On DeSean Jackson, the truth is elusive

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I’ve been in Orlando for roughly 14 hours.  And one things is clear.  When its comes to the status of Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, nothing is clear.

Other teams are interested.  Unless they aren’t.  Unless they are.

Some think that the Eagles or the agent are lying about the existence of interest.  Others are convinced one or more teams are lying about the non-existence of interest.  Perhaps the only person telling the truth is Jets owner Woody Johnson, who risked a tampering violation by admitting the Jets have interest in Jackson.

The latest tidbits from Orlando is that the 49ers are very interested, despite an on-the-record denial — and that the Seahawks, while having no interest if the price tag is at or close to $10.5 million for 2014, would be interested at a significantly lower cost.

The confusion will continue until either someone does a deal with the Eagles for DeSean, or the Eagles give up and cut him.

73 responses to “On DeSean Jackson, the truth is elusive

  1. to be fair to the Seahawks, of course they would be interested at a seriously reduced cost. pretty sure just about every team would be. that is the problem, he is making 10.5 and still wants a new contract and more money.

  2. As an Eagles fan I am wishing we had a way to help absorb some of the salary cap hit for other teams like you see in the NBA to help with this trade for the highest pick possible. I supposed we could receive a player with a high cap number back from the trading team.

    It also stinks that the Niners and Seahawks are trying to get him as if the Eagles are really serious about winning anything – they would be making the dominant teams more dominant.

  3. There’s obviously interest from a number of teams, but because of potential tampering violations, there’ll be nothing but denials. I’m an Eagles fan and I don’t want to see DeSean go but it’s clear there’s a huge fracture between he and the franchise now and for the sake of all parties I hope he gets dealt sooner rather than later so we can all move on.

  4. He would be a starter for every team in the league, but that salary cap hit is prohibitively large. I can’t imagine teams not being interested, it’s just too high a price for most.

  5. There is only like 4 teams that could afford him. Let us know where he lands, not what the latest speculation is

  6. how do you give up your #1 receiver who just came off the best year of his career stat wise….he made cooper and avant better this year because defenses had to double desean….I get he’s got an attitude but come on man….I am not happy about this at all…3rd and 4th round pick for him is just embarrassing

  7. Truth and accuracy and things like that just aren’t a priority for the NFL and its business partners. Not enough direct measurable cash correlations in their minds.

  8. The whole “Unless they’re” “Unless they aren’t” is so lazy, annoying and unfunny. Seriously man, you say this in everything and it just comes off as completely oblivious.

  9. The Eagles have no cap issues. This move makes no sense whatsoever. Seriously, unless some team stupidly gave them a 1st high enough to draft someone like Evans or Watkins, which is laughable.

  10. I agree with birds13, Desean is one of the top WR in the league. 10 mil/yr is the right price for such a playmaker. How can you give that up?

  11. The “truth” is that, if Jackson is cut there will be plenty of interest from many teams. Until then, there will be very little if any interest. No one is trading for that contract.

  12. The most ridiculous situation I’ve
    ever witnessed !
    IF all these rumors are true / Chip Kelly better tighten up all his employees who have DEEP THROATED THEIR ASSES OFF TO REPORTERS DEVALUING #10 !
    The EAGLES can’t handle him and have vilified the guy ! Preposterous !
    They need to look in a mirror at themselves !
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT : IF he soooo terrible than why is New England , Seattle & the 49ers interested in him ? DAAAAHHHH ! REALLY ?

  13. As an Eagles I am fine either way…keep him or trade him. Djax did not make Riley Cooper better. Nick Foles and Chip Kelly made Riley Cooper into something. Djax never had a year like this year even under a pass happy Andy Reid and Mike Vicks favorite target. Outside of this the same fans yelling his greatness were the same ones yelling his inabilities to go over the middle…beat press coverage and how he disappeared in big games. Desean disappeared in the Saints game until Keenan Lewis got hurt. Saints locked him up man to man with a CB that 90% of fans outside N.O ever heard of.
    Djax is an asset. He has been awarded a top salary at the WR position when he isnt arguably a top 10 WR outside of this year.

