49ers G.M. wants Colin Kaepernick’s extension by camp


It’s one thing for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to bang the drum for a new contract for quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

But this is apparently something the entire 49ers leadership agrees on.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said he wanted Kaepernick’s extension done before the start of training camp.

“We’re going to work extremely hard, very diligently in trying to get something done prior to training camp. That’s the objective right now, as it stands,” Baalke said.

There have been preliminary talks, but Baalke said there would soon be face-to-face meetings toward that end.

Harbaugh declared Kaepernick a “high priority,” and Baalke’s stance makes it more likely that Kaepernick won’t have to toil for $1.073 million this year, or roughly half what backup Blaine Gabbert will make.

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  1. I know a lot of people won’t agree with this. But if I were them I would draft logan thomas who is basically Colin Kaepernick 2.0, let Kaepernicks deal play the final year, and see what Harbaugh can do with L. Thomas. Because Kaepernick is going to want more money than he deserves. Harbaugh is a QB whisperer like Andy Reid, they just need the talent not a 10mil a year guy.

  2. Is it really necessary at this point? Some other commenters here have made great points that Kapernick may not be that great of a QB. Mainly on the article that stated he was looking for 20M or so. I’m not a 49ers fan so I have no horse in this race, but if I was a fan of the team I’d be leery of extending him for too much at this point. He’s on a loaded team and hasn’t really shown a consistent level of mastery at his position. He seems to be more highlight-reel type plays, followed by baffling miscues. Not something you want from a franchise QB

  3. No sure why he doesn’t wait to see how Kaep performs this season?
    If it’s good — then he earns big bucks, or the franchise tag.
    If it’s bad — he saves millions and knows they’ll need a Plan B.

  4. I think it’s foolish to give him an extension now as he has played 1.5 seasons. At times he looks like one of the best overall qb’s in the game then turns around and disappears for stretches where he looks like a lowered tiered qb. You don’t financially reward a player so soon with that kind of inconsistency.

  5. I wonder if this had more of a priority now because of the Gabbert trade and his 2x salary as a backup.

    If so, bad move.. they should have waited until the 2014 season was over to gauge if he was truly worthy of the massive investment.

    Perhaps they were worried of the Flacco risk dilemma and end up on the wrong side of that deal… and feel they can get a better deal now off of his so so 2013 season. Granted he didn’t have a receiving corps beyond VD and Q

  6. Acquiring Gabbert was a key for the Niners to bring some leverage back their way. It is basically them saying “Here Colin, this is what we are willing to pay you. You can either accept it or play your rookie deal out on move on down the road. We already have a franchise quarterback developed behind you”.

  7. Think Kaep shows he has the stuff just not sure its all the right stuff. Not a 49’ers fan but dont think this is a 20 mil man. When pieces start to disappear on the team not sure he has it in him to carry a team. JMO.

  8. Please don’t break the bank on this guy SF. He hasn’t proved anything and he plays on a very good team.
    Maybe he should get 1 million dollars for every read he progresses though.

  9. The word on the street is that Kaepernick would accept an extension of his current agreement if he were only provided a separate locker room of his own, and with floor-to-ceiling mirrors on all four walls.

  10. Let’s hope Kaepernick is a team player and accepts a reasonable offer.

    At least we know he’ll play his heart out and give everything he’s got, every game.

    Can’t say the same about Romo, Cutler and Flacco, who proved that once they got paid, motivation was gone.

  11. Didnt Alex Smith have the 49ers at 7-1 the year when Kaepernick took over? Not sure i would break the bank for him just yet, especially with key pieces of their defense gone via free agency…. We may see the real Colin Kaepernick this season.

  12. I’d offer him 4yr/$50 Million with $15-20Mill Guaranteed, if he rejects that then I’d trade him for draft picks, and I’m sure some QB needy team would offer up a nice package (cough, cough “overpay”) for him.

  13. Wow. Very surprised the skepticism about Kaepernick.
    Not a 49’ers fan, but he took his team to some very important games deep into the playoffs.
    I like Manning also, but Kaepernick still has a lot of years to do a lot more postseason than Peyton has.

  14. The money isn’t going to make him play any better. He is still going to under throw the pass where Richard Sherman can get it.

  15. I don’t see why on earth the 49ers would sign him to a long term deal, he’s gonna make about 1 million this season, paying him the 20M per season he’s going to want is a net loss of 19 million

    Unless he is going to take a deal worth 19 million less then market value meaning 16 million per season over 6-7 years then its not even worth discussing.

    that doesn’t even take into account the injury risk which his playing style and lanky body type increase significantly.

