DeSean situation likely hasn’t changed

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Yeah, Eagles coach Chip Kelly called receiver DeSean Jackson.

Sure, Jackson went to social media to create the impression that Kelly calmed his nerves.

Yep, there’s now a report DeSean has told teammates he’s staying with the Eagles in 2014.

To all of that we say one word:  So?

It’s way too little and way too late for the Eagles to reverse weeks of momentum pointing toward Jackson leaving the team.  It would be a shock at this point if he’s back with the Eagles.

It would be more than a shock.  At this point, our assessment remains that there’s no chance Jackson will be back.

It doesn’t matter that Kelly called Jackson.  The call should have come days if not weeks ago, if the Eagles remain committed to Jackson.

And G.M. Howie Roseman surely wouldn’t have tiptoed around the topic when asked about it by reporters at the league meetings in Orlando, if the Eagles had no plans to move on from Jackson.  Instead, Roseman would have expressed disdain and disbelief at the fact the question was even asked.

“DeSean?  Traded?  Did you guys just fly in from a week of engaging in newly-legal activities in Colorado?”

It’s unclear why Kelly felt compelled to call Jackson now, given that the horse has left the barn and littered the road with apples.  It could be a last-ditch effort to create trade value in the short term, or a Band-Aid aimed at keeping DeSean from imploding until an attempt can be made to trade him to a team that perhaps misses on a receiver it covets in the early rounds of the draft.

Regardless, anything other than Jackson playing for a team other than the Eagles would rank among the biggest NFL-related surprises in years, and it would make the Eagles look worse than foolish for allowing Jackson to dangle in uncertainty while speculation became rumor, rumor became report, and report became virtual inevitability that the Eagles are done with DeSean.

43 responses to “DeSean situation likely hasn’t changed

  1. DeSean had a good year, and seems to fit Kelly’s offense really well.
    He must be a real cancer in the locker room if the Eagles are trying to move him out.

  2. Can’t argue with too much of this, but nevertheless if they trade him for a very poor value then that is not a good option either. If I’m Chip Kelly I would be calling DeSean to try and feel him out and secure him staying with the team. I wouldn’t be a very happy HC if my GM traded him for peanuts.

    Get at least a 1st Rounder for him or I’m using him at WR. If you can’t get a 1st Rounder, then I guess I need to call DeSean and make it work.

  3. It seems pretty simple…The Eagles shopped him and didn’t get any offers they liked so they have reversed step and decided to keep him. By having that reported, other teams might feel compelled to increase their offers as well. The only thing that is for sure is that no one really know’s whats going on.

  4. My guess is that his new agent stirred this pot to strike a new deal. The Eagles let it play out to show DeSean the level of his worth across the league. It’s not as high as the Eagles 2014 deal. DeSean is playing for a contract next year because the Wagles will have a bunch of guys to sign… DeSean will likely be cut then… If he has a great year this year he makes out, if he sucks it will cost him big time.

  5. I do think they might move him but not for peanuts either. Best bet is to keep him this season and then next year you can trade him once he has another solid year in chips offense. Plus the draft won’t be as deep next year.

  6. This sounds more like the note from a scorned lover than an observation from an outside analyst. The reason being is you looked foolish posting every update you got from 100 unamed sources. So now you try to spin it as the Eagles looking foolish for not doing something you said they would be foolish to do from the start. Let the story die, if he gets traded than talk, until that time don’t force it.

  7. So if DeSean told his teammates that he’s playing in philly for the 2014 season after he talked to big chip, where’s the issue? Birds eat his 10.5 million this yr (which he will never get from any other team mind you), draft and groom his replacement, then set him free at the end of the season. It’s win win both ways if: a) they make the playoffs and b) he has another monster yr. Who cares if anyones feelings are hurt; it’s a business, remember?

  8. “and it would make the Eagles look worse than foolish for allowing Jackson to dangle in uncertainty while speculation became rumor, rumor became report” – as foolish as reporting that Terry Bradshaw was dead?

  9. Jets fans got their hopes. They actually thought they’d sign Jackson. Why on Earth would a WR leave Chip Kelly’s offense to play with Geno Smith? Seriously…


  10. It’s gotta be somewhat refreshing to the Philly fan-base to hear about another wide-out with a ton of drama.
    T.O. is jealous though.

  11. This is all just a feeble attempt by the Eagles to get some publicity. They havent been getting much attention lately and so they figured some planted stories about trading one of their best players would do the trick.

