cut from 90 to 53 and have them play in a league that has a small window between February and May. each team could have a certain amount of players they have first dibs on, maybe they wear a patch signifying that they are part of that team’s farm club.

    it won’t happen, but it would give more players a chance to play in the NFL, and those of us who want more football, something to watch other than a bunch of re-runs on NFL N

    will never happen, but it would be a lot more fun to me than adding games or playoff teams to the current NFL

  26. The NFL is making a mistake going in this direction. hey alienate their true base (USA) fans and really will never win over the European market to the extent their arrogance makes them believe it will. I would understand creation of two subsidiary Leagus however – an US-based Developmental League (call it something sexier) to nurture talent and provide more depth for NFL teams; AND a EuroNFL League of maybe 8 teams or so. Try that, with talent coming directly from Europe and elsewhere overseas. Some American players could opt to play there if that appeals to them. But, this uber-expansion that forces already-stressed NFLers to make that cross-Atlantic journey is not going to pay off in the long run. Stop the madness, NFL!

  27. I don’t like the direction the league is taking. I’m glad my interest in the game is starting to decline as I’m discovering better things to do on Sunday’s.

  28. There are enough other games (to watch) that I don’t mind this, but it doesn’t excite me.

    If it gets people in London giddy, great. But what percentage of football fans care when European soccer teams come to play in America?

  29. Dear Roger Goodell – PLEASE STOP! JUST STOP! can you stop making change after change that does nothing to improve any part of the game with the exception of make you earn more money. Stop in your race to double profits, to take over the world, or anything else you are trying to do. Just stop. You are out of control and you are going to do irreversible harm to the game. What does one game mean – that two teams have to go all the way to England to play a game, that a team loses a valuable home game, that those fans miss a valuable home game, that going all the way to England is such a hassle that teams have to have a bye week immediately after (can you do that with four games?).

  30. Does Roger Gooddell just not realize that the overwhelming majority of people think the NFL in London is a terrible idea? Fans are the people who drive the NFL’s revenue and popularity. Listen to who has mad you rich. Take your greedy blinders off. This is a BAD IDEA Roger.

  31. Every game at Wembley has been a sellout (including all 3 upcoming games) which shows there is a market for it in the UK. I can understand the frustrations of American fans in losing home games, and the frustrations of the players with travelling and jet lag.

    Bottom line is this; the NFL is making a lot of money out of the International series, and however unpopular it may be, while ever it’s making money, it’s going nowhere.

  32. I don’t get Goodell on this, he somehow seems to think American football’s popularity will rival or equal football (soccer) in the UK. Fact is, the NFL will not only be less popular than Association Football, but probably Rugby, Cricket, and Tennis too. Just because we love the NFL in America doesn’t mean the rest of the world will. This really seems like a hair-brained, ego driven quest for world sport domination by the owners and their puppet boy, Goodell. It’s definitely doomed to fail, there’s no doubt about it.

  33. GOD forbid anything happen on the trip over or back #1 & #2 they don’t like American football the prefer scocer!!! ENOUGH SAID KEEP AMERICAN FOOTBALL HERE WHERE IT BELONGS!!!

  34. Enough with this London Game BS. I’m sure the NFL will try to justify it with numbers, but that’s just spin. So they sell out a game in London. Do you think they wouldn’t sell out one game a year in , say, Los Angeles? Or instead of that ridiculous Pro Bowl, how about a real game Hawaii. Who wouldn’t mind making it a nice vacation package in the winter. Green Bay vs NE in mid December, 85 degrees sunny. Brats on the beach, Giselle in a Patriots Bikini, talk about ticket sales. Marketing possibilities everywhere. And all the revenue stays in the US.

  35. It’s already tough enough to keep a healthy roster. No more stretching the envelope with new days of the week, adding games, and playing far far away.

  36. As a soldier who was stationed over here in Europe, and that now lives here.. having had completed my tour of duty, I am thankful for the chance to see a game or two each season (I’ve had the chance to see two games so far, with another planned).

    Granted, I TiVo the late games which begin at 0200, and watch the couple which are broadcast to us on Sunday’s; but the games in England at least give me and others of us over here either serving or living a chance to bring our kids to a game now and then.

    As “nflviewer” posted earlier.. you can still watch the game on TV. It’s not a Thursday Night NFL Network only sort of situation that was happening.

  37. I am sure those teams who play in publicly financed stadiums didn’t realize the people of England helped finance that stadium. Oh that’s right–they didn’t.

