Cowboys will have a hard time pursuing money from Ratliff


After the Cowboys released defensive lineman Jay Ratliff, owner Jerry Jones made multiple references to potential legal proceedings.

Now, months after the fact, Jones says the Cowboys may file a grievance against Ratliff to recover some of his money.

It could be too late for any of that.  As we’ve pointed out in connection with the potential Jimmy Graham grievance, the labor deal creates a 50-day deadline for filing so-called non-injury grievances.  The door swings both ways, for players and teams.

Thus, Ratliff’s initial argument should be that the Cowboys simply waited too long to try to recover money from him.  And it will be very difficult it not impossible for the Cowboys to overcome that point.

Ultimately, that could be the kind of blunder that would get a G.M. fired.  If the G.M wasn’t also, you know, the guy who would be doing the firing.

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  1. Yeah he’s not doing a good job in the role of GM at winning games or making money. Good thing this is an NFL team and not a typical business. Most businesses will take a nosedive into bankruptcy if they can’t figure out how to be responsible with money or offer a quality product or service. It’s really hard to stay alive if you can’t do any of those things.

  2. I love all the people saying “I’d do the same thing” and “Jerry had it coming.” Good luck standing in front of a judge or similar governing body and using things like that as your rebuttal.

  3. “How bout them Cowboys. Laughing stock of NFL”

    Right, I’m sure all the NFL owners think its hilarious that the Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL, and that’s even with very limited success in the past 20 years.

    Jealousy is a funny thing.

  4. Wow. This just goes to show you what can happen to NFL franchises, when a nutbag owner with some bank ponies up the dough and buys the team.

    The Dallas Cowboys, once a legendary franchise, has been reduced to an ongoing clown show. John Facenda must be spinning in his grave faster than a hadron super-collider.

    And Jerry’s kid is in line to take the reins after Jerry passes.

    I have no idea what kind of succession rights the guy who cleans Jerry’s glasses gets, but he’s groveling for some reason.

    This is brutal.

  5. In the end we are talking about different paid doctors and there best “opinions” at the time, in short a pointless case as it leads nowhere.

    Ratliff is dirt none the less and should never have been extended. That was the managements fault.

  6. The NFL is better when the Cowboys & Raiders are good teams. Unfortunately they both suck but it looks like the Raiders are at least attempting to climb out of the hole that Al dug. Jerry’s still digging…

  7. Jerry, Jerry , Jerry……. What the hell were you thinking? If you want to show the players how tough you are by cutting a guy you were pissed at. Too Bad, you called his bluff and lost. Get over it and hire a GM or be the laughing stock of the league.. Except for the Jets of course…..

  8. With the product that’s been trotted out the last few seasons, it seems like Jerrah’s time would be better spent on player evaluation, roster building, free agent signings, the impending draft, etc. You know, GM stuff. All the lawsuit stuff just makes him sound even MORE like Al Davis.

  9. I am convinced that Rat didn’t want to play for Dallas and played Jerry however I think it will be difficult to prove he was misleading about injuries.

    It seems to me once Rat signed with another team (Bears) the Cowboys should have no longer been on the hook to pay Rat anything.

    Of course Jerry should have realized much sooner that this wasn’t going to work out with Ratliff.

  10. Surely the Cowboys had some doctors in Dallas who could have examined him physically and also with MRIs and told the GM whether he’s really injured or faking it.

  11. “Just because a guy has lots of money and owns a team doesn’t mean he’s smart.”

    – Jimmy Johnson

  12. Ratliff didn’t play for a month after the Bears signed him. Jurruh Jones didn’t have the patience to wait for him to get healthy so he cut him. End of story…

  13. The GM needs to fire himself! He’s too close to the trees to see the forest, in this case, he is the overall problem and his failures to see that will probably doom his team to no more than another 500 season.

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