Report: Eagles chose to part with DeSean Jackson a month ago

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While reports of what appear to be DeSean Jackson’s inevitable departure from Philadelphia have ramped up lately, the decision to make it inevitable might be quite old.

According to Jimmy Kempski of, citing a source close to the team, the Eagles “decided to move on from Jackson well over a month ago, and possibly earlier.”

Whatever the motivations for such a move might be, it now seems certain a move will be made.

Whether Kelly and Eagles officials are able to make it happen at the league meetings in Orlando remains to be seen, but it seems they’ve decided that he’ll be a former-Eagle soon.

Though his attitude and value compared to his $10.5 million salary can be questioned, his value on the field cannot, which makes the pursuit of the truth in this case fascinating to watch.

78 responses to “Report: Eagles chose to part with DeSean Jackson a month ago

  1. Please for the love of God do something and do it soon so we can stop speculating about what happened and what’s going to happen!

  2. mike brown…. ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!?!?!?!?

    PLEASE!!! Sign a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    Why did baltimore sign Steve Smith as their #2 wide receiver?!?

    ANSWER: Teams in the modern pass happy NFL need more than A.J. Green/Calvin Johnson to be a successful offense

  3. OK, literally three hours ago you posted an article saying noone is telling the truth about this only to regurgitate the very next rumor. Enough!

  4. I seriously don’t understand why they are so bound and determined to dump him… it’s not like Riley Cooper or Maclin should really be a number one option.

  5. This Desean Jackson story is getting really annoying. Every day there’s something “new” to “report” and in reality nothing is really new at all. The Eagles want to trade him, so far there’s no takers. Got it.

  6. How about you just cut him, let the new thrifty Redskins sign him, and watch him burn Philly’s defense (with the new safety) twice a year?

    Doing so would allow the ‘Skins to focus solely on OL and DEF in the draft.

    Either way, this will be a big win for the other teams in the NFC East!

  7. Get it done Mike Brown. Andy Dalton is the best player in the NFL right now. That’s means nothing without some competent players on offense other than AJ.

  8. That amount of time and yet they won’t even talk to Jackson. The manner in which this has been handled makes it hard to believe that there is any chance he remains, if no suitor is found. He certainly has no incentive to perform there.

  9. There has too be so much more to this story. There are a lot of “ME” guys in locker rooms but I have a feeling this goes beyond that.

  10. Howie Roseman is going to drag this team down like the Raiders, he flexing his muscles in this mess. Now you see why Maclin did not want to sign a 5 yr deal. Roseman thinks Foles and Cooper are going to take them to the promise land that’s a joke in itself. Jeffery Lurie better come off his honeymoon and ask WTH is going on. The locker room is going to be a mess this year there is no Avant or Vick to control it. When the loses come and they will Foles won’t be able to tell anyone a damn thing. A mess waiting to happen.

  11. Kelly really likes Brandin Cook out of Oregon State. Same size, better player in college. Maybe the Eagles feel like they can get him? Speculation is fun.

  12. Love Jets fans getting all riled up over the potential of landing Jackson. Who is playing QB for you? If you think it’s Vick, than newsflash…he played WITH Jackson the past few years and couldn’t even get off the bench. Jets would have been better off trading for Shaub.

  13. After the #’s he put up last year he must be a huge pain in the you know what to be shown the door.
    How many years before his first bankruptcy hearing?


  14. I’d love to have him on the Raiders.
    But seriously what is wrong with him? Is there something that he has that the eagles aren’t telling?
    You don’t get rid of your number 1 receiver and for a low cost like that especially when your not really in rebuilding mode and got a good QB that took you to the playoffs last year.

  15. All I want to know is his next contract should be the average of the top 3 receivers.

    BUT! Every year is renegotiable down from that based on his production or injury.

    Paid for what you do. Best production? Paid! Suck! Not paid!

  16. Probably cause he spends every second of his life other than practice or Ames at the club , or on Crenshaw. Wants to be a gangsta more than a football player

  17. NFL Network is showing all 49ers programs for Dynasty Week

    Right now the ’81 NFC Championship game is on

    Montana putting the first stone down in his pathway to being the greatest QB to ever live

    Tune in

  18. As much as it would be nice to have desean back this is very interesting topic to say the least chip Kelly is known to believe in his system more then he believes in the player making his system as much as a talented WR Jackson is with his blazing speed ability to blow the tops off defenses is scary for any defense, remember when everyone assumed Kelly wanted a mobile quarterback for his Oregon offense of system he was bringing to Philadelphia when Kelly re-mark I don’t need a mobile QB to run my system and Nick Foles actually played better then Vick who was to say vick was a perfect fit for chip offense actually played a lot better then Vick not to say Vick was playing excellent as well whole point to this is Desean is a me type first type of player a Diva you would call it Eagles is not worry about loading Jackson because Chip Kelly believes in his system with average players or great players can get the job done cuz his system works so well types of coach so I’ll be interesting to see if losing desean hurts or weather chip Kelly system is truly to great either way lossing the likes of Desean jackson CNT wait for the season already to CNT wit to find out

  19. It’s hard to find a chump dumb enough to take this problem child off their hands. Hey Arizona … looking at you.

  20. I hear detroit is deciding to part ways with Calvin Johnson and ship him to the Eagles. That is why the Eagles are getting rid of Desean just as a preemptive measure.

