DeSean Jackson tweets out word that he talked to “Big Chip”


If DeSean Jackson’s been using his social media accounts to send messages, the latest might be an olive branch.

Via, Jackson tweeted out a picture this morning of a grinning Chip Kelly from a practice last season, with the message: “Good to Talk to BIg Chip today !! Say or hear what ya want !! The Picture speaks for itself !! Winner…”

That would suggest there has been some communication in a relationship that seemed lost, with reports that the decision was made to part with the talented wide receiver a month ago.

Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman refused to address Jackson’s status.

“He’s still under contract for us,” Roseman said. “Until there’s anything to report on our players, that’s where we are right now.”

Of course, the Instagram photo of Kelly comes right after Jackson fueled the fires of trade speculation by posting photos of him with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Raiders fullback Marcel Reece, so it could be Jackson’s just messing with us.

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  1. The Eagles probably couldn’t find the value they were looking for so they decided to keep him. Hopefully when Chip spoke to him he made it seem like they were never going to trade him all along. haha. Sounds like he’s going to be an Eagle, though, and I’m happy with that. Go Birds!

  2. Awesome. Keep dreaming NFL. Either give up a good pick or you’re not gettting him. He’s not getting released.

  3. Best 5 WRs in the NFL:

    1. Desean Jackson
    2. Cordarelle Patterson
    3. Jeremy Maclin
    4. Greg Jennings
    5. Riley Cooper

  4. I don’t think Desean is going anywhere this offseason. Philly is not going to release him, and with his salary, nobody is going to trade for him. I think they will hold onto him for one more season. I really do not want them to waste an early draft pick on a WR. They need help on defense. They need a passrush and they still need help in their secondary.

  5. It would seem there has been communication? He said he talked to Chip. Talking IS a form of communication. You’ll print wild speculation with little to no sources, but this you’re still unsure of? What a joke!

  6. so it could be Jackson’s just messing with us.

    …….. Or it could be that your slowly becoming the NFL’s version of the National Inquirer. You dug up every so called ” league, team, & close to Jackson ” source. Then added in a hefty dose of rampant uniformed pundit speculation and dished it all out to us in a big bowl of Eagle/Jackson sky is falling soup!
    We we had our soup, now it’s time for you to eat your crow. Oh and please at least have the dignity to not act is if someone else in the media is to blame considering you’ve tried to throw buckets of gas on every spark.

    To think this actually used to be the best NFL site on the net. Guess all the early recognition when to your heads. Sad.

  7. A lot of people are starting to believe that most of the information being leaked to the public is in fact from Desean’s agent. Desean changed agents after he signed his latest deal so currently his agent makes 0 dollars off Desean. However, if Desean were to be released he could rework a new deal for Desean thus finally getting paid for Desean.

  8. This dude better humble himself in a hurry or he will wind up in the cfl. Yes his contract is high but the market value is there. This is all about his attitude not his pricetag

  9. I don’t buy this as a resolution. He’s still 100% gone in my
    Mind seeing as there going to have to decide on cutting him. That would be incredibly foolish.

  10. This is Deshawn saying you think u can play me well think again He officially got the upper hand no matter where he go he will probably be the 1st or 2nd best reciever don’t think he’s elite but close enogh better then P. Harvin C.Patterson V. Cruz and R. Cobb

  11. Maybe me Sean Jackson realizes if he gets released he will lose millions upon millions of dollars he’ll never get anything near the 10.5 he’s scheduled to make this yr be lucky to get a 1yr 3 million prove your not a pain in the a– deal

  12. On the status of wide receiver DeSean Jackson: “He’s still under contract.

    For us, until there’s anything to report on our players, that’s where we are.

    I’ve always been open and willing to talk to (the media) and our fans, and I think if it’s appropriate other than speculation,

    I’ll be happy to do that.

    General manager
    Howie Roseman

  13. The Eagles have some kind of issue every off season and it always seems to linger on for weeks and months. The truly successful franchises deal with these types of issues immediately and move on.
    I realize the Eagles have to shoehorn their way into the national media’s attention any way they can, but it does get old after a while. They are not a flagship NFL franchise and should learn to accept their lot just like the rest of the second tier teams in the league.

  14. Good.. keep him for another yr.. either he proves hes worth the money again.. or he does enough to get traded for a better pick with a lower salary. Either way now ee can use 1st and 2nd pick on defense and draft a receiver in the 3rd of a very deep draft at the position.. allow the player to get his feet wet

  15. So everyone is realizing that it was all bullshizz made up by a blogger who works for the local sports talk radio station in Philly.
    The ass clown wrote it in his blog, and the station talked about it for days, then the rest of the media picked it up as fact and ran with it.
    This crap is no different than Professional wrestling.

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