Jerry Jones wants Jay Ratliff to pay back some of his salary


Jay Ratliff was cut by the Cowboys in October after saying all season that he wasn’t healthy enough to play. A week after the Cowboys cut him, Ratliff’s agent said he was medically cleared to play, and he soon signed with the Bears and played for them the rest of the year.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is suspicious of that. So suspicious he plans to go after some of the money that he paid Ratliff.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys want a portion of Ratliff’s $10 million signing bonus, a portion of his 2013 base salary and the money Ratliff used to purchase a suite at AT&T Stadium.

Jones said he wasn’t happy with the way Ratliff conducted himself.

“This type of conduct, unable to play for us one day and a few days later working out for another club, is undermining and needs to be addressed,” Jones said. “There are other avenues. We’re discussing those. And looking carefully in this case how it might fit in as a grievance.”

Ratliff played well down the stretch for the Bears last year and this month signed a two-year contract to remain in Chicago.

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  1. Jerrah… let it go…that money is gone..hire a friggin GM that will manage the money a little better than you pal. Just sit back , shut up and own the team.

  2. Ratliff and Jones had a serious rift for some reason, culminating in a yelling argument in the locker room. Jay wanted out of Dallas, so he scammed Jones out of all that cash by refusing to play. He should absolutely have to pay some of it back. What he did was stealing.

  3. Jerry is right to challenge this even if he doesn’t prevail. The alternative sets the stage for this becoming a tactic for disgruntled players which would be a big negative for NFL and its fans.

  4. I’m sure he wasn’t cut just because Ratliff said he wasn’t medically cleared to play. There are doctors involved in the process. And I’m guessing it was GM-President-CEO Jerry that cut him. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  5. Dear Jerrah:

    1) The signing bonus was for signing.

    2) You cut the guy. That made him a street free agent free to go anywhere that wanted him.

    3) What a player chooses to legally spend his income on is their decision and their personal business, not yours.

    Good luck with your non-existent defense, damaged goods $100 million QB and puppet head coach. You wanna call every shot? Fine. You pay the price. Take your lumps and move on.

  6. I have to agree with JJ on this one; JJ might be a clown, but Ratliff is a thief (truly the lowest of the low).

  7. Ratliff still wanted to play, he was just tired of playing for Jerry. Can’t exactly blame him.

  8. Ofcourse Jerrah is too full of himself to pause and reflect on what would motivate a guy to lose faith in his team and organization and fix those things. No no, let’s sue our former players, cuz that won’t cross the mind of prospective free agents in the future.

  9. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Owners have been playing players for years and now a player plays an owner and he’s pissed…. lol

  10. There is a shady manipulative aspect to this sport that I would rather not know. Everything works better when we follow the rules and don’t try to maneuver in the gray. But that’s not how it is. Half of me wants to see how this works out and half is sad to have to hear about this soap opera stuff. I can’t wait for the season to start so the games will be the focus of the news.

  11. You cut hm Jerry instead of talking to his agent at that time. Quit crying because you have no cap space for the next 10 years because you don’t know what you are doing. If you had a real GM and a winning team this won’t happen.

  12. Although Jerry does make some bad business decisions concerning players, this has Albert Haynesworth all over it.

    He should file a grievance with the NFL.

    That was crooked by Ratliff.

  13. Hey Jerry don’t know how to say this but i think you need to ask for the half team to pay you back. Because nearly half your players didnt show up all year. Start there and end with Ratliff. Not saying, just saying.

  14. For the very first time, I actually agree with what Jones is proposing to do here. Ugh! But, you can’t have “Professional” players malingering on one team, just to get an out, and then playing 100% for another team. Something very wrong about that, even if he was sticking it to the Cowboys.

  15. Have to agree with Jerry on this one. I owned my own business and experienced similar amazing recovers from disability injuries which allowed all kinds of physical activities except return to work. On the surface this looks to be a similar situation .

  16. Most Cowboys fans lost respect for Ratliff as this scene played out over the last year he was here. It became pretty apparent that he was pissed at Jerry for questioning his desire and so he basically sat on his ass for a season after signing a big extension. I hope he’s forced to pay back the money he basically stole.

  17. and the money Ratliff used to purchase a suite at AT&T Stadium.


    Signing bonus and salary i understand but money he spent on a suite?

  18. Absolutely. Get as much back from this scumbag as you can. It doesn’t matter if you like the Cowboys or not, what Ratliff pulled was absolutely deplorable.

  19. For the first time ever, I’m going to be rooting for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to win something.

  20. Normally, I don’t give a rats azz about Jerry Jones, but he could have a point on this one. It is strange how a player is unable to play all season, gets cut and a week later is healthy enough to play. Yet the entire time he was drawing his check.

  21. I was under the impression that, Jerry the Owner, General Manager, Head Coach and Chief Water Boy was also a Medical Doctor!

    We can now add the title” Head Grinch” on his business card.

  22. Jay flat out stole money from the Boys. He had no intention of playing and that should be recouped. He was healthy and simply didn’t want to play. His mistake was airing his dirty laundry, and now it will probably cost him a large chunk of his signing bonus. I’m not the biggest Jerrah fan for what he did to my team, but he’s spot on here. Ratliff is a straight up thief.

  23. You have to remember this is the guy who sued the ticket holders for legal expenses that bought Superbowl tickets held at his stadium only to find out they didn’t actually have seats. It’s kind of hard to look at JJ and see a victim.

  24. Agree with many others above. Jones is often not right (!) but in this case he is. Its ‘amazing’ how Ratliff seemed fit to play the second he was released and changed his name !

