Steelers sign Arthur Moats


Former Bills linebacker Arthur Moats is heading to Pittsburgh.

The Steelers and Moats have agreed to terms, a league source tells PFT.

Moats started 12 games as a weakside linebacker in Buffalo loast season and is versatile enough that he could play either inside or outside in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense.

The 26-year-old Moats entered the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick of the Bills in 2010. He may be best known as the player whose hit on Brett Favre caused a shoulder injury that ended Favre’s streak of 297 consecutive games played.

40 responses to “Steelers sign Arthur Moats

  1. I guess the raven trolls will be joking about old and slow, no cap money, can’t sign anyone……blah blah.
    But we have made some very solid moves to get younger in a hurry and Moats is further proof. I guess there is still money even if we are paying Ben millions per td as one fool said the other day. Ya, Colbert is a bum and Ozzie is a god……yawn.

  2. Solid move. I think they could still do themselves a little bit of good by signing Harrison, obviously not to start, but he could be some help.

  3. Perfect picture, too. Him pounding a Ravens player in to the ground. Right where he needs to be!

  4. The Steelers are thin at both ILB and OLB so signing a guy like Moats who has position flexibility makes sense to me.

    He’s also a young guy (26) that is solid against the run and that has to appeal to the Steelers, as well. A nice pickup for the team.

  5. As a Bills fan I am going to miss him. Will play any position asked of him. He has lined up as 4-3 DE, and all LB positions in both the 4-3 and 3-4. Nothing great, but a solid contributor.

    As a person- he is a fan favorite. Active in the community, and responsive to the fans.

    Don’t Cross the Moats!

  6. Another solid signing and a good locker room guy by the sounds of it. Another top story because it’s the Steelers, imagine that.

  7. Ha. Steelers defense is so bad now they’re actually excited about this guy. Great player, that’s why he’s still around waiting on a 1 year deal. You stay irrelevant, Pittsburgh.

  8. His best play was when he knocked out Brett Farve a couple years ago, Farve never played again. Ironically enough when farve when out T. Jackson beat our butts. Solid signing and fully helps the steelers linebacker depth, he’s also a community activist. Don’t Cross the Moats!

  9. The Steelers would have been better off taking Alex Carrington. Arthur Moats is a great guy and super active in the community, family man. However, he played DE at a small school and doesnt have the athleticism to play any LB spot away from the line of scrimmage. Decent on ST, but can get beat, due to some stiffness, which is why he wont play OLB, also no edge or pass rush moves.

  10. Ha. Steelers defense is so bad now they’re actually excited about this guy. Great player, that’s why he’s still around waiting on a 1 year deal. You stay irrelevant, Pittsburgh.

    How can we be irrelevant if you are posting on every thread. I guess you are a closet Steeler fan at heart.
    His one year deal could be because he wanted flexibility to chose a better place…don’t try deep thinking can hurt at times.

  11. “community activist”? Really? This country doesn’t need another community activist.
    Maybe this is a good depth move but it reeks of the Steelers reaching for players…..again.

  12. If Steelers fans want to applaud their front office for making a solid depth move? I have no qualms. But when you act like you just found some diamond in the rough, and play it off as if Moats is some stud LB who will carry the team to the SB? That’s when it gets obnoxious.

    He signed a one year deal for $795K. Not a game changer, just a guy with no other options and one who can contribute to some extent when called upon. Depth at best. Let’s not make into anything more than that.

  13. Good signing for the Black~n~Gold. Adds depth, is versatile, and YOUNG!

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  14. No one is yapping and hollering. The point is we’re signing depth and don’t have to reach for players in this draft. Now we can draft for luxury at No. 15. It will be Evans, Gilbert or Dennard destroying this division for years to come. We draft ahead of the Ravens and will have higher comp picks. I love to kick the rat fans with that. (No picks docked for Tomlin)

    We’re setting up to win this division. At the end of the season we were the best team in the division. We have the best QB, WR and RB in the AFCN. And we’ll have the best defense again this year.

  15. As a Bills fan it’s a good (not great) signing for $795k. He struggled and probably shouldn’t have started for Bills…but they are the Bills. He’s undersized, but athletic. Not sure why anyone really cares, I’d be surprised if you hear his name much but congrats to him.

  16. His name sounds very medieval and chivalrous. Those perilous moats of King Arthur’s Camelot castle.

  17. He’s another quality piece in the big picture. I think the best part is that after salary displacement for the 51 players that make up the Steelers cap, he really doesn’t change anything. They are still around $2.5 million under the cap, and can still go out and get a solid contributing defensive end like carrington. They can probably still afford both carrington and blount, for that matter. They will still draft an outside linebacker and running back anyways of course, just not quite as early. This Steelers team keeps getting younger and younger, dont they?

  18. Arthur Moats stinks. Take it from a Bills fan. When we roll him out, people say he’s terrible (rightly so in this case) but when the Steelers pick him up its a great signing!

  19. The yapping and hollering over a backup LB is hilarious. Wow, Colbert is a genius. Yes everyone will just mail it in now.

  20. “We’re setting up to win this division. At the end of the season we were the best team in the division.”

    Way to aim high. 31 other teams are thinking way bigger this time of year.

  21. Steelers have the best WR in the AFCN!? lol

    QB maybe. RB is very debatable. WR not a chance.

  22. I have to give it to you Steelers Fans. You would get excited about your organization if they signed my Dog. This guy was a Starter because the Bills had no one else. The Bills did not even want to offer him anything! Yes, he is getting League Minimum an they would not even offer him that. For that much most teams keep a guy around because he know the system at depth and is a key player on Special Teams like all backup LB’s. The Bills did not even think that much of him. The good news is this does make the Steelers younger overall by about 15 days if you factor this towards the average.

  23. As a Steelers fan, I do not understand this signing. They are already clogged at LB with a lot of young guys and they are sure to draft another 1 or 2 especially with the awarding of 3 compensatory picks. If they are not going to bring back Harrison at a veteran minimum, then so be it, but couldn’t that $$ have been used right now to attract MJD? Runningback is a major need with Wide Receiver and Cornerback right behind. But LB?

  24. At the price, Moats looks like a good solid pick up. You need depth in today’s NFL moreso than ever before. Too many injuries. I would also like to see them sign Harrison for the right price, since he could step right in when necessary.

    But the next focus should be on RB IMHO.

  25. In Buffalo he stinks but in Pittsburgh Lebeau will make him the next James solid inside lb ala James Farrior. Its coaching people. That’s what Dick Lebeau does.

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