Ravens, Jets earn four compensatory picks

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Last offseason, the Ravens lost inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, outside linebacker Paul Kruger, safety Ed Reed and cornerback Cary Williams in free agency.

Now comes the payoff for Baltimore.

Owing to those departures, the Ravens will receive four compensatory picks in the 2014 draft, the NFL said Monday. The highest of those selections is a third-rounder (No. 99 overall). The Ravens will also receive a pair of fourth-round selections (Nos. 134, 138) and a fifth-round pick (No. 175).

Generally speaking, compensatory selections are non-tradeable draft slots given to teams who lost more free agents than they gained in the previous offseason. This is the second straight spring the Ravens have been given four compensatory picks.

The Jets also earned four 2014 compensatory selections: one in Round Four (No. 137) and three in Round Six (Nos. 209-210, 213). Defensive lineman Mike DeVito, safety LaRon Landry and offensive guard Matt Slauson were among the Jets’ 2013 free agent departures.

The highest compensatory pick went to Pittsburgh, which was given the No. 97 selection in Round Three. The Steelers lost four 2013 free agents included in the NFL’s compensatory formula, including wideout Mike Wallace and cornerback Keenan Lewis.

In addition to Pittsburgh and Baltimore, Green Bay (No. 98) and San Francisco (No. 100) were also given third-round picks.

All told, 13 teams received at least one compensatory pick, and we’ve compiled the full list of selections. It’s just one data set of many to be used when weighing the costs and benefits of free agency.

41 responses to “Ravens, Jets earn four compensatory picks

  1. Like I said. Picking higher than you and loading up to win this division. It’s clear we’re the favorite. Cincy is standing pat and regressing. Bmore has no oline and the Browns…

  2. Hence why Pitt was able to trade with Cleveland and grab Shamarko Thomas in the draft. Although their 3rd round pick this year would normally be in a more favorable position, it’s better than nothing.

  3. What a joke, big market teams getting extra draft picks in the 3rd and 4th round because they failed to sign their own guys.

    Buffalo gets nothing for Andy Levitre? He was rated as one of the best free agents last year…and got paid as one of the highest in free agency and at his position.

    I guarantee the Bills get nothing for Byrd in next years compensatory picks.

  4. The Ravens gave up 4th and 5th round picks for Eugene Monroe. Ozzie can trade down as little as 3 slots in the first round and recoup those pics. If there is a willing trade partner, Ozzie will jump all over it. The results would be awesome: one first, one second, two third, three fourth, two fifth, and one sixth round pics.

  5. With those comps, the Ravens get back what they had given up last year in the Monroe trade. Now that they’ve signed him long term, they basically gave up nothing for him.

    With Osemele back next year and newly acquired Zuttah likely starting at center, they only need to figure out what they will do at RT (*cough cough* ERIC WINSTON *cough cough*). No o-line problems here.

  6. “What a joke, big market teams getting extra draft picks in the 3rd and 4th round because they failed to sign their own guys.”

    The didn’t fail to resign them. Other teams just overpaid them. Ellerbee, Kruger, Wallace, Goldson, and many other high profile FA’s were grossly overpaid by teams desperate for impact players.

  7. Speaking of overpaid… how many interceptions will “ELITE” joe flacco throw in 2014?!?

  8. The Ravens are the old Browns. Not an expansion team. You moved the team, full of experienced players. Not spreading that lie and propaganda.

  9. I hope the Ravens really leverage this draft and wait on a TE, grab a top flight lineman or Mike Evans (if available!)

  10. All joke aside, the Jets have cap space, and
    a ton of draft picks. They can’t trade these picks.
    Yet they have a lot more to play with. They
    will make a big trade in the near future. Good
    times are coming for Rex and Gang Green!

  11. This is the difference in good organizations (who draft well, develop their own, don’t over pay) and bad organizations (can’t develop or coach talent, tries to build a team or buy a title by over paying in free agency.) Scout good. Draft well. Develop your own, reward the ones who deserve it, replace the ones who don’t, wait for teams to cut good players, sign em, get more comp picks. More titles! The Ozzie Way!

  12. jets have 3 picks in the 4th rd and every pick from last year’s draft made the team. get some quality depth @ OL or LB there.

  13. Comp picks are a joke. It’s just a sneaky way of keeping your roster young under the guise of losing a good player…if you use it that way…or you suck at cap management, but you really don’t

  14. “What a joke, big market teams getting extra draft picks in the 3rd and 4th round because they failed to sign their own guys.”

    What actually happened was that contracts expired and the teams and players did not reach an agreement. No one has to sign anyone, and not one has to play for anyone. Since they lost players, they get draft picks to compensate for those players no longer being there. If small market teams decide not to sign free agents then they will also get compensatory draft pics. It’s not that wild of an idea.