    Hope Jerry gets his money back, Ratliff took the biscuit

  25. Pretty sure you wouldn’t randomly pay a guy a bonus if he was outplaying his contract by a mile.

    Jerry, you got worked but you have worked so many players yourself so just chalk it up to a loss.

  26. You such an idiot Jerry Jones. Your team released him stating he failed a physical (it was the official press release from the team). That means you kicked him out because you felt he wasn’t healthy enough to play. Ratliff didn’t perform the physical on himself, your team did and determined he wasn’t fit for football. You then released him and 4 teams attempted to contact him within the first week of his release to do their own physical. Two weeks later he signed with the Bears after he passed their physical.

  27. Nobody messes with JJ’s money, nobody! He’ll get something from Ratliff to set a precedent for the NFL. He sucks as a GM, but the NFL listens to him especially money issues. Go get some money back and put it back to the Dez contract JJ.

  28. Ratliff is dirt but that was well known before JJ offered up another “I love you” contract to a past peak player.

    He never should have been offered a third contract at these prices, that’s the bigger failure in the story.

  29. So in the end it’s a medical dispute, good luck reaching a court conclusion on that.

    Another pointless distraction, Ratliff was your fault for extending him.

  30. What goes around comes around. Too often perfectly healthy players are cut for “injuries” or held out of games, thus losing out on a game check.

  31. All owners get away with releasing their players and not filling their contractual obligations. For example there are not many players, that get 5-6 year deals, that actually get to play out and get paid their whole original deal. Casual fans that don’t really know much are always calling the players greedy. That the players should be “honored” just to play. But these players learn from the best, the owners. Like in the NBA you can’t just sign a guy for 80 mill for 5 years , then cut him a year later just because your feeling bad about the deal now. Its suppose to be a contract. That’s why in the last 10-15 years agents have been making teams beef up the contracts with guaranteed money.
    So the players can have some better stability. Jerry Jones is a fool for trying to get back any of Ratliff’s Guarenteed money. But with all the lawyers and money Jerry Jones has I’m sure he could make the decision fall in favor. He could probably get away with murder, like that 16 year old kid in Texas that got away with drinking a driving and killing a few people. His lawyer said he had affluenza, which affluence means wealth, and the lawyer explained that the kid was so used to being wealthy that he didn’t understand how laws applied to him. I’m gettin off track with this, but the whole case was insane. Check it your self just search: affluenza not guilty.

  32. to all of u haters out there talking crap about this need to think. even the rats agent was saying he couldn’t play so he was in on it too so he could get his money. any of u would be pissed too if u had a business and hired someone to perform a certain job and then this person says he can’t do this right now due to some health problem and then turns around and goes to another company to do the exact same thing two weeks later without a problem, you would do the same thing Jerry is doing, and if u say u wouldn’t then u r lying

  33. lol…..just a grumpy old man’ who has stuck it to more then his fair share of people over the years is now upset that somebody stuck it to HIM!!!

    What goes around comes around, Jerry!

  34. Jerrah don’t hate the player hate the game!!!!! Jerry got totally played by Ratliff seems Ratliff doesn’t fear Jerry’s skills as a GM.

  35. Hate to side with an incompetent billionaire on this one but Ratliff is an absolute thief and he punked his own teammates by playing dead.

    If any team was depleted at DL, it was the Cowboys, and this guy just played injured (while racking up a DUI and possession charge).

  36. “Jones said he wasn’t happy with the way Ratliff conducted himself.”

    Does that mean Cowboy ticket holders can get some of their money back?

  37. Wonder if this bitterness gave JJ a little added motivation to sign Henry Melton away from the Bears….?

    (“You take our DT, we’ll take yours…”)

    Also, isn’t “guaranteed money” – by definition – GUARANTEED?

    YOU (the Cowboys organization) had the rights to Ratliffe.

    YOU (the Cowboys organization) had the ability to have YOUR doctors conduct thorough medical evaluations on him.

    YOU (the Cowboys organization) issued a de facto validation that he could not play…

    And YOU (the Cowboys organization) and gave the man his walking papers…

    And now you’ve got seller’s remorse? Tough teat, JJ – you blew it. Deal with it and move on.

  38. Drs cannot medically clear a player if that player himself says he is not ready to play. Think of the lawsuits that would come from that. Drs can analyze bones and muscle, they cannot analyze pain, and if someone lies about how much pain they are in there is nothing a Dr, can do. I supported Rat but now he just seems like a common thief.

  39. You know for once I agree with the guy. It really does appear the Bears, who had forgot they also had a defense, went backchannel and were probably in collusion Ratliff. As screwed up as the Bears defense was, due to some really, really bad planning by their GM, you can see where they’d be desperate enough to risk getting caught and bring in Ratliff. They even worked him in slowly (at least until the end of the season, when he was on the field a lot). Let’s hope the NFL will investigate this mess, and, if guilty, punch Emery and the Bears right in the nose with fines and, hopefully, surrender of draft picks. This is the kind of everyday NFL fudge factor stuff that goes on a lot. In this case, the Bears were dumb enough to push the envelope and risk penalty. For once, that big crybaby Jones may be on the side of good.

  40. Jerry cut several star players this month to include their #1 defensive player D. Ware and he’s going after Ratliff! Everyone was watching the front door and Ratliff walked out the back. He is obviously mad because he got the wrong end of the stick instead of Ratliff? Judgement for the plaintiff – gets nothing!!

  41. I love all the people saying “I’d do the same thing” and “Jerry had it coming.” Good luck standing in front of a judge or similar governing body and using things like that as your rebuttal.

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