Jay Gruden wants to be “honest and open” with RG3


One of the first laws of coaching searches is that if the last guy was fat, the next guy will be skinny.

So it’s no surprise after a seemingly contentious co-existence with quarterback Robert Griffin III helped torpedo the Mike Shanahan era in Washington, that his replacement would stress the relationship.

“Um, just try to be honest and open with him and not do things behind his back,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said on the NFL Network, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I don’t know what happened last year with Coach Shanahan and him, and where the relationship went south, or if it did, or maybe the media blew it up.

“But he’s [Shanahan] obviously not here anymore. Now it’s my job to get the most out of Robert. And I honestly believe that there has to be an open relationship between quarterback and coach-slash-playcaller, to have the comfort level where he can come in and say hey, I honestly don’t like this play, I don’t feel good about it. Or can we run more of this. Or whatever it is. There has to be an open communication for the quarterback to be the most successful. And I welcome that type of atmosphere. Hopefully it will work out.”

Gruden said the benefit of an offseason will help Griffin develop as a pocket passer, something he hopes to build on to as he goes.

But at the moment, being not-Shanahan is probably the biggest thing he has going for him.

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  1. I’m not writing off RG3 yet. He’s got too much talent and youth to consider him a bust right now. Not having an offseason or preseason last year killed his development. One thing is for sure, he can’t continue getting lit up like he has a habit of doing.

  2. Seeing Robert stay out of the headlines this offseason has been nice. Hopefully, with a Coach that actually has his best interests at heart they can succeed. HTTR!

  3. I like Jay Gruden and I used to like RGIII… but… the black clouds of KARMIC RETRIBUTION will be blowing into town very soon.

  4. First opportunity to be honest? Tell him it is time to work on pocket presence and making more than one read before running.

  5. Well, RG3 look no further than Andy Dalton to see evidence of Gruden’s success. Oh wait…..

  6. “Dan Snyder made it very clear to me that I would be coach of this team for exactly as long as RGIII was happy with me being coach of this team”.

    “So yeah, if RGIII wants to call me at 3:00am to tell me what he had for dinner the night before, I welcome that type of atmosphere.”

  7. He doesn’t know what happened last year? Well maybe he should start off with some open communication with RG3 and ask him, hey what happened last year? When does he report to work for his first day as the Head Coach?

    This team is going to have a miserably long year I have a feeling.

  8. I think Jay will be good and get the most out of RG3. On the flip side it’s Jay’ play calling or lack there of that is 50% responsible for us losing 3 playoff games. So on that note good for the RedSkins, and thank god he is gone!

  9. When Redskins fans are saying, “Seeing Robert stay out of the headlines this offseason has been nice,” well, that’s telling.

  10. The first order of business is booking RG at the Draft Party to perform jumping jacks while St Louis picks at #2…Nice diversion..

  11. Head coaches are allowed to do things behind players’ backs. It can be done non-maliciously with the best interests of the team in mind. The fact that Gruden made that statement shows that he is already walking on eggshells about how to deal with his diva quarterback.

  12. Hey RG3, have a seat. Let’s talk.

    Honestly RG3, you are super talented but you never learned to read a defense. You had a gimmick offense in college and then Shanahan installed a college offense for you to make it simple your rookie year.

    Then things got tough as the NFL caught on to you and you turned into a drama queen.

    New coach. Fresh start. You have to decide if you want to be Steve Young, a running QB who stunk until he landed with the 49ers and learned to make plays from the pocket. Or you can be Mike Vick, and never really learn, so you will make highlight plays but never win anything.

    Let me know which guy you want to be so we don’t waste any time.

  13. Griffin plays hard, talks clearly and isn’t getting busted for drugs or beating women. Quit hating on the guy. He came back from a ROTY season in which he happened to seriously injure his leg and had a mediocre season. You can hate him for the hype and attention he draws (even though I’m sure that’s not self initiated) or brings on himself but to claim he is a bust is down right dumb. People saying that, clearly, don’t know anything about football. Get a life.


  15. The Rams haven’t done much with the picks they got they drafted Isiah Pead and Michael Brockers who are average at best.

  16. Saying Rams haven’t done much with those picks, if that helps you sleep at night keep saying that.

    Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Zac Stacey, Janoris Jenkins and now hold the # 2 pick of 2014.
    They play in the toughest division in football and are up and coming thanks to that RG3 trade.

  17. How is RG3 a bust? No one ever answers that question? is it just because you dont like him? lol RG3 didnt put all the hype on himself, im pretty sure the media was riding him since day 1 how can he stop that? lol he led his team to win the divison in 2012, when was the last time redskins won the divison? call him a coach killer but what has he done since TD and John Elway? lol look at his record with Jay Cutler or with any QB since then, Donovan Mcnabb called this out since day 1 he said Mike wasnt a good fit for RG3 the day affter he was drafted, mike isnt even a good coach and set him up for failure. some of you just hate for no reason, theres no legit reason to call RG3 a bust or hes trash?

