Jadeveon Clowney surprised at the attention he’s getting


Jadeveon Clowney expected questions about his effort.

He didn’t necessarily expect the round-the-clock attention that was coming his way, however.

Clowney told Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer that all the attention was getting to be a little much.

“People tell me every day something new,” Clowney told the Observer on Monday. “They see me going No. 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1. I just have to wait ’til that day comes. Everyone, just stop telling me about it.

“Growing up I just wanted to play in the NFL. I didn’t know all this was going to come with it.”

At the moment, Clowney’s living in Charlotte while training, and trying to keep a low profile. Of course, that’s hard now that he’s become a celebrity, one who met Michael Jordan after sitting courtside at a Charlotte Bobcats game last night.

But Clowney’s performance last season at South Carolina was more Jordan-as-G.M. than Jordan-as-player, as he dropped from 13.0 sacks his sophomore year to 3.0.

“People want to know what’s going on,” he said. “I don’t question my motor. I feel like my motor is very good. Teams will find out very soon.”

Despite criticisms that feel invented for the sake of having a criticism, Clowney’s still going to be a top pick in May’s draft. And that’s when the process of proving himself to his doubters will really begin.

23 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney surprised at the attention he’s getting

  1. Seriously? You were on ESPN every single day during last season, being ridiculed for your lack of effort. Your respected head coach even questioned you on national TV.

    You’re telling me you didn’t see this coming?

  2. Come on Clowney You Know you are the most freakish athlete since J. Peppers But really I wonder how Clowney will do he’s been hype so much anything under 10 sacks would be disappointing but I think of a team play him in one role his rookie year and bring him in slowly he can be great real great

  3. He has to be talking about the bad attention. I mean nobody can have too many groupies, and meeting Michael Jordan sounds pretty awesome. If he truly just wants to play ball and doesn’t care about the extra stuff then I sure hope my team drafts him….but I doubt it.

  4. “I don’t question my motor. I feel like my motor is very good. Teams will find out very soon.”

    Thats the problem. No one is saying YOU are questioning it, but they are TELLING you that THEY are. Based on your tape, teams have concerns. That you either aren’t understanding their questions, or you are purposely are deflecting it by answering it in a way that has to do with what YOU think, is glaring and in a way, showing your immaturity.

    It doesnt matter how talented you are, if you are lacking in heart/drive, there are going to be teams who will think youre likely to be the next Haynesworth, J Russell, or Vernon Gholston. Talent only gets you so far, in the NFL every single player has elite talent. Desire and will to play are things that separate avg players and the megatrons, JJ Wats, etc.

    I’m not saying he’s gonna be a bust, and I’m not saying hes gonna be the next Suh, I’m just an armchair GM. I do know I’m glad I don’t have the first draft pick, bc both Clowney and Manziel have enough issues that would concern me taking them No 1 overall.


  5. I’ll take him in ATL….or Mack….or Robinson….or Matthews…maybe I shouldn’t have commented on this post!

  6. The NFL isn’t just about performance, it’s about being able to deal with the attention and newfound stardom.

    Jadeveon Clowney has unlimited potential but it’s not the talent that has scouts worried, it’s the passion.

    He’s shown many red flags but if he’s drafted into a locker room with hard-nosed veterans, I think he’ll get up to speed.

  7. So you wanted to play in the NFL but you didn’t want any attention drawn to yourself? Sounds like a guy who can’t handle the spotlight. Just play next year like you played last year and people will forget about you real quick.

  8. I wish he would just say, “Yes, I bagged it last year. I saw what happened to Marcus Lattimore, and I didn’t want it to happen to me. I see now that that was a mistake.”

    And if he said that, I think he would go #1 overall.

  9. John Lennon said that Jadeveon Clowney is bigger than Jesus. Therefore he should be given whatever he wants….to be drafted #6 by ATL. Amen.

  10. So he can’t handle the spotlight either. This guy has the earmarks of previous physical freak NFL failures including Aundray Bruce, Brian Bosworth, Mario Williams, etc.

  11. He hyped himself and now he doesn’t like all the attention? Really, dude? What did you think was going to happen?

  12. Was he “lazy” when he got 13 sacks? How come nobody was questioning him that year? He was INJURED for the better part of last year and played through it – he will go #1. Not to mention that his sacks were down b/c EVERY team schemed heavily against him.

    Also, Spurrier just said he wasn’t like Lattimore when it comes to work effort – nobody is like Lattimore. It was more of a compliment to Latty as opposed to a dis on Clowney.

  13. He handled the positive attention and expectations of being the number one player out of high school with poise and grace. He clearly doesn’t appreciate all the negative talk, as it seems people will grab on to any reason to diss him (just read the above comments). Most of the criticisms are unfounded, yea he took plays off this year, but anyone who watched what happened to Marcus lattimore would naturally be cautious. He knows he’s gonna tear it up at the next level and to me this just seems like he’s saying that he’s putting his blinders on until he has a chance to silence the critics. Non-story, good for him.

  14. “I don’t question my motor. I feel like my motor is very good. Teams will find out very soon.”

    Obviously with the speeding tickets…

    He’s a freak athlete, but the hype started when that one tackle was played over, and over, and over, and over…

  15. The GM that drafts this cat will be fired in three years. He’s an athlete and he lit up the combine like Vernon Golston. Clowney has stiff hips, plays high and if the play dosen’t come his way he stops and watches. He’sa fast one trick pony, an enigma, and diva and he will be a GM killer. If you want Clowney then draft K. Mack instead and you will have a student of the game with a chip on his shoulder. Clowney will loaf along and then the last year of his rookie contract he’ll light it up like Big Daddy Haynesworth and then the next GM will be fired.

  16. Yes he had 3 sacks. What is he supposed to do when he gets doubled and sometimes tripled teamed. Clowney is by far the best talent out there.

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