Dolphins looking for more big plays from Lamar Miller

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In his second NFL season, Dolphins tailback Lamar Miller started 15 games and led the club in rushing.

Now, Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin wants to see more big plays from the Miami (Fla.) product, Philbin told reporters on Tuesday morning, according to the Miami Herald‘s Armando Salguero.

“There was definitely development. As we look to Year Three, we want a couple of more explosive runs,” Philbin said Tuesday, according to the Herald. “I think his pass protection improved but there’s still room for improvement there as well. I think he can do all three (things) you want a running back to do. He’s got good running skill, he can pass protect, he can catch the ball.”

The 23-year-old Miller, who’s known for his speed, had four rushes of 20 yards or more in 177 attempts last season. Overall, Miller gained four yards per carry.

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, Philbin indicated that Miller remains the starter, though the club is open to adding a running back for depth.

19 responses to “Dolphins looking for more big plays from Lamar Miller

  1. So, does Philbin think this kid is Barry Sanders, or does he plan on giving him an offensive line so he can make these big plays?

  2. If you want more big plays get an offensive line that can open holes and design some plays to get miller the ball in the open field. Miami has weapon at rb, WR, and TE…but does no good when your oline gives up sack after sack and let’s players penetrate and hit rbs in the back field.

  3. One of the problems with the running game is that they did not call many running plays. Maybe the new OC will fix that, but I wonder why Philbin didn’t step in and fix it last year.

  4. Coach,

    Stop putting the rookies in some type of purgatory for the duration of their first year.

    In the case of Miller, he was virtually unused his first year. The year we had a good back, and he could have spelled him in situations where he would help and get experience. Then, he was expected to start in his second, when he was a middle draft pick.

    Gillislee hardly played last year.

    Imagine, if you will, that last year’s picks (least used in the league) were to play more than just a handful of plays a year. What about the CBs? You mean that BOTH couldn’t play all year?

    Or if Vernon had played more the year before – last year he would/could have been even better, AND we wouldn’t have had to trade up for Jordan.

    Maybe it was Philbin’s way to piss off Ireland, who knows. But this year, Philbin needs to get some rookies good playing time.

  5. Both of Miami’s backs can run and catch the ball. Without an O-line, you would have to be a Barry Sanders to put up big numbers. Neither of them can pass protect well. That is a coaching issue. With an improved O-line Miami could have a potent running attack. At the very least, it will remove any doubt as to whether it is the RB or not. My big question is why, if they both can catch, did they not run more dumps and screens? Again…a coaching issue. I’m sure Lazor will fix a lot of these problems this year. Go Fins!

  6. It doesn’t do any good to ask for more big plays if you’re going to keep the horse in the stable half the time.

  7. This is a simple task. Sign McKinney and look for two guards in the draft. Next, find A small guard or true fullback that can Pop a hole for the smaller Miller. The Dolphons rarely through a Tight End in motion but should use this tactic to help Miller, as well.
    Philbin couldn’t figure out how to use Rreggie Bush either. WHAT a dope. Miller is good pnce he is in the hole, just don’t ask him to make his own hole or break,a tackle at the line of scrimmage.

    Miller should be called Lamar Scissorhands! Receiving is his real weakness. Throw him in motion to the slot – make him produce or step aside.

  8. in his rookie year with an average o line he rushed for 4.9 ypc and last year with a terrible o line he still got over 4 ypc, i still believe he can be a good back if he had a good line to run behind, just get a complimentary big back in the draft and it will be a good mix of power and speed.

  9. HOPEFULLY. this years line is better so he wont be asked to pass block 4 D lineman at once. Maybe we wont have so many plays that go “Down, Set, go go……oh $h#&.”

  10. The way Dolphin coaches and management gush over Millers’ abilities before the season starts, he seems to be more of a practice player. He needs to bring it to the games.

  11. If this guy cuts to the middle of the field again where there are defenders instead of out running guys to the sideline and scoring like in the bengals or the first patriot game he might be ok.

  12. NO KNOWSHON!!! Blount is a better back!!! But what Philbin & everyone needs to realize is that you have to have an O LINE that can block for your RB who ever it is!!!

  13. Failbin, wants more big plays, then draft or sign a bigger, better OL. Nothing goes without the OL, they are the engine that drives every football team.

  14. Miami needs an elite O line ASAP! You have a great O-line you will have a great offense. Example: Look at the Miami Hurricanes when Ken Dorsey was their QB! His offensive like was crazy awesome which allow Ken Doresy to look like a better QB then he really was! If the Canes did not have that )-line they would not have been so good!

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