    Let him play this year out, if he kills it franchise him for 1 maybe 2 years while you continue to run him into the ground and play hardball at the negotiating table

  16. Pocket passers win championships. Guys that run first and read second are exciting highlight reels, but in reality dont win championships. IE..he could not get the ball in the end zone against good pass coverage. Fast guy with an ok arm that makes bad reads and poor decisions. If they had a great QB on SF, we would be looking at a different SB Champion…Go Ahead SF, sign him up please. I want to see you guys fall back to the Singletary years. This dude has a QB coach, the best D…so no excuses for this cat. Admit it, he is not as good as you want him to be and will never take you to the promised land.

  17. Key pieces of the defense gone? I can’t read another comment due to the pure ignorance people have on this subject….it literally is making me sick to my stomach and raising my blood pressure.

  18. This was probably just stated to end the Desean Jackson talk. The Niners have no reason to rush a deal with Kaepernick. If Kaep agrees to what the Niners are offering, then sure lock him up. If not, there is a whole year left to get things worked out. My guess is the thought of throwing 10 mil at DJax might have been brought up in the Kaep or Crabtree negotiations and the Niners are trying to distance themselves from that rumor.

  19. So many haters! kapp has played very well for the niners! hes earned a good pay raise… name me 1 other qb who started just 6 games and was 1 play from a superbowl win? only to back it up by goin on the road with freezing temps to gb and get a win…Then travel all the way back to Carolina and win again….then goes on the road to seattle and was 1 play away from winning that game!!! And how much did manning make for his performance against seattle??

  20. Seahawks fans are hoping they extend him. He thinks he’ll pick apart the Seattle defense next year just like he said Peyton manning would. Richard Sherman and earl Thomas are waiting for him. He’s just arrogant enough to pad their int stats with another fade to Crabtree.

  21. Real Niner fans don’t want Alex Smith back. He had two good years and about 5 absolutely terrible ones. He had his chance and while I’m happy for him doing well in KC I don’t see him improving much. He has reached his potential which is just alright. Kaep is still young and can and probably will improve a great deal. It’s hilarious how people will call a QB who has a 93.8 career passer rating “terrible.” Some times I think you idiots don’t even watch football.

  22. Hmmm.. just keyed also that the cap is strongley rumored supposed to be going up $10 million a year over the next few years each… so maybe better to have Kap take 15% of 2014 cap space (large pizza) vs. 20%, if he has a good season with a bigger cap (XL pizza).

    Getting Gabbert with 2x his current salary might have been some motivation for Kap to get a deal done now… if they get him to a reasonable contract, brilliant move on Belke’s part

  23. To those that think it will be easy to just franchise a QB…..it’s not. There is a dirty little secret in the NFL. Because the contracts for QBs are so high most teams cannot franchise a QB without murdering their cap for the season. If they sign a QB to a long term deal with a $20 million sign on bonus the bonus can be spread over the length of the contract for cap purposes. If they franchise a QB the tag counts immediately against the cap. For QBs this year the tag will cost about $17 million against this year’s cap. For all the grief the Ravens got for giving Flacco his deal last year he only counted about $7 million against the cap because they were able to spread his bonus over more years.

  24. Glorified running back…
    Good luck San Francisco.
    If the extension is too high and he doesn’t do well the fans will be hating on Niner management.
    Then again, typical niner fan base has no clue…
    They all think that since they have been winning Kaep must be good.. which isn’t guaranteed to be a fact.
    Kaep has benefitted from the team around him much more than other QBs. He isn’t worth a huge contract, but as a Seahawk fan I hope he breaks the Niner bankroll…

  25. Mark Sanchez “brought” his team to 2 championship games. Kaepernick is a ok QB on a really good team. But feel free to overpay another avg QB and watch all your quality depth and a few starters walk. Just ask Flacco about overpaying a avg QB on a good team.

  26. If I were in the Niner front office, I’d take a good, long look at every pass he threw in the NFC Championship Game before deciding what the dollar value of that contract will be.

    That’s the guy you’re paying $18 million a year for…the guy who didn’t see a 6’4″ 235 Strong Safety standing waiting to pick his weak sideline throw, the guy who rolled out and forgot to check his backside resulting in a strip-sack, the guy who challenged the best CB in the game and threw a horrible pass into extremely tight coverage on the biggest single play of his season.

