Jim Kelly needs surgery for aggressive, spreading cancer

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is preparing for another surgery related to his oral cancer.

Kelly previously had a surgical procedure to remove part of his jaw and some of his teeth, but a recent follow-up revealed that he will need another surgery.

On her personal website, Kelly’s wife wrote that “the cancer’s back, aggressive, and starting to spread.”

News 10 NBC reports that Kelly flew to New York City on Monday to consult with doctors there and is tentatively scheduled for surgery on Thursday.

Photo via Kelly’s daughter Erin on Instagram.

129 responses to “Jim Kelly needs surgery for aggressive, spreading cancer

  1. I grew up a big Jim Kelly fan. Cancer is a fierce foe, but if anyone can over come it, I know this guy can.

    My thoughts are with his family!

  2. What a tough run for Jim and his family. I am a die hard Dolphin fan and I have rooted against this guy all my life (except when he was a Cane) Him and Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith kept the Fins out of multiple Super Bowls… but man, I am really rooting for him now! C’mon Jim… win this one!

  3. Makes you realize there are more important things than contracts, free agents, the draft and endless NFL player crime reports. The thoughts and prayers of all NFL fans have to be with the Kelly family.

  4. Jim Kelly is tougher than the next thousand men combined. Most of us couldn’t endure a fraction of the suffering he has over the past 20 years (I know I couldn’t). Thoughts and prayers are with you, Jim. Hang in there.

  5. As a Dolphins fan, I always had respect for Jim Kelly and the way he conducted himself, even as they stomped on us in the 90’s. He represents the epitome of class and professionalism.

    I hope he can recover from what is looking like the harshest battle of his life. Godspeed.

  6. So much pain in that picture. Tough to look at. Fight the fight Kelly’s. Best of luck in your battle.

  7. Man this is awful. Kelly is awesome to listen to and was one of the greats. Best wishes to him and his family.

  8. Jim, the thoughts and prayers from football fans everywhere are with you. You were a fighter on the field and we know you will fight and win this war.

  9. I would love to meet the guy who gave the first post a thumbs down. I’m sure your parents are proud of how you turned out.

    Keep fighting Jim!

  10. Good luck to Jim Kelly and his family.

    My dad still talks about a rainy 1981 Halloween night in Miami, when he was ducking into houses to check the score of a football game while taking me trick-or-treating. UM upset no. 1 Penn State 17-14.

  11. Cancer sucks. I truly hope that Jim is able to beat this once and for all. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family. Complete class acts. They’ve been through enough already.

  12. that picture above is hard enough to look at imagining what hes thinking prayers to jim that hes one of the %’s that make it to a full recovery

  13. Jim, I remember as a Chiefs fan what a competitor you were on the field and how tough you were. You are ready for this challenge. Your family needs you and loves you. Keep fighting brother !

  14. May you find an oasis of peace within yourself.
    May you know your gifts and share them with others.
    May you be surrounded by the love of those who care for you.
    May isolation be replaced with the communion of kindred spirits.
    May fear and anxiety dissipate leaving space for Hope.
    May you live all the days of your life.
    May the lives of significant others imprint and enrich your own.
    May you embrace your humanness and have faith in your wholeness.
    May the “little altars everywhere” remind you of all that is sacred.
    May our heart be filled with love, gratitude, and blessing.
    May you know that you are a Blessing.

  15. There are some cold and juvenile people here today, down voting people’s words of support. You obviously have been blessed to never witness friends or family suffer through this terrible disease. I hope that your luck continues, just the same as I hope for a full recovery for Mr Kelly.

  16. Jim and Jill attend our church (The Chapel at Crosspoint in Getzville, NY). As a congregation, we continue to lift him up in prayer. His testimony is strong as a believer in Christ. Praying for complete healing for you, Jimbo.

  17. I wish there was a way we could see who gives the thumbs down during posts like these…smh

  18. Bills fans – despite your struggles the past decade, I remember a time in the early 90’s when the Pats couldn’t come close to beating the Bills. That was largely due to Jim Kelly. Wishing him the best of luck on a full recovery.

