Terrelle Pryor appears on the way out in Oakland


The Raiders have anointed the newly arrived Matt Schaub their starting quarterback, and they view Matt McGloin as a capable backup. So where does that leave Terrelle Pryor?

It leaves him on the way out.

Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie told Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News that Pryor could be traded or released soon. Meanwhile, a source tells Alex Marvez of FOX Sports that Pryor has asked to be traded.

If the player wants out, and the team is openly talking about the possibility of getting rid of him, that’s usually a pretty good sign that he won’t be with the team much longer.

Pryor started nine games last season and showed flashes of promise as a passer while running for 576 yards, second only to Cam Newton among NFL quarterbacks. But if Pryor wants to be a starter, there probably aren’t any opportunities available to him right now.

A better option would be catching on as a backup on a team that has an offense suited to mobile quarterbacks. Pryor may never be a great pocket passer, but he has the talent to be a good playmaker in the right offense. The Raiders, who are committed to Schaub, will not be that offense.

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  1. If this is true, than it;s because he insists on being a QB, and he’s clearly not.

  2. Unforgiving world of the nfl. Team trades for player to replace you and next thing you know you’re coaching pee wee football waiting for your phone to ring.

  3. I would take him as a backup in Green Bay. Let him and Scott Tolzien battle it out for the job. I don’t know if I’d give up more than a 7th rounder for him though.

  4. I like Pryor, but I like the idea of getting something for him like a trade to Philly for D. Jackson and 4th in 2015

  5. Something tells me that some coach somewhere at this very moment, has dreams of dragging the “wildcat” back out of the basement…….

  6. Best free agency signings this offseason :

    1. Captain Munnerlyn – Vikings
    2. Darelle Revis – Patriots
    3. Linval Joseph – Vikings
    4. T.J. Ward – Broncos
    5. Aquib Talib – Broncos

  7. From my perspective, Terrelle Pryor showed flashes of being a capable starter last season. If you watched the chargers game, he showed poise in the pocket in accuracy and destroyed a playoff team.

    If he actually went to a good system and a coaching staff that could develop him – unlike the raiders.

    I believe he could be a starter in the NFL – and he would be a better QB than Colin Kaepernick if he played for the Niners under Harbaughs coaching.

  8. I would be sorry to see him go, he is young, raw and a hard worker. I think even though Schaub is the starter he could still develop and be the next starter for the Raiders once Schaub is done. I hope he gets the chance to prove himself. I could see him in Seattle as a back up and continue to develop.

  9. I always liked TP because of his work ethic and attitude. But unfortunately for him he doesn’t fit the mold of the type of QB they want in oakland now. I wish him luck, he seems to proud to change positions. Hope he gets on somewhere as a backup and can prove eventually he’s an NFL qb.

  10. Minnesota, Terrelle! Its the place for you. Mobile? No one runs scared better than they do.

  11. If you are really upset about this move you obviously never watched him play outside of a ESPN highlight. He is nothing more than Tim Tebow with finesse. Athletic freak of nature but a terrible QB.

  12. Listen… I’m an Ohio State man… and… I still don’t understand certain NFL team’s fantasies about Terrelle Pryor.

    Aren’t quarterbacks supposed to be able to throw the ball accurately?!?

    When did that change?!?

    Sure… Pryor improved A LOT more than I ever thought was possible (after watching him be a barely mediocre passer against average competition and terrible against bowl competition during an OSU era of mediocre WR depth)… but… it’s time to admit that he is MUCH BETTER than Brady Quinn… but… not a legitimate NFL starter.

  13. Such a great athlete, but was afraid it would come to this. I really like him and think he would be an amazing WR or TE, I just don’t think he’s ready to give up on his dream. I hope someone like SF or Washington signs him as a backup, where he will fit in perfectly with the offense.

  14. If the Raiders are giving up on him, it’s clear he’s on the verge of being a superstar. I never thought much of him, but now I’d sign him in a hot second.

  15. Would be a good backup in Buffalo, Thad Lewis is there as well but both he an Manuel are so injury prone, having z third “similar” qb might be wise

  16. Well then. Oakland, send Pryor and a 3 to Philly for DJax. Both problems solved.

  17. So now all the haters will tell us that pryor is decent and just needs a new team and will be good one day.

    but when on the Raiders he isnt a QB is a terrible passer will never make it as a QB and needs to be a WR.

  18. I like Pryor to the Eagles. Although they could use a veteran QB, having a mobile option with some untapped potential would still be a good fit in Kelly’s offense. Pryor has to work on his decision making- which may be the reason to hold off, since Kelly values a QB who can make quick reads.

