Pryor trade request came weeks ago


Yes, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has asked to be traded.  No, it did not happen in response to the trade that brought Matt Schaub to Oakland from Houston.

Per a league source, the trade request came in January, when players and agents and media gathered at the Senior Bowl.  At that point, Pryor had decided that the time had come to move on, based on the elevation of Matt McGloin above the 2011 third-round supplemental selection during the 2013 regular season.

To date, no serious suitors have emerged.  The Jets were a possibility before the signing of Mike Vick, and the Browns could make a play for Pryor.

At some point, Pryor may face the dilemma that former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow encountered — change positions or exit the league permanently.

With the Raiders leaking the news that a trade request was made while the NFL is gathered in Orlando, the next two days could be the last-ditch effort to trade him.  Thereafter, the Raiders could end up cutting Pryor.

70 responses to “Pryor trade request came weeks ago

  1. He would be the perfect Chip Kelly back-up. DeSean Jackson to the Raiders for Pryor and a 3rd round pick.

  2. He showed awesome progress last year and I was surprised they benched him, but the raiders have proved even more incompetent than old al davis. I didn’t think that possible.

  3. just seems like a lot of news on this guy. He was playing OK. showed he could run. then teams realized if you took away his ability to run/roll out to the right, that he was absolutely useless. this is why people should hold off on the Hoyer’s of the world, they get figured out, its the good qb’s who are able to adapt, many cannot. Pryor played the chiefs, they exposed him by having Justin Houston spy him on that right side. 10 sacks and a couple turnovers later, and a game Oakland should have won goes to KC.

    I saw him break mentally in that game, add that to the agent who comes out and calls him the best young QB or whatever, scares you about the people he has around him even if that guy is gone

  4. Watched this guy play last year. I must say he was alot better than his numbers indicate. Lots of passes dropped by WRs, bad routes, bad blocking and protection by the O-Line… Pryor would be running all over the place and can throw on the run, plus hes almost Vick-esque with his legs. He won 3 out of 4 of Oaklands game, i think McGloin was what like 1-6? Oakland is making a mistake by not starting this guy. Lets Go T-Pryor

  5. “At some point, Pryor may face the dilemma that former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow encountered — change positions or exit the league permanently.”

    I don’t think Tim Tebow has permanantly exited.

  6. terrelle pryor is a special athlete. he proved with that 90 or so yard td run vs steelers.

    but he is absolutely not an nfl qb.

    chip kelly could use an athlete like that as an offensive weapon.

    actually pryor plus a 3 or better yet plus a 2 for jackson makes sense…

  7. Something tells me the Raiders were done with him as soon as his agent went to the press a few mths ago. These teams have a zero tolerance policy with anyone even slightly stepping out of line. It’s getting a bit draconian IMO.

  8. Pryor was lucky to have been drafted at all. He’s just fortunate there was a senile old man on his deathbed thinking he still knew football.

  9. Does Pryor know he stinks???

    Based on his having an NFL contract at all – he should be as grateful as a death row inmate getting the 5 seconds to midnight clemency call from the gov’nah.

  10. Cleveland should try & get him. He did look pretty good in some spots last year & showed a lot of grit. He’s certainly better than anyone they currently have.

  11. The Lions still need another QB and don’t have somebody like Pryor. Maybe the Raiders can find some players on their roster that are more attractive than what is left on the FA market.

  12. While I agree he’s not an ideal starting NFL QB right now, he showed a lot of promise last year. As a backup in the right system with a patient coaching staff working on his fundamentals and decision making, who knows how good he could be. I think it would be worth it for someone to at least try and find out.

    The guy’s running and athleticism is off the charts, and he was quite accurate throwing the ball. Compare him to all of the mediocre QB’s who continue to get chances in this league to play (Ponder, Gabbert, Sanchez, Carson Palmer, etc) and I find it hard to believe this guy can’t be at least a backup with the chance to learn and be coached to improve.

    Tebow had NO ability to throw whatsoever. Pryor CAN throw, but his decision making and pocket awareness need to be improved. But comparing him to Tebow is a mistake. Prior is already a better QB than Tebow will likely ever be, and Prior could literally run circles around Tebow.

