Report: Vince Wilfork cleaned out his locker after asking out


Not only does Vince Wilfork apparently want out of New England, he’s apparently already gathered up his belongings in case he’s moving.

According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, Wilfork was so disillusioned about his situation that he not only asked for his release, but cleaned out his locker.

Wilfork was bothered by the fact the Patriots asked to restructure his deal, rather than pay the 31-year-old $7.5 million coming off a torn Achilles.

Citing two sources, Guregian reports that Wilfork ripped his nameplate off the locker as well.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft struck a more diplomatic tone Monday, telling our Mike Florio (in an interview you can see on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET)

“Well you know in the 20 years that I’ve owned the team having Vince is one of the more special people both off and on the field,” Kraft said. “He and Bianca and the way he conducts himself. You know we’ve had in my recent past four players that have been career Patriots and Matt Light, Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk and Tedy Bruschi of course. And there’s ups and downs and are they going to stay, aren’t they going to stay.

“It’s my hope and desire that Vince is with us next year. I think he’d like to be and we’d like to have him and try to do everything we can to close the order.”

It’s going to take more than diplomacy to fix this one, as finding a middle ground on money for a longtime Patriots fixture is going to matter.

62 responses to “Report: Vince Wilfork cleaned out his locker after asking out

  1. He doesn’t want to be apart of an organization based on cheating and has choke in the playoffs the last 9 years.come to the vikings and we will have close to the best d line in the league.SKOL

  2. These types of things are why teams like the Patriots are able to remain on top year after year . . . when Belichick does this , it’s the “Patriot Way” , but when another team does it , that’s a terrible way to treat a respected veteran. Kudos to Wilfork for refusing to acquiesce.

  3. Dude is a monster, but that big gut of him is only going to make him more injury prone. Even though I hate them, hard to side with big Vince on this one.

  4. I have absolutely NO idea how a man of THAT size can recover from such an injury to maintain a normal, everyday lifestyle, much less regain the ability to play in The NFL. The concern at THIS time should center on his quality of LIFE, not football career. He MUST lose a substantial amount of weight as his priority number one and forget football all together.

  5. Could the PATS get anything in a trade?? Would any team be dumb enough to try and sign him?? Perhaps Oakland. Seems like they’re handing pensions. Tuck, Woodley, some other has beens. I love Vince and want him back, but his cap hit is too big. Restructure Vince, Tommy has done it multiple times, don’t be selfish. That’s not the Patriot way!

    #gopats #belichickisGOD

  6. Hate the cheating Pats, but love Vince. He won’t be the same next year and should take less with the Pats with hope for an incentive laden contract the year after.

  7. Patriots have a long history of label long players and or trading them to places they don’t want to go. Good for Wilfork he knows the writing is on the wall there and wants to choose where he goes to next. Not be traded to a place like Oakland.

  8. Is this old news or did it just happen? Vince was out of the country on vacation. I would love him to stay but he doesn’t want to restructure trade him to the Eagles they could use him or let him walk and use the cap $$ on defense. Drama.

  9. He’s been a great Patriot. We will miss him. But he just was paid a high salary for not playing.

  10. Why do fans of a laughable franchise like the Vikings speak? Ever? Hate to acknowledge this but apparently Packer fans were right about Minn.

    In any event, Vince has been paid $32M of the $40M he signed for. Not bad in the least in today’s cutthroat NFL. It’s almost absurd for him to think he would never, at any time, be asked to restructure.
    Buyer beware: He’ll soon be a 33 year-old, 350 lb. NT coming off a torn Achilles. And though possibly playing injured, he looked eerily mediocre in the 3.5 games before ending up on I.R. last season. Most ineffective stretch I’d ever seen from the guy; he was pushed around in Week 2 by Vlad Ducasse, for cryin’ out loud.

  11. Wilfork was just letting off a little steam. Now that the dust has settled hopefully they can work out a deal. Vince has to understand that the Patriots can’t take that sort of cap-hit. So lets extend him, give him 3-4 more years and spread the money out. Patriots need Vince as he would be a key component of what should be a much improved defense in 2014.