    Kaepernick is the single biggest reason you didn’t make the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Three fourth-quarter turnovers in the NFC Championship game murdered your season.

    You really sure that’s the guy you want to throw the big money at?

  27. would rather have gabbert start then pay kap $18 mil a year. guy is a one read qb who panics under pressure and comes up short in big games. he’s fast though.

  28. Hello! When you have bums like jay cutler,Romo,stafford, getting paid top dollar for not doing anything. Than a kid that’s been to two conference championships, and a Super Bowl you better expect him to get paid. Kap also knows that his contract needs to be cap friendly to keep other important pieces around. He seems pretty humble, and a true team player. I have faith in Him.

  29. Sorry, the fact that Cutler, Romo, Stafford make too much doesn’t justify giving Kaep that much.

    But go ahead.. pay him the big dollars.

    As a Seahawk fan I love it.

  30. Anybody from San Fran that tries to justify a big contract to Kaepernick based on what Romo is making should think real hard…

    Romo is a better QB than Kaepernick, but doesn’t have the excellent defense to keep him in games.

    Kaepernick has a great defense that makes his record look better than it would be otherwise.

  31. Seahawks suck and have peaked. Kap will learn how to read progressions and go undefeated next year…

  32. Let the contract run out. Hes on a team with one of the best defenses, one of the best offensive lines, and one of the best RB Frank Gore. The success of the team had very little to do with him other than him turning broken plays to big yardage. There are way too many other QBs you can plug in to do the same thing and save $18 mill a year in salary cap space. I would be more concerned about signing Iupati and Aldon Smith long term.

  33. Do you fans even watch football and understand how much money QB’s make?

    Just look up Jay Cutler’s, Matt Stafford’s, Matt Ryan’s and Tony Romo’s contracts then try to justify paying Kap half of their salary

    Those guys have a combined 2 playoff wins

    In two seasons Kap has 4 playoff wins, with three road wins

    The discussion on the post must be jealousy or ignorance

  34. I would try to trade Gabbert for Terelle Pryor. Gabbert is more then Schuab type QB and Pryor is more the Kaepernick type QB.

  35. The fact that he has more road wins in the playoffs in his 1+ season(s) as a starter than Montana or Young have says a lot. Sure, we’re a ‘stacked’ team, but at the end of the day, it’s what the quarterback did to help the team win. And Kaepernick has done such, single-handedly winning road playoff games against the Falcons (comeback win), Packers (in a tough Lambeau weather environment) and the Panthers (Top 2 rated Defense).

    Him losing in the Super Bowl was mainly the play calling of Greg Roman, inside the 5 yard line when we ran up the Ravens the whole drive, yet 3 straight passing play calls? Pathetic. We run 2 of the 3 plays, Super Bowl is ours. In Seattle this season, his 3 turnovers in the 4th quarter did lose us the game. Though, in the end, him forcing the ball to Crabtree was a bad miscue. Overall, he deserves the $ as he has LOADS of upside, if the front office waits til next off season, his price can only go up.
    Give me Kaepernick and his upside at $20mill/season over what the Bears gave Cutler at $18mill /season

  36. Seahawk fans can y’all stop with the nonsense Dynasty talk. What do you think Wilson is gonna ask for 8-10 mil?? What Kap gets, Wilson getting near or more than him so stop posting nonsense like Wilsons taking under 10 mil. I honestly see Foles, RG 3, and Luck getting the same as Wilson and Kap. Anybody who thinks Kap is getting more than those 4 pass what your smoking. (Flacco and Romo ruined it for all medicore QBs)

    To all Alex Smith lovers just stop it please your worst than Seahawk fans. Smith BEAT one team this yr with a winning record and has NEVER had a receiver get a 1000 yds EVER! Don’t be misled by his last two playoff appearances, the Saint were horrible on D(ranked 29th). The Colt gave up 10td and 900 yd over total O against two teams in the playoffs.

  37. I’m a Hawks fan, and Kaep, even w/his flaws, is still one of the scariest QB’s we face. One of the only ways to beat a strong defense that can cover receivers as well as the Hawks can, is with a mobile QB.

    If he leaves (which won’t happen), it sets the Niners back a significant step.

  38. as a packer fan, all i have to say is pay Kap if and only if, they play the packers every game. against the pack he is great because he can run against them and when the defense only rushes 2, he can pass against the prevent zone. any real defenses make Kap look average.

  39. Kaepernick and Alex Smith have split the Harbaugh era in San Fran right down the middle as starting QBs. Smith has a better record for his portion of the time and better passing numbers. It’s obviously the team making the quarterback here, why tie up a lot of money at the position?

