Irsay’s proposal on retractable roofs tabled


Before he was arrested for driving while intoxicated and felony drug possession, Colts owner Jim Irsay proposed that the NFL change its rules to allow teams with retractable roofs to open or close the roofs at halftime. But Irsay’s arrest and subsequent decision to check himself into a treatment facility means he won’t be there to advocate for his proposal at the league meeting.

NFL Network reports that the proposal has been tabled because the league wanted to have Irsay there to discuss the idea with the other owners before the owners vote on it.

Under current NFL rules, teams with retractable roofs must declare at least 90 minutes before kickoff whether the roof will be open or closed for that day. Teams can’t change their minds during the games, regardless of changing weather conditions. Irsay’s proposal is to permit a home team with a retractable roof to open or close its roof at halftime.

That rule could give Indianapolis (as well as the other teams with retractable roofs, Dallas, Houston and Arizona) an advantage. For instance, if the Colts were to take an early lead with the roof closed during a rainy, windy day in Indianapolis, they might open the roof at halftime on the theory that it would make it harder for the opposing team to come from behind in conditions that make it harder to pass.

So it seems like a long shot that the rest of the owners would agree to go along with a rule that aids the four teams that have retractable roofs. But until Irsay is able to attend a league meeting, the owners won’t vote on the matter.

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  1. I read that headline real fast and thought it said “Irsay’s proposal on roofies tabled”

  2. They should only be allowed to close the roof and not open it at half. If inclement weather is approaching for 2nd half… close it up.

  3. But his daughters are running the team presently so why aren’t they handling the league’s request themselves? They speak for the team now just like Irsay did before they took his place.

  4. I will guarantee that this proposal likely won’t pass. I’m guessing the other owners will definitely see this as an unfair advantage to these teams. If it does though, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will probably see current stadiums maybe adding retractable roofs to their facility.

  5. I’ll bet it has to do with the crazy shadow at LOS, and closing it at half time as much as opening it at half time. There’s only 2 or 3 games where it’s an option for nice weather games in Indy.

  6. This tanking thing is nonsense.

    Yes the Colts got lucky and managed to have their worst season when Luck came into the draft; but think about it really.

    If Irsay wanted his team to tank, he would have had to tell Caldwell. Caldwell would have said no unless Irsay promised to not fire him after the season. However as we know Caldwell as well as the general managers all got fired. Why would Caldwell throw away his shot at being a head coach just because his owner wanted him to?

    Also the Colts won 2 of their 3 last games and almost beat the Jags on the last game of the season, if they were trying to tank they would have lost these games on purpose as those two wins nearly put them out of the first overall pick.

    That locker room also had tremendous respect for Peyton Manning, why would guys like Reggie tank so they could get rid of their friend and the man who won them a ring? As well as that a lot of players were playing for contracts.

    So think about it, did the Colts really tank?

  7. Seems like a sober proposal to me. Watching some of the games is like watching a clown drive his nice convertible through a rain storm with the top down.

  8. Why do you assume it would be the home teams decision? The only way I see this rule working is if it’s a unanimous decision by both teams to open/close.

    I have no problem with it being the home teams decision on how the roof is prior to the start of the game.

  9. What a stupid, stupid idea this retractable roof/halftime thing is. Send this Irsay clown packing, NFL. Nice family, those Irsays–first, the old man ripped the heart out of Baltimore, sneaking their beloved Colts out of town in the middle of the night and taking them to Indianapolis, and now his son turns out to be a drug-addled alcoholic who endangers the public by driving while intoxicated. It might be time to rethink this whole Irsay ownership scenario. These are not the poster children for quality citizens.

  10. Wouldn’t that be insanely obvious? All they would have to do is put a 10 million fine on it for tampering and even the stupidest franchise (Minnesota) would think twice.

  11. Couldn’t he just tweet his proposal to the rest of the owners at 3:45 AM after a long night of partying, and they could read it when they wake up bright and early at 7:15 AM ….

  12. The inclement weather issue is a moot point. Lucas Oil Stadium has no drainage system; therefore, the roof cannot be open if there’s rain or snow.

  13. They wouldn’t open it up at halftime with a lead and hope for bad weather – Lucas isn’t water or cold proofed so any bad weather would leave it closed.

  14. An even better approach would be if the home team could close the roof when they were on offense and then open the roof when they were on defense. Now that would be cool.

  15. I think anything that makes the game experience better should be listened to. Once a game starts if the weather improves and both teams say it is okay to open the roof then DO IT!

  16. Maybe Jimbo should’ve shown up at the meetings, slipped some roofies in the community coffee pot, then proposed his idea about his retractable roofy. This guy will never be taken seriously again.

  17. Oh yeah they didn’t tank it.. just like a playoff team San Antonio Spurs didn’t suddenly become the worst team in the NBA when Tim Duncan entered the draft. Those were just crazy fluke seasons right? Get real

  18. You people really think with all of the money on the line and a top 5 QB in place with a unknown timetable for return, the Colts, all 52 grown men, quit?
    Yeah, I’d fire Bill Polian for not having a better back up plan than Kerry Collins (who got hurt 2 starts in and was signed in desperation) and the third stringer Curtis Painter in place.
    This theory is so easy to disprove, and yet people buy it.
    If tanking is a desirable and easy thing to do in the NFL and to recover from, why are the Browns, Jags, Rams, Raiders, Bucs ect, not better yet?