  38. How about putting more teams in the U.S if anything? If the NFL is in a dire need to expand then let’s look at getting teams in L.A (because you know..Cali apparently needs more), OKC, San Antonio, NJ (because the Jets and Giants are NY) or if the NFL really wants to go overseas, why not Hawaii (seeing it’s still the U.S)? Expand here first.

  39. I’m one of the English fans and have been to every Wembley game to date, there have been some good games and some shockers. BUT, I don’t see a franchise working in London, I think even 3 games is pushing it. Wembley has worked to date because each team has between 5-15k fans in the UK and Europe who will go watch their teams and 250k fans who will go to watch because of the scarcity of the live matches. It cost about £200 a person to go to a match all told, which is fair enough if it’s rare, 8 games, whether a franchise or different teams removes the scarcity and therefore people won’t pay the same kind of prices…only those living in London will go regularly and crowds will drop dramatically as people go to their cheaper and closer other sports (rugby for me).

    Ultimately any more than 3 games and the crowds will start to drop in my opinion.

  40. The only people who care about this news is the owners……….US TV ratings will be poor at best due to time zone……the Euro market may have some interest but due to the annual 100+ rule changes implemented they will get bored quickly on the 6 hour games……..but the real impact is when the league announces you can no longer dunk on the goal posts when you score a TD…..the Brits wont stand for it!

  41. The backlash is coming. I don’t know if it will be as strong as what Cuban predicts, but there will be one. We don’t need the NFL to comsume every aspect of life in every corner of the world. It’s enough. Stop already.
    Worse still is that the owners are arrogant enough to think the sport is so popular because of them. It isn’t. It’s fantasy football that lead to this explosion in popularity, but everything peaks before it craters.

  42. I really hope the Jags don’t go home & away game in London back to back, to cut down on travel, yada yada to grow the game, it’s sad to see the unbridled owner/commsioner/network greed on display….

  43. As a season ticket holder I have no interest in losing a home game. First, I’m sure my bill will be just as much despite one less game. Second, all of those stadium employees rely on that income which I’m equally sure will be taken away. For what, for who?

  44. This is the issue with the CBA. Because no one trust each other and both sides are greedy the increase in player money is connected to revenue which means the NFL powers NEED to grow revenue at all cost. So to do this revenue growth they are going to do things like this. Of course, they might be onto something here because the may not be able to play football in the US in a few years as the lawyers will case the league off shore. They could be a day when a player gets hurt the team doctors and lawyer will run out into the field at the same time.

  45. People who actually attend football games are the ones pissed off and rightfully so. Many football fans go to a game or two a year with far less having season tickets. As a season ticket holder and fan of a team that had to play a “HOME” game in London, I was FORCED to pay for the cost of that game in my season ticket total. Pure garbage! The NFL and Mr. Rogers should be doing everything they can to keep fans in the stadiums vs. the extremely enticing man cave with flat screens and the enhanced fantasy football experience… Arguing because you can still watch the game on tv means nothing to those who attend the games, and there is more of us than you think.. Remember, without those who actually go to the games, it wouldn’t be televised for you to watch at home… You’re welcome

  46. Who am I to care about a billion dollar corp trying to expand there brand. Fans act like its detrimental to their teams. Why all the excuses? I think teams have a bye week after the game, the players make great salaries playing a game of football. These days most of us are watching games on our HD Tv’s & not going to the games & some of these teams are not selling out consistently anyway. The NFL is tremendously popular in America why wouldn’t 32 billionaires try to expand the NFL? & do what we all try to do, make more money!

  47. I don’t get the spazzing out. You watch the game on TV or you don’t. The EU has greater population and similar sized economy to US. We should be happy to see an American product making progress there. These are millionaires flying on private jets. Half these players read Harry Potter growing up. I think they can handle the culture. As a viewer I find the fluff shots of Big Ben more interesting than the shots of the St. Louis arch. It means nothing. If your city is going down the tubes because of one missed game you’ve got bigger problems. As long as they reduce the price of your season ticket or let you recoup the value somehow there’s no harm here. There are supersonic transports on the drawing board now that will make practical an NFL franchise in all the mega cities around the globe – Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Berlin, Mexico City. I think the future is going to be damn cool and I’m sorry some of you don’t have the brains and culture to function in it.

  48. Each year the owners are ruining the sport. Between Thursday games, games in Europe, & the lame rule changes–the product on the field is getting watered down. I don’t understand how the NFLPA continues to allow these things to happen. The only positive thing I heard is that Eric Winston said ‘No way’ to an 18 game season.

