Vikings sign former Jets lineman Vladimir Ducasse

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With the first wave of free agency come and gone, teams are beginning to enter fill-in-the-blanks mode.

So the Vikings are adding depth to their offensive line, with Adam Caplan of ESPN reporting they’ve agreed to a one-year deal with former Jets blocker Vladimir Ducasse.

The former second-round pick never lived up to expectations with the Jets — though who really lives up to expectations with the Jets? — but offers some positional flexibility.

As a sixth man for an offensive line solid at tackle, he could be a helpful part to have around.

50 responses to “Vikings sign former Jets lineman Vladimir Ducasse

  1. No team had an even CLOSE to as good free agency as the Vikings.

    We filled in the holes of our roster with all star capable players for a great price instead of overpaying flash in the pan players like other franchises did.

    No team is better at evaluating talent than us.

  2. It must be bad that he has to sign with the Vikings…. Nobody else wanted him ? Without Peterson, the Vikings would be the worse team in the NFL.

  3. Like many of Speilman’s signings (Wooten, Tom Johnson), this signing carriers zero risk. If the player doesn’t make the opening day roster, then their 2014 salary isn’t guaranteed. And since the players were signed to short-term deals, the guaranteed money is so small they can cut the player without much of a cap hit. However, if any these players pan out, we’ve got them under contract for a season or two at a bargain basement price.

    Good work Vikings.

  4. good for him… another decent pickup for the vikings! where as in green bay the signed a viking reject, the slow fat kid and a 34 past him DE, and they don’t even know who their starting center is yet! Ha! Pack! Ha!

    without Rodgers to packers are the worst team in professional sports in america!

  5. I am a Jets fan and I couldn’t be happier to see Ducasse go, even though I always rooted for him to become what the Jets thought he had the potential for. He was a stretch when they drafted him and he is honestly the most consistently bad offensive lineman that I’ve ever seen play. Penalties all the time and always look completely lost, not to mention physically overmatched. This isn’t sour grapes from a Jets fan at having lost him, but rather a note to Vikings fans who think they have gained something. I have always liked the Vikings even if I never rooted for them, so I don’t wish them bad at all. Just that they got a really bad player today is all.

  6. To be fair to the Jets, “Hey Vlad, block someone” is hardly unreasonable expectations.

  7. Do the Vikings fans that post on here even watch football? As a Titans fan I understand wishing the best for a mediocre franchise, but you have to be a realist too. This team will have a hard time beating out Detroit for third place in the division.

  8. Ducasse looked like a chicken with its head cut off most of the time. Seemed to have no idea who to block, and compounded that problem by just not blocking anyone – you’ve gotta hit SOMEBODY. He started to come around a little this year, but all in all he’s a mess. He’s a good extra linemen though, that’s a big ol’ body to downblock with. Good for the Vikings.

  9. lol this is a solid signing? i have seen umpires throw better blocks than this stiff.. viking fans after you see this guy on the field you will be wishing Suh would stomp on him

  10. Vikings were 2-0 without Peterson, which is just another that trading him makes sense.

    For the long term its what is best for both of them.

  11. I’m pretty sure the Vikings have 4th place in the division locked up solid (again).

    The Packers will win the division (again).

    The Bears should finish 2nd (again) but if the Lions’ new coaching staff can get the potential out of all the talent on their roster they could challenge the Bears for 2nd.

    Whatever the Bears and Lions end up doing, first and last are foregone conclusions (again).

  12. …another 26 year old FA with potential to fit in a different style/system…keep it going Spielman.
    meanwhile, cheesebay continues to stay the same or gets older…moldy cheese anyone?

  13. While I would normally not come to the aide of the Jets… that comment about Draftees not working out: have you seen the Jets front on Defense? I think they were pretty good. Wilkerson, Coples (developing), Richardson. On Offensive line Mangold and D’brick Ferguson are tops and G Winters and RT Aboushi are very young but will be serviceable. I think losing Colon and Ducasse sets them back nothing.

    Trust me, being a Dolphins fan makes you very aware of OLines when you simply have the worst and could easily be a Playoff team if it did.