  13. In other words, they TOLD him they were moving on weeks ago. Pryor looked good to me before he got hurt. I don’t really get this one. It must be a change in style and play. I thought he showed a lot of promise.

  14. flat broke in 3 years, good thing he held on to his Ohio State stuff, it will be worth good money…oh wait

  15. Another ” athletic QB ” who can’t throw or read NFL defenses. Like most AA qb’s coming out of college.

  16. He did beat out all the QB’s on the roster last season for the starting spot. Then the KC game happen…..we had Mike Briesel fumbling snaps at center, and just like that his shot was over, i don’t feel sorry for him, but he never got any support from the organization. Good luck, at least he can honestly say he gave it his best shot.

  17. The Giants are in desperate need of a quality quarterback the backup Eli Manning. Ryan NASSIB may have a future, but is not ready as the primary backup yet. Terrel Pryor bring a different dimension to the Giants altogether. I don’t see the re-signing Curtis painter as the number two and really, who else is out there right now. Worth a darn? Brady Quinn? Vince young? Go for it Giants!

  18. If Joe Webb is still finding NFL work as a backup QB, there is no reason that Pryor can’t.

    He really just needs to be paired up with a good QB coach that can help him develop a little further. Leaving college early due to the tattoo thing, sitting on the bench of a gutted Raiders team and then being thrust into a starting role isn’t exactly the best way to polish a guy up.

    Landing with somewhere like Green Bay where their backup situation is iffy at best and they’ve got a good staff to develop him, Seattle where he can fill the same role as TJacks and learn behind Wilson, or Washington where the offense is simplified for a QB in a similar stage of development with the same sort of physical gifts on a two year deal would probably have him hitting the market as a viable starter in the league.

  19. Pryor is a phenomenal athlete, just not a QB. If cut perhaps the Eagles could use him but for his career it may make sense to go to Canada and try to develop.

  20. Pryor will do good if one coach believes in him Just like Kordell Stewart. He will not be great but he will be serviceable

  21. You cant blame him, you could put Tom Brady and only get 2 to 3 more wins that D and O line what the put our there was horrible last year

  22. “Serviceable”?
    Did someone say “serviceable”?
    Any QB is “serviceable” as long as he makes few mistakes and plays on a team that has a great defense and a strong running game.
    There are only four — count ’em — four QBs in the league who are above and beyond “serviceable”: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. All the others are what they are: Either on good teams or on bad teams.

  23. Said this in another thread everybody talking about where Pryor needs to go to back up Cam or RGIII etc,, but the teams that play Cam and RGII and Kap, and the other more mobile QB’s is who should be thinking about Pryor so he could run the other teams offense when getting ready to play the above mentioned, and also services as a credible backup.

  24. Does he think he has a chance to start somewhere else? He couldn’t beat out Matt Mcgloin. Well, maybe Cleveland he might have a chance to start.

  25. There is a 3rd, yet unlikely option…the Raiders tell him that he is switching positions to TE/WR or they are suspending him without pay. I think that isn’t very likely, but it is a possibility. I think Pryor and another player to Philly for Desean….no way we should be giving up draft picks right now.

  26. How can anyone be good with Allen as a head coach and Mckenzie unable to draft or put talent on the field.

  27. Funny every Raider fan reading this board is voting down anything indicating he was good for them (which he was) and that their franchise is a disaster (which it is). LOL Oakland.

  28. This kid is way too athletic and raw to be dismissed completely. The team that convinces him to use those abilities as a TE or WR will be getting a heck of a player. Think about him catching the ball across the middle and turning on the jets. No DB would like that coming at ’em – just ask the Steelers.

  29. Raiders should keep T Pryor and move him to WR . Hire Jerry Rice as WR Coach and have him mentor Pryor . Under Rice T Pryor could become the next Randy Moss in a couple of years.

  30. Are you kidding about Cleveland trading for him?

    He already destroyed Jim Tressel and Ohio State’s reputation.

    He’s not welcome in Northeast Ohio.

  31. Pryor is a washed up “never been”.

    He can’t play QB and he needs to go on someone’s practice squad, change positions and reinvent himself.

    Other then that, he can go and sell insurance.