  40. Only ex niner fan’s who threw themselves in with the Alex Smith trade to kc say the niners miss Smith 100% fact ! Balke and harghbaugh don’t miss Smith neither does Gore Davis crabtree or Staley! Kap is easily better then smith

  41. Of course they want to lock him up before he potentially wins a SB because he’ll be more expensive then. I’m a Seahawk fan, and let’s be realistic… The 49ers were 12 inches away from going to the super bowl last year and I think we all know the result would have been very similar if the 9ers were there instead of the Seahawks. So, surely they want to get him locked up now rather than waiting for him to possibly be able to put a ring on his resume.

  42. Please tell me the last time the Niners put A LOT of money into a guy and it blowing up in their face the past few years? A lot being $4 mil + per year. they get good value in general.

    The 49ers have been putting together contracts that are very advantageous to the team since the Crabtree holdout. I fully trust the 49ers to sign Kaep to a fair deal that Colin will not be completely happy with but still accept. Don’t be surprised with a lot of caveats in the contract that allow the 49ers to back out of the full term of the contract or a bunch of incentive based pay. Also, the cap is about to increase significantly the next few years, this deal will be structured to do minimum damage to the teams future financial needs.

  43. Pay the man. Anyone who thinks that this team would be better with Alex is up in the night. Not only is he a far more limited player right now, he is older and has zero upside. Kaep is not a franchise QB right now, but with more coaching and time he has as good a chance as anyone not named luck. Look at where the cardinals, rams and buccaneers are with solid defenses and no quarterback. Tell me where the Seahawks were without Wilson who is also limited. It is the nature of the position of quarterback, anyone worth his salt is going to be overpaid. I, as a lifelong niner fan, am glad that the have someone worth considering as a franchise player, we often overlook how hard that is to find. Pay the man.

  44. why in the world would you ever want Alex Smith back?!! My family were season ticket holders since the 50s (not anymore…thanks alot Santa Clara) I went to games with my father since 2000 (5th grade) and started going and buying the tickets with my best friend since 2009. I have personally witnessed what Alex Smith can achieve (nothing) I never liked the guy and was SO glad when Colin took over. the games became more exciting to attend and watch. Smith is a bum and always will be.

  45. First of all, just because Kaep is said to want 18 million a season that doesn’t automatically mean that Baalke would sign him to that like some of you are suggesting. Second of all, did anyone consider that maybe the front office is saying this to make him feel like he is a priority but if it doesn’t work out they can say they tried. Maybe they are trying to avoid a holdout if a deal isn’t reached.

  46. Sure we get it that the NINERS have playoff wins with Kaepernick at QB.
    That doesn’t translate to him being the reason for those wins.
    Again, as a Seahawk fan I hope he does sign for big bucks. less money to replace the defense guys as they age.
    Russell Wilson’s future contract has nothing to do with the discussion.
    Niner fans will of course disagree, RW is a far better QB than CK.
    During last offseason RW watched tape and determined defense tendencies and patterns.
    CK spent it trying to be a better runner. Which is more related to the job of a QB?

  47. Andre is right, compare his crudentials with a bunch of other qbs and this Iis almost a bargain.

    Most of u hawk fans bash him saying he sucks but he came within one foot (I hate playing the what if game) of beating you guys to go to the sb. And for a hawk fan to say kaep rode a running game and defense to the sb… then what about russell? Dont get me wrong hes an awesome player but he struggled down the strecth last reg season and is lucky to have such a dominant defense.

    Either way its gonna be an interesting year to see how both seattle and san fran , along with stl and ariz, battle it out for the division.

  48. I bet Gabbert could bring as many wins (maybe more) than Kapernick does.

    Toss Gabbert in there and Niner fans would be saying he is a beast and wins games.

    In all likelyhood, Gabbert is a better QB than Kapernick is. Gabbert has been on a really bad team. Put Kaepernick on the Jags and see how well he fares.

  49. Difference in the game wasn’t the one foot on the overthrown pass.
    (Why would you not consider the pattern of lack of accuracy).

    The difference was the turnovers.

    Sherman had Crabtree covered like a glove.

    Again, we aren’t discussing RW and his future raise. That hasn’t even come up yet.
    At that time we can discuss RW’s history of comeback wins (tied for second with Luck), also his QB rating… (over 100 for two full seasons) and the fact that he has a superbowl win, and the fact that he has outplayed Kaepernick. in 4 attempts.