  14. Tell me who your going to draft with the 3rd round pick thats gonna be better than this guy for the next 3 -4 years?

    Whoever gets him will be getting a steal… 10.5 mil to a billionaire owner is nothing. Plus the increase in Cap space each year will make this hit slight work in 1-2 years

  15. It’s all about the money for him, nothing else. He would rather play for the Browns at 10.5, then the Hawks or Pats for 8. He is the epitome of a selfish, greedy player and that’s why Chip wants him gone.

  16. Salary isn’t really the problem, teams are using it as a problem to drive the price down. The fact is Desean Jackson wants a new contract, and it’s not about more money, it’s about guaranteed money. The team that gets him will restructure his contract to a low cap amount so it doesn’t hurt the team, and give him his guaranteed money in a bonus.

  17. I could see him and Chris Johnson ending up with the Raiders….overpaid, all talk, very low production.

  18. The truth is pretty obvious if you open your eyes…

    This isn’t that complicated and it happens constantly so we should all know what to expect already.

  19. He will not be cut! To continue to suggest they will cut him is hurting your credibility. I’m not a fan of his or the Eagles, but that would be an extremely bad business decision and everyone knows this. No team is going to cut a top 15 receiver in his prime for no reason.

  20. A story worth watching. I’d like to see Jackson / Vick bring competition back to the AFC East. Lot’s of good football to watch .

  21. All this speculation comes from ‘unnamed sources’, not from the Eagles and not from Jackson. I cannot believe it has gone this far with no confeirmations that any of it is true.

  22. It’s really quite simple. Carolina basically loses/cuts all of their wide receivers. Howie contacts Carolina to see how much they’d be willing to give up for a young/dynamic WR. The media gets wind of it and Philly is now trying like hell to get rid of Desean as opposed to being opportunistic. Desean hears this all and acts like the immature little diva he is. And now there’s this largely media driven circus surrounding whether or not Desean is going to be an Eagle this upcoming season. The media doesn’t report the news, they create it…

  23. He’ll be a niner. Harbaugh is embarrassed by losing to Seattle and Pete Carroll. It’s eating at him and he’ll do anything to try to strike back. That makes frisco desperate for anyone they think can push them over the top. They’ve got a ton of early picks in the draft and can easily give Philly what they want in compensation. They just have to figure out how to negotiate a tight cap situation. Once they do, he’ll be in red and gold.

  24. drock36 says: Mar 24, 2014 11:18 AM

    It’s all about the money for him, nothing else. He would rather play for the Browns at 10.5, then the Hawks or Pats for 8. He is the epitome of a selfish, greedy player and that’s why Chip wants him gone.

    I love how because a player wants more money he immediately gets pegged as “selfish” and “greedy”. The next time you’d turn down a promotion at work so that that bonus can be spread amongst your other co-workers, give me a call and let me know. I won’t hold my breath.

    Seriously, the hypocrisy is just amusing at this point. These dudes have a finite amount of football in them, and a lot of them have no other skills to fall back on. They have a much smaller window to make their nest egg, even if their compensation is light years above an average American. Jackson wanting more money cannot be the only reason the Eagles want him gone. That would be preposterous.

  25. I’d love to see the Panthers grab Desean as a replacement for Smith, but I just don’t think that they have the cap to do it.

  26. I think a lot of teams would be ‘interested’ if Jackson’s cost was significantly lower than 10.5Mil, including the Eagles. I don’t see much chance of Jackson taking a significant pay cut to facilitate a trade tho.

  27. Philly would be so smart this guy.

    Look at some of the recent Super Bowl winners: Seattle, Baltimore, Green Bay, NY Giants, Pittsburgh….these are organizations that are well run and have players that buy into the TEAM concept. Chip Kelly realizes that (no matter how talented) MeSean Jackson isn’t that type of player and while he will make big plays he won’t ever be the type of guy to help LEAD a team to a title.

  28. Something bad happened here and the eagles are trying to keep it under raps to pull one over on another team. They know they are moving on from him,. He will be such a disruption that they have to cut him or trade him, but the chances of trading him are slim. teams are on to their game. you just hope that this does not go down the aaron hernandez road.

  29. It sounds to me like a coordinated effort between the Eagles and the DJAX camp. He wants more money, the Eagles don’t want to pay more. A rumor comes out that the team is willing to trade him for a third round draft pick, and DJAX takes to twitter possibly linking him to other players on various teams, many of which don’t have the cap space for his current contract. I think some team is about get hooked. Can Panther fans say Sean Gilbert?