  32. All the people talking about how good Pryor looked, must know little about what a PRO QB is supposed to look like. They aren’y supposed to wow you with a few fluke runs. They THROW the ball, something Pryor can’t do. They read defenses, again something he doesn’t do. He can run on a broken down play and fool you on a few designed runs, but he isn’t going to get you to the superbowl. Not even close.

    That style flies in Satruday ball, but not Sunday.

  33. Change positions???

    He’s too good to be dismissed at QB.

    He’s way better than Tebow ever was!!!

    Tebow couldn’t even do one bit of jack the way that Pryor did against San Diego when the played Oakland in the late night game.

  34. Pryor digressed all last year and got beat out by an undrafted rookie? What games were you people watching when TP was playing. Bad throws, pressure got to him and he kept getting worse…you gotta watch more than ESPn highlights dude, C’mon man?

  35. Pryor played well for the Raiders, however he’s one of those guys that will fall through the cracks because of NFL politics. Is EJ Manuel better than Pryor ? RG3 is a pip squeak compared to Pryor. A bum QB doesn’t run 90+ yards for a TD.

  36. 49ers gave up a pick for Gabbert. If they want a QB who can fit the offense scheme if Kap got injured then Prior might have been a better fit.

    We all know he can barely throw, but if your team can play defense and has a run game, some WR’s who can get open and an OL through clever play calling he could do enough to win.

    Back ups are all about making sure their ski’ls fit the system. TP could be a back up in a system that suits him and with a coach that works on getting him better

  37. I don’t dislike the kid, I’ve just always thought he was taking up a roster spot that could have been better used elsewhere.
    I never for a second, after seeing him play, thought he was ever going to be the starter for real.
    I thought it was a mistake playing him last year. Killed any trade value he had.

  38. Change positions or bye, bye! He is not a NFL QB, PERIOD and never will be! How many years are you suppose to wait for results? This is the NFL, not college!

  39. I guess Terrelle doesn’t realize he has no trade value being that he’s done exactly nothing in the NFL. If memory serves me correctly, he did exactly nothing at Ohio State either.

  40. I’d rather keep Pryor over McGloin. Better athlete, dual threat, higher ceiling. With more experience and a better cast he could be pretty decent. He did play with a makeshift O-line, poor running game, WR’s that suddenly couldn’t catch, and played hurt towards the end. McGloin didn’t have as much diversity when he played, and still only managed 1-2 decent games, while throwing some of the worst interceptions I’ve ever seen. (I know, Pryor had a few bad one’s too.) But what really struck me, was how fired up the team seemed to be with Pryor, I don’t recall seeing that with any recent QB’s, and McGloin was no exception.

  41. After torching the Steelers, they should seriously consider giving him the backup job to Big Ben. Pryor’s style of play could be adapted to the Pittsburgh offense and give the rest of the AFC fits.

    In the last regular season game, Pryor was kept 100% in the pocket; while this limited his game, he did show enough to convince me that he has a future at the QB position in the NFL. His positive attitude and leadership will be a value to any lockerroom.

  42. PoS just needs to disappear into the night. With his ethics, he should go into politics.

  43. If Pryor does not want to change positions, he would be best served as a back up on a team with an established QB where he would fit the system and be able to run it, like a Washington (which would free up Cousins for a trade), San Francisco, Seattle or (as much as it pains to say this as a Browns fan) he would be a good backup to Roethlisberger. Kid will only be 25 on opening weekend for the NFL. Doubt anyone will trade for him knowing that he will probably be released regardless.

    Raider Fan… Matt Schaub is your starter. Matt McGloin will be an adequate backup if Schaub fails or is injured because he has a year of Allen’s system under his belt. McGloin is on his 3rd offensive system in 3 seasons (two at Penn State and one in Oakland), and he produced in a pro-style offense in college. Not bad for a walk on from Scranton and an undrafted free agent. All this kid does is prove people wrong. This also lets you draft your QB to develop and move up on the depth chart after a season or two.

  44. Read a D? This guy cannot read context clues. Not a team player either. I would think showing up in your “aunt’s” 350Z to a determination hearing by NCAA on sanctions would not be a smart thing. This guy is pure poison and the epitome of me first.

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