  12. started by his new agent who dosent get paid till he gets HIS name on a contract and the media that got used by the agent Desean isn’t going anywhere

  13. How do they look foolish if the strategy was used to get his attention to clean up his act and it works? If he was a problem in the locker room and this fixes it, it’s far from foolish.

  14. The sports media is officially a joke. It seems like the journalistic standard in this country is, “they didn’t deny it quickly enough so it is true”.

  15. LOL. Weeks of nothing but speculation with absolutely nothing from the Eagles whatsoever to indicate that they are getting rid of Jackson other than some GM-speak from the um….GM.

    The VERY FIRST official word that ANYONE from the Eagles speaks on the subject indicates that they are keeping him, but since it doesn’t jibe with your pre-determined conclusion, you dub it as too little, too late.

    Jump on anything that supports your conclusion; ridicule and dismiss anything that doesn’t.

    I believe they call that “confirmation bias”.

  16. “it would make the Eagles look worse than foolish for allowing Jackson to dangle in uncertainty while speculation became rumor, rumor became report, and report became virtual inevitability that the Eagles are done with DeSean.”

    Actually, it’s the media that would look worse than foolish when it turns out that they ran and ran and ran with a story when the only “evidence” that existed anywhere that it was actually true was other speculation from other media members.

    That’s the biggest trap the media falls into these days- using each other’s speculation as support for their own. It’s lazy and dangerous.

    And when Jackson heads to camp with the Eagles, will the media admit they were wrong? No, they will attack the Eagles for “allowing” the story to sit out there.

  17. last I checked no writer for this site is affiliated with the eagles orginization… so anything you say is based solely on speculation!! I know the nfl is slow right now but “C’MON MAN” give it a rest until the next big “story” breaks!! this has turned in a circus!!!

  18. i think desean jackson is on the eagles this season. one of 2 things happened, or a combination of them. first, eagles wanted a 2nd rd or maybe even 1st rd pick and they didn’t get it. second, they may have also done this to “scare him straight.”

  19. I love when my Birds are in the news but damn am I sick of this non story. its only a story when he’s traded. Percy Harvin was traded and didn’t even get a fraction of this pub. I think the league learned from that move. most people forget where he even went.

  20. Chip didn’t call Jackson. Get your information straight Mike the Eagles Hater. They met face to face…..and I know you’d love nothing more than Jackson to leave to weaken the team.

  21. The Vancouver Canucks proved with Roberto Luongo, sometimes things just don’t work the way you think they should. Sounds like the Eagles wanted to off load his contract and they thought they’d get a big enough return that they could justify trading the best receiver on the team so the fan base wouldn’t revolt. When they found out they couldn’t, they had to back track and make nice. Trading DeSean for nothing or outright cutting him won’t go down well.

    It doesn’t help that the only steady receivers on the roster are Maclin and Cooper. Maclin hasn’t seen the field in over a year and has almost no time in this offense. Basically, he’s a rookie in the offense. Cooper is one good season, a season in which defenses had to key on LeSean and DeSean leaving Cooper open.

    And this is why the Eagles won’t win a Super Bowl (I say that as an Eagles fan). They balk at paying $10.5 mill to a proven commodity like Jackson but shell out something like $5 mill a year to a one year wonder like Cooper? The only reason Cooper had the year he had was because of Maclin’s injury and more talented players around him that defenses had to key on. Maclin doesn’t get injured and this guy is 3rd or 4th on the depth chart.

  22. The Eagles don’t need him and they are showing him that. Chip is kind of DB with his arrogant attitude, but he’s pretty smart.

    Jackson and Incognito both should be on medication to calm them selves down a bit.

    Eagles could have 10, 11 wins or more without the obnoxious behavior of D. Jackson….no problem.

    I say, stop worrying about it, because in the end your post on here will not control the outcome and the Eagles have a pretty darn good team with or without him.

  23. This story is more about the media than it is DeSean Jackson. It has legs of its own, and was driven by speculation and unknown sources. What it does show is the lack of integrity of many a sportswriter – willing to sacrifice his or her reputation for the sake of seeing a story in ink. Truth or veracity be damned.

  24. anything other than a first or early second pick or him having a hostage and I’ll have to seriously rethink my allegiance after roughly 32 years

  25. Sorry lukedunphyssciencepeoject – couldn’t agree more and tried to give you a thumbs up but reported your comment instead. Damn these fingers (and tiny touch screen on phone)

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