John Harbaugh: Ravens looking for more quarterback depth


This is very much a crossroads season for Ravens backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

According to, head coach John Harbaugh told reporters the club would be seeking to bring in another backup quarterback to supplement — or supplant — Taylor, who is entering the final year of his deal.

Via the team website, Harbaugh also indicated the club, while confident in Taylor’s upside, was looking for better play from the fourth-year quarterback from Virginia Tech.

“We’ve been very happy with Tyrod, and we feel like he has a great future, but we have been a little disappointed how he’s played in games certainly,” Harbaugh said, according to “We feel like he’s a lot better than he’s showed. I know he feels that way too. We feel like Tyrod’s best football is by far definitely in front of him, but he’s only got one year left with us, so we need to add a quarterback into the mix, whether it be offseason or in the draft.”

Since entering the NFL in 2011, Taylor has completed 19-of-35 passes for 199 yards and two interceptions in regular season play. He turns 25 in August.

With Joe Flacco secure as the Ravens’ starter, Taylor’s play in the coming season will go a long way toward determining whether he can earn a bigger role elsewhere or whether he can clearly establish himself as a strong backup. In either case, he will have improved his earning potential. On the other hand, if he is replaced as the Ravens’ top reserve, it could be a material career setback.

25 responses to “John Harbaugh: Ravens looking for more quarterback depth

  1. Vikes will give you Ponder for a 2nd rounder. Since Ponder was a 1st rounder originally and now has more experience, this would be a steal.


  2. The blind flacco lovers worst fear is that Tyrod Taylor gets an extended chance to play with the starters.

    They laugh as he struggles with 3rd stringers in preseason games that don’t count. But they know deep down all it takes is someone half-competent to win games with all the talent they have at the skill positions.

  3. Should of signed Mike Vick He would of been a great addition to the “Jail Birds!” This ridiculous team is full of convicts and criminals. Ryan Leaf and Art Schlichter are available to run that “Old Line State Prison Team” 2014 Version of the Longest Yard!! Sorry As Team

  4. I like the idea of Pryor but only if he agrees to take some reps at TE, WR and special teams. And I don’t like giving up any picks for him outside of a 7th.

  5. So what if Flacco had more INTs than TDs last year? His career numbers to date show last year was a fluke: he has 121 TDs to 78 INTs thus far. Those numbers don’t rewrite any record books, and they don’t need to. Now that the Ravens are invested in Flacco for the long haul, they’ve spent their off-season building their offense around him.

    Bear in mind that Flacco hasn’t had a “true” backup QB since Marc Bulger, and he’s avoided any significant injury his entire career. People want to give Peyton, Eli, and Brady props for their endurance, but Flacco for some reason doesn’t get noticed. Heck, even Ben gets more respect for his endurance, and yet 2013 was the first season he started all 16 games since 2008.

    Tyrod simply isn’t anything more than a wildcat QB. I’m not sure what options would be worth exploring for the Ravens to bring on behind Flacco, but another guy would almost certainly be better than Tyrod by default.

  6. As a Raven fan I generally get annoyed with the biased Flacco bashing that’s based on the fact that he has yet to succeed for your fantasy football team.

    Then I think, he’s a Superbowl MVP, shares a post season record with Joe Montana, and if it’s the fourth quarter with the game on the line he’ll win.

    Suddenly I’m happy again.

  7. hakuna my friend…couldn’t have said it better. and jm…for all the posting you do on Ravens threads, that means no more crying when people post on your very broke Steelers

  8. All Taylor needs is playing time. People calling him a wildcat QB, should do some research before writing that crap. During his time in the ACC, Tyrod was the best QB in the conference. The year he graduated, the reigns were passed to Russell Wilson and Tajh Boyd. That conference included T. J. Yates and 1st round pick, Christian Ponder.

    I can see Harbaugh wanting leverage, but he won’t find a better QB than he has in Taylor. The kid is a smart, talented and a very hard working player.

  9. Loved Taylor at VT, but he does need to show more in preseason. So far his on field product in the NFL has been less than stellar. Fortunately, Flacco has been the picture of dependability and toughness during his 5 years in the league.

    Harbaugh is right to fire a warning shot. Especially since the Ravens notoriosly only carry 2 QBs on their roster. Now its up to Taylor to respond or be cut.

  10. Taylor HAD playing time. He gave up 14 points in less than minutes last season when put in a live game.

    You people who bash Flacco and think Taylor should be the QB know almost nothing about this team.

  11. Roethlisberger and Dalton need new contracts. Lets sign one of them to backup Flacco. Its the best chance either of them will have to win in the post season and get to the big show.

  12. During his time in the ACC

    I like Tyrod but this is a “what have you done for me lately league” what he did in college 4-5 years ago is irrelevant. By your logic we should sign Tebow. Again, I like Ty but if he has to see significant playing time we are in trouble.

  13. I’ve thought for years that the Ravens were running a huge risk by having only Tyrod as a backup. Marc Bulger was a huge insurance policy when he backed up Flacco in 2010. Flacco’s durability is nothing short of amazing, but that will catch up to him and the Ravens at some point.

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