    BUT, if the Eagles really want to deal Desean- work something out. Pryor and his contract come over along with a 2nd and 6th round pick for Desean and Matt Barkley.

    The Raiders have the cap space, and this should interest them a ton, especially if they don’t have to part with a No. 1 to get a player they can afford for two years.

  19. Send him to the Browns for one season. Nobody makes it past a year there. Then he can retire close to home.

  20. Good luck T.P.!! didn’t work out, but ill always support someone who put in the kind of work you did for the silver and black! Wish we wouldve gave u one more shot and an oline.

  21. He seems like a perfect fit for Chip Kelley’s offense to me. Mobile guy who can throw decently enough on the run. He won’t start, but he could probably improve his game under a good coach who has a pretty good track record (in college) with these kinds of guys.

  22. Early last season the talk was how he had more potential than Cam Newton. Oh how fast they fall out of favor….

  23. The Bengals aren’t committed to Dalton, and the Browns seem to have no interest in anyone but Brian Hoyer and his reconstructed ACL. He can come back to the Buckeye State, and either be blamed for Tressel’s departure, or thanked for Urban’s arrival. Or both.

  24. The 49ers traded for the wrong young QB. Blaine Gabbert and Terrelle Pryor are both unproven, but Terrelle Pryor fits the system better and the man has heart.

  25. Pryor for Desean Jackson?

    Were some of you dropped on your heads as children? I mean seriously!

  26. Pryor to Washington. He’d be the same type of QB as RG3, so an offense built to compliment one would compliment the other. Griffin stands a reasonable chance of getting hurt because of his playing style, so it would also likely give Pryor a chance to see the field. They signed in a legitimate #2 wideout to go with their #1 Garcon. They also have a strong running game and their tight end Jordan Reid looks like he might develop into something special.

  27. What a joke. In a league where Matt Flynn, Matt Schaub, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Ryan Tannehill, Blaine Gabbert, Chad Nenne, Tony Romo and Eli Manning still get checks, a guy with Pryor’s raw ability, is tossed aside.

  28. If this is true, than it’s because he insists on playing for a REAL NFL team, and Oakland clearly is not.

  29. Raidets should hold on to him, every year Qbs go down they would get more in return if they hold on to him. Not only he might look better this season under a better o line

  30. I love the Ohio State QB bust guys… what other colleges are QB factory’s? Other than Notre Dame, how many programs have been popping out NFL starting QBs through out the years? So if a school produces 1, does that make them great QB producers or something? Its such a stupid statement to make.


  32. Baltimore is looking for a qb to compete with Tyrod Taylor. Pryor at least has some NFL experience although he is similar to Taylor and doesn’t actually fit the Ravens scheme, but neither did Taylor and that didn’t stop the Ravens from keeping him for the last four years. Knowing Ozzie (I don’t really know Ozzie, just a figure of speech), if Pryor gets cut, he could be invited to Baltmore to compete. In reality, he has the legs that Taylor has but is far more accurate than Taylor. Could be a match made in heaven if his price is right. He can sit behind the most durable qb in the NFL and hone his craft in a positive environment, the exact opposite of Oakland.

  33. Come to the 49ers

    We’ll play you at Tight End like you’re supposed to

    You’ll make a lot of money and get that Raider stench off of you

  34. I really hope the Raiders know what they are doing. TP went on his own dime to learn how to be a better QB, and did pretty well in the beginning of the season. But then the Raider coaching staff got a hold of him and he reverted back to a QB who could not do anything right. I would not have gotten rid of him yet.

  35. As a Charger fan I’m glad the Raiders GM is so amazingly stupid to make this move.

    Pryor showed some real poise playing behind a really bad offensive line.

    This move really shows how committed the Raiders are to winning.

    Once again it’s a 3 team battle in the AFC West

  36. This guy did everything asked, worked his tail off and towed the company line like a champ. Every team with a mobile QB will at least give him a glance as a backup to develop. If he fails it won’t be due to lack of effort or willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

  37. to me being a raiders fan pryor didn’t get a fair shot.the o-line was injuried all season so he never had a healthy line all year.pryor should have started when 1st got there,thats the only way he would have learned the position better.he’s gonna go somewhere else and become a star and again my team will look like a$$e$.good luck pryor,hope the raiders change their mind,not happy with shaub because i’m going off last year.

  38. He could be starting if he caught on with the Packers, that O-line can’t protect Rodgers as he was sacked a ton over the past few years!

  39. Pretty amazing reading this thread about how Terrelle Pryor is an amazing talent and anywhere but Oakland he would shine.

    The things some people convince themselves of just to take a shot at the Raiders, I swear…

  40. TP’s a QB, he’s just not a West Coast Offense QB. I don’t think he trust what he he sees in the West coast system. Which leads him to be indecisive. For a QB to be successful in the WCO he has to be decisive.timing is everything.