  30. Drock says:It’s all about the money for him, nothing else. He would rather play for the Browns at 10.5, then the Hawks or Pats for 8. He is the epitome of a selfish, greedy player and that’s why Chip wants him gone.

    Oh ok. So if you are working for a company hitting all the targets and on pace for a great year yet get offered a 30% raise at a company that is not hitting the targets and on pace for a avg or poor year, you are turning down that raise? I doubt it.

  31. How come there is no info on Brandon Graham, who the Eagles are actually trying to trade ?

    or Trent Cole news ?

    with all these NFL Insiders .. no tweets yet ?

    But everyone is ONLY a DJaX EXPERT !

    I guess ?

  32. don’t forget one outcome is the eagles keep him.

    the bottom line on desean jackson is that he is physically small, and as a result prone to injury, very fast and quick, great hands, selfiish, immature and tends not to deliver in big games.

  33. He’s one play over the middle from being exploded all over the field, and his career being over. That’s $10M+ at risk in a 175 lb frame.

    He’s explosive, but can also “be exploded” if a safety hits him hard enough.

    I get why the Eagles are headed in this direction with a deep receiver draft coming up in a few weeks.

  34. Why don’t the Eagles just ask him to take a pay cut instead of going through all this drama. Or why doesnt Jackson tell his agent lets go somewhere they want me. Go to a new team on a reduce salary, maybe $5 mil a year, have some of the money that he might lose put into bonuses and encentives. SMH he wants to be with a team that doesnt want him, Coach won’t even answer his calls, come on man!

  35. Keenan Lewis shut down Jackson in a Philly home playoff game. Shut out and shutdown actually.

    There in lies the issue: With his speed, he can stretch the field for teammates, but his size leads to being covered in most routes. 10 mil for a decoy basically.

  36. First, every player is one play from being done…no matter your size. Second, some of your responses are as if the Eagles OFFERED him a new contract and he is turning them down. Third, the question after the season was basically setting him up. I agree with most that we all would want some more $ if possible and that is how he responded.

    I loathe the finances of the league and how contracts are set-up. I wish the NFL and the NBA would come to some sort of middle ground because both leagues need to be tweeked a bit.

    DJax has a incredible skill set but you are not building your team around him. He is not putting you over the top and may be more of a hindrance to building a team. Now, something pretty bad (or petty) happened in order for the talk to escalate just cutting him. Carolina is an obvious landing spot and I’d rather have Kawann Short than a draft pick.

  37. Now, because of them getting rid of Desean….you are going to have to try and replace him in the draft which means instead of focusing on defense in the draft, you now have to try and address the WR position……I like chip and what hes done with the team but this will be the first thing I DO NOT agree with!!!!!

  38. DeSean hasnt said anything, and the Eagles hasnt said anything. Tell me where is this source coming from. This is only a story because its March. BS I think!!!!

  39. In no way does Desean Jackson deserve 10 million dollars a year, 5-6 million a year, yes.

    Of the teams that have been mentioned as possible suitors for his services, only one of those teams has come forward, the Jets.

    I do however believe that there would be a bunch more if he was willing to re-up his current contract. Jackson is a superstar receiver, one that warrants above average money, but not nearly what he wants. Receivers are a dime a dozen, good one’s are a bit more, and he lands in that category.

  40. Any team that thinks it’s interested in him, their out of their minds.

    This guy QUIT on his team while he was getting paid. The worse thing an athlete can ever do is quit, and he did that. He the # 1 wide receiver malcontent in football today at his position. He’s the equivalent at wide receiver to what Revis is at corner back; Never satisfied with his contract.

    Don’t care how talented he is, he’s a malcontent and a locker room distraction. All things considered, he’s not worth that type of money.

  41. Desean is effective deep or in the screen game. Sproles will take his touches in the screen game and Maclin can stretch defenses deep. Add that to a crazy deep WR draft class and it starts to make sense why the Eagles are looking to move Jackson. In Chip we trust!

  42. They are NOT cutting him for nothing. Trading him, even for peanuts, ensures that he won’t go to a division (or conference) rival. They can afford to keep him, if they need to.