  12. Long time Pats fan and I love Vince but he needs to understand that’s how things are done in today’s Salary Cap driven NFL.

    You’d think he’d restructure with some reachable incentives as this team looks poised for a Super Bowl run….unless a 2nd ring just isn’t that important to him.

  13. Honestly, I can see VW’s perspective here. He’s given a lot to the Patriots and he’s been underpaid for his whole career, entering the league in 2004 with a six year rookie contract and getting his second contract when the CBA expired and drove his value down. A lot of players understand that you get paid for what a team believes you’ll be able to do going forward, but Wilfork has spent most of his adult life with the Patriots and I can see why he feels like they owe him something for posterity.

  14. FALSE. Wilfork was away on vacation when he requested the release: a fact that was very seldom reported at the time. Unless the Boston Herald (who has historically had the batting average of Mark Lemke when it comes to controversy and the Patriots) would like me to believe that Wilfork flew back from the Bahamas just to clear out his locker and then back to the beach, I’m not so sure about this.

  15. It doesn’t sound like Vince is interested in any “middle ground”.

    Maybe the vacation will allow him to cool off and rethink it.


    anyone else sick of hearing about overpaid athletes whining about their terrible god awful situations of playing in the nfl and living every other persons dream? grow up. damn your 35 no need for tantrums Vince!!

  17. Kraft wants him to stay…but just not pay him. Thats the patriot way but he’ll be back.

  18. Going on 34 years old with a bad Achilles and got owned by Vlad Ducasse last year. And he’s slated to earn 7.5 million dollars. He’s flat out not worth that anymore. Nobody will trade for him and all his offers in free agency will be one year “prove it” deals with little to no guaranteed money.

    Pride goes before the fall Vince. You were great but that’s the thing. Being great in the past means nothing in 2014. The Patriots are building the best team they can and paying for past performance is something that doesn’t fit that criteria.

  19. From a report I read he’s not being offered a restructure, they are asking him to take a pay cut. Big difference and I don’t blame him for the way he is acting IF that is the case

  20. … Vince is too classy to come back to these Pukes … The Patriot Way is what you Flush down the Toilet each Day !!! … WHEN was that LAST Super Bowl Win in Foxboring ?!?!?!?! … HAHAHAHAHA !!! …

  21. The Pats paying him on his rookie contract got a great deal for an all pro. Now they want to renege of a deal that they gave him when he was at his peak but it was backloaded. What a very patriot thing to do.

  22. Wilfork got almost $7 million last year to sit on his butt. You would think he could give a little of that back this year, especially since there is no guarantee he can even play to his level of play before he was hurt. That damaged tendon has to hold up a pretty big man and have to withstand all that pressure from playing on the defense. Sorry Vince, I think you are being a bit selfish. What teams other than the ones who are trying to rebuild the Patriots in another city (Houston and Denver) would give you even close to the money you would get after the restructure?

  23. I thought players always cleaned out their lockers at the end of the season. I mean who knows who’ll really be back the next year right?

  24. Ummm. He’s still under contract. The Pats don’t have to do anything with him.

    And I’m sure Vince was cool with other players restructuring their contracts so that he could get his current deal.

  25. We’re collecting D linemen coming off of major injury. Let’s make a deal.

  26. The way the front office treats its players is going to become a competitive advantage.

  27. Stay strong Wilfork! What bonehead classless move by the Patriots. This man is the defense. Good fronts make defenses. Without him teams ran all day up the middle and they will continue too. He is worth every penny and a bargain at that price. He is the only difference maker on that defense. I’d take Wilfork over any player on the Pats roster besides Brady.

  28. The guy has legit been the only above average defensive player on the pats d for the majority of his career. Now they ask him to take a pay cut after throwing big money at revis? Make no mistake that is precisely what this is about.

  29. Almost every member of the homer press pointed out last year that Wilfork put on a lot of extra weight after the injury.

    What made Wilfork an incredible player was not just his size and strength, but that he had agility like no other big man I’ve ever seen in almost 50 years of watching the NFL. He was so fast in making that first jump or moving side to side for a huge guy.