  18. To all the RG3 haters out there… did you forget his rookie season? how can you even begin to say he is a bust? unless you just want to hate or you don’t really understand football or both

  19. RG3 struggled because he was coming off a major injury and wasn’t able to work on his QB drills. Name one QB who played well right after coming back from a torn ACL?

  20. There are 32 teams in the NFL all 32 have yet to win a Super Bowl. The NFL East has 4 teams with 3 that have won multiple Super Bowls because they have had total team efforts that have caused things to fall into place during those times.

    To all that need to get the disappointed gas off your chest at the expense of RGIII, go ahead with all the rhetoric while you can. The team went from 10-6 in his rookie season and he got hurt and his competitive spirit that got us all that high ride also caused him to attempt to impose his will over his circumstance, but with a line that could not block or receivers that could not contribute to accommodate his loss of mobility.

    He didn’t suffer the big injury on a read option, but on a bail out scramble dictated by the absence of a pocket to read from and no separated receivers down field.

    If we want him to stay in the pocket and read defenses down to his 4th progression, we’d better give him a pocket for him to read from.

    Is Russell Wilson a pocket passer? Is Colin K a pocket passer? They run similar offenses and the difference is the supporting cast on both sides of the ball.

    If all you have is 4 players on offense and a few on defense on a team of 53, how many games do you expect to win?

    As for all of the sour grape Kirk Cousin believers in his pocket passing and progression reading, how many of the last 3 games did they win with the same supporting cast doing the same things?

    RGIII’s problem is believing that he could give us another high ride if he had to do it alone and had to learn the hard way that you can’t give people talent or the want to.

    The talent is God given, but the want to takes work to make it happen.

    Oh I almost forgot. Dallas has a pocket passing progression reading machine, but haven’t won as much as a division title since he’s been doing all of his reading?

    Maybe he needs some reading options, you think???

    Go Redskins with a healthy and wiser RGIII and a better supporting cast and management that believes a well balanced team accepts contributions of wit and braun from the players on the field!!

    Especially the signal caller who is the extension of the coaches on the sidelines which seems to me to be the formula used historically for every multiple championship winning team.

    From Lombardi to Pete Carroll the championship coaches are listening to what their signal callers are saying from practice to practice and from game to game because they are in the battle.

    With about 5 coaching changes this year are Mike and Kyle gone to one of those other teams to work his magical system?

    Did RGIII possess the power to have the entire NFL walking on the same eggshells to keep him informed for approval ratings around the league?

  21. Gruden needs to protect RG3 from himself. Rushing back last year after an ACL injury because he wanted to be like AP and “prove everyone wrong” hurt himself, the offense, and the team. His mobility was bad and his mechanics clearly changed, which affected his timing and throws. Until RG3 recognizes and acknowledges what implications there are for his actions, then it’s going to be a long season.

    He’s a competitor and a smart guy, but he needs to be held in check until he matures.

  22. Gruden doesn’t seem like a QB guru… and I wouldn’t say he’s fat, maybe husky.

    Seeing Washington fans saying they are happy to see RG3 out of the headlines is a good thing for both of them. Most of the hype was not his fault… but I didn’t see Luck on national TV commercials BEFORE his rookie season started.

    That being said, he’s pretty darn talented and I hope he starts picking up his reads and going through progressions before taking off on a run down the field where some huge LB crushes him. I wish him the best and hope to see some exciting play this year.

  23. If Jay Gruden’s name was Jay Bruden he would not be a head coach (unless he was married to an owners daughter). It blows my mind at how hard; and yet so easy; it is to become a HC in the NFL, depending on your name/association. This just shows you it really doesn’t matter who the HC is. The teams in the NFL are so rich they don’t care (see Jason Garret).

  24. For everyone calling for Cousins if he was so great why didn’t anyone offer a 2nd rd pick for him. Do you think you are smarter then every coach in the NFL?
    And where did RG3 Heisman and ROY award come from a Cracker Jack box.

  25. Some fans are stupid. RG3 completed 65% of his passes in his first year and 60% in his bad year. Over 60% passing is the standard for an NFL QB with min of 300 attempts.Dalton is 58% first year 62% in his second year and 61% in his third. Again pro level. Washington has much bigger needs than QB. RG3 is just a pompous me first player.

  26. @crewchief How exactly did the rest of the division get better? The Eagles added a average S in Malcolm Jenkins and will trade DeSean Jackson, The Cowboys let DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher and only added Henry Melton . The Skins and Giants helped themselves the most.

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