Chip Kelly tells DeSean Jackson to not worry, work hard


We mentioned this morning DeSean Jackson’s social media update, suggesting that he talked with Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

Now, we have at least one version of part of the discussion.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, a source close to Jackson described Kelly’s message as “don’t worry about anything and keep working hard and be ready for camp.”

Now, that could mean many things, up to and including “be ready for MY camp.”

But it might mean nothing.

With General Manager Howie Roseman clamming up on the subject of Jackson when talking to reporters yesterday, it’s hard to imagine a situation which had been reported to be so ugly is so beautiful now.

More pragmatically, Kelly’s perhaps just buying a little time, trying to keep Jackson from popping off while working to move him to another team in trade, or giving it time to cool down so they can mend fences.

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  1. You don’t give away a weapon like Jackson for nothing. Either for a low round pick or waive the guy. So Eagles were hoping someone would emerge for a 1st/2nd rounder and when they didn’t – they now must reel this in. Kelly will deal with it. If it becomes cancerous – then you can waive the guy at any point. No need to do it now.

  2. ”Don’t worry, work hard,” is good advice for many players. Focus on developing your talents, conditioning and skills, then turn to contracts/money after you know which team is seeking you.

  3. Every story about this guy makes me hope even more that Oakland does not bring him in. This is the type of stuff we’re supposed to be moving away from – all the diva drama, fragile ego requiring constant stroking, and focus on things other than becoming a better football player.

  4. Translation: No way we want you back here, but please shut your mouth and your agents mouth so that we can actually get something for you in a trade.

  5. It may be that the offers have dried up in anticipation of a release which has led the Eagles to think they are better served holding onto Jackson until camp, the trade deadline or next offseason.

  6. Kelly should have reached out to him earlier, but it’s never too late. They should sit down together and try to hash things out and make sure that this whole isn’t a simple mistake that DJ unfortunately made but would now like to rectify and make things right. That’s easy to do, all he has to do is stop whining and tell Chip that he is determined to have his best year ever and show every other GM in the league why they were fools to not pounce on the opportunity to trade for him.

  7. Sweet!! I think the birds through this rumor out to make desean relize that other teams wont pay this contract so stop talking about it. Hope they defuse this situation and we get to watch what this offense can be with all these weapons. Another playoff year!

  8. He was never going anywhere, doesn’t anyone get it?

    It has always been “he could be traded…eagles looking into it…other teams looking into it…he could be cut…”

    I could eat a tin can, too. Is it gonna happen?

  9. Chip is right. It was best said by Jack Morris, former MLB pitcher: If you keep your nose to the grindstone good things will happen for you. Doesn’t anyone believe this any more?

  10. Just like I have said the entire time, he is not going anywhere. I think the Eagles were just trying to prove a point that no matter who you are, Chip runs the show. No team was going to give up a draft pick for someone who was going to be released and no team is going to pay him $10.5 million. I think if he doesn’t grou up, he will be gone at the end of the year. If they were serious about trading him they would have done so before free agency.

  11. It’s killing the media that they don’t have their arms about what’s really going on behind closed doors in Philly.

  12. The Raiders were trading Tim Brown every year an was never traded in the 15 years he was there. Was tempted once by Denver and raiders matched offer.

  13. The problem is with the media here. It should be obvious to everyone that no one, including McCoy, is untouchable on the Eagles. Because Jackson is probably at the peak now and will fall off fast due to size combined with the strength of the draft the Eagles tested the water on a trade.
    There is little to no interest because of Jackson’s base salary coupled with the strength of the draft. So keep him. They’re better off with him. I beleive his cap number goes down significantly next year anyway.

  14. i agree with everyone else. its the media who feels like they need a story here. the two main sources, actually came out and said everything is good. now the media wants to put their own spin into words. get over it. talk about the mike williams story or ray rice. REAL STORIES.

  15. It is Obvious to most , that the hyper-media ” jumped-the-gun” on this.

    Someone in the media should address this, as a huge mistake on their part.

    Even if some of this is true , or turns out to be true, the media is to blame, , somewhat.

  16. He better be “working hard” even our back-ups can handle this guy now!
    Rolle; DRC; Thurmond; Prince; Demps; Brown, bring it D-JACK!

  17. People constantly saying they don’t want him on their team. Trust and believe he doesn’t want to play for the raiders or any of them other teams. Like I said these journalists take stuff and run with it . Instead of finding real news they go off he say she say bull. Their goal is to cause friction in different organizations to see if anyone bites and present problems. Desean has never been in trouble on or off the field. Yet we all know he doesn’t know what to say out his mouth sometimes. They played on his emotions once again.

  18. Jets fans everywhere are heartbroken!

    Decker will have two extra bye weeks since he’ll be vacationing on ” Revis Island “. Pack your bags fellas. Bring the wifey too.


  19. Kelly was simply telling him not to be overly concerned by his upcoming trade or release and reminding him to work diligently for his new team, ESPECIALLY regarding his annoying behaviors, UNLIKE he did when he WAS an Eagle.

  20. Puuahahahahahaha!!! Chip continues to make the media look like the idiots they are.

  21. Keep Jackson ……

    but, draft a WR

    It would be STUPID to let him go
    Not with all that talent

    Maybe trade him next year

  22. Some folks on here crack me up!!! Yea I could here GM’s now saying, No need to keep the guy in the prime of his career coming off his most productive season ever!!! Look at how “deep” this draft is with “top quality question marks”!!LMAO. Lets see Philly has Maclin coming back from ACL surgery, Cooper who is a WR3 and D-Jax the guy that is the difference maker that can take the top off of any defense and stops teams from loading the box on Shady. Lets take a “wild guess” as to what piece of the puzzle is the most important? He just got this extension last year and performed up to his contract, why would he consider taking a pay cut? The Eagles won the NFC East last season, how could they possibly consider building upon this effort by cutting the most productive WR?

  23. Media:Desean do u feel u deserve a new contract.
    desean: yes.
    media: eagles look to trade desean.

    what a joke. I hope he’s still on the team. he opens things up for everyone else. move or dump him once u know Maclin is ok. desean was only worthless in the redzone with a 6 foot qb. Foles can see him. different situation.

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