    Yes…I get the importance of protocols for players AFTER they get concussions & the need to penalize players who are ‘head hunting’ but that’s where you need to draw the line. Enough changes already. If you’re going to take away the ability of defenders to make plays then the game becomes a joke.

  49. I thought the game was supposed to be what the fans want since they’re the ones who make the business of the NFL possible. The owners are ignoring that & eventually it will come back to hurt them.

    What fan wants the draft pushed back to May??? What fan wants to see his team lose a home game??? And what fan of the game wants kick-offs removed from the game??? I don’t get it…

  50. @jgat12 I agree, you did get the screws put to you for having to pay for a “home” game that was played in England in your season ticket package. That does need to be taken care of by the league and by your team in its season ticket price for that season.

    But remember, the games over in England have been complete sellouts by those of us “who actually go to the games.” So you are also welcome.

    You shouldn’t have to pay for that “lost” home game in your season ticket package.. I couldn’t agree more. Also, I think the current three games is enough. More is just going overboard.

    And a sidenote.. as an ex-season ticket holder myself, I’ve attended games here that my team wasn’t involved in so there is commitment over here… arguably more so. Would you pay to go see two teams you weren’t a fan of at the going costs?

  51. greglandry says: Mar 24, 2014 12:39 PM

    Fire Goodell now !! This league needs to start changing course before it implodes.


    Not going to happen. He’s employed by the owners & he’s their perfect puppet.

  52. Englishman living in England here; this isn’t a good idea.

    One game a year in London is cool, and a nice way of making it a prestigious and exciting event. But this takes things too far.

    We didn’t start liking the NFL because it’s played in England. It’s an American sport and should be played in America. More TV/Internet coverage would be great, but not this.

  53. Maybe I’ll get a lot of thumbs down, but how about this: boycott all games played in London. Hitting the powers that be in their pocketbooks will be what hurts them. I can’t afford to go to London to see a game played there, but I, for one, make a pledge not to watch on my TV any games played outside the U.S. – even if my own beloved team is playing there. Sorry, but enough is enough.

  54. Bottom line: they sell out every London game, even with teams like the Jags and Dolphins playing.

    Many of you are suggesting that the NFL say “No, we don’t want to make money internationally or grow our brand worldwide,” as if you would make the same ridiculous decision if you were in charge.

  55. The only and I do mean ONLY way this could ever work is if an entire conference or at least division set up shop in Europe and they played the American teams in the playoffs en route to a Super Bowl.

    However, interest in tepid enough in Europe -yes they sell out Wembley but only due to the novelty of the event and people from all over travel there to watch the 1 or 2 games there.

    Not to mention the inherent problem with further dilluting the talent pool. Imagine adding another half dozen rosters and needing to dig deeper into the QB minefield. Tebow would be back I suppose.

    That said, the only American sport that enjoys the kind of support in Europe that could be sustainable is the NBA and they don’t have anywhere near the talent to make it work either.

  56. I am a teenage NFL from England and I went to the 49ers vs Jags. I would just like to say to the people how are saying it is a terrible idea, that it was an amazing experience and one that we do not get very often in comparison. Although you may loose one game from your expensive season tickets and you are understandably frustrated that you loose money it’s the teams fault that you have to pay this money. I am sorry that this problem wasn’t dealt with but watching that game was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. I really look forward to hopefully watching another game at Wembley in the future watching any team although, watching my team would be unbelievable.

  57. I don’t read anywhere about Britts demanding more NFL games, or an NFL team. To them, this is a novelty, an anomoly, a nice break from all those 0-0 soccer final scores.

    Are these owners really so obtuse that they don’t see that the only people that think this is a good idea is them?

  58. How about all the jobs that are affected? Isn’t that how they sell us paying for a new stadium? “It’ll create jobs and re-invigorate the downtown area.”

    These billionaire owners are the ones that Godell dances for. THEY want this. This is just a microcosm of how Corporate America views us humble, huddled masses. They could care less about any of our wants or desires….until it’s time for them to get a NEW bandbox to hob nob with other billionaires and show off their prize thoroughbreds. It’s time to start saying NO!

    Should the NFL ever die off, the billionaire owners will just move on to something else to hover over and play “God” with it. Professional sports, college sports, NASCAR, gladiators, thoroughbred horses, or purebred dogs, it’s all the same to them. “My —- is bigger/stronger/faster than yours.”

    Remember this the next time they threaten to move “your” team to another area because they want a new stadium, bigger stadium, Jumbotron, or whatever.

