Jaguars owner knows his top need — a quarterback


Jaguars owner Shad Khan hasn’t been in the NFL business long, but he’s already learned two important, and expensive lessons.

A quarterback is by-far the No. 1 [thing to have] … that’s a key component,” Khan said at the owners meeting, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times Union. “In the meanwhile, you can’t just throw your hands up. There is story after story and Seattle and San Francisco are great examples – they had a great team and said, ‘OK, maybe there is a missing piece.’ And that’s what they worked on.”

Even though the Jaguars re-signed Chad Henne, they’re still expected to go looking for a quarterback, if not with the third overall pick, then early in the process. They need to, as they had a roster that looked capable in other areas, but lacking under center.

But Khan’s not prepared to spend big on free agents to get his team to the playoffs, having been burned by the spending of his previous regime, which led him to believe they were a player or two away from the postseason before a 2-14 season.

“I’ve been in the league two years and the first year, we were two players away from making the playoffs so we spent $40 million in free agency on 2-3 players and we know what happened,” Khan said. “Certainly I’ve learned my lesson. If you look at the team that are successful, they’re going to be built through the draft and some missing pieces will be filled in with free agency. That is the formula for success.”

The Jaguars have taken a broad-based approach to free agency this year, bringing in multiple players who will help solidify things, and finding a cheap young quarterback who can lead them will allow them to stockpile more parts in the future.

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  1. Shad is the man. Building the largest video boards in the world along with pools, cabanas and palm trees in the stadium.

  2. There’s no question that this is a passing league. That makes the quarterback the most important position on your roster. He’s the one who throws the football. If it were running the Jaguars organization, this would be my top priority right now.

  3. Khaaaaaaaan also mentioned he was looking for a good striker and mid-fielder. When questioned, he mentioned its tough to keep track of all of the teams he owns.

  4. I’m surprised the Jags didn;t make a push for Mark Sanchez. I don;t think he is a world beater, but is better than anything on their roster. Josh Freeman and Terrell pryor would be other qbs to consider.

  5. I like Kahn, he is a good guy. Self-made zillionaire. Gonna make a great owner. Besides he negotiated Stan Kroenke’s deal to buy the Rams for him free of charge.

  6. One thing is knowing you need a QB. It’s another story finding one. Ask Gene Smith, it cost him his job along with several other misses in the draft as well as free agency

  7. Sammy Watkins or Jadveon Clowney.

    Those are special players. You can limp thru the year with Chad Henne.

    get a qb in the 2nd Rd or next year.

  8. He went big in FA that first year because Gene was trying to buy his job security by gambling on Aaron (Was Just Like a Vacation) Ross, Laurent (Dallas #3 WRs always look good) Robinson and drafting that immature mess at QB and Blackmon’s drunk a$s. Fail. Reconstruction well underway. Sober up Blackmon and let’s get a QB in that 3rd pick!

  9. Jags fans should be a little concerned that Fulham are about to get relegated over here which is going to cost him potentially hundreds of millions to sort out. If you think NFL head coaching changes are crazy – Fulham are on their third manager this season and it’s quite likely this guy will be gone at the end of the season!

  10. For what it’s worth, Henne actually played pretty solid football for the Jags last year — and got that team to respectability when he was behind center.

    Gabbert is definitely NOT the answer – nor was he ever was when the Jags drafted him out of Mizzou either. Just a blown pick — and a lot of Khan’s $.

  11. The chances Cleveland takes a QB at # 4 are pretty low. But everyone assumes it so their non-QB slips another spot. At this point Watkins or Robinson are looking most likely at the four pick.

  12. Draft Johnny. Sign Tebow as backup. Instant success, popularity, recognition, media frenzy, ticket sales skyrocket, and puts the team on the map.

  13. If Henne is our opening day QB, fans will be watching one of the most inept QB who was a disaster in Miami and hasn’t shown the ability to move the chains. This guy would be booed out of a job if he played in NY

  14. Henne was a joke in Miami. Fourth and ten and he throws to guys two yards deep. Bad decision making, poor throws, bad reads. Only Gabbert was worse….

  15. I’m thinking we draft Sammy Watkins with the third round pick. If Blackmon act right I think we’ll have a really nice wr corp draft either AJ McCarran or Zach Mettenberger and try to make a trade for Ryan Mallett from New England Patriots. Qbs would be Ryan Mallett Chad Henne & McCarran or Mettenberger Starting four wr Blackmon Shorts Watkins & Sanders.

  16. If Clowney is gone, Watkins looks good. Blackmon is likely a casualty, and that leaves a nasty hole in the receiver corps.

    However, I think Dave Caldwell wants more picks.

    Tebow… Well… I understand the Jacksonville Sharks are looking for a quarterback.

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