    Who would you give the bigger salary?

    I just hope RW doesn’t break the bank when that comes up… but by every measure he should get as much or more than Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick is a running back with a good arm. He is not a good QB YET…. time will tell if he ever develops the ability to read a defense or if he just looks at the one receiver and takes off running if that receiver isn’t open.

    Look at the stats in the NFCCG. Where did the Niners get their offense? Was it with Kaepernick passing? Or was it with Kaepernick running.

    In comparison it is clear to all but the die hard niner fans that Kaepernick got his wins on the back of the niner defense. Not his skills as a QB.

  50. The niners d was much better and younger in 2011 but when they won the map haters Alex Smith lovers gave him all the credit

    The niners play off d the last two years hasn’t been great but when they win alex supporters say it was all the d forgetting they have given up over 400 yds and 27 plus points in 4 of 6 playoff games

    Hidden fact niners are a good not great d ! They always stick with the four man rush soft zone d they never change that up no matter who they play

  51. All these negative comments are from the dreary Pan NW known as SeaPed fan. Nobody heard about the Hawks until five years ago. Is there a SeaPed fan on East Coast? Didn’t think so! Kap will get it done this year. By the way he has been fabulous and twice within six inches of two Super Bowls! Jealous punks out there including Raider trash too. Enjoy Schaub you clowns

  52. Real Niner fans want Kaep to be extended. Sure he’s not elite yet, but there’s nothing unreasonable about paying market rate for a future value. He’s someone who leaves his heart out on the field, he wants to win as much as anyone I’ve seen on the Niners, ever. He’s a natural leader with ridiculous athleticism. I do hope his contract allows some flexibility in signing additional players – I know unlike Flacco, Kaep is not in the business of a pay day that strangles the team in future years.

  53. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

    Kaep would have to actually do the job to get paid for it.

    Or I would load the contract with incentives.

    I simply would not give a major contract to a player that had only been a starter for year and a half….

    I fully agree that they should extend his contract… the only difference is how much to pay him.

    As I mentioned before, as a Seahawk fan I hope they overpay him badly.

    All you need to do it look at Dallas. They overpaid Romo and are now unable to sign anybody.

    And Romo is a better QB than Kaep can ever dream of being.

  54. Pantherpro…. All that talent and he should have won those 2 sb’s. Imagine if a real elite qb had all those weapons. All you 49er fans go ahead and keep telling yourself otherwise and take a 4 yr/$80 million gamble that will probably not pay off

  55. I think Trent is putting pressure on Kaeps’ Agent too.

    Signing Gabbert isn’t much of a threat to that process but, it’s more realistic than Colt McCoy.

  56. Of course they want a deal by the start of camp. No deal–no Kaep. No chance he reports with the current deal. Why do the haters think the 49ers can just pay him the final year of his deal and see if he “proves his worth”. He will hold out and Gabberts your new QB. That’s why they wasted a #6 pick on him. They know Kaep holds all the cards and will be a no show if there is no new deal. And don’t expect a hometown discount. His agent will be pushing hard for real big money.

  57. Maybe if he gets his $20 million he’ll finally stop wearing his pants halfway down his rear-end with the underwear sticking out.

  58. The market salary for a QB has been created by some outlandish contracts that reward average guys. Every bottom dweller team has one thing in common – sub par QB.

    Can Kaep make all the throws? No he can’t. Does he give the niners a chance to win in every single game? Absolutely. For all talk about him not winning the big game, he’s been equally integral to getting us there.

    While he accounted for a terrible 4th quarter against seattle – he was the reason they were in the game (offensively) – and oh by the way – seattle is no scrub.

    He was a second round, raw project who’s done quite a lot in his short time in the league. He gives the 49ers a chance to win, every single game, plain and simple. I’m glad he’s on the niners and hope they work something out in terms of win/win.

    He’s got such a high ceiling… but even if this is where he tops out as a pro QB,

    He’s already better than most QB’s.

  59. Anybody who thinks signing Kaep to an extension is a bad idea, clearly doesn’t understand today’s NFL. If you think he can develop into a star QB, better to sign him to a long future now since the price can only go up; keeping in mind that he has ALREADY developed into a very quality starting QB…It’s so simple of a concept I can’t believe you “fans” have such a hard time understanding it.

    And more importantly, anybody who thinks the Niners front office is going to allow this contract to strangle their future..doesn’t follow the team. Trent has made ZERO mistakes in that regard!!

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