  14. As a Dolphins fan, I’m sorry to see him go. Vikings fans obviously have no clue who this guy is or ever saw him play. If he is on the final 53 I’ll be shocked.

  15. Waldoampere said it best, there just isnt anything Ducasse is able to do well or even mediocre.

    Great size and no instincts. Most D linemen can run by him. Very dangerous to your QB health. Use him as camp fodder only – this is addition by subtraction for NY Jets.

  16. GB signed one FA don’t forget Worthy, Hayward, Perry, and there upcoming draft class will keep them one of the younger teams in the NFL.

  17. To all the Vikings fan,, Remember these words
    when the season starts, ” Holding Number 62 On the Offensive Line ” I can still hear those calls in my dreams. MARK MY WORDS.

  18. Not sure this guy makes the team. On the other hand, if he can play the guard position, he might start for the Vikings.

  19. I would like to know his wonderlic score. He has to to be one of the dumbest men in the NFL.

    Is the conversation now on Speiladope? Based on what he did in Miami I don’t think a test is needed. History is repeating itself in Minnehaha. The test should be given to the crook owner.

  20. Worth a shot but i am expecting very little out him. Fusco and Johnson are more consistent. Maybe with some big time coaching he can turn into a decent player. Football smarts dont appear to be there. God gave him something to work with atheletically though.

  21. Take it easy. If this was the Vikings only signing of free agency there would be concern. He’s a back-up, at best, and they have signed at least 3 new starters (just on defense). It’s a 53 man roster people, and about 80 men in training camp. This is neither a “good” signing, or a “bad” signing. Just a signing. For 1 year.

  22. When your GM is awful at drafting, I guess you need to have a “great” free agency.

    The only guys he really hit on in the draft a guys that didn’t take much intelligence to draft like Kalil and Peterson. Then he trades a bunch of picks and goes “all in” on another pick.

    Lucky for the Vikings they will keep having easy choices cuz they draft in the top 10 this year, and will probably be there again next draft.

  23. Got a kick out of the Titans fan calling the Vikings mediocre. Dude’s been spendin’ way too much time down at Tootsies. In truth, Vikings were only a total of 97 seconds from consecutive 10-6 seasons, and a division title. In my mind, those 5 late losses occurred on the sidelines. Vlad may not be the answer at right guard, but I’m hoping Zimmer is the right man at the helm. Time will tell Vikes fans.

  24. Wow you are delusional, 96 seconds from 10-6? Any fan say something like that. The only reason the Packers didn’t win 12 games is because Rodgers was hurt. Its easy just to throw things out there.

    To a logical observer you finished in last place because you had the NFL’s worse defense as well as a total fiasco with qb’s. Its as simple as that.

  25. Some of you people ridiculing the Vikings are hilarious. Truth be told, we were within minutes of being a 10-6 team even with our QB carousel. Our defense was putrid and couldn’t take advantage of Rodgers and Cutler being injured almost half the season. Cover 2 doesn’t work in today’s pass happy league. We can always look back and say “what if?”, but we still wound up being in last place. I don’t see another last place finish with a competent coaching staff this season. I’d be satisfied with 9-7 in Zimmer’s first season.

  26. And what’s with all the Vikings fans on here when an article isn’t even about the Vikings? Must be fun living in your mother’s basement when there is snow out on the ground and it’s freezing outside. And I used to root for the Vikings way back when…back when they won with a crappy QB (Joe Kapp)…

  27. Actually, I think the Vikings are going to have a much improved season. It pains me to say it, but my Packers are going to be in trouble soon. Probably not in the next year or even two, but the Vikings are really starting to make some great moves.

  28. Wow he’s been signed. Love my Vikes and alot of the moves we’ve made thus far and I know Zimmer has had great success with giving guys another shot and getting them turned around but this would be amazing if he makes it to 53 not saying the guys not a beast at run blocking but his pass blocking is scary. Second round pick is always worth a shot but if Coughlin couldn’t get him dialed in not sure Zim can.

  29. This guy was horrible with the Jets, I guess the last stop before you get kicked out of pro football altogether is the Vikings. Playing for a last place team is better than not playing at all.

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