  19. I actually like this rule proposal, but with one caveat: the opposing team has to agree to the change.

    99% of the time, the teams with retractable roofs would simply be reacting to changing weather conditions. Perhaps the wind kicks up and it just makes more sense to close the roof.

    So if the other team is okay with it, then why not?

  20. I seem to remember Bill Polian saying after he got fired that he tried to acquire Kyle Orton after Tebow took over and Irsay shot it down because it would’ve helped them win. Also, Collins had a concussion 2 weeks into the season and was IR’d when he likely would not have missed the rest of the year. Face it, they started Painter and Orlowsky, they absolutely tanked. Polian and Caldwell got screwed by their idiot owner.

  21. home field advantage is enough already with the crowd behind the home team. So if home team is losing at the half they can open the roof to attempt to help shake things up. I don’t like it.

  22. Jeff George, Payton Manning, Andrew Luck… all years of worst records when there is a no brainer top flight NFL QB , it must just be Luck! Wink Wink

  23. I don’t see why this proposal is a call for such harsh language. Let’s take Houston for example. During summer, it can be sunny and 98 degrees at 2 PM and at 3 PM a monsoon is raging. So let’s say opening day is one of those typical summer days, only the monsoon starts earlier, at about 2 PM. There’s lightning and the seats and field are evacuated. What would be wrong with both coaches and the officials deciding to close the roof immediately, regardless of what point the game is at, for everyone’s safety? Once the roof is closed, game resumes, but the roof stays closed the rest of the game. I don’t see a problem.

  24. Scary times for the sport when a proposal this bad gets tabled rather than rightfully being tossed. Now, if weather rolled in and both teams agreed to it, no problem. But that’s not Irsay’s proposal: He wants the home team to be able to make the call all on their own at halftime. If the roof was closed to start the game and the visitors were killing the home team, they’d open it to let the monsoon in to slow the game down.

  25. Gee… I wonder why he proposed it? Did he suggest something about being allowed to pipe in crowd noise too?

    Colts absolutely tanked the season. Players played hard, but mgmt put them in a position to lose starting with bad quarterbacks. I never felt bad for the Colts before in my life, but I sure felt bad for Jeff Saturday and other proud veterans who lost one year of their short NFL lives because of ownership.

  26. Oh, I do declare. Such harsh language!

    Who builds a stadium without a drainage system?

    They tanked the season and everyone knows it. Hell, the owner as much as admitted it publicly.

  27. Stadium owner picks open/closed 90 minutes before then it takes both coaches to agree to open/close the roof right before game and at halftime. That might have made sense and the away team couldn’t be screwed.

  28. So teams like lets say New England is up by 6 and decides to bring on the snow machines and adds say two feet to the field this would be OK.

  29. Yeah, because it would be AWESOME to be at a game just relaxing at 72 degrees, then they decide to open the roof at halftime and it’s 30. Or the other way around, then 70,000 people can all try to figure what to do with their oversized coats in the 2nd half

    stupid idea trying to get an unfair advantage

  30. Ridiculous – how bout this common sense modification of the rule. Home team must determine by 90 minutes before. Then at half it can be changed if BOTH teams agree. SIMPLE!

  31. The tanking the season is such a joke. About as bad as Baltimore fans crying about how the Irsay’s took the Colts to Indianapolis in the middle of the night, but yet seem to be fine when they took the Browns from Cleveland. Such hypocrites and crybabies.

  32. I bet this proposal would get alot more positive attention if this came from a different owner other than Irsay or Jones (Sorry but had to add Jones, complete moron). And to all of you that bash cities that have a dome stadium or retractable roof stadium, there is a reason why they built those things. I will use Lucas Oil Stadium for example, it is use for much more than a football stadium. The stadium is used for other events such as sporting events, conventions, and concerts. Without this stadium the city of Indianapolis would lose out big time.

  33. Call me the minority here but I think the rule is a great idea. If you have a game that is sunny and clear to start but showers move into the area, why not be able to close up the roof? Keep the fans and your facility dry if at all possible. If they get some competitive advantage than so be it. They invested in the infrastructure why not allow them to use it to its full potential.

    Bottom line if you can keep paying fans dry then it should be so.

    Furthermore if they want to open it up when the other team has the ball and close it for themselves that should be their prerogative, it’s called home field. I say that as a Saints fan who’s team is suspect in the elements to say the least.

  34. I thought the rule was that if you have a retractable roof and it’s going to be inclement weather you have to close it.

    It seems like what Irsay is advocating for is that if the decision is made to close the roof before the game and then it gets nice during the 3 hour window (90 minutes before kickoff + approx. 90 min first half) then it can be opened for halftime.

    That makes a lot of sense.

  35. cchurley says: “The inclement weather issue is a moot point. Lucas Oil Stadium has no drainage system; therefore, the roof cannot be open if there’s rain or snow.”
    Lucas Oil Stadium isn’t the only stadium with a retractable roof, so it’s not a moot point.

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