  19. Remember Marv’s words:

    “‘Fight on, my men’
    Sir Andrew said
    ‘A little I’m hurt but not yet slain,
    I’ll just lie down and bleed a while,
    And then rise to fight again.'”

  20. Been there and done it Jim ,sounds so much like my story it’s frightening.
    I was given a year in 2011, 10 surgeries enough chemo and radiation to bring down a horse and i’m here, I stared down cancer and beat the $%# out of it ,I’m here cancer free and living life every day ..You can beat it buddy stand tall and stay positive!

  21. Jim Kelly and family, God bless you in this incredibly trying and difficult time. I wish you a speedy recovery and you will be in my prayers.

  22. My question is who are the individuals voting down for these comments? The man is going through a tough time, and there’s a lack of support? Huge Bills fan here and please keep fighting Jim. Bills Nation and the world is by your side…

  23. I hope somehow he sees this and realizes that support for him goes across team fandom lines. Certainly he’s been through enough for any dozen people to bear. I hope he kicks its butt!
    Pats fan

  24. Wondering who the 6 – 7 people are who give a “thumbs down” to these messages of encouragement. What’s wrong with you?

  25. Jim has gone though a lot of really bad things in his life, but has always managed to stay so positive. He’s lost his son who had Krabbe Leukodystrophy. In the last few years alone he had cancer in his jaw required part of it to be removed, he had a large cyst in his mouth that required his front teeth being removed, major back surgery that put plates and screws in his back, major neck surgery that put even more plates and screws in him, double hernia surgery, and now his cancer has returned. Most people don’t really have much of this happen to them in their life and he’s had most of it happen over the last 3 years. I really wish him the best.

  26. I’ve had two heroes in my lifetime…my Father and Jim Kelly.

    I lost my Father to cancer a few years ago…and now it’s trying to take Kelly?

    Breaks my heart. 😦

  27. Not a Bills fan myself, but I was really upset to read this earlier today and that pic makes me incredibly sad. Kelly has had more than his share of heartache in his personal life and it really sucks to see him going through this.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and his family.

  28. To the Kelly family; Count on my prayers and best wishes to you all. I’m dealing with something very similar with a loved one in my own family. Alot of love and support is what will get you through. You have that from many people out here, right now! Godspeed # 12 !!!!

  29. If you have a second, click the link to his wife’s post. There’s a great story in there about how Jim met a terminal patient at the hospital and how happy he made it.

    I was born in the late 80s, so I didn’t really get to appreciate Jim in his prime, but growing up in Buffalo, both the city and the team have been the butt of jokes from all sides. Jim went from not wanted to play in Buffalo, to being one of our team and city’s most outspoken supporters. With the threat of relocation always looming, Jimbo has made every effort to do whatever he can after Ralph Wilson passes to keep the Bills where they belong, and we’re proud to have him. There’s not too many other Hall of Famers who you can walk up to in the parking lot and chat with tailgating before a game. A lot of people claim to be their team’s #1 fan – Jim Kelly has a legitimate claim to the Bills throne.

    This guy has faced an awfully tough road, and if anybody is deserving of a run of good luck, its this guy. Tough as nails Jim, keep fighting – you’ve got the support of all of us.

  30. Why in the hell would there be any thumbs down to these comments? Apparently there are a lot more idiots on this comment section then I first thought.

    In the words of Jim Valvano “Don’t ever give up”

  31. u dont deserve too be sick Jim hope u get better from the Cleveland Browns family FIGHT it with everything u got and your families love & support as well

  32. God bless, Jim Kelly. May God heal you soon! And to those of you who give a “thumbs down” to these posts of good luck to Jim, I would love to see who of you has the guts to respond as to why you would give a thumbs down. You are not worth anything as far as I am concerned.

  33. Best wishes to Mr. Kelly in his fight against oral cancer. To those who are thumbs down on his story, must be one of two choices for you. Either your going thumbs down because you don’t like the fact that Mr. Kelly is dealing with cancer, or, your scared that your years of chewing tobacco will catch up with you.