  15. The steelers strike again….. Got the 3rd back and an extra 5th and 6th. No doubt the steelers pick up some future pro bowlers and eventual superbowl winners this year.

  16. Welfare from Uncle Roger for the Ravens and Steelers because they chose to pay their QB’s 20 million?… What a joke. Did I hear a Steelers fan make fun of someone’s offensive line? That’s funny. Think Pittsburgh will take four corners too. (since they have none…)

  17. The Packers are built through the draft. They are perennially near the top with shrewd selections, not always hits. This is the year they pay off. Other teams have resorted to all-in all-now (see “Vikings”….. subject; Favre) and they will pay the price for several years running. Their fans will brag of accomplishments purely in their imaginations, while teams like the Packers keep themselves at or near contention. This is but one reason the Packers own the Vikings.

  18. If Tannenbaum didn’t mismanage the Cap dollars, with guaranteed Contracts for non-contributing players, perhaps they could have managed to handle the roster better.

    The NFL is predicated on GMs and Scouts keeping the rosters balanced and Contracts in check.
    This isn’t fantasy football, where high profile College players automatically win games in the NFL for getting Drafted high.

  19. Glad we got all the comp picks, But can we really say what ozzie did last year helped? we were 8-8, and granted, it was a rare, injury plagued affair, Ozzie left our team with no Offensive line depth and literally only one incapable center who wouldnt even start for the jags if he was released (gino). Our number two wide out and TD leader was an undrafted free agent wide out and were picking 17. Id say he failed last season, but ultimately, we will look back and see the moves had to be made to ensure future success. Even if it means a couple lousy seasons here and there. As long as my guys are competitive every Sunday, through the long cold winters on the east coast, I am happy. I am entertained

  20. Jbtsteeler says;The Ravens are the old Browns. Not an expansion team. You moved the team, full of experienced players. Not spreading that lie and propaganda.

    May it be the browns owner moved his team to Baltimore, the organization completely changed at the executive level moving Oz to the top. The coaches where new too. The vision, philosophy and organizational structure, for you JBT, business plan or the way they do business completely changed. Now you maybe a hometown Boy that sees only black and gold or what you want and disrespects other teams you should know—The Ravens in 1996 got a fresh start, shedding the Browns Way, and what model did they emulate? The Steelers, whom with NE and NYG are elite organizations that do not fire everybody under the sun after a bad season, whom are stable at GM, HC and rest of front office. They don’t overpay in FA, they don’t panic and do not go all in to win now at the expense of the future.

    The Bengals have seen the light with Brown giving Football people, like Lewis, more control of the team and they have become a competitive team. Next move is for Lewis to become GM and Silver spoon boy Owner Brown to step aside and be an non-meddling owner. If Cinncy continues with this structure they will be in the same class as the elite organizations.

    The Ravens now fall in this elite group and are not the OLD BROWNS in every possible way–they win consistently where the Browns do not. Haslem has to see this too, he revamped his front office after his first year.

    Another thing, salary cap means teams are competitive in the financial arena, on a level playing field. It’s how a team spends its money and evaluates the players that keeps them winning most years. The salary cap also makes it extremely hard for a SB to repeat. The elite teams have more up years then down years. That’s why they are elite.

  21. Ted Thompson should call Rick Spielman and ask him how to use draft picks. The Pack need a good draft this year. We’ve had, what, one player (Lacy) work out in the past 4 years? Help!

  22. Because Spielman knows how to draft. One great running back and average players around him. This equates to last place and never competing for championships. The Packers on the other hand, consistently Draft decent players around the best player in the NFL with multiple division titles and a super bowl to show for. Who’s the better GM again?

  23. Point taken. I guess I’m just concerned at our lack of drafting quality players in the 1st round in recent years. I mean, Rhodes and Floyd will both be impact players and Patterson is a beast. Kalil is a starting guard and Harrison Smith was also a huge payoff for them. What do we have to show from a 1st round standpoint? Datone Jones? Nick Perry? Derek Sharrod? We need to do a better job of finding blue-chip talent in that first round otherwise what’s the point? Might as well always trade out of that round if we can’t evaluate talent on that basis. Obviously it’s worked out great for us so far, but I’m worried about the next few years.

  24. Sharrif (Pink) Floyd’s impact will be only felt in the buffet line. He is a another Spieldope bust.

    It’s very humbling to see my disciples back once again, and paying homage to my awesomeness.

  25. So, The Patriots lose Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead and Patrick Chung, and all they get is a lousy 4th round compensatory pick?! Welker was so much more valuable to New England and to Denver than Mike Wallace (despite his hype). Tell me whether Denver would have made it to Home Field Advantage in the AFC without taking Welker from New England. Tell me that New England wouldn’t have won at home against Denver if Welker was playing on the other side. That one loss resulted in a HUGE effect in the playoffs. All Wallace did was leave a team that threw just fine without him and became the #2 guy in an offense that couldn’t move the ball.

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