  21. To all the ppl who say D. Jackson isn’t a top ten, really don’t know football. Because of his speed, over 40% of the Eagles snaps require him to have a double dragon trail cover. Meaning he requires two guys to cover him. 40% is a lot. This is why Brent Celek has the 2nd most YAC as a TE since 2009 (look it up). If Chip Kelly let’s him walk and can’t get De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon to replace him the TE play will suffer. This along with the running game thrives because Jackson is on the field.

  22. Brandin cook! As an eagles fan I woukdbt mind at all. There is a problem when you’re making 10 mill a year and you’re complaining you need more money. Get ata here!

  23. Something tells me the baggage that would be coming with this dude is gigantic

  24. And this story ain’t over by a long shot does this effect the Eagles draft plans I think not its been reports that they decided a month ago possibly earlier then that they would part ways with Desean and will they replace Jackson earlier in the draft with the lines of Odell Beckham similar skill set bigger and jus as fast or a Brandon cooks similar phycally very quick in short space or perhaps a different approach WR kelvin benjamen outta Florida State who is as big as Calvin Johnson physically hight 6’5 feet 240 pounds exactly can be a big red zone threat..Will missing Desean effect the eagles or not? Will Desean be as good with jets or another out side team or will we find out why Philly release him after all? Many questions to be answers so stay tuned this topic is not over by a long shot..talking about drama

  25. first, chip kelly saw first hand what happened in playoff gm vs new orl. his #1 WR was blanketed in the first half…0-0-0. in a related note, last time eagles had a playoff gm, in 2010 vs GB, jackson got hurt and left the gm.

    second, kelly shored up the WR corp by re-signing cooper and maclin

    third, eagles signed other WRs, like maehl and brad smith, last season

    fourth, pundits say upcoming draft is deep, including at WR position, so eagles most likely draft a big physical WR to add to roster.

  26. Is Dave Gettleman moonlighting as an intern in the Eagles front office? This is Steve Smith II, only with a younger and currently better player (I’d still take 89 in his prime over 2 DeSean Jacksons in their prime). DeSean reminds me way too much of Eric Dickerson, who only felt like playing when he was the highest-paid player, otherwise he was sulking in his locker waiting for the cameramen to show up so he could say, “I’d play better if I were paid better.”

    Eagles – cut him and let him sign with the Raiders. Panthers – stay far away from this guy and sign Kenny Britt instead.

  27. Eagles ran into some flukey situations last year. They played a bunch of awful backup qbs in a row, and got megatron in a snowstorm. I’m not sure how taking away their best receiving weapon by a mile is going to help them.

  28. It is Chip Kelly’s decision 100%. It has nothing to do with Roseman. Djax is a very good player but he is not a good fit for a Chip Kelly team and what he requires from his receivers.

  29. I saw someone mentioned cutting djack and signing kenny britt. Yep good luck selling that to your fan base.

    We got rid of desean because he was a malcontent. We signed kenny britt to replace him to fix our locker room atmosphere. Oh wait.

  30. The reporting of DJax is somewhat similar to the MH370 flight … no one seems to have have had a clue.

    But if DJax lands with the Jets, that could be interesting. With Vick likely a starter for the year, Decker’s value increases in FF leagues with DJax across the field (relatively speaking) … but DJax value is likely only the same at best.
    Jets going to sign MJD too?

    You have to imagine the Panthers are trying to find a way to make the cao hit work though. Who else have they got at WR? Cotchery and … and … Bueller? 🙂
    Or are they going to low-ball and incentive Britt?

    Just a wierd off-season all around.

  31. This is a guy who never drops a pass … would love for my Phins to find a way to jump into this … i hear the asking price is a 3rd round pick … got to be kidding me … there are only a handful of receivers better at holding onto the football…

  32. LOL….Brent Celek YAC? His YAC is that he’s a below average tight end(32 catches). He’s the third best tight end in his own division.

    And in regards to Jackson not being top 10: If he were actually top 10(which he isn’t even close to outside of yardage) someone would actually want him. He’s a #2 wide receiver on any good team and a #3 on really good teams—not a #1. He’s fast….that’s it.