    Now he not only has to rehab the ACL, but lose a bunch of weight and even then no player is ever the same the year after an ACL repair. It always takes at least the 2nd season after the injury if the player doesn’t re-injure it.

    And I’m afraid at Wilfork’s age and size he’ll never be close to the same player again. The Pats are right to want to cut his salary or at the very least restructure it. He’s not worth 11.5 mil cap hit 7.5 mil salary this year, plain and simple.

  30. Look, Big Vince has been paid over $43 million including an $18 million signing bonus in 2010. Besides Fat Alberts $41 mil guaranteed from Dan Snyder, how many other nose tackles can claim that kind of actual salary? But keep on claiming the Pats don’t pay players their worth, whatever.

  31. Uh Oh! Trouble in Paradise. It has been a very long time since the Patriots won a Super Bowl. Quite frankly a weak AFC East is the only reason they had won anything. Those days are over, especially with a declining Brady. This is the Patriots Way and this guy is right! To the fools who think he is under Contract and has no choice but to play… not true! He can sit out and the Pats still take his Cap hit whether he plays or not. The only way they restructure (not going to happen favorably for a huge man with a major leg injury). He can be traded, but no one will pay him the money he wants. Also, the Pats control where he goes and that means not the AFCE.

  32. Wilfork has limited, if any, value now b/c of his weight and the Achilles injury. He’s too big a risk for a 7.5 mill contract. The Patriots are hard on their players but it’s why they are successful.

  33. The Patriots aren’t worried about living Spygate down – the people that bring it up have nothing else to grasp on to. It’s been freely admitted by coaches everyone respects that EVERY team was up to something back then. People don’t want to recognize that because their team sucked then and sucks now while the Pats have engineered the longest sustained run of excellence in league history. We here in Patriots nation are just tired of the stale act. The record book’s never going to change, nor should it. Deal with it. Skol!

  34. Time for Wilfork to swallow his pride and stop listening to his agent/wife. He collected 32 mil of his 40 mil contract, even though he was terrible in the 2012 AFC Championship game and played poorly in 2013 before he was hurt, but still got his money. Don’t know what the Pats offered for a pay cut, but if Vince thinks he’s worth more on the open market, go try. He’s been a great Pat, but is now old, coming off a bad injury, with declining skills and has always battled with his weight. If he wants to pull a Seymour and go play for some crap franchise out of principle, vaya con dios. Any orginization worth it’s salt would ask for this pay cut. He’s just still mad the Pats made him play out his 5 yr rookie contract. Pats will take the cap room and move on. Go play for the Dolphins, ingrate.

  35. guys can come back from torn achilles. i think wilfork has more than earned that opportunity to prove he can come back at that same salary.

    to ask a guy like wilfork to take a pay cut after all he did for you is incredibly disrespectful.

  36. I love Vince, but a 33 year old 330 lb guy coming off a torn Achilles isn’t worth an $11 million cap hit, let alone that type of salary.

    Nothing personal

  37. Cone to the jets big fattie. If you work hard we’ll let you back up Sheldon Richardson and give u chance to help us best the cheaters twice next year

  38. “Vince is one of the more special people both off and on the field,” Kraft said.

    I guess that Nevin Shapiro thing doesn’t count toward how special Vince is, but it does illustrate that he is about money first, and doing what is right second.

  39. Pats made Wilfork the highest paid player at his position. No team in the NFL right now is paying their nose tackle $7.5M/year.

  40. Patriots should trade him to the Vikings for there first round pick. Then the following year he can come crawling back after realizing how awful it is to play for such a terrible franchise

  41. He an Bianca would be well received in Denver, Colorado. We like players that remove their name plates from the Patriots locker room.

  42. Sorry Vince. At this point in your career, you are too old, too fat and too risky to pay that much for only a possibility you may come back as the player you were.
    Face it. Every player has a shelf life. Yours may have just expired.
    As for the guy who said he will come to the Bills. Hell no. We already have overpaid linemen and will have to pay Marcel Darreus next season when his deal is up.

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