  59. More modern nonsense about how “profit” is a dirty word, and getting angry about a private business trying to earn money while building the most popular league that people can’t get enough of.

    “Greed” is the most overused buzzword of the century so far.

  60. Dear Season ticket holder,
    Your 3rd home game this season will be played in London. However, the ticket prices will remain the same as if the game was being played here and that is because the game will be shown on the stadium big screen. All the concessions will be open. The only thing missing will be the players on the field.

  61. I really doubt that any team has sold nine games for the price of ten. I’d have to see some proof of this before believing it.

  62. While I personally don’t like the idea of more games in London, I don’t mind having 1 game in London a year when both teams have a bye week after.

    For those saying a London franchise wouldn’t be successful, just remember that London has 14 million people in it’s metropolitan area. Football will never overcome soccer in the UK, but it doesn’t need to make it worth it for the NFL. The NHL and NBA don’t make anywhere near the money of the NFL, but they are still successful in most of their US markets.

    Really I think that playing more international games is a push by the league to have a 17 game regular season, with 8 at home, 8 on the road, and one international game.

  63. We can’t get a preseason game in LA, but they want to put 4 regular season games in London? Give us a BREAK!

    Let them play preseason games in Europe. They probably don’t even know the difference, or even care!

    Stop FORCING our favorite game on London! They don’t force soccer on us!

  64. I live in Atlanta and because of this nonsense, we don’t get the Homecoming of sorts for local college stars Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford as the Lions @ Falcons game will be played in London this year.

  65. NFL team in London is about as likely as a 18 game regular season. The players are against it and who can blame them? Who wants to play for a team where the closest away game is something like a 6 hour flight! Yet another bad idea by Goodell. You would think at some point the man has to have at least one good idea but that it hasn’t happened yet. I think his first good idea will be when he decides to retire!

  66. Goodell hears that some 80’s hair band sold out a venue someplace and thinks those guys are morons for not having a show there every single week.

  67. I live in Bristol, UK and have purchased tickets for all 3 games. I have been over to Seattle 4 times and yes the atmosphere at Wembley is completely different but it helps a lot of UK fans who are unable to afford to come and visit your great country a chance to watch the game they love first hand.
    I would like 3/4 games a season over here and wouldn’t really want a franchise because that takes the American out of football and that’s not right!!

    This is my first post

  68. Not a fan of Mark Cuban and don’t agree with him on much of anything. But what he said about the NFL’s hoggishness definitely applies to this London nonsense. The polls show the league’s bread-and-butter audience–the NATIONAL fans of the National Football League–absolutely hate this stuff. PFT’s poll results reflect that as well. But Goodell and the owners could care less what their bread-and-butter fans think. Thursday Night Football isn’t a problem. But indifference to their core fans may well come back to bite them.

  69. The ratings say differently. If a move is profitable (and ethical and legal), the NFL should continue on the course they’ve chosen.

    It’s their business, and they can’t make money doing things people don’t want.

  70. As a briton I love these games and will be attending all three this year. However I do feel the NFL are in danger of overselling this a little bit. If they start including other locations/pre season games then this would be good but four regular season all in one location is a lot. My thoughts are also where these games could take in 2015. 4 would be a lot to fit in considering 1 weekend (week 4) that is often used for international games, Wembley is being used by RWC 2015.

  71. As a Brit and a huge NFL fan, having regular season games in London is fantastic and, I believe, a great thank you for our continued support for a game played thousands of miles away. American football has soared in popularity over the last few years with more access to matches on tv, Internet coverage etc. I fully understand the frustration of home fans, with only 8 home games a year it must be annoying to lose a game to us ‘soccer fans’ but to give us an opportunity to see our favourite teams in person is an experience I wouldn’t have thought possible 10 years ago.

    However, I don’t believe a franchise would be a good idea. Two reasons spring to mind. The first is that it would only be a London franchise in name and stadium, it would still be based in the US. Do you really think players will up and move to London? No. They will have training facilities in the states and fly over for games just as the away team will. Which kind of defeats the point. My second reason is that everyone in the UK already following NFL has a favourite team. Just because the Jags become a London team doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being a Seahawks fan, lose the Jerseys and suddenly become a Jag because they play in my country. And if they are aiming at people not already in love with the sport are you going to get people paying for season tickets for a game they know nothing about?

    I support the International games, maybe 4 is pushing it but a franchise just doesn’t make sense. Let the U.S. keep their game and just let us borrow it every now and then.

    Let’s face it, you guys in the States don’t have to stay up til 4.30am watching the Super Bowl with work in the morning so give us something!

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