  34. Thoughts & Prayers for you Jim Kelly and your family. You have gone through a lot in the last 10 years.

    How in anyone’s right mind does anyone dislike someones heartfelt condolence/prayer to someone who is going through what he is going through. Get a life losers this is not about your team against my team.

  35. Anyone who chews tobacco, should force himself to look at that picture any and every time he thinks about buying another tin.

    That way some good can come from this sad story.

  36. As a Dolphins fan, I hated Jim Kelly when he played for the Bills. But I hope his stubborn will to compete aids him in his battle with cancer.

    Get well, Jim. This Dolphins fan is rooting for you.

  37. Godspeed Jim.

    The entire NFL community I am sure is standing tall in support for Bills Nation and the Kelly’s and every last one battling this awful disease.

    I remember the days when the Bills had my Pats’ number and Jim was the main reason for that. Hell of a competitor and a fighter.

    Remember Jim, God only plays his best players.

    You can beat this!

  38. After seeing the photo above on Facebook last night, and being a Dad, his daughter by his side tugs at everything that makes my heart beat.

    This article has nothing to do about football and is all about the frailty of our human condition. Prayers for peace and healing to the Kelly family.

    Please PFT, it’s your site. Figure a way to block thumbs down on these types of stories and posts! Please!

  39. I love it when an article like this is written and people cry about the thumbs down. For all we know, some users could be reading this on their phone and they hit thumbs down when they meant to hit thumbs up.

  40. Scott Norwood came to visit Jim , but ended up visiting with a very surprised fella from New Jersey in the room right next door.

  41. I wish Mr Kelly well but at the same time have to call out the doctors and Western medical system that provided such great treatment and advice last year when they said the chances were very good for a complete recovery. Question, investigate alternatives and don’t surrender your health and life to these slice and dice, poison your body hacks. There are cures for cancer that don’t involve surgery and chemo.

  42. Who are these losers giving thumbs down to positive comments about Jim Kelly and his fight against cancer. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! We Viking fans wish you a speedy recovery Jim…we know your a fighter so keep fighting.

  43. What I want to know is what losers on here are giving thumbs down to all these nice things and best wishes by posters? So sad and pathetic and you all should be ashamed of yourself.

    I don’t know this man of course, but he seems like one of the good guys. Never had anything bad to say about anyone I remember, and was a good winner and loser. Best of wishes to you Mr Kelly, and hope a miracle comes your way good sir.

  44. Here’s something that’s absolutely mindboggling. People from all over the country, football fans of every team unite to offer their thoughts to one of the best players of his time and what happens? A bunch of pinheads give their thumbs down.

    Look folks, if you have nothing better to do than give thumbs down to heartfelt thoughts and prayers, then do everyone a favour and stick those thumbs where the sun doesn’t shine, OK?

  45. I assume the down voters are too young to know someone who has suffered from cancer. You will someday and it will be an awful feeling.

    The Kelly family will be in our thoughts. And hopefully is free from pain.

  46. Godspeed to Jim and his family.

    Here is a man who is fighting for his life and nothing but prayers and messages of support for his family. Yet some assclown is giving thumbs down on well wishers. I couldn’t help but notice. I counted roughly 2300 thumbs down which means it was deliberately done. Attention seeking much?

    What’s your problem with Jim Kelly? Let’s hear it so we can comment on you. You must be bothered by people mentioning God, prayers, hate the Bills, hate the NFL, hate his school, hate something. Hardly the time for your grievances. Get well.

  47. Mr. Kelly probably isn’t monitoring this story any longer, but I’m just amazed and SMH in the most profound way on how many people that are pulling a “thumbs down” on all of the positive sentiments for him and his family on this post.
    Being a survivor of a very rare form of cancer myself, until you endure what Mr. Kelly and his family are going through you have NO idea the toll that this is taking on them. Your negative votes are mind boggling.
    Don ‘t go through your entire life as a dirt bag… grow a moral and ethical compass and join the rest of civilized society.
    I grew up watching you carve up defenses Jim… Carve this up and out of your life! My sincerest prayers to you for your next surgery, the doctors presiding over your care and your family to endure your next and last recovery session. Permanent remission!

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