  41. He could start in Minnesota, today! Trade him for a 5th rounder or the 6th we gave up for Schaub.

  42. No reason to trade for him. Jokeland will relase him soon enough, then you can pick him up for free. Although I don’t know why you would want him.

  43. Inexpensive pick up to see if he has Kapernick type upsided. I can see him catching on for development, hell I won’t mind the Chargers checking him out for that purpose at that price.

  44. the last HORRIBLE draft pick by Uncle Al..he was NEVER going to be an NFL QB..he can’t throw for jack..idiots see him run for 30 yards and it’s “Pryor a beast” or “he da future”.. but you have to look at the young dumb Raider fans saying it.. he is an athlete and that’s all he is..clown

  45. Pryor making exact same mistake Kordell Stewart made. Neither are starting QB material. Stewart could have been an effective wide out for many years.

    They came up with the phrase “accounted for” in terms of touchdowns for Kordell as he would throw plenty of 1 yard TD passes. He was so ineffective when it counted, Romanowski patted him on the helmet after yet another interception in a playoff game as Kordell could not read defenses well enough and was inaccurate. Worst of all, terrible leader, would not accept responsibility for bad play.

    If Pryor makes the same mistake of insisting on playing quarterback, all of his physical skill will be wasted on the sideline. If he could just swallow his ego, and try Hback-tight end, he could have a very nice career. But he won’t. Egos are too large most of the time.

  46. Colleges to avoid drafting QBs from: Ohio St, USC, Texas, Alabama, every single Florida school.

  47. TP will continue to get injured every season he plays.. Just like Vick, Scam, and RG3. They all take too many hits. So the “all because of one injury” comment is ignorant. You have to have one offense just for TP because he can’t run an NFL offense, and another for the real quarterbacks on the team. He needs to go somewhere as a back up to a running quarterback who cannot throw. Everybody saying he didn’t get a fair chance, he is going into his 4th year.. I think that is plenty of time to learn how to throw and read a defense. The offense did not produce and did not score with TP at qauterback. Injuries slowed the defense down is actually why they stopped winning and keeping games close. He works hard.. So do I, put me on an NFL roster and pay me. I promise I will out work everybody else..

  48. As a Raider fan I don’t like this news AT ALL!!! I like Pryor and he should have a chance to compete for our backup QB spot. That’s foul D.A and Reggie

  49. Seeing some of the posts saying that they should package a pick/picks to Philly for DeSean Jackson makes me laugh. Pryor is a pro athlete, not a pro QB. The amount of picks Oakland would have to give up to equal Jacksons worth is extremely high.

    Pryor has shown less capability to be a more polished passer than RG3 or Tebow. As a Redskins fan I’m hoping Griffin shows more as a passer this season or he’s on his way out of the league.

  50. Everybody talking about where Pryor needs to go to back up Cam or RGIII etc,, but the teams that play Cam and RGII and Kap, and the other more mobile QB’s is who should be thinking about Pryor so he could run the other teams offense when getting ready to play the above mentioned, and also services as a credible backup.

  51. The fact is that Pryor could never grasp much of the playbook. That comes from the guy who runs the headphones at the home games.
    They won’t say that, but it’s the way it is.
    Hell of an athlete. Might be too late to learn a new position, though.

  52. DeSean Jackson, with his swagger & attitude needs to be a Raider. Trade for him, pick Sammy Watkins, and along with Denarius Moore, Rod Streeter, & Andre Holmes the Raiders all of a sudden have a great nucleus on young wideouts.

  53. Pryor come on with the distractions homie. You’ll get your chance fam. Schaub was a backup to Vick and never said a thing and Schaubs been a starter for 10 yrs now. No dout you’ll get your chance to start under center again but i’m not sure this is the right way to get that chance bro. Calm down,remain a Raider,solidify your Kraft and learn from Schaub. Raiders brought Matt Flynn in as the starter last year,did he start? No you did. You gotta be a grinder/fighter in this league. If u don’t wanna learn in Oakland under a proven vet your not gonna want to learn elsewhere. Just calm down and be patience fam. Plenty of young QBs made the same mistake in the past that’s why there in the past and some of them aren’t even in there 30s yet. Think before you act homie. Raider Nation!

  54. Basically, he has played for less than one NFL season. Its not that he is a bad quarterback, or that he lacks potential, but that there are simply too many QB’s that are currently better or that have better upside, especially in a West Coast offense. He lacks the pocket presence and decision making tools to make a top 20 qb. I am not sure how much he has thought about changing to a tight end, or perhaps even a safety. But, with his speed and size he may have a future…

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