    I love Kelly but Eagles will have more difficulty next year after everyone has studied them all offseason.

  33. Which is right around the time he was asking for more $ and his place was broken into under rather strange circumstances.

    Me thinks they are done with the headaches.

  34. Maybe they are will to tank the season, so they can get Marcus mar iota next year in the draft. If files doesn’t play well this year. It’s and easy out and they don’t have to spend big money on a qb for another 3 years down the line again.

  35. i love how people think he is a diva, trouble maker, gangster…etc. Have you heard any reports of him getting in trouble?? NO. Have you heard any #1 receivers not being a diva? YES. Stop believing this report. Everyone wants a story because there is NOTHING TO REPORT IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW.

  36. Waiting for him to be released won’t cut it, no pun intended, just like the Eagles traded for Sproles, any team which wants him (and there are clearly some, despite the denials and his contract) will need to pull the trigger.

  37. Santonio Holmes is easily the best WR……I forgot, The New York Jets dumped him and he is now a “free agent”

  38. He was exposed in the playoffs against NO. They just dropped back in coverage and didn’t allow him to beat them deep. He is a one trick pony. I love the Eagles and haven’t been a fan of Desean for the last few years, because he does not play hard. However, I would not release him, although I will not be the one paying him $10.5 million. If this is Chip, he will not be endearing himself to the Philly fans. I guess Philly will be wasting an early pick in the draft on a WR, when Philly desperately needs help on the defense. Their offense is fine.

  39. Hopefully, the Eagles cut him and Belichick swoops him up. Would you rather catch passes from Tom Brady or Geno Smith/Dog killer? Easy answer, Brady.

    #gopats #success

  40. People demanding the Eagles cut or trade Jackson immediately because they’re sick of hearing about it need to slow their roll.

    It isn’t the Eagles fault the media is jamming it down your throats and the Eagles have every reason to be patient with the process.

  41. The JAX connection! D-Jax on one side, V-Jax on the other! Tampa’s gonna need a guy to replace Mike Williams when he ends up in jail, or Lovie has had enough of him. Go Bucs!

  42. I’m glad.. He doesn’t fit the culture Chip is trying to establish. I feel he sealed his fate when wanting more than his 10.5 salary this year.. or maybe his lame rap debut with Snoop embarrassed them into the inevitable.

  43. Why would any team negotiate a trade for him right now when they will cut him anyway? The only reason would be if his current contract is better than what you would have to pay him as a FA. I don’t think it is. I think you could pay him 8 mil max even if there is a bidding war for him.

  44. This would be a typical NY Jets move. Miss out on everyone in free agency. The fanbase is upset, they need to make a splash. First, they get the Dog killer now they’re trying to get Jackson.

    #rip2yourcareer #jetsirrelevantsince1969

  45. I can tell you i’m not surprise at this at all,because i can tell you when Vick was injured and nick foles took snap .Jackson NUMBERS went down and pretty much was non existent, And you can tell he was NOT a happy camper after those games.Foles doesn’t have the ARM to consistently hook up with Jackson down field.They are only a couple of those STRETCH plays between them and it was due to a breakdown in coverage.

    I think this is Chip kelly way of getting ahead by avoiding in future SCENES on the sideline when it comes to Jackson, If things Don’t go well with them.After all this is a team that MEEKLY bow out of the a playoffs,, that saw nick foles doing his best 3 and out and another incomplete pass.They are not even fully sold in the QB position.

  46. People want this guy to be a “problem” so bad, yet we haven’t had one report to support that, yet. I think they don’t wanna pay him. They didn’t wanna pay him before he extended and they probably did so short-term. I think he’s nothing more than a slot. A gamebreaking number two, but a two nonetheless.

  47. DeSean’s such a gamebreaker. Really surprised they’re trying to shop him as hard as they are. If they don’t get a high to mid 2nd rounder they’re selling themselves short.

  48. Fact..The Eagles don’t have to tell Jackson anything…Fact..The Eagles don’t have to do anything with Jackson,as Roseman said he is under contract and Fact number three,the Eagles will do this there way not Jacksons or any bottom feeder team like Jets or Raiders way

  49. I’m not convinced that the Eagles will cut him if they cannot find a trade. Why cut a high performing player just because he has an attitude? Is the team really better off without him? Yes he is highly paid, but he produces too.

    I suspect that all of this trade/release talk is a ploy to send a wake-up call to Jackson to get him to straighten up, focus, and see that no one player is more important than the team. And also to make Jackson see that he is already very well paid and is anything should expect a pay cut, not a raise.

  50. but . . .
    he stretches the field, and causes defenses to adjust for his leet speed . . .
    what could the problem be?
    hint: he’s a perfect fit for philly.

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