  43. This guy is not liked by anybody in that locker room. The two people that were his baby sitters (Vick and Avant are gone). He is trouble waiting to happen. He quits on his team (admittedly so) when he whined about another contract now 48hrs after they lose to the Saints he said he deserves more money what is to say if the Eagles say no he won’t sulk again. And for all those teams waiting for him to get cut if you think he is going to take less money you are dumber then wood.

  44. Seahawks will implode after this season.. Breaking the bank for a shot second consecutive Lombardi when they can still be competitive and focus on the long term with Russell and Sherman and Thomas as three guys they can’t afford to let walk. Sure, veterans like Allen may take a little less to come to town for an above average chance at a Lombardi on a proven team, but guys like desean aren’t going to take a 70% pay cut to make it happen

  45. This has been turning into one big fat punch line of a joke that the media is part of. Just admit you guys overreacted on this story (shocker right?), and movie on…

    Chip played you guys, the national media, and most of the league’s organizations like a fiddle for now. Will you guys learn? Time will tell.

  46. remember a couple of years back when the Eagles signed every free agent and their moms?

    Dream team was it? LOL
    Now its all like ” Its not fair if we only get a 3rd round ick for him!” waaa.

  47. I think you guys are missing the main issue. It’s not about money for the Eagles. Jackson was a much better weapon when Vick was starting QB. Foles does not have that kind of arm or footwork to buy more time for jackson to shake free. The Eagles have the tape and they know what they have in Foles. Check the stats. When they decided to go with Foles, Jackson becomes to expensive for the position. If you draft a player simular to Jackson you still have the same problem. “A QB that can’t get him the ball.

  48. I cant believe no one has just spoke the truth about this issue. 1- He made a commitment to the team when he signed that deal that he would never quit on the team again after admitting he did so before the last contract. He took to many plays off this year and made a issue on the side line when approached about it. 2- He was told in game by his coach to stop engaging D hall, then went out and through up gang signs, enough said on that matter. 3- He is over paid for a number 1 receiver and now he is asking for more money. Last year was his best year and he still didn’t go over the middle and has issue with press coverage. He was shut down by a guy from NO that I cant remeber his name but until he got hurt made zero impact on the game. They are building a team first approach in that left locker room and his about himself, and that’s fine, but do it on your own time. I am sure something else happened that we are not privy too, we may never find out. I do know that it was enough to basically release him in the eyes of the front office. It cant be good.

  49. The eagles are not cutting this guy. Anyone that’s has watch him play knows he is only good when he is in open space. If he’s on the line and can’t get off the ball he’s worthless which we saw in the saints game. The eagles can learn from the 2 players we just signed what they did to defense jackson. They gave him a 50 mil contract. Unless there is more to this situation he should realized he has a good thing here in Philly. Chip will get him open

  50. If the Seahawks are interested, it’s clear it didn’t take long for them to figure out Percy Harvin is more that a “HEADACHE” as well. On top of that, Harvin can’t stay healthy long enough.

  51. Chip Kelly must have zero tolerance… One think is to have a problematic locker room player who is no longer producing and at the end of his career….. But I’ve never seen a team so eager to get rid of one these guys so talented at their peak….. He either did something really horrible to Chip or the GM. I’m baffled… unless this is all to do about nothing and he plays in Philly this year.

  52. Jackson will be cut and the Beagles will get to quote Willie Wonka “NOTHING!.. YOU GET NOTHING! Why give even a 7th round pick for a guy you can pick up as a free agent at a lower cap cost?Chip Kelly’s ego and a stupid contract will cost Philly thier best player and they will get NOTHING!!!!!!!

  53. I understand many on here don’t really understand much about big time pro football, but let me help.

    Seahawks are the best team in football.

    Harvin was huge in the Superbowl and now has a ring.

    Harvin was worth every cent paid to him as he helped bring a SB to Seattle.

    Seattle is young, is not overpaying for players like your MEDIOCRE management is, and we will win again.

    Just life, learn to live with it.

  54. The wide receiver position is the most overrated & expendable position in football, imho. There are exceptions of course like Megatron, & at one time Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald also helps make my point. The last time he had a genuine impact on the field he had a HOF qb behind center. Seattle just won the bowl with a group of journeyman wr’s & there best receiver was undrafted, not all that fast, but he’s smart, knows how to run routes & catches everything thrown to him (Doug Baldwin btw). There is no need to make wr’s a cap liability for your team. I’d give